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Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 21

"Look at how lonely you are.." Tease Jiwon as she took a seat in front of Sora who is having her lunch--alone.

Sora continue to eat her salad and reading her exam notes--not giving a single look at Jiwon. Its the final week for the semester before she's able to close the painful chapter and move on.

Jiwon looked at Sora who is obviously ignoring her existance before pouring a glass of orange juice that she hold into Sora’s salad.

Sora looked directly to her eyes as she put down her cutlery. "What do you want from me?" She sounds agitated.

"Hah.. look at that arrogance.." Jiwon sneered. "The chaebols are fighting with each other right now because of you.."

Sora squinting her eyes trying to figure out whether what she's saying is true. "So what?" Pretending not to be bothered by it.

"You are really one of a kind Kang Sora.. after all the fuss you've created, you didn't care more about what happened to them.."

Sora sneered as she hugs her arms and crossed her legs. "Miss.. You created this mess."

"Well.." She's clearing up her throats. "They were fighting because of you. Don't you feel anything?" She asked.

Sora laughed. "I seriously don't understand why you are so interested with my matters. Don't you have something else to do?"

"If its relates to Juhwan, it is my matter too.."

"Don't you think Juhwan has been pretty obvious with his feelings?"

"No! He just got distracted with your existance. He loves me still.."

Sora sneered. Amazed with how her delusional mind works. "What ever you are saying Jiwon shhi.." she picks up her books and getting up from the chair.

"I'm still not finished.." Jiwon look at her.

"I am though.. I don't think we have anything else to talk about.."

"Kang Sora.." Jiwon holds Sora's arms while biting her lips. "This is my last resort. I might get sick and tired of him one day, but i'm not able to let him go yet today.." Jiwon's eyes started to get teary. Being honest with her feelings.

"Kim Jiwon.." Sora speechless. Somehow she can feel some honesty in her feelings right now. Perhaps she just don't know other ways to win Juhwan's heart again--other than being such a mean person.

"I've made mistakes.. everybody does. But I realize that the moment the thought of losing him struck me when I saw him with you. I know then that I can't live without him. I know I've made mistakes for breaking up our engagement.."

"Engagement?" Sora sunk for a few moment hearing that words. She never knew they were that serious.

"Please Kang Sora.." Jiwon holds her hands firmer. "I'm begging you.."

Sora smiled. "Seeing you honestly confessed like this.. it feels good"

“What are you trying to say?” Jiwon squints her eyes.

“This is how you should treat others.” She then let go of her hands from her.

Jiwon look at her. Sighed. “Kang Sora..”

Sora smiled before walking away.


Sora looked at Juhwan who's been setting up his shooting gears. As expected that he's going to be at the shooting club.

"Good morning Lim Juhwan.." She called him.

Juhwan looked at Sora for a while. The woman that has been avoiding him and his friends since that day appeared before his eyes. She must have heard about what had happened. He thought to himself.

Sora went nearer before she realized the bruises on his face. "You're fighting again? With Insung or Jongki this time?" She asked. Seems like what Kim Jiwon had told her yesterday afternoon is true.

"I'm not going to talk about it.." He replied.

Sora pulled his hand. "Look here.." She turn him to face hers. "Why are you doing this to yourself?" She caresses his cheek.

Juhwan pushed asay her hand. "Just let me be.."

Sora sighed. "Get mad at me Juhwan. I'm the one who was not able to make a decision.."

Juhwan went silent.

"It would be much easier if I just disappear don't you think?" Sora playfully asked.

"What are you saying?" He stares deeply into her eyes. Despite her playful tone, her eyes shows some seriousness with what she said.

"Just a coward tought.." She giggles before looking at him. "I don't feel like I'm able to choose any of you guys. All of you are precious to me.."

He sighed as he took his shotgun.

"You're angry don't you?" Sora looked at his changed expression.

"No.." He replied.

"Jeez.." She mumbles as Juhwan is ignoring her and walk towards the shooting area. Filling in his shotgun with bullets.

Sora grab the shotgun from his hand and aims to the projectiles.


She shouts before shooting down both of the pallets. She took out the bulletcase out of the shotgun and gave it to him back. "We're not done with our conversation yet.." She sharply glares at him.

"Kang Sora.." He was stunned seeing how much she has improved with her shooting skills. Impressive.

