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Unstoppable Dream - Chapter 6

"Get ready number 85 - Kang Sora.."

"Dae!" Sora raised her hand.

"You're up next.. Get ready within 15 minutes.." the coordinator hand her a short script and description for her to act it out later. 

She read through the descriptive from the script about an actress who is also a secret agent in a complicated relationship with her bodyguards who is a double agent. Complicated feelings over her job, her responsibilities to the countries and her love towards the bodyguards. She tried to act out the feelings while remembering some tips that Hyunbin has always taught her when she's helping him with his practice.

As her turn arrives, Sora entered the room with the right emotions and acting out the script perfectly as described and gained applause from the judges.

Sora look at the judges’ face and smiled to their compliment. "Thank you.." she said to them. Those experience helping Hyunbin definitely helps her today. She looked at them talking to each other while waiting for their decision. They look so immersed with the conversation.

"I think we have found our lead actress.." a voice of a man is giving a strong opinion. Kim Won Seok, the director is impressed with the stunning performance that she just shown. Not many people can master those feelings within 15 minutes exactly like he expected it to be. Especially coming from a person who never had a proper acting lessons.

Park Hae Jin smiled. "She really goes beyond my expectation. I never thought she's this good.."

"You know her?" Noh Hee Kyung who is also the scriptwriter for this movie surprised with Haejin's remark.

"My friend recommended her.. I thought of recommending her for a supporting character. Seeing how it is today, even the director thinks her potential is actually more than that." Haejin looked at the director.

"I'm impressed with how she can portray that feelings perfectly as how I imagine it to be.." Kim Won Seok nodded agreeing with Haejin's assessment.

"I guess we have made our decision then.." Noh Hee Kyung smiled. She's agreeing to their assessment. That young lady would be the perfect person to portray the character she defines in her script. Her tall and glamourous figure fit perfectly for it.

"Congratulations Kang Sora shhi.. You've been selected as the lead actress for this movie.." Park Haejin approached her to give the scripts that they have prepared.

Sora looked at Haejin surprised. "Lead actress? Me???" She's does not believe with what she just heard. It’s too good to be true.

"Why? You don't want it?" Haejin asked.

"Anie.." Sora stammered. "I never thought that I was auditioned as a lead actress.." She thought the audition is for supporting roles. "I don't have any experience in front of the camera.."

Kim Won Seok approaching them. "I heard you are a model?"

"Eo.." Sora nodded.

"Then you does have experience in front of the camera.." He smiled. He had worked with a few model turn actor that are good. Park Hae Jin definitely one of them too.

"Haejin is the lead actor and he has confidence in you.." Noh Hee Kyung holds the hand to that beautiful lady. "Show the world what's there in you.." She had confidence in that pretty lady. She's definite that Sora can go a long way in this industry.

Sora looked at the infamous scriptwriter, director and then Park Haejin who nodded, agreeing with every of their statement.

Sora hugs the script that she received. "I can't thank you enough for giving me this big opportunity.."

Haejin pats her shoulder. "Definitely you will not get this without any sacrifices.. There's a big role that you need to play there.." He winked. Looking forward to work with her. There's a lot of potential that she can portray and develop.

Sora bowed to them before heading out of the room. What had happened just now feels surreal to her.

"Miss.." A girl is running after her after she went out of the room right after the audition.

Sora turned and look at her. "Yes?" She asked.

"We need your manager's contact number.." She said. "We need to start with the conversation on the offer soon.." 

Sora fall silent. "A manager.." she whispered to herself. It’s obvious that she did not have any manager or even a representative company that's managing her.

She took out her phone and look for Mary's phone number. "Take this number.." She said to the young lady.

"Ae.. Thank you so much." She turned 180 degree before turning back. "Ah right.. There's something missing from your personal details.." She hand Sora the personal details form that she filled in earlier today.

Sora took it and looked at the marital status area that is left blank. She looked at it for a few while before write it down. Single. That's her answer.

"Congratulations again!" The lady slightly bowed to her before run back to the audition room.

Sora stares at the empty walkway for a few second thinking through the decision she just made. "He does the same too.." she thought to herself before dialling the phone number that she gave to that young lady just now.

"Mary! I got the role!" She told her in an exciting tone.

"Great to hear that Kang Sora.. I'm glad that it works out well for you.." Mary sound happy on the other end.

"Emm.." Sora paused for a while.

"What's wrong?"

"They need my manager's contact number.. And I gave them yours.."

Mary laughed. "Why do they require a manager's contact number for a small role?" She asked.

