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Unstoppable Dream - Chapter 5

"Your husband is getting popular nowadays.. Girls are crazy over him.." Said Mary, a beautiful spanish-korean mix lady who is also the founder of the modelling agency that Sora is in.

Sora nodded smiling. "He's been very busy.." Hyunbin has been receiving many offers for movies and dramas lately. Not to forget the commercials too. Their house has been swamped with fans present and letters lately.

"You've told me that you have the same dream right?"

"It’s might not be the path for me.." Sora pulled her legs and doing some stretching. Being a model is good enough for her. It’s the job that fed them during their tough time anyway.

Mary is clearing her throats. "I think I might have something for you.. A friend is asking for some help.."

Sora looked at her brightly. "Are you sure??" She asked.

"It might not be a big role, but at least something as a start?"

Immediately Sora nodded. "Yes! I'm okay with it!" She's grateful even with a slightest opportunity to become an actress.

Mary smiled. "Look at your big eyes.. You must like it huh?"

"Eo.. I've been waiting for this kind of opportunity for ages.." Sora can't wait to tell Hyunbin about it. She can't contain her happiness.

"I'll text my friend to give him your number. You still need to attend an audition later on.."

"Sure! I'll go to the audition.." Sora is excited with the opportunity. She's been waiting for this. She's been wanting for it. "Thank you Mary! I owe you a lot!!" She hugs her. The only woman that supports her with her modelling career. The only person that trust her while the others are turning her down. And now this very person is the one that helps her further reaching her dream.

Happily Sora humming to the song Can't Smile Without You by Barry Manilow on the way home. The song that both her and Hyunbin like so much.

"Yeobo!" She's excited looking at Hyunbin who just came out of a black luxury caravan. She have good news to tell him.

Her steps slowed down. A young woman came out of the other side and walk heading towards Hyunbin. Slowly Sora hides herself behind a tree not far away from where they are.

"Thank you for the ride.." Hyunbin looked at that young actress, Yoon Seri and also his supporting partner in the movie he's currently working on. She's almost the same age like Sora.

She smiled. "Always my pleasure..  I was hoping that you invite me for a cup of coffee or tea.."

Hyunbin scratches his head. "I live with my family.." honestly he replied.

"Ahh.." feels ashamed with Hyunbin answer. Obviously he does not have any interest on her. "Next time then. Have a good rest.." She slightly bowed before getting into the car back.

"What a good life.." Sora come out from her hiding after a few while.

Hyunbin looked at her surprised. "Since when you were there?"

"Since you went out of the car.. Where's your company car?"

"It was sent for service"

Sora is giving him a sharp glare.

Hyunbin smirked seeing Sora pretentiously jealous as he caresses her cheek. "Don't do that.. You've heard our conversation well..“ He knows Sora is not the type that could get jealous easily.

He looked at the groceries and some meat that she's holding. "Is that for dinner? Are we celebrating anything?" He asked. Meat is something that they rarely eat, except for celebration purpose. They are used to that routine.

Sora looked at her hand. "Just feel like eating some shabu-shabu.. You're making lots of money now, so we should enjoy meat at least once a week.." she decided not to tell Hyunbin about her conversation with Mary this evening few moments ago. Not until it’s confirmed that she's getting the role.

Hyunbin touches Sora's nose to her joke before picking the groceries bag from her hand. "Shabu-shabu it is.." he hold her hands. "Next time tell me so that we can do the groceries shopping together.."

"Is this rising actor have time for family?" Sora took a glance at him.

Hyunbin give a peck at her kissable lips. "I'll make time especially for my family.."

Sora smiled. "I'll make sure to remember that promise." As she hug his arms. It’s been a while since they spend time for a proper dinner like this. "Do you still need to practice your script tonight?" She asked. She's been enjoying that routine. It brings her close to acting when she helps him practice his line. It could help her prepare for her audition too.

"Eo.. I have lots of scene to shoot tomorrow.." He nodded. "Ah right.." Hyunbin stopped and looked at Sora. "The company will be arranging a dinner next week. I want you to come with me.."

