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Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 14

"What about this one?" Ju Hwan shows her the template to be used for their presentation.

Sora nodded feeling satisfied. "That looks okay.." The person that was once always sees her as somebody that he hate is now sitting besides each other on one purpose to complete their assignment.

Ju Hwan looked at her for a few second. Thinking. "Anieya.. the feeling isn't right. We are presenting about international trading and free trade law.." trying to look for better ones that suits their theme.

Sora giggled. "I never knew you are this fussy Lim Ju Hwan.."

Ju Hwan took a glance at her. "Focus will you?" He sighed. Their presentation is in 3 days but they are yet to practice with their presentation style and flow.

"You're too tensed.. relaxed a bit. All of our papers and presentation are finalised. Just a few makeup issues that need to be firm up.." informally she's passing the remark.

Ju Hwan looked at her for a while and then look back to their presentation that he's working on. "You must be feeling comfortable with me lately?" He asked.

She understood the meaning behind his words. After a month of working together, she does feels a bit relaxed with him. Especially when she got to know Lim Ju Hwan's personality is actually nicer than the one he usually portrays before.

Sora turns to her laptop and pretending to proofread their thesis paper again. 

He looked at her tucking her long hair behind her blushed ears. "You're blushing?"

Sora covered her ears with her palm. "I'm just cold.."

Ju Hwan smiled. "That's cute.." half whispering but Sora still can clearly hear it.

"What.." Sora suddenly went silent. There's actually no need for her to further dig on those words.

"Are you saying something?"

She scratches her head. "Nothing.."

Ju Hwan squint his eyes. Sora does seems like she wanted to say something earlier.  "Anyway, let's focus to settle this before I get another panic attack.."

"Ryoukai! Shinpaishinaide.." She replied in Japanese.

Ju Hwan was called to looked at her again hearing her intonation and the way she says those Japanese words that doesn't seems awkward. "Are you really half japanese?" He asked.

"How did you know about that?" As far as she knows, that information are not known to many.

"There... are some rumours about you. I supposed its true then?"

Sora wasn't denying. "I never knew you are interested in my background?"

Ju Hwan clearing his throats. "I just happen to know it.."

Sora smirked.

"You don't think that I purposely check out on you right? There's really no need for me to do so."

Sora giggled looking at Ju Hwan being a bit defensive. "Arasso.. Lets just say it is.."

"Just do your work.." Ju Hwan pushed her laptop nearer towards her. "We need to finalize this today no matter what.."

Sora smiled looking at him changing the topic. Those 3 years spent for fighting with them are seems like a waste of time after she started getting to know each one of them and their charming and delicate behaviour now. Sora thought to herself before continuing with her work.

"Did you saw that just now?" A pair of girl student who just walk passed the glass room where Ju Hwan and Sora is discussing and talking to each other.

"Eo.. since when that they are this close? I thought they were enemies?" Her friends replied.

They look at their surrounding. "I heard they are a couple now.. that rumours must be true isn't it?"

"Heol.. daebak. That really is something. Is that why Kang Sora change her dressing?"

"You're right! That must be the reason.." They giggled as they leaving the library.

Jiwon looked at that pair of students before rushing inside the library to see Lim Ju Hwan and Kang Sora who are happily talking to each other. "That bitch.."

"Ya.. don't make another fuss. We can handle it like a civilised person.. You know you can't win her with physical fight." Yoo Inna stopped Kim Jiwon.

Jiwon looked at Inna. "I presume you have something better?"

Inna smiled. "Give me some more time and you'll be surprised.."

Kim Jiwon smugly sneered looking at both of them who didn't realized that they are being monitored. "Arasso.. make my wait worthwhile then.." She replied before leaving the library.


Jongki got out of his house for his sunday jog a bit earlier than normal with a promise on his mind. "Let's go for a morning jog tomorrow.." he remembered the last thing he said towards Sora yesterday when they bumped into each other at the convenience store.

He looked at his wrist watch that still shown 645am. "It seems that I'm too early.. haha" he laughed at himself as he walks towards the alley where he send Sora off last time.

"You're early.." After a few minutes of waiting, Sora come out with a balsam green osito pullover with a hoodie on her head and her hands in the pockets.

"Just arrived.." Jongki replied before he hand her a pair of hotpack. "I heard the weather will be a bit cold today.." he said.

"Kamsahamnida.." she took the hotpack and place it in her pockets, smiled to Jongki's thoughtful gestures as always.

"Let's take a brisk walk to the park before we jog.." Jong Ki suggested since its still cold and their heart might be in shocked if they suddenly went for a jog without warming up.

Sora nodded as she follows him by his side.

"It seems things turn out well with Ju Hwan?" Jongki is trying to fish out something.

"Uhmm.. I never thought the lecturer would give us an excellence remarks for our assignment.." Sora is referring to their presentation last week that was concluded with a good marks for their final.

Jongki took a quick glance. "What I mean is your relationship with Lim Ju Hwan.." 

"Ahh.." Sora giggled for her misunderstanding towards Jongki question. "Things went smooth luckily. I'm quite grateful with that.."

"There's nothing else happened right?" He asked. He has heard the rumours about her and Ju Hwan that's started going strong lately.

Sora looked at him puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Jongki scratches his head. "Anieya.. forget it."

"What is it?" Sora stand in front of him.

Jongki smiled looking at her cute in a hoodie. "Cute.." he pinched her cheek. "I like you more in this kind of image. Like how you were before." 

"You're changing the subject.." Sharply she stares at him.

