Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 15

"Where are you heading?" Sora follows after Lim Ju Hwan after being ignored the whole day.

Ju Hwan silent not answering and continue walking straight to a shooting club. He pick up a shotgun from the club safe and heading towards the shooting range to practice Double Trap Shotgun, another sport that he enjoys besides golf.

Sora is watching him step by step at the side, giving him some space.

"Just go.. I don't feel like meeting anybody today." Ju Hwan said before starts inspecting his gun and bullets.

Sora grab Ju Hwan's arms. "Lim Ju Hwan.. Why are you such in a bad mood?" She asked.

"Why does it have to bother you?" Ju Hwan pulls his arms and fill up his shotgun with bullets. 

Sora paused. She didn't know why but his treatment is making her feels sad in some way.

He took a short look to Sora who's silently standing besides him. "Stand further or just get out of here.." he said.

Sora bit her lips and move back a few steps behind him. "Is it because of Jong Ki?" She thought to herself feeling weird with the difference of Ju Hwan treatment after last weekend. Just a few weeks back they are like a normal friends but now he's turning cold again.

Ju Hwan straighten his posture focusing on projectiles that will fire pallets for his shooting training. "Go!" He shouted as he lift his shotgun and bang! the pallets flying to the air was shot down within a second.

Sora astounded with the sound as her hand started to shivers.

"Go!" Ju Hwan shouted again and bang! Another pallet blown in the air. 

Sora falls on the cement floor as she was thunderstruck with the second sound. Its not an unfamiliar sound for her. Not at all.

"Sora!" Ju Hwan put aside his gun and immediately pull Sora up from the floor as she's started to frantically breathe. "Are you okay?" He looked at her hands, shivers. 

Ju Hwan put her down on the bench and holds her shivering hands. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" He asked again looking at her with her eyes widened.

Sora is tightening her fist and closes her eyes as her head started to hurt so much. A few images from her memory begin flashing in her mind.

"Kang Sora are you okay?" Ju Hwan asked for the second time. 

Sora looked at him for a while before she hug him tightly. 

Ju Hwan was shocked for a moment before he started to caress her hair waiting for Sora to calm down for a little bit. Its obvious that Sora didn't even realised what she's been doing.

After a while, Ju Hwan slowly pushed Sora's body and looked at her. "Let me send you home?" Ju Hwan asked.

Sora slowly shakes her head while her eyes are fixed on her right wrist. Her hands still shivering and her shocked doesn't seem to subside yet. Her mind are too clouded now. The flashes of memory that appears earlier seems to relate with the tattoo on her wrist. And the gunshot sound, thats the triggering point to all of this.

Ju Hwan looked at her carried away with her own thoughts and mind. "She can't go back on her own being like this.." he thought to himself before dialing Jongki's phone number.

"Do you want me to accompany you inside?" Ju Hwan asked as they arrive at the house where Sora's mom is working. That's what being told by Jongki earlier.

Sora blankly look at him. Couldn't compute where they are now.

"We have arrived at your house.. this is the right place right?" Ju Hwan asked again. This strong woman suddenly becoming soulless body within a split second. Its worrying him. 

He went to open the door on the passenger side. "Let me accompany you in.." He said as he pulled her hand.

Sora stop him. "Its.. its okay.. I can't bring outsider inside.." she stammered as she's trying to consolidate her thoughts.

"Sora.. are you okay?" Jongki runs towards Ju Hwan's Maroon Maserati GranTurismo Convertable Sport and look at the woman who's just brushing away Ju Hwan's hand from holding hers. Her face doesn't seems well.

Sora looked at another person in front of her blankly. "I'm okay.." she get out of the car and walking straight to the door of her house.

Ju Hwan and Jongki stares at her mindlessly entering the house without even bother to look at them.

"What happened?" Jongki asked.

Ju Hwan looked at his friend. "You came fast.."

Jongki grabbed his waist staring at Ju Hwan. Not the answer that he's looking for.

"I don't know.. she became like that suddenly.." Ju Hwan explains. He didn't even have a chance to ask looking at her situation. "I never seen that expression from her before.." He added. He never sees Sora shivers like that even when she's being threaten by them before. She's not a person who's afraid of anything. Normally.

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