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Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 20

Slowly she walks towards the lecture hall, dragging her feet while trying to find some courage as they are near to the classroom. The students voices can be heard from the hallway suggest that their lecturer still not around.

"It will be fine right?" Bomi asked. For a moment she forgot that Bomi is by her side-- worried too.

Sora holds her hands. "It will.." She tried to smile. Giving Bomi some courage -- that she herself struggles with.

Slowly they enters the room, trying hard not to attract any attention from the crowd.

The hall immediately went silent with all eyes fixated on them. Their appearance are easy to be seen.

She cleared up her throats-- toughen up ignoring those stares before walking towards the seat that they normally sat with Hyorin and Jinjoo-- that obviously would not be there.

As they're taking the seat, their eyes are looking for Hyorin and Jinjoo who is sitting on the other end of the hall. Sora sighed. Those are the people that she love.

"How can a person be so fake.." a students started to say things out loud before the others follows. Condemning and speaking out their mind with what had happened few days ago. 

Sora bit her lips. "Just ignore them.." She said to Bomi. Those word should never bother them. Should not hurt them. Should not.

[Bang!] -- The classroom door were slammed making everybody surprised.

"These people sure does talk a lot.."

Sora looked at that familiar voice-- Lim Juhwan as he enters the class followed by Song Jongki, Jo Insung and Lee Kwangsoo.

The student got hype seeing them backing up Sora. Confirming the second rumours that has been associating them with Sora.

"It must be true.."

"Such a snake!"

"What a whore!"

Those words were said out loud. There's no way for her to pretend not to listen to any of it. She clenched her teeth and closes her eyes. Pretending those tantrum are nothing than just a baseless noise.

"Syhh.." Insung approach and close her ears. She should not hear those foul words.

Sora looked at him surprised with the action. "Don't do this.." Sora pull his hand from her ears. This kind of action would agitate those people more. They won't stop talking and this will make it worst.

"You dont deserve to be treated like this.." Insung worried as he took a seat besides her.

"Why are you so concerned over other's matters?" Juhwan said to those students before kicking a table showing his anger to the class before walking towards Sora too.

Sora looked at those guys--getting more worried as they came and seated surrounding her. Building a fortress to guard her. A fortress that she doesn't seem to require at all.

"Guys please.." She looked at them before burying her face on the table-- feeling unpleasant. This is not what she wants. This is going to make things worst.

Jongki took a seat besides Bomi and looked at Sora--concerned. "Why do you keep defending them when they are hurting you to this extent?"

"I've told you people comes with level and power. See what equality gave you? Even your close friends are turning you to an enemy." added Juhwan as he picked another seat in front of her. Equality. Those idealistic situation is what Sora has been preaching for. Those idea that he's been believe in for a while. But not anymore starting today.

"Even so, you don't have to do that.." Sora sighed. She's not here to hear all those words. Even though they meant it good--Even though they meant it to support her. But she's not liking any of it.

Bomi took a quick glance at Hyorin and Jinjoo as they secretly looking at them. The four of them were used to protect each other against The Chaebols and now its The Chaebols that are protecting them instead. "People who easily deceived with rumors are not a real friend.." She glares at them before facing Sora.

"Kim Bomi.." Sora feels some coldness in her words. She hold her hands trying to calm her down. "They were hurt too.. We will always remain as friends no matter what.."

Bomi sighed. She's too pure.


Sora entered the campus using her white GT-R. It has been a month after what had happened and she started to reveal her real identity ignoring what people been talking behind her back.

"You're going to the library again?" Bomi asked as she parked her car near to the library. She's been there everyday now when there's no schedule for class. 

Sora looked at Bomi. "Emm.. I have research to be done for my individual thesis.." She told her. The same excuse that she used all over again.

Bomi is worried. Sora has turned into somebody else, ignoring her and even those guys that's confessing their love towards her. She's been isolating herself for too much now. "Lets have lunch together at the cafe today.." She asked.

"I'll pass.." Sora immediately turn down the invitation.

"Until when Sora?"

Sora smiled. "I'm just preparing myself for final.. Don't worry.." She said to her.

"Don't lie to yourself.." Bomi said before open up the passenger door. "I hope you'll come back to your real self soon. I'm also your friend.." Bomi said before walk out heading to the engineering building to look for Lee Jongsuk.

Sora looked at Bomi as she walked away--thinking about the words she just said. While she's being sad over what had happened to her friendship with Hyorin and Jinjoo, she should not risk another one who are loyal to her side now. Bomi must be hurt with her behavior lately. This should be the time for them to support each other. Both of them is taking the impact from what had happened.

Hardly she walked to the cafe looking for Bomi. It's been awhile since the last time she was there. A place where they used to hangout together for tea. She looked at the today's menu showed on the board.

"A bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese.." She ordered after a few second. "..and americano without sugar." She needs something bitter too.

"Make it two.." Jongki ordered the same thing. "I thought you didn't drink coffee?" He looked at her--smiling.

"Sometimes I do.." She turned back to the waiter to make her order into a takeaway instead while keeping her gaze on the ground right after. Not able to face any of those guys' eyes after anymore. Everybody has been blaming her for *playing around* with their *oppas* heart. They all hate her even more knowing Sora has been keeping those guys to wonder her feelings.

"You've been busy lately.." Jongki asked.

Sora nodded. "Final exam is around the corner.."

"Your order is ready miss.." after a while, the waiter called her.

