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Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 17

"Are you okay?" Jongki asked looking at Sora who went missing without any news for 2 weeks. Looking stunning and happy like nothing happened.

Sora looked at Jongki as well as Kwang Soo that follows. Surprised. "What's the occasion?"

"Everybody is worried about you.." Bomi replied.

Hyorin stares at her. "Maybe we should not have. After all she didnt even think of us when she decided to vanished like that."

"I'm okay guys.." Sora smiled at them and continue to hoax her friends. They must be feeling worried with her dissapearance. "Mianhae chingu.."

"You're not even sincere.." Kwang Soo interfere to add up the flare.

Sora stares at him. "How did you guys know about this place?"

"We told them.." Jinjoo replied. Short.

Sora looked at her girlfriends again. "I didn't know we have come to a good terms to hangout together like this.. It must be because of me right?" She smugly smiled.

Jinjoo sneered. "Are you even our friend?"

"Yaaaa... don't be like this.." Sora hug her from behind. They must be feeling so worried to be acting like this.

Jong Ki looked at them smiling. He's happy to at least see Sora is back and still joking around. "Where have you been?" He asked.

"Settling some family matters.." She replied.

"Yes and since we are not family so we don't deserve to know anything.." again Hyorin is being cynical.

"Yaa!!!" She holds Hyorin's sulking face. "I feels like kissing you now."

Hyorin push her aside. "I'm still normal okay.."

Sora hugs her. "I love you too chingu!!" As she hugs her other friends before stopping in front of Jong Ki. Her limit is there.

"I don't deserve a hug?" He sulk.

"Somebody got rejected.." Kwang Soo laughed.

Sora grinned as she scrathes her head.

"Dont do this again. You should let us know at least.." Bomi intercepted.

Sora grab her shoulder. "Arasso chingu. I'm truly sorry for what had happened.."

"This place is big Sora.." a tall broad shouldered man wearing a burberry winter jacket entering the room.

All eyes are looking at that tall good looking man with hoarse voice.

"Am I disturbing anything?" He asked weird with how they are staring at him.

"No you're not.." Sora walk towards him and thinking of a better explanation on that guy appearance that would become another surprise to her friends. "Please meet Kim Woo Bin.. our master's son." A good looking man that is actually her birth mom right hand man and also the person that was assigned as her bodyguard coming back from japan.

"Your master?" He whispered to Sora as she's giving a nodding sign. "Hi. Call me Woo Bin.." He smiled.

Hyorin jumped at them. "So you're living under one roof with Sora??! Anneyong chingu, I'm the only Kang Sora's female friend that is single.. Min Hyorin" She's making a self promotion.

"Your intention shows Min Hyorin.." Sora is paying back.

"Ya! Shouldn't you help your friend a bit?" Hyorin whispered.

"Do I know you?"


Woo Bin smiled looking at their interaction. "Nice meeting you Min Hyorin shi.." He extended his hand.

Sora laughed. "This is Park Jinjoo, our friend that jokes a lot. And this is Kim Bomi. Someone that always bring me down to earth.."

"Nice meeting you." He shakes their hand too.

Jongki intensely looking at another potential rival in front of him.

"This is Song Jongki and Lee Kwang Soo.." Sora introduce them to him.

Woobin smiled and extended his hand towards Jongki. "Nice meeting you.."

"You too.." Jongki accepted.

"Is this your boyfriend?" Woo Bin asked.

Sora widely stares at him. "Are you crazy? I dont have a boyfriend!"

Jongki smiled. "I wish I am.." He looked at Sora as she turns away from him hiding her blushed face.

"Lee Kwang Soo.." Kwang Soo extended his hand.

Woo Bin accepted it and smiles. "I miss being a student.." he said before turn to Sora. "I've registered.." he gave Sora the pamphlet he's holding earlier.

"You will be joining us?" Again Hyorin is excited. "Which course?"

"All classes that Sora took.." He replied.

