Sunday, June 4, 2017

Unstoppable Dream - Chapter 3

"I'm not coming home tonight.. The shooting is taking more time than usual.." Hyunbin called as Sora is on her way coming back from her photoshoot schedule.

"Arasso.. I'm not buying any dinner then.." she said to him.

"Have you had your dinner?" He asked. This few months with a new agency, his schedule has been hectic with a few supporting characters for dramas and movies. Therefore it’s hard for him and Sora to have dinner every day like they used to be.

"It’s okay I'll manage. Take care you there ok.." Sora said before disconnecting the call.

Hyunbin looked at his phone. "I miss the chance to tell that I love her today.." he smiled. Making a promise to himself so that he won't miss it again tomorrow or the day after.


Hyunbin went to Sora studio to his surprised seeing her wearing an oversized white shirt, posing in a cat position on top of a topless man model. 

"Kang sora!" He called her. Hyunbin tried to be understandable with her profession as much as she tries to understand him but seeing what's in front of him now, he just can’t. 

Sora looked at him surprised with his visit. "What are you doing here?" She asked before climbing down the props for the photoshoot. She looked at the photographer and her model partner. "I'm taking 5 minutes break.." she said.

"Stop doing this.. I don't like it.." Hyunbin says to Sora as they entered the dressing room.

Sora looked around the room to make sure there's no one else other than them. She looked at her husband's concerned face--a face that he shows when he got jealous. "Do we have other choice Kim Taepyung shhi?" Sora asked with a tone that Hyunbin knows she's not happy with what had happened. Especially when she starts calling his real name.

"I've got a new offer as a second lead.. The company is giving me a new place to stay. Our life will start to change. We don’t need you to do this job anymore.." he said showing the script and the key to their new apartment that he just received today.

Sora looked at the key to an apartment that he shows. Maybe at a different occasion she would have screamed out of joy, but today she doesn't feel happy about it. In fact she felt a strong sense of jealousy. Why not me? -- Those questions played in her mind.

Hyunbin looked at Sora who's being silent. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing.." She bitterly smiled. "It’s good for you.." As much as she wants to be happy with the news, she knows deep inside she wants it too. It is their dream to become actors. But it seems that only Hyunbin survive in that route while she stuck being a model. This is the career that she decided to pursue despite it was not what she wants at the first place.

Hyunbin knows that look. That frustrated look. "She must be blaming herself now." Hyunbin thought to himself knowing how Sora has always being hard to herself. Hyunbin approach her and embrace her tightly. That’s the most that he can do to help soothe her feelings.

Sora push Hyunbin off her after a while. "My 5 minutes is up, I need to continue with my job.." Sora looked at her makeup and touch it up a little bit before the next photography. "I'll see you at home.." she said to him. Cold.

Hyunbin walked away from the studio with mixed feelings. He knows Sora is happy with his achievement, but at the same she's also hurt with where she is now. It was their promise to go through their dreams together. It was their promise to walk on this route together. But this few years, while he's pursuing his dream career, Sora is busy making a living by doing those modelling job. It was all his mistake.

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