"Will it be okay?" Asked Sora. They never make an appearance as a married couple in public. Not many people knows that Hyunbin is actually a married man.

"Of course it will be okay.. why should it not?" Hyunbin tucked Sora's hair that's reaching her shoulder now. It’s growing fast. As fast as his career. "I'll look for a good dress for you.." Smiling happily to the thoughts of Sora in a beautiful evening gown.


"Who is that?" Yuno, Hyunbin's manager is approaching him as he enters the ballroom with a beautiful lady in blue-black dress.

"My wife.." Hyunbin replied.

Yuno looked at him surprised. "Never told that to anybody!" He whispered while pulling him to a space with lesser people.

"What do you mean?" He squints.

"Do you want to lose all your effort? You're next to stardom. Do you know how many director is lining up to work with you? People will ditch you once they know you are married!"

"What should I tell them then? She is my wife.." Hyunbin worries. Not with the image that his company is going to maintain for him, but with Sora's acceptance to all of this.

Yuno looked at her. "She pretty.." he said to him.

"What do you mean?"

"She's our company's new trainee that you're helping to promote.. That's our storyline.." He looked at Hyunbin smugly. "My brain can come out with all sort of stories under pressure.."

Hyunbin looked at Sora as she's taking a sip of her drink. "I'm sorry Sora.." he thought to himself. He knows she's going to get hurt with this. "I need to talk to her for a moment.." he said.

Yuno stopped him. "Go and meet those directors.. I'll tell her on your behalf.."


"People's eyes are on you Hyunbin. Don't you forget that.."

Hyunbin sighed. Torn in between his wife's feelings and his career future. He closes his eyes and turn his back walking towards the directors that his company has scheduled for him to meet.

"Kang Sora shhi.." a tall man approaching her.

Sora looked at him, not able to recall who he is.

"Yuno.. I'm Hyunbin's manager.." extending his hand.

"Ohh.. Hi.." Sora accepted his hand as her eyes are looking for Hyunbin but he's nowhere to be found. She looked at Yuno.

"Mind to walk with me?" He said leading her to the garden.

Sora follows as she keeps wondering what it is about.

"Kang Sora shhi.. This party is setup for Hyunbin.." He told her.

"Really?" She's impressed. Didn't know her husband was that important. His popularity must not be a joke anymore.

"Hyunbin can't lose the industry's attention on him now.. He's climbing to become a top star, on a fast pace.."

Sora squint her eyes trying to understand where this heading is.

"So people should not know that he's married?" Sora is helping him to finish his sentence by reading in between the lines.

Yuno smiled. "You are a clever beautiful lady Kang Sora.." He doesn’t need to explain much.

Sora nodded. Point well taken.

"I need to go back to the party.. No hard feelings ok?" Yuno taps her shoulder before heading back to the ballroom.

Sora took a seat at the garden bench as she's staring at the stars. Wondering if she can ever be one of them. Unknowingly a warm drop of tears fall down her cheek.

She wipe it off as she mumbled cursing herself. "Aishh.. I should have prepared for this.."

"Why does a beautiful lady sitting here alone? Did the party bores you?" A tall and handsome man in black tuxedo greeted.

Sora looked at him, surprised. She knows him well. One of the current South Korea top actor. "Park Hae Jin shhi.." She slightly bowed to him.

"Ahh.. I just thought you might not know me.." Park Hae Jin hissed.

Sora laughed. "Who don't know you Park Hae Jin shhi?"

"May I seat here?" He asked referring to the seat in front of Sora.

"I don't own it.. But yes, sure.." Sora jokes.

Haejin smirked. This lady knows how to joke too. "Why you're not in joining the party, miss..." trying to fish for her name.

"Kang Sora.." she smiled.

"Sora.. Beautiful name. As beautiful as your smile.."

She turn her gaze to the ground. Shy with his compliment. "I felt out of place in there.." She doesn't think that she should be there at the first place. It was a mistake to agree with Hyunbin's suggestion.

Haejin take a better look at her for a while. "I think I saw you somewhere.. Are you a model?" He asked.