"Assa!" Hyorin cheered. That means he will join the same class as her too except for one subject. But that is good enough.

"So you're majoring in business too?" Jong Ki asked.

"Not really. I've graduated in Law.."

Jongki frowned, weird listening to his answer. "You're taking your 2nd degree then?"

"Not in full. I'm just interested with Seoul's undergraduate system.. Its fun to learn more than what you have to know isn't it?" He replied as Sora smugly nodded. They have prepared with the answers well to avoid any suspicion. He knows Sora social status is not something to be revealed.

Kwang Soo came nearer to him. "Simply said you're still unemployed now right?" He pats Woo Bin's shoulder.

"Emm.. kind off.."

Hyorin laugh. "He don't have to worry about jobs with his rich parents. Isn't that right?"

Woo Bin smiled while he looks at Sora, worried that those conversation might gone somewhere they wasn't prepared of.

Sora understands the look from Woo Bin and then look at her friends. "I think we had enough introduction for now. Me and Woo Bin have some matters to be solved. Lets catchup later." She picks up her trenchcoat and immediately drags Woo Bin out of the room.


Ju Hwan walked towards the shooting club office before seeing a woman in maroon trench coat standing in front of the club, blankly staring at the entrance.

"Kang Sora.." he is calling for her. Not sure if that is really her or just his imagination again.

Sora turned and looked at him. "Lim Ju Hwan.." She tuck her long hair behind her ears and smiles.

Ju Hwan smiles back and walk nearer towards her. "The news that you've come back is true then.."

"I am.. safe and sound." She said knowing the answer to everybody's question. "What are you doing here?" She asked.

"What about you?" He asked back. This is the place she last visited before she disappeared for 2 weeks. The place he least expected to see her.

Sora look back at the building. "Wanted to try holding some guns.." she replied after for awhile.

"After what had happened? I don't think it's the right idea though.." Ju Hwan frowned.

Sora smiled to him. "Can you teach me?"

"What if you fainted?"

"I have you with me.." naively she smiled not knowing how much that words is making ju hwan's heart beating hard.

"Ae.. arasso.." he stammered.

"Put your feet firm on the ground and aim to your target." Ju Hwan is teaching Sora step by step to shooting with an unloaded gun before handing the shotgun for her to hold.

Sora look at it for a while before decided to take it from Ju Hwan's hand.

Ju Hwan caught her shaking hand and stares at her. "You're shaking again.. are you sure you can really do this?" Sora seems fear of something. Something that he don't know.

Sora pulled her hand and sharply looking at the gun.

"This is unloaded.." he said and give it to Sora again.

Sora nodded and took a deep breadth before taking the shotgun from Ju Hwan's hand. Trying hard to stop her hands from shaking.

"Thats a good start.." Ju Hwan smiled before turning Sora's body facing the target.

"Aim that projectiles.." he pointed it out as he stand close behind her. "When you shout GO, they will release a pallet. Follow their motion and project the target movement."

Sora nodded. "It feels like learning physics.." trying to make some jokes even though Ju Hwan is not replying to it. He seems so strict with his passion.

"This butt.."

Sora looked at him surprised. "Did you just swear at me?"

He sneered. "This part of shotgun handle, we call it a butt.. its the part that hold against your shoulder when shooting."

"Ahh.." Sora's biting her lips.

"You must hold this against your shoulder." He look at Sora's posture and corrected it. "Make sure to stand your feet firm or else you'll lose your ground when it recoils."

"Will it hurt?"

"It will.. but the jacket will lessen the impact." Referring to a special jacket that is equipped with a shoulder pad for shooting purpose. "Most important thing is to stand your ground firmly.."

Sora nodded as she practiced with the posture again. "I'm not shaking anymore.." she said while looking at her hands.

Ju Hwan nodded. "Its too early to say that.." He turned her facing the target and help loading her gun from the back. Close enough to smell of her shampoo "Lilac." He thought to himself.

