Sunday, June 4, 2017

Unstoppable Dream - Chapter 1

"Till death do us part.."

"Till death do us part.." 

Both husband and wife vowed in front of the priest.

"They look so happy with each other.." Sora looked at the newly married couple at the church that she normally clean after. Waiting for the event to finish and starts her work.

Hyunbin smiled. "Who won't? They just got married anyway.." He looked at the person that he's been in love since he was 17. A girl that joined him in the orphanage 10 years ago after the loss of her parents in an accident.

"Do you want to get married Sora?" He asked the 20 years old lady in front of him. A beautiful and matured lady unlike her age.

Sora smiled. "Who wouldn't?" She looked at the flowers and decoration for the wedding. "I will have a wedding that is grander than this.." she thought to herself.

Hyunbin grabs her hand and run towards the priest who just entered his chamber.

"What are you doing??" She's surprised with his sudden action.

"Let’s get married!" He said.

"Right now???" 

Hyunbin smiled showing his dimples.

"Ya Kim Taepyung!" She called his real name. Sora panicked. This is not a wedding that she's been dreaming of.

"Kang Sora!!" Hyunbin wakes her up after she's been screaming his name for a few times.

Sora got up and looked at her husband. Kim Tae Pyung, or also known as Hyunbin. A name given by the priest at the orphanage that they grew up together with. They've been married for 3 years now after that day. But seems like she's started to feel burden with the marriage lately. This is definitely not the feeling that she felt when she accepted his proposal 3 years ago and got married in that church.

"Are you okay?" Hyunbin asked. 

"Just another nightmare.." She answered.

Hyunbin looked at her. Sora seems to be having nightmares quite often lately. "Is there's something bothering you?"

Sora shakes her head. "Nothing.." She prepares her pillow again and getting ready to continue her sleep.

Hyunbin hugs her waist from the back. "I'm here always.. Don't you forget that.."

Sora smiled and turn to him. "How could I forget.." she kisses him before closing her eyes to continue sleeping.

They are happy. 

Every day they are happy with their live even after they decided to move to Seoul to pursue their acting and modelling career. 

They are still happy even though they have to live in a 32sqft room together in view of lack of projects coming in their plates.

They are still happy even though people are saying there are lack of prospect for young married couple in the industry.

They are happy.

They are happy.

At least that's what they have been saying to themselves when they are wide awake.

Deep inside they know they are not that happy.

With the cost of living that are rising.

With peer pressures.

With the absence of companies that are willing to take them in view of their status.

They are happy. Not.

They are depressed. Even more.

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