"Thank you.." Sora nodded as she took the take away her portion leaving Jongki's behind before heading towards the library again. Her original plan where she wants to spend her day.

"You've been avoiding everybody Kang Sora.." Jongki followed her.

She's silent. Not in the mood to have any conversation on how she had been carrying herself lately.

Jongki hold her wrist. "I miss you Kang Sora.." He said trying to take a look at her beautiful eyes.

Sora stick her eyes onto the ground. "Let me go.." She said.

"Look at me first.."

"Seriously I'm not in the mood to play around.." Sora forcefully pull her hands but Jongki is holding it tighter as he pulled her towards him instead.


Jongki saw the opportunity and planted a kiss on her lips for a slight second.

Sora looked at him--surprised. "What are you doing?!"

"Making you to look at me.." He grinned. "It takes so much effort for me to get your attention Kang Sora.."

Sora snapped his hands and run towards library. "No this is a mistake.. a mistake!" Sora thought to herself as her mind keep on thinking of the kiss.

Jongki chased her that's running fast towards the library parking lot. "She must be really mad.." Thinking that he just made a wrong move just now.

"Sora!" He stops in front of her GTR, just about to leave the parking lot.

[creek!!] -- the sounds from an emergency brake.

Sora looked at Jongki surprised as she got out of the car rushing towards him. "ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY??!!!!" She's really mad. Nobody should be playing with their life. What more risking it for a stupid attention.

Jongki gushed towards her for a kiss. A real one.

Sora struggles to let go off him as Jongki is using his man strength to stay.

"Song Jongki!" A man came and pull him off her. 

[Dush!]-- a fist hit his face throwing him to the floor.

Sora shocked looking at Juhwan who is infront of them now before she rushed towards Jongki who seems to be taking quite a hit. "Are you okay?" She asked.

"Eo.." Jongki slowly got up and look at Juhwan.

Juhwan pull Sora towards him. "Follow me.." He said but Jongki fast in pulling Sora off Juhwan's hand. "She's not going anywhere!" He replied.

Juhwan shot a sharp glares. "Are you looking for a fight?"

[Dush!] --a fist was thrown towards Juhwan face without warning. "You have started it.. Why do you bother asking?" Jongki stares.

"Guys stop it!" Sora trying to stop them as they were fighting. Things has gone out of control--messy.


Sora was thrown on the floor feeling numb on her left cheek. "Sora!" A man rushed towards her as he saw Sora got hit by them.

Insung looked at her cheek--swollen with her lips bleeding. "Are you okay?"

Sora nodded as she looked at both Juhwan and Jongki who are still fighting with each other unknowingly that they have hit her. She got up heading towards them.

"You'll get hurt again." Insung grab her hand trying to stop her but she snapped her hands off his, ignoring the warning. Those stupid men would hurt more if she did not interfere now.

[Dush!]-- She thrown her fist.

[Pang!]-- She slaps on their cheek.

[Prap!]-- She fly kicks them to the ground.

Sora looked at both of them who are now on the floor. With bruises and blood from their earlier fight--If not from hers. Their fighting skills are no match to her when she fights properly.

"You're supposed to be friend.. What is this?" She looked at them biting their lips. "You said you will win me gentlemanly.. What's gentleman about all of this?!"

"Lots of people are watching.. you should be ashamed of yourself.." Insung added the flame.

Sora looked at him. "You're the same too!"

Insung surprised. "What did I do?" He scratches his head.

Sora sighed hardly. "Stop this guys.. I'm not worth it. Please get hold of yourself and wake up.. Do not waste your beautiful friendship just because of me.." Her tears drop. "I'm tired. I really... just want to finish this semester peacefully.. please.."

"Kang Sora.." They immediately got up looking at her--surprised. They never saw her cried. Not even when she's hurt or being humiliated and even isolated by the whole campus. She never cried. But now, at this right moment, the precious tears from her beautiful eyes falls on the ground.

Jinjoo and Hyorin looked at Sora from afar--feels like rushing towards her and give her hug right now. Sora must felt suffered with all that has been happening surrounding her lately.

"Lets go home.." Woobin wraps a winter coat on her shoulder, giving some warmth from the wool to calm her down. She had enough for today.

"Kim Woobin.." Sora looked at him as her tears keep coming out. A person that she's been hoping to be with her for the past month has come back.

"Syhh.." Woobin bring her to the car.

"What did I missed guys?" Kwang Soo come out of the crowd hearing the noise at library parking lot as he looked at Sora's Nissan GTR rumbled away from the campus. "Is that Kang Sora? What happened?" Kwang Soo pulled them to face him as he saw their swollen faces with cuts and bruises. "What the hell is happening??" Kwang Soo surprised seeing their condition now.

"Fighting with each other.." Insung answered nonchalantly.

Juhwan pull Insung to face him before throwing a punch on him. 

[Dush!] -- a fist was thrown towards Insung's face.

"You deserve this too.." He said before walking off the parking lot.

"Ya you jerk!" Insung looked at Juhwan.

[Dush!] -- another fist thrown by Jongki towards Insung before he walks off too.

"What the hell?!" Insung is determined to get them but was stopped by Kwangsoo.

Kwang Soo can't believe all those 3 gentleman been fighting with each other. "You guys must have gone insane.." somehow seeing the situation now gave him the explanation of what had happened a while ago. Explains why Sora should not be there. "What a mess.." He sighed looking at Insung, Jongki and Juhwan as they walk off their own ways.


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