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Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 18

Insung looked at a woman in a simple dark blue-knee length dress heading to the table he seated. Stunning as he thought she would be.

"You look great.." he pull out the chair for her.

"Thank you.." she smiled while taking a seat facing her. "Sorry for waiting.."

Insung smiled with how graceful the woman infront of him acted. "Its okay Kaora-shi.. its not that long" He walk to his seat while keeping his eyes on that beautiful woman that he's having dinner with. "I've ordered on your behalf. I hope you won't mind with having a sirloin steak?" He asked. 

She smiled and nodded. "I'm okay with anything.." she replied, agreeing to whatever he decides.

Insung is staring at her face for a while. The woman that refuse to admit that she is Kang Sora for what ever reason it is despite the resemblence in her face or even the way she carry herself.

"What's wrong?" She asked starting to get uncomfortable with how he look at her. 

"You must be pretty busy. Havent seen you around for more than a month.."

She nodded. "Kind of.." she stares at him back. "I hope you keep your promise though.."

Insung smiled. "Definitely.." he stopped smoking right after the bet, showing how serious he is with it.

"Your meal sir.." the waiter came with their dinner and place it in front of them.

Sora looked at the stunningly presented beef sirloin steak with cream pasta on the side. "It looks pleasing.. great choice you've made.."

Insung smiled. The lady in front of him knows playing with words well.  "You realized how you have captivated me right?" Asked Insung looking at her eating the first bite of her beef sirloin steak.

"Huh?" She stopped. Couldn't ask any question as her mouth is full with the beef steak. Slowly she chomped and swallow the food. "What are you saying just now?" She asked after a while.

Insung put down his cutlery and seriously looked at her. "I never met someone that can excites me like you do.. that can stop me doing things that I love the most."

She drink some water for her throats that's started to dry. "I should have not ask that question.." she thought to herself. She looked at Insung as he attentively looking at her body language.

"Jo In Sung shhi.." she look directly to his eyes.

"I'm not saying this to hear your answer now.." he clears his throats. "We have yet to know each other in detail.."

She looked at him not blinking her eyes. Didn't understand the flows of what's happening. "What do you mean?"

"Give me a few more chance before you give me your answer.."

"You're saying that as if you know what i'm going to say.."

Insung smiled. "Your body language tells.."

Sora stares at him. "Am I that easy to read?"

Insung laughed before continue eating his steak. "So can you give me few more chance?"

After a while Sora nodded agreeing and smiled. Eventhough she's not sure what kind of outcome would it be, but she need to be fair. To all of them. "Wait, all of them?" She thought to herself. What kind of thoughts that actually came to her mind? And who are 'them'?


"You player.." Bomi said to her after listening to her stories about how Lim Ju Hwan, Jo In Sung and Song Jong Ki who has been trying to be near her.


"Don't say that you're not. Clearly you're enjoying that attention and didn't give any thoughts of choosing one right?"

Sora pause. "Emmm.."

"See that.."

"But maybe its because I'm enjoying their presence as close friends.." Sora replied. Trying to defend her action still.

"Then you should clearly said to them about that don't you think?" Bomi sighed. She didn't want Sora to be the one who's hurt in the end of the day. Those complicated feelings towards man are sometimes hard to manage.

"Maybe one day.." Sora has been giving it a thought. At times she just wish those day won't come. She sighed.

"One day what?" Jinjoo and Hyorin came in to the room from somewhere.

Sora look at them. "Where are you coming from?"

"Library.." Hyorin replied before looking at Sora. "I guess Sora is keeping lots of things from us lately don't you think?" She looks at Bomi. She knew Bomi has always been someone that Sora told her private matters. But lately it feels like both her and Jinjoo is being sidelines.

Sora looked at her. "What are you saying? It nothing really.. Its just some foolish talk.."

Jinjoo shrug her shoulders not knowing where is the conversation heading. She turn to Hyorin questioning her sudden emotional attack. That is so unlike her. That is so unlike them.

Sora looked at them and thought to herself. "I must have left the team for too long.." she got up and grab Hyorin and Jinjoo shoulders. "We haven't visit the club for a long time right?"

"Ya! Its weekdays.." Jinjoo says.