"It’s.. Not a small role.."

"What do you mean?"

"It’s kind of big. The lead actress.."

"Ya Kang Sora, are you for real?!" She's excited.

"Eo.. I can't believe it myself." She looked at the script that's in her hand. "But it’s true.."

"Yaaaa!!!!" Mary is screaming out loud on the other end.

Sora laughed listening to her excitement. "I might lost my hearing soon.." She said to her.

"Mian.. mian.." Mary laughed. "Sure! I'll be your manager starting today.. I'm your manager!" She said to her.

Sora silent for a few moment.

"Sora.. Are you still there?" Mary asked.

"I'm really thankful for knowing you Song Mary.." She sobbed. After all things that she's gone through, today is the day that she can't help but to be thankful to those hardship.

Mary smiled listening to her voice that is stuck in between tears of happiness. "You work hard for this.. Your perseverance pays.."

"Thank you Mary.. I'll meet you at the studio tomorrow!" She said to her before running to the train station, heading back home.


Sora stepped into the house that was lit with candles. She then looked at the living halls that's full with balloons and rose petals. "What is this?"

Hyunbin come out of the kitchen with a fruit cake in his hand, slowly walk approaching Sora.

"What are you doing here?" Sora asked. It’s just a week since their big fight where Sora requested for a time out.

"Happy 4th anniversary my dear Kang Sora.." he wishes.

Sora looked at him. Their 4th wedding anniversary is next month. She's sure of it.

Hyunbin smiled while pulling her nearer to him. "Blow the candle first.." He requested.

Sora switched on the light without blowing off the candle. "Are you becoming senile?" Sora asked.

Hyunbin grinned. "No.. It’s just an advance celebration.."

"Advance celebration?"

Hyunbin blow off the candles instead and look at Sora. "Are you still mad at me?" He can sense that from her tone.

Sora silent. Not sure whether she's still angry at him or its just her ego.

Hyunbin took out a script from his bag. "Next month I will be busy shooting this drama.. I'll be the main lead.." He showed it to Sora, wanted to brag about his achievement with his wife.

Sora looked at the script to MBC drama for premier Monday and Tuesday time slot. It takes a lot of effort to become the main lead for this premier time slot drama and it seems that Hyunbin has reached that level. He's there. "This is the reason why Yuno is saying such last time.." she said.

"Sora ya.. Please forget about that.. It’s obviously a mistake that I should have handled it better.." It’s apparent that Sora is still hurt by what had happened that night. It’s all due to his stupidity for not able to manage it.

Sora looked at him. "No, it’s not a mistake. It is what should be done. I would do the same too.." she's referring to her action this afternoon during the audition. She has done the same thing. She has.

"Sora.." Hyunbin holds her hand.

Sora opens up her bag and take out the script that she just received earlier today. "I'll be busy too next month.." she showed it to him.

Hyunbin squints his eyes as he took the document from her. A script to a movie by South Korea top scriptwriter and movie director. "What is this?" He asked.

"I'll be acting alongside Park Haejin for this movie.." she said.

Hyunbin smiled. "You received an acting offer!?" He's happy with the news and continue looking at the script again and then he looked at Sora. "Wait, alongside Park Haejin? You mean you'll be the main lead??" His jaw drops. Daebak. Even he can't do that when he first received the casting offer to a solid role.

"So that’s why I start to understand what you did.. Because I just did the same.."

"What do you mean?" He asked. Weird with the conversation that they have tonight.

Sora smiled. "As your status to the public is single.. I declared the same.."

"Kang Sora!" Hyunbin surprised hearing her statement.

"This is why we need to rethink about our relationship.. Being married didn't do us any good. Especially in this industry.."

Hyunbin took a seat as he tries to calm himself down. "We are not going to separate.. Ever.."

Sora looked at Hyunbin. Deep inside she's not willing to do that either. "Think about your career.. People are looking up to you now.."

"They are nothing without you!!" Hyunbin throws the script that he's holding. "All of this will be nothing without you.."

"...." Sora surprised with Hyunbin's sudden aggressive behaviour. A behaviour that he never shows before.

Hyunbin goes nearer to Sora and grab her shoulders. "You need time? Fine, I'll give you time. But we will never be separated.." He's putting his words down. That's what he is thinking and it will not budge. Ever.

"And ya.. I will not leave this house anymore! This is our house! “He’s firm.

Sora blinks her eyes out of disbelief with Hyunbin's aggressiveness. "He looks handsome.." she thought to herself as her heart beating hard.

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