Sunday, June 4, 2017

Unstoppable Dream - Chapter 2

"I have a shooting today...” Tells Hyunbin as he prepares some toast and coffee for her wife.

Sora looked at him happily. "That sounds good!" She said. "What's the character?"

"Just some guy at the market...”

Immediately Sora smiles fade away. "Another extra...” she said as she's tying her hair into a pony tails.

"I've got a long term modelling offer yesterday, but I need to cut my hair...” she told him.

Hyunbin looked at her, disagree with it. "You love your hair the most...” he said to her.

"If that what it takes for me to get a better pay... why not?" Sora sighed. Their decision to move to Seoul doesn't seems to be a right decision since day one they are here. There's always something that they need to sacrifice on.

"Are you taking it?" Hyunbin looked at her hair that she treasures a lot. It was her crown.

Sora nodded. "I am.."

Hyunbin hugs her. It must have been hard for her to make that decision too. "I'll work hard to get something more solid for us. There's an agency that's been calling me since last week.."

Sora looked him. "And you just tell me now?"

He's fidgeting whether to tell her the whole story. 

"Why are you not calling them back?" Sora asked.

"They only offer the contract to me.." Hyunbin said as he's trying to look at Sora's expression.

Sora pause before looking at him angrily. "Even if its so.. Just take it!" She said to him.

"No.." Hyunbin did not agree with her on that one. "What about you then?"

Sora smiled. "At least yours is secured.. " she knew that for married woman it has always been hard to get one. Especially with the risk of getting pregnant and all. No company would want their new artist to have those issue that they need to manage.

"But Sora.." Hyunbin reluctant.

Sora looked at him. "Take it.." she said in an instructing manner. It’s been 3 years they are trying to look for a contract that considers their conditions and taking them both on board.

"At least that contract can get us out from this small room.." Sora took the bread that Hyunbin has prepared and eat it. She knows what he is looking for. But she also knows the reality in South Korean entertainment industry.

Hyunbin sighed. "Let me think about it.." he said to her as Sora is putting on her shoes. "Where are you going?" He asked.

"That photoshoot is today.. So I need to go to the saloon first.." Sora smiled. "I'll bring home some dinner tonight.." she said to him.

Hyunbin grab her hand and stop her.

"Why?" Sora asked.

"I love you Kang Sora.." He kissed his wife passionately. The woman that he loved the most. The woman that has been with him through all kind of weather and hurricane even at her young age. One and only woman that gives him assurance that he's living for the right purpose.

Slowly he pull his lips off hers and looked at her face that’s getting thinner and thinner daily. He kissed her forehead. "I'll signed with them and improve our situation soon.."

Sora smiled and kiss him back. "I love you too, yeobo.." she said before heading straight to her job. Taking with her the feelings that she's been keeping alone. 

"Married woman has no future in this industry Kang Sora.." the words from a senior photographer from her modelling project keeps haunting her every time she wanted to move forward. She sighed.

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