"Just get mad at me.. why do you have to hide your feelings?"

"I'm not mad at you.."

"If you are not, why do you keep fighting among yourself?!"

Juhwan look down. "I got jealous..”

"I know this will happen somehow..” Sora sighed. "Lets just stop. I love all of you equally as my friend. All of you are equally important to me.."

Juhwan sighed. This seems like an endless battle.

Sora saw his frustrations upon her words. "I'm sorry.." Sora cupped his hand.

Juhwan grabs her hand and pull her towards him but Sora stopped him.

“Can’t we kiss to see whether you really don’t have that feelings towards me?”

Sora stares deeply into that eyes. “Lim Ju Hwan..”

“You don’t know how fast my heart is beating right now..” He hold her hands and put it on his chest before giving her a warm kiss.

Sora was stunned for a few second before she softly push him away. "Lets not do this.." politely she refused.

"Kang Sora.. I.."

"Lets remain as good friends Lim Juhwan.. I really mean it" She does not allow Juhwan to finish his sentence. "I want to keep only the good memories.."

Juhwan speechless hearing her words. His hearts feels broken seeing her walking away.


She looked at the naked cherry blossom tree along the street heading to the academic block. This place would be among the beautiful place in campus during spring. She closes her eyes enjoying the soft wind of end winter while imagining the spring that she will not able to experience this year. She sigh softly.


Sora looked at the white ferrari at the other side of the road is making a u-turn.

"Where are you going?" Insung greeted.

"Having a stroll before heading back home.." She bended her knees as she properly looked at his face. 

“So it was you who fights with Juhwan?” Sora asked as she opened the door and get in the car without being invited.

She looked at the bruises on his lips and eyes. “Look at what you have done to yourself..” she caresses his cheek for a bit.

"You've met him?" Insung asked.


"I'm always 2 steps behind.." He sighed. No matter how much he wants to be positive with Sora's feelings, he always feels like he was placed last among the three of them.

"Lets have some talk.. Drive me back home" she said as she buckled herself to the carseat.

Insung looked at her. "Your car?"

"I can just pick it up tomorrow.." she‘s serious.

Insung nodded before his car rumbled away from the campus.

“I’ve given a deep thoughts on our friendship..” Sora open up the topic.

“If you’re going to reject me, keep those words to yourself..” Insung replied without waiting for Sora to finish her words.

Sora looked at him. “Seems like you have prepared for anything..”

“I’m not.. But I don’t want to be hurt hearing it..” He speeds up his car.

Sora looked at the road before staring at his serious face. “I didn’t know you had this anger in you..”

Insung ignored her words and keep speeding his car in the middle of busy Seoul city at 200km/h heading to Sora’s house.

Sora remain silent.

“I didn’t choose any of you..” Sora told him as Insung parked his car infront of her house gate. Calmly.

Insung looked at her. “What do you mean?”

“I’m not choosing anybody..”

"Why not? Why its not me?" He asked.

Sora looked at him. Silent.

Insung bit his lips. "Is it that Woo Bin guy?"

"No.." Sora looked at him. "I like the three of you equally the same. And that is my problem.."

"Sora.." He looked at the person that excites him whenever he's with. Sora is truly someone that could give some excitement to his heart unlike other woman he had dated before. She's one of a kind. 

Sora cupped his cheek while caressing his bruises. "I'm sorry.."

Insung pulled her hand and hold it tightly. "Give it a deeper thought Kang Sora.." He's not able to let go the person that holds the real definition of love to him.

Sora shakes her head. "The answer will still the same.."

"What should I do then? I really don't think I'm able to live without you.."

"You'll live.. and you need to keep living to found someone that can excites you more me.."

"But Sora.."

"I'm sorry.." She shrugs her hand from him. "Thank you for the ride.." Sora smiled as she get off the car.

"Sora!" Insung get out of the car rushing towards her and pull her to his embrace. "Let me hug you at least.." he requested.

Sora smiled before hugging him back. "Thank you my friend.."

He close his eyes as he heard those words. Friend. Not a person that he wanted to be to her.

Lacrym0sa’s Note:-
Sorry dearest readers as I only update this series now. I’m quite busy with my new bundle of joys and becoming a mother to a 5 months son. After years of waiting 😊
Nevertheless I would like to thank all of you who keep reading and give support. 


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