Sunday, June 4, 2017

Unstoppable Dream - Chapter 10 [Epilogue]


The fans are screaming as they were waiting for the appearance of main lead actress for drama series 'Agent' at the airport as Sora was scheduled for a flight to Shanghai for their drama promotions and commercials after the drama has finished filming.

Sora got out of her car as she looked at those people swarmed into the airport lobby. She never realized that the drama got so much attention from the public.   A group of bodyguards swiftly cleared a path for Sora to move towards passport and immigration check point.

"Don't be worried and just continue walking.. The bodyguards will take care of everything. I’ll join you later." Mary told her.

Sora nodded as she walks towards the counter for immigration clearance with bodyguards on their left and right.

[She's so beautiful!!] People are screaming seeing how beautiful Sora is in real life.

Suddenly the situation becoming berserk with noise and screams.

[Hyunbin is here!!!] They shouted.

Sora stopped and look at where the people's attention got diverted. She's surprised.

"Yeobo.." Hyunbin grabs her hand and smiled.

"What are you doing here?" She squints. 

He move towards her ears and whispered. "Let’s not hide anymore.." He said as he pulled her to walk with him towards the counter.

Sora looked at his hand that's tightly holding hers as she observed at the fans that are screaming excitedly.  

"How dare you're doing a stunt here.." Park Haejin teased while giving a fake glares at Hyunbin as they arrive at the checkpoint.

Hyunbin laughed. "Thanks to your internal information.. She would not tell me her schedule.." He looked at Sora.

Sora squint her eyes looking at both gentlemen. "Seriously what's with both of you..?”

They laughed. "He's a good friends that has helped me a lot.." Hyunbin grab Haejin's shoulders.

"So that means..."

"That’s your own potential which the director sees.." Haejin knows what she's going to ask. He does help in getting her for the audition at first, but the rest are her own talent that's doing the job.

She glares at him.

"I swear.. It’s the truth.."

Hyunbin holds her hand. "I know how egoistic my wife is. I wouldn't go that far.." He smiled.


They laughed.

"We need to go.. Our flight is boarding soon.." Haejin said to Sora.

Sora nodded as she looked at Hyunbin. Now that he's here at the airport she feels a bit reluctant to leave her husband behind. But she also knows Hyunbin is busy with his own schedule. Making time to come to the airport today must not be easy. Let alone the explanation that he needs to do to his company later on.

"I need to go.." she extended both her hands towards him.

Hyunbin holds her hands. "Come back safely.."

She nodded. "What are we going to do with the media coverage later?" Whatever happened today will cause hype in the media for sure. It will be hard to contained.

Hyunbin pulls her to his embrace. "We'll tell the truth.."


gaeul16 said...

I love this!!! Not so many fanfic out there abt tbis dreamy couple. You've totally got me engrossed and wants to read some more...

specialsky said...

I read at once shot...hehehehe...I love it... I miss Sora a lot...there are not much news about her...I hope she will take some drama or film... did you heard she and Siwon maybe act in the same drama...haahaahahaha..eventhough it not yet confirm... I like to see the drama...^^

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Thanks gaeul16! There's not much information about both of them either so its kind of hard for me to come out with a fanfic myself. But this idea just came out of the blue.. im loving it too ^^

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Thanks specialsky!! Read the news too.. i've written some fanfic in relation to those two before. Haha.. they are too good looking to ignore. But not sure if the pairing for drama will happen. Plus is Sora opening for drama soon since she's still filming for her film?

I dont think she's the type to cramped her schedule. Nevertheless, Lets wait for more news to come..

specialsky said...

Honestly, when I read the news I automatically think about your story...Le rencontre...hehehe...
So, the cast is already confirm now...I am glad we can watch her in drama...^^