"Are we practicing with the real bullet now?" She can feel that her hand is trembling again.

Ju Hwan hold her hand noticing it. "You'll do just fine.." he whispered near to her ears.

She took a deep breath trying to find her inner strength.

Ju Hwan took a pair of earplug and put it in Sora ears. "Aim to the projectile.." he said.

Sora nodded as she firmly stand on her feet and started aiming the target. Trying hard to maintain her composure and fighting her fear. Getting ready to shoot her very first bullet.

"Go!" He shouts and a pair of pallets shoot out from the projectiles.

Sora moved her gun together with the motion and bang! She managed to shot down one out of two.

She looked at the blown up pieces and again the images of that days came to her mind. She put down the shotgun and closes her eyes. Her hands and her body started to trembled again but not as worst.

"Are you okay?" He turn her facing him looking at her condition assessing whether to stop or to continue.

Sora walk to the chair and take a sit to calm her down a bit.

Ju Hwan looked at her. "Do you need some water?" He asked.

Sora nodded as she's trying to breath regularly as what Woo Bin has thought her to overcome the trauma and panic attack.

After a few while Ju Hwan came back with a bottle of cold mineral water. "Drink slowly.." Ju Hwan worries.

Sora looked at him and eventually smiles. "Thank you.."

Ju Hwan took a seat besides her. "Are you okay now?" He cupped her hands. "It stopped shaking.." seems that she overcomes it sooner than earlier.

Sora surprised with his gesture and pulls her hand. "Getting better.." She avoids Ju Hwan's eyes and look at the shooting range.

Ju Hwan keep his hand back and stay silent for a few while. The environment suddenly turned a little bit awkward.

"So you are here.." Woo Bin came to the shooting range to find her together with some other guy that he's not being introduced yet.

Sora looked at Woo Bin surprised. "I am.. How do you know I'm here? You've learn about this campus fast!" she replied.

Ju Hwan looked at Woo Bin, someone that Sora seems to know well. "You are?"

"He's my master's son. Kim Woo Bin.. Woo Bin shhi this is Lim Ju Hwan.." she replied on behalf.

Woo Bin extended his arms towards Ju Hwan. "Nice meeting you.."

"You too.." Ju Hwan replied as he stole a glance at Sora with her bubbly self back. Not like how they are being awkward with each other moments ago.

"Are you done with your research?" She asked as she got up from her seat.

"Huh? Eo.." Woo Bin short. Not sure what kind of research she's referring to.

Sora pretentiously looking at her watch. "We need to go back now.."

Woo Bin look at his watch too. Time is already 4pm without they realizing. "Okay.. my car is outside. Is it okay with you Ju Hwan shhi?" He asked.

"Sure.." he replied as he grabs her hand. "Take a very good rest Kang Sora. Do not pressure yourself for too much.."

Sora surprised and slowly nodded to his words. "See you tomorrow.." she said before walking away.

"Your boyfriend?" Woo Bin whispers.

Sora gave him a sharp glance. "Should every man I know be my boyfriend?" Sora is being cynical.

Woo Bin laughed. "Anie.. the way they look at me seems like i'm a rival to them. I definitely knew those look well.."

"Daydreaming. I'm a nobody.." Sora continue walking  ignoring the conversation.

"It didnt seems like that to me dear.." Woo Bin brushes Sora's hair before running to get the door for her.

Sora look at him. "Was that necessary? We're in a campus.." they have to subtle and careful.

"Ops.." Woo Bin scrathes his head for being careless before he look at the shooting club building. "See, I told you I never wrong in this.." He waves at Ju Hwan who's been looking at them from afar.

"Ya! Enough that you see through it. Do you have to rub salt to it?" Sora pushes him to his door.

Woo Bin laughed while walking towards his door. "What an interesting student life.." he said out of envy.

Ju Hwan looked at both of them from a distance, seeing how close and informal both of their relationship is. "Kang Sora you heartbreaker..." he thought to himself.


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