Jongki laughed. "Are you catching somebody?"

Sora sighed. "If you want to keep changing the subject then fine.." she started to walk off with a faster pace than Jongki.

"Where are you going?" Jongki stopped her.


"We haven't start our jogging though."

"I don't jog with strangers.."

Jongki laughed after he started to realised the situation. "Are you mad?"

"No.." she's short.

Jongki hold her hands. "I'm just jealous with him being in a team with you.. I was hoping that opportunity is mine instead."

Sora pulled her hand off him. "Maybe next assignment.." she scratches her neck and awkwardly smiled at him. They are not in a relationship where they can carefreely holds each other hands.

Jongki looked at his hand feeling rejected. "Maybe I was too fast.." He thought to himself as he follows Sora who started walking a few steps in front of him again but this time at a slower pace.
"Let's run to the convenience store. Loser will pay for breakfast!" Sora started running.

"Yaa!" Jongki speed up to catch her up.

"You should let me run for at least 200m before you started!" Sora is panting as she arrives at the convenience store 45seconds later than Jongki.

Jongki smiled. "Coming from somebody who always fight for gender equality.."

"Well.. for certain thing we obviously does not equal.." Sora grinned.

"A bet is a bet.. buy me breakfast now." Jongki pushed her inside the store while she's still catching her breadth.

"Arassooo..." Sora surrendered as she headed towards the pre-prepared meal section with variety of selections. "Should we get some ramen instead? I'm craving for one.."

"Anie.. I'm craving for some kimchi fried rice and bibimbap.." He grinned.

"Why are you eating so much?!"

"Breakfast like a king.." He smirked. "And this too.." He put another egg and pickle kimbap in the basjet before heading to the microwave. "What about you?"

"Ramyun it is.." she grinned while hugging the ramyun packaging. She wasn't able to eat it before as her parents didn't allow her to eat anything instant.

Jongki looked at her childish expression. "You must love it so much?"

Sora shakes her hand. "I never had it before but I always wanted to taste one."

Jongki looked at her weird for being a Korean but never tasted a Ramyun before. Those are among a must have meals for Koreans unless she was raised in a family that practice organic eating which normally affordable for only those who are rich.

"What are you doing in this neighbourhood?" Jongki realised the presence of his bestfriend that just entered the convenience store as Sora is paying for their meal.

Sora looked at Jongki before looking at the door. "Lim Ju Hwan?" She was shocked seeing that particular person. Not a person that she would expect to be there early in the morning.

Lim Ju Hwan surprised seeing Jongki and Sora who seems pretty comfortable with each other. "Thought of seeing you for a jog.." Ju Hwan's delayed replied. He then looked at both of them with their Autumn jogging suit. "I hope I didn't bother both of you with anything.." He added.

"We just finished jogging.." Jongki is looking at a bag of foods that he choose earlier. "Want to join us for breakfast instead?"

"We? Us?" Ju Hwan thought to himself. It was weird seeing how Jongki is getting closer with Sora lately. That particular friend is not a person that easily shows attraction nor interest towards any woman before but somehow he is now spending his time with Kang Sora.

Sora nodded. "We bought a lot.." she warmly smile.

"Its okay.. I'll just go for a short walk nearby." Ju Hwan replied feeling that Jongki doesn't want to be disturb. "Enjoy your breakfast then.." He left the convenience store with a heartache seeing Jongki and Sora spending time together.

Lacrym0sa's Note:

Yes i'm equally surprised and delighted hearing the latest Kang Sora'a dating news with Hyun Bin. Never expected it truly. But destiny must have plays it roles here. I'm happy for both of them and will support them of course. I will not stop writing this story yet and will continue until the end. Hehe.. nevertheless please enjoy it and keep supporting Kang Sora. Who knows I might comeout with Sora-Hyunbin fanfic one day thought i've started struggling with my super busy working and travelling schedule. Til then, love. x0x0


specialsky84 said...

I'm expecting sora-hyunbin fanfic...hehehhehe i am happy when hear the news...even i started as teukso long as they happy...i am happy too...but cite ni semakin menarik....x sbr nk baca next chapter....hwaiting author nim...

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the next chapter. I wonder who is actually going to be the leading man. Someone may be jealous seeing sora and jongki at the store but also i love the jonki and sora friendship... so im super excited to read the next chap lol

Omg... yes I was surprised when i heard he dating news. Love Hyun Bin since Kim Sam Soon days. So Im ecstatic with the confirmation lol
I will look forward to a creation you come up with regarding our newly dating couple lol

Have a great day writernim xox

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Lol me too. I still love their teukso moments. Ship i will always have a soft spot for. Now i hope our teukie can get courage to freely date too.

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Thanks for enjoying dear! Teukso will always become on of our sweet memories. They make me started to write fanfic anyway ;)

I can't really promise for Sora - Hyunbin fanfic as yet. Banyak nak kena research sbb xfamiliar with hyunbin despite his popularity. Hehe.. Nevertheless will try my best!

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Thanks for enjoying dear. You'll ve surprised so make sure to keep reading 😉

I've watched hyunbin's acting in MNIKSS and Sega, but I never follow his news other than watching the drama. (Unlike how i follows Sora's news and such). Haha.. so to start creating a fanfic of our new couple I need to do some research or some information on Hyunbin. I might need sometime before coming out with one considering my schedule that's started to get busy too..nevertheless will try my best and thank you for keep supporting!


specialsky84 said...

Don't worry author nim...just take ur time...I always support your fanfic... :)