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Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 19

Sora walked through the cold campus streets heading towards the room the she used to hangout with her girlfriends. Trying to enjoy the day that she manage to break free from Woo Bin since he was called to go back to Japan to settle some legal matters for her mother last night.

She looked at the a few people who are also walking on the street and smiled at them, however the environment seems a bit weird. Those people are staring at her instead, not being friendly like how they used to. 

She looked down to the black jeans and Burberry winter coat that she's wearing. "Am I wearing something wrong.." Weird not understanding the situation.

"What's wrong with everybody? They seems fussing about something." Sora entered the room to see Min Hyorin, Kim Bomi and Park Jinjoo are tensely looking at each other. They turned to her.

"What's... wrong?" Her voice stuck seeing how her friends are eerily staring at her. Scarier than how those people outside of the room are looking at her.

"Was that true?" Hyorin asked, trying to validate the matters in a flyer that she's holding.

Jinjoo is crossing her arms. Refused to say anything for the time being.

"What do you mean?" She took the flyer from Hyorin's hand and read it through. After a few second she raised her head and look at her friends. Surprised with the content. All the facts about her who are the only daughter to SK Airlines are on it. How she is being friend with Park Jinjoo who are an ex-convict daughter and also Min Hyorin who are an orphan and keeping her true identity out of sympathy to her friends.

"It must be really true then seeing your face now.." Jinjoo concluded. Not an expression that she wish to see from her. She hoped that Sora is denying it. She really hope so.

Sora stares at the flyers for a while. Lost of words to explain the situation. Her mind went blank and her hands are shaking.

Hyorin sighed. "Well played Kang Sora.. You really got me this time." Hyorin took the flyer back from Sora's hand. "I guess we worth nothing other than your sympathies.." Hyorin's voice is cracking. The fact about Sora is hiding the reality is hurting her more than how she's actually a chaebol daughter that's being friend with them who obviously not her par.

"Hyorin ah.." Bomi stops Hyorin from walking away.

Sora walk nearer to them. "I'm truly sorry.. I never meant to keep it a secret.."

"Never meant to?!" Jinjoo look straight to her eyes. "You've been hiding it from us for 3 freaking years!"

Hyorin looked at her sad. "I really don't understand why you need to keep this from us.. really.."

"I never get the right timing to do so.." Sora trying to explain the situation. "But I truly love being your friends.. It was never because of sympathy.. This is really a friendship that I treasure the most.." She said, saying how much she wanted them to stay being her friends and not to avoid her because of her status.

Hyorin turned her face away. "I don't know what else you've been hiding from us.. I really don't think we're qualified to be called as your friend.."

"Girls, she must have her reason.. Why don't we listen to it first?" Bomi is asking them to stop and listen to Sora's further explanation.

Hyorin turned to her. "Why are you always on her side? She lied to you too you now!"

"Hyorin ah.." Bomi holds her arms.

Jinjoo interferes. "Did you knew it all along?" She asked. "You've been friends with her since high school, so I guess you know right?" Its right that Sora and Bomi entered the university together as good friends then later they've met Hyorin and Jinjoo during their introduction week. A week that they used to call as the greatest week of their friendship. Seems like starting today, that week are the one they will want to forget the most.

"Girls.. Please.." Bomi sighed. It is tired to be in the middle of what's happening.

Hyorin sneered. "Seems like she does.."

"Lets get out of this place.. I feel stuffy.." Jinjoo grabs Hyorin's arms. She just can't stand the drama any longer. 

Sora hold their arms stopping them. "Get angry only to me.. Bomi didn't do anything wrong.." she said.

Hyorin snaps her arms off her and walk away following Jinjoo.

"That's why people says not to be friend with poor people.. They easily swayed with every little things.." Jiwon looking at both Hyorin and Jinjoo who just walk out of the room. Waiting purposely to plant more hatred.

Jinjoo stopped and stared at her. "It must be you who did all this.."

"Clever as ever.." Jiwon touches her cheek. "But I guess you're not clever enough to leave your money making friends like that huh?"

Hyorin grabs her coat and looked directly to her eyes. "Rich bitch like you are all the same.. Treating poor people like trash just to hide the fact that you are all rubbish.."

