Sunday, June 4, 2017

Unstoppable Dream - Chapter 7

Hyunbin looked at Sora coming out from the second room where she sleep last night. Cold and trying hard to avoid any eye contact with him. He remembered their bickering last night.

"And ya.. I will not leave this house anymore! This is our house! “He’s firm.

"I'll sleep in second bedroom then!" Sora said still not keen to let go of her ego.

"Fine!" He replied before stormed to the main bedroom.

Both of them continue with their own morning activities without muting a single word to each other. It feels like a cold war just broke out.

After a few while the sound of the door closed heard from her room. "He's not even saying goodbye.." Sora thought to herself while continue with her makeup. She need to go to the studio for some paperwork with Mary today.

Sora walked to the kitchen to drink some water before she realized a toast and a cup of warm coffee was left on the table. That is Hyunbin morning routine -- to prepare a breakfast for her. He always tells her to start her day with breakfast. Sora smiled.

"Song Mary~~~" Sora arrived at the studio looking for Mary, that will become her manager starting today.

Mary came out of her office and looked at Sora smiling brightly. "You must have slept well.."

She smiled. Her day started good thanks to Hyunbin's toast. It saves her mood.

Mary pulled Sora to her office. There's a lot of details that she need to discuss with her including schedule arrangement since the shooting is starting pretty soon and Sora still have some photography session for the advertisement contract that she's currently working on.

"Sit down.." Mary said to her as she pour down some coffee for her.

Sora look at her treatment--weird. "What's wrong with you?"

"I'm your manager now.. I need to take care of you.." She jokes.

Sora stares.

Mary laughed as she took out a document that just arrived to her this morning. "I've looked at the contract.. This is really no joke Kang Sora.." She said.

"What do you mean?" Sora took the document from her and look at it. Reading a few sentences that Mary had highlighted. "Is this real?" She was surprised. This was not transpired when she had the audition yesterday. It is a surprised to her too.

Mary nodded. "I've called the production company and apparently this is the contract offered for main lead"

"It can't be.." Sora still can't believe it. It’s too good to be true.

"I've given a call to Haejin and he confirms on it too.."

Sora read through the document again for the second time where it stated that they will be producing a 28 episodes drama broadcasted for TVN and TV China before producing its sequel into a movie in later half of 2018. The contract comes with exclusive advertisement contracts for top china brand for 3 years. "This is really a lot.." She said to Mary. The figure stated is not a joke-- it’s the first time she's seen so many zero in a contract offered to her.

"You really hit a jackpot this time.. I can just close my modelling agency and focus on you alone with this figures.." Mary replied.

"This is really a lot!!!" Sora jump up and down expressing her delayed excitement. "Mary! This is really a lot!" She hugs her.

"Keep yourself calm Kang Sora.."

Sora stops as she looked at Mary. "Its.really.a.lot.." She grinned.

"I know.." Mary smiled with her childish behaviour. "So now, can we sign this document my lovely actress??" Mary asked.

"Eo.. Eo.. Let’s do that.." Sora took out her pen.

Mary took her pen away and take out a special pen from her drawer. "Use a proper pen for this expensive contract.."

Sora smirked. "Ya.. You must have prepared a lot.."

"This is nothing.." She winked.

Sora looked at the signed document. "This will be the start--to reach for what I've dreamt for.." She thought to herself as her eyes unknowingly got teary.

Mary hugs her seeing Sora suddenly filled with emotions. Silently gave her a shoulder to lean on. She knows Sora has been sacrificing a lot these years and it’s time for her to get her rewards. She deserves this.

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