Sora smiled. "Didn't we like to go on Wednesday night?" she turns to Hyorin. "Let's go tonight shall we?"

"On you.." 

"Sure!" Sora smiled. "Lets get drunk with wine and whiskey!"

"Am I invited too?" Coolly Woo Bin's joining the conversation.

Sora frowned seeing Woo Bin appeared suddenly. Not planning to be monitored.

"Of course you can!" Hyorin rushed towards Woo Bin and grabs his hand, giggling to the idea that he will be joining their dayout.

"We're joining too.." Ju Hwan intercepted as he enters the room followed by Jong Ki, Insung and Kwangsoo. Looking directly to Woo Bin.

"What about us?" Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin asked.

Sora looked at them and scratched her head. "Is there an invitation somewhere?" she questioned seeing crowd that seems to get bigger and complicated.

Softly Bomi poke Sora's shoulder. "Ya.. Is this going to be okay?" She whispered.

Sora look at her with a stern face. "You think?" She whispered back as she silently hissed.


Bomi pulls Sora over off the dance floor. "I need to go to the toilet.." she tells the others as an excuse.

Sora blankly follows, can't think straight after 3 shots of whiskey and 5 cans of beer.

"I think you're drunk Kang Sora.." she said to her as Sora lean to the washroom wall.

She smiled. "I'm not.."

Bomi shakes her head before she turn and look at Kim Jiwon and Yoo Inna entering the washroom.

"Are you having fun Kang Sora?" She asked with an annoying tone.

"What are you doing here?" Hyorin and Jinjoo who realized Jiwon and Yoo Inna's presence joining the crowd in the washroom.

Jiwon look at them. "This is not your league dear.. you should know your place.." she raise her hand.

"Stop it Kim Jiwon.." Sora holds her hand. "Settle your matters with me. Not with my friends.."

Jiwon sneer. "Are you really considering them as friends? Or is it just symphaty?"

Pang! A hard slap went to Jiwon's face.

"Kang Sora you!!" Yoo Inna come nearer to Jiwon and caresses her cheek.

"Get out of my face.." she said to them in a high tone.

Jiwon pulls Inna's hand off her face and look straight to Sora's eyes. "Wait for it Kang Sora. You'll regret everything you've done tonight!"

Sora sneered. "We'll see about that bitch!"

Bomi, Jinjoo and Hyorin pulls Sora out of the washroom. She was never out of control like that. "You're drunk Kang Sora. Its time for us to go back.."

Sora snap her arms off them. "I want to drink more. Aren't we here to have fun?" She smiled. "I want to have fun with my friends.." she hug them tight.

"What had happened?" The guys are coming nearer to them.

"I think we should call it a night.. she's drunk.." Bomi looked at them. 

"No no no.." Sora replied in a half awake state.

They all looked at her losing her control. "Let me send you home.." both Jongki and Ju Hwan volunteers. They looked at each other for a while.

"It's okay, I'll get her home.." Woo Bin walk towards her as both Jongki and Ju Hwan's eyes stuck on him. Like hunting for a prey.

"No!!" Sora push Woo Bin off. 

Jongki and Ju Hwan smirked seeing their contender being pushed away.

"Jo In Sung.. Send me home pleaseee.." she looked at him while acting cute.

Insung surprised. "Who?? Me?"

She tuck her hair behind her ears. "Eo.." she smiled.

"Ok.." He answered.

Bomi came nearer to Sora. "Ya... Are you in the right state of mind?" She whispered.

"Why should I not?" She looked at Insung. "You drive your white ferrari right?"

Insung surprised hearing her question. White ferrari is the car that he used only for race. "Is she revealing her another identity now?" Insung thought to himself. His thoughts about Sora is confirmed now.

"Shall we go now?" Insung asked her.

Sora nodded as she is taking another sip of beer before Hyorin took it away. "You had enough Kang Sora.."

Sora pulls her lips. Sulking. She turns to Insung and grab his arms before walking together towards the parking lot.

"What is she doing?" Jinjoo looked at both Bomi and Hyorin.

"We're not sure either.." they answered as they looked at Jongki, Juhwan and Woobin whose eyes are still following both Sora and Insung walking out of the club.

"What kind of complicated situation you are getting yourself into Kang Sora.." thought Bomi to herself.

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