Jiwon laughed. "Curse as much as you do Min Hyorin.. It just shows how pathetic you are.."

Harshly Hyorin let her go and walk away.

Jiwon looked at Jinjoo who is still in front of her. "Don't you want to follow her? Like a pet?"

Jinjoo sneered with how Jiwon is mocking her. "Of course I do.." She walk and bumped her shoulder hard until Jiwon falls on the floor. "Woof Woof!" She mocked back.

"Ya you bitch!!" Jiwon tried to get up as Yoo Inna extended her hands to help.

"Are you okay?" Inna asked.

Jiwon smiled. "Never been better.." she looked at both Jinjoo and Hyorin that's walking away before she saw The Chaebols that's running towards the room from another direction.

"What a perfect timing.." Yoo Inna looked at them and smiled to Jiwon. With Sora's group that is splitting, Sora is weaker now. A great chance for her to strike another bullet that she's holding.

Jiwon grinned. "The fate is on our side, it seems.."

Yoo Inna nodded. "It does.." before they walked away from the scene.

Sora looked at Bomi who's been sitting mindlessly on the sofa facing her. "I'm sorry.." she said to her.

Bomi bitterly smiled. "It is bound to happen some day if its not today.." trying to see the positive side of it even though its hard for her to find one.

"Girls.. are you alright?" Jongsuk and Haejin came to their room to see Sora and Bomi left in the room with Hyorin and Jinjoo's presence is unknown.

Sora look at them before walking nearer to Bomi to held her up. "Please bring Bomi back home.." she said to Jongsuk after what had happened, hoping that Jongsuk can lighten the problem that she's having.

She then turned to Haejin. "Find Jinjoo.. She's hurt pretty bad with the leaked information.." she said to him.

"What about you? Are you okay?" Haejin asked caringly. He knows Sora has always think of others before herself.

Sora smiled slightly. She's hoping that the question to come from Jinjoo. "I'm okay.." She replied to the person that always take care of her and the group like his own sisters.

Haejin hold her shoulders. "Take care of yourself too.." he said before walking out looking for Park Jinjoo. Another person that likes to hold her sadness to herself and only shows her bright self to others. She and Sora is pretty much similar in that sense.

"Kang Sora, are you okay?" The Chaebols come to the room looking for Sora right after they got to know what had happened.

Sora looked at them and shrugged her shoulders. "Its just not a good day for me.." trying to make a joke.

"I don't think its a good time for a joke Kang Sora.." Jongki said to her. Though Sora has always been trying to act so tough, she's still a fragile woman inside.

"You guys.." Kwangsoo took out his phone reading the new message that came in. He then looked his friends.

They took out their phone and read the blast message that they received as well.

"Seems like another bomb is dropped.." Jongsuk said looking at Bomi who seems worried. He then looked at Sora. She must be on a hot target today seeing how she's been attacked from various angle. First her real identity and now how she's been in the centre of attention for Lim Ju Hwan, Song Jong Ki and Jo In Sung.

"Sora ya.." Bomi goes nearer to Sora while her eyes stuck on her phone screen. Trying to act tough like she always do.

"We knew it all along.." Jongki said to her

Sora lifted her head looking at Jongki, surprised. Wondering the meaning behind that statement.

"What do you mean?" Kwangsoo asked. He can't help but to wonder as well.

Juhwan nodded. "I knew three of us has been exceptionally close to Sora. We all knew but we choose to ignore.."

Insung looked at them surprised knowing that they know about his feelings towards Sora.

"Is that true?" Kwang Soo looked at Insung who seems surprised.

"Eo.. I knew about them.." Insung nodded "But I never knew they know about me too.." He scratches his head and look at Sora. "That's why I requested for few more chance... knowing this fact.." referring to the conversation they've had over dinner few weeks back.

Bomi and Jongsuk looked at each other. Surprised. Seems like everybody's feeling towards Sora is not that easy.

Sora went silent. Not enough with what she just faced with Jinjoo and Hyorin, now she's at the risk of losing those guys too. "I'm sorry.." she took a seat and rethinking about everything. Her friendship. Her feelings. Seems that she's not just being untruthful to her friends, but also to her feelings.

"Can the four of us being left here for awhile?" Juhwan asked.

Bomi looked at Sora but Sora is giving Juhwan's request a nod. 

