Sunday, June 4, 2017

Unstoppable Dream - Chapter 4

Sora entered the two bedroom apartment followed by Hyunbin.

"Do you like it?" He hugs her from behind.

"So much.." she smiled while looking at the entire space of 700sqft with proper bedrooms, bathroom as well as kitchen, dining and living space. A space that is far better than their rented room before.

Hyunbin tightens his hug. "I'm glad that you like it.. Our life will starts to change from now on.. This is only a start.." He promise that to her. He will not let Sora's sacrifices gone to waste. That's the only way he can do to pay back what she has done.

Sora nodded feeling proud of Hyunbin achievement.  "Your hardship pays.."

"Our hardship.." Hyunbin turn her to face him. "We have a stable income now.. So I'm okay if you want to quit modelling and start to pursue your acting career. It's time for you to pursue it.."

Sora let herself loose from Hyunbin's hug and looked directly to his eyes. "But I'm still far away from the journey.. I'm not sure if pursuing it is the right thing to do.."

"I'll introduce you to people that are willing to work with you.."

Sora smiled. Hyunbin has always been positive and trying to make her feels good. She caresses his sleek cheek. "We have done it for 3 years.. You know why they can't take me in. I'm too high risk for them.."

"But Sora.."

"This modelling agency sees my potential.. Maybe not the career that I've been dreaming for, but if I do it right it might be successful too.." she smiled. Trying to be positive as well. It soothes her heart at the very least.

Hyunbin planted a slight kiss on her lips and caresses her hair. Proud of his wife. He then grabs her waist and kiss her deeper. "Shall we officiate this house first?" He asked.

Sora looked at the empty house that's waiting for them to fill in. "There's nothing in this house yet.."

There's really nothing that they bring from their old room except for a heated blanket given by the priest from their orphanage. The only things that is valuable for them.

"That's the thrill.." Hyunbin grinned.

Sora shakes her head. "Pyeongtae.." she pinched his arms.

"But you like it.." He smiled before bury his head in Sora's neck.

And their first night in the house was well spent.

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