Sora looked at him surprised. "How did you know?"

"I was right.. You're with Mary right? Do you received an invitation for an audition next Monday?"

Immediately Sora nodded. "Yes I do.."

Haejin laughed. "Such a small world.. I'm Mary's friend.."

"Ahhh.." Sora giggles. "I hope I still be invited to the audition.."

Haejin laughed. "Of course you are! I'll be waiting for you.."

"Haejin, Na Young Seok PD is looking for you.." A man in his early 40 is coming near to Haejin. Haejin's manager.

Haejin nodded understanding. He looked at Sora. "Duty call.. Nice talking to you Sora shhi.."

"Ae.." Sora slightly bowed to him.

"Let’s meet again soon.." he winked before leaving her in the garden.

Sora looked at him until he disappears from her sight. She sighed. "Back to real world Kang Sora.." She walked towards the lobby using a backdoor. Avoiding the ballroom.

She opened her purse to see only 15,000 won in it. Not enough for her to get a taxi back home. "I guess I need to get the bus.." she looked at her beautiful dress. "Mianhae.." she carefully caressing it. The dress that makes her feels like Cinderella for tonight.


She turned to a familiar voice but later she decides to turn her body back and continue walking.

"The company driver will send you back.." Hyunbin came to get his wife who seems to get the message from Yuno earlier.

Sora is keeping her silent and keep walking. She would be lying if she says that everything is okay. She's not okay with any of it. She's not okay with any of those treatment.

"Kang Sora.." Hyunbin grabs her hand trying to stop her.

Sora turned to him with red eyes, holding up her tears. "I'll meet you at home.." she said trying hard to contain her feelings. Her anger. Her frustration.

Hyunbin let her go. She definitely need some time on her own to cool down while he deserve to feel guilty with all of this. He deserve to feel bad about it. He deserve it.


Hyunbin entered the house that is dark with the television on. He saw Sora's glimpse sitting on the sofa wearing pyjamas while watching the drama. "Kang Sora.." He put the lights on to see Sora's swollen eyes. She must have cried a lot.

Sora looked at him. "This drama is pretty sad.." she tried to smiled.

Hyunbin approaches and give her a hug. "I'm sorry.."

"Since we were married.. We never go through our day without any hardship.. Even when we thought everything is smooth now.." Sora sobbed. Everything's in front of them are full of torn and obstacles. "I'm tired.."

Hyunbin is tightening his hug. "I'm such a loser.. I'm sorry.."

Sora push his body off her and look straight to his eyes. "Maybe it’s time for us to think about our relationship again.."

"What are you saying Kang Sora?"

"You heard it correctly.." she caresses his cheek. "We never achieve anything together. Nothing.."

Hyunbin shakes his head. "I won't be here now without your support.."

"No, I have no contribution to all of that. You did it on your own.."

Hyunbin holds her hand. "Sora, I love you. Don't forget that we loved each other.."

Sora smiled. "The most beautiful memory that I have is when I'm with you.. So does the most painful one.."

"Please.. Let’s stop talking about this.." Hyunbin don't like the idea of separation. No. He never thought of one.

"Let’s give ourselves 3 months to think about our relationship again.."

"Sora ya.." trying to talk it over still. Sora is pretty serious with this discussion now.

She get off the sofa heading to the bedroom.

"Where are you going?" Hyunbin asked. Worried. There's nowhere she can go.

Sora looked at him. "I'm not going anywhere.." she took out a pillow and a comforter with her. "You are."

"Kang Sora.."

"Your manager live not far away from here.. So you may go to his place.." She push him to the door.

Hyunbin hold her arms and looked at her seriously. "Do we have to go this far?" He asked.

Sora stares at him. "Do you want to keep making me cry?" She asked back.

"About that.." Hyunbin choked. He's weak at her tears. And it’s not his intention to do so.

"Be careful on your way.. Have a good night.." she closes the door to the house as her tears started to falls again. She's serious about giving their relationship a thought. She's serious about wanting to stop being an obstacle to Hyunbin. But she knows her heart is so much in love with him that stopping herself to do so.

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