"Jongsuk oppa, please bring Bomi back for now.." Sora said to him.

"Sora ya.." Bomi is not comfortable to let her handle this situation alone.

Sora smiled. "I'll be okay.." she hugged her for a few second. "I'm truly sorry that it has come to this.. I'm really sorry.." Sora can't stop blaming herself for what had happened.

"Take care of yourself okay.." Bomi caresses her cheek. 

Sora nodded giving her an assurance.

After Jongsuk and Bomi went out of the room, she looked at the Chaebol that are still standing tall in front of her.

"Sorry Kwangsoo.. Can you leave too?" Insung tells Kwangsoo before anybody is saying anything.

"Me too??" Kwangsoo is sulking. Hurt for being chased out.

"Just for a while.." Said Jongki.

Sora looked at them for a few seconds as they wait for Kwangsoo to close the door to the room they are in.

"Sora.." Juhwan and Jongki looked at her who seems a bit nervous.

Sora tightening her grasp to her seat. Feels like an hurricane is coming. She lowered her gaze and stick it to the floor. No eye contact should be made with any of them. No eye contact. She whispered to herself.

"Kaora.." Insung is calling her other name while looking straight to her as well.

"Kaora?" Juhwan and Jongki looked at each other wondering the story behind the name that Insung just call out.

"Wait!" Sora look up to them. "Why did I feel like being blamed here?" Suddenly she got up from her seat and face them direct to their eyes. "Did I asked you guys to like me?" She asked them.

The three gentlemen sneered looking at her sudden defensive behavior.

"Seems like you're wide awake now.." Juhwan said.

Sora flinched. "What do you mean?"

"We thought you'd be down the whole day with all that's happening.." Jongki grabs her shoulder nearer to him.

"Don't go overboard with that.." Insung took his hand off Sora shoulders.

Sora looked at them weird. "Did you guys not read the message just now?" She asked.

"We did.." they synchronously answered.

Sora still can't compute well. "Then shouldn't you be mad at me right now?" She asked further.

"You're the person that we fall in love with. How can we get mad at you?" Jongki looked at Sora's cute puzzled face.

"Wait.." she looked around. "Is this a prank?" She said to them. None of this makes any sense. Nothing.

They smiled. "Its not fair if only Insung got his chance to win you over. Don't you think me and Jongki should be given the chance fairly as well?" Juhwan said to her as he is referring to Jo Insung statement earlier.

"True.. I second that.." Jongki nodded to the suggestion. Agreeing.

"Stop.." Sora looked at them. "This is not funny at all. What exactly happening?" She asked in a serious tone.

"We are trying to make a deal.." Insung answered. "A fair deal for a fair competition between me, Juhwan and Jongki to win your heart."

Sora stunned. Not expecting what she heard at all. What kind of dream that she's in now? Not a romantic nor horror dream. "I'm not in a mood for a joke guys.. really.."

"We are not joking either.." Juhwan said.

"Yes, we are being sincere.." Jongki added.

"We'll compete gentleman style.." Insung assured.

Sora looked at them one by one. "Don't you felt like I'm playing with your feelings? Why are you guys like this?"

"You said it yourself earlier.. Its not you who ask us to like you.." Jongki is trying to convince her.

Insung nodded. "But we still like you anyway.."

"This is our way to prove how much we like you.. and fairly compete for your feeling.." Juhwan looked directly to her eyes.

"Stop.." Sora sat for a while. Nothing from these conversation makes any sense to her. The more she thinks the more it feels ridiculous.

"Are you okay?" Juhwan asked.

"Can you guys leave me alone? I don't think that I understand everything that happened today.."

They nodded respecting the request as they walk out of the room. Its obvious that she's confused. Perhaps its too much for her to face in one day.

Jongki turned for a while to see Sora's sad face. A face that she's been trying hard to hide and not to show to anyone earlier.

Juhwan looked at Jongki as he stopped and then looked at Sora. The woman that he wants to offer a warm hug right now and said everything is going to be okay.

Insung looked at his friends as well as Sora. Slowly sighed. "Its more complicated than it seems Kaora shhi.." He whispered to himself. He knows even though they acted like a gentleman in front of Sora, but deep inside they still have certain disappointment over the news.

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