Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Announcement: Tell me your thoughts

Hi readers!! Apologize that i rarely update neighbourhood flowers lately. Among the reason is my busy schedule and also... I have a writer block on the development of that story! I myself confuse on which character to be developed as the main one. LOL 🙈🙈

But while I'm struggling with Neighbourhood Flowers, I also continue writing another fanfic. Of Sora and Hyunbin 😻😻. Honestly its nearing final draft now! Hahaha

So im seeking for your thoughts should I post the new fanfic (while taking my sweet time for Neighbourhood Flowers] or should I focus one fanfic at a time?

Let me hear what you want to your say.

Thanks for reading 😄



Natalyne said...
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Anonymous said...

I support any decision u made. Love to see Sora-Hyunbin fanfic!

Anonymous said...

Sora jong ki please