Saturday, November 26, 2016

Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 9

Ju Hwan looked at the cafe menu and ordered his coffee. He can feel every eyes is on him. He knew it. Its not a normal thing for him to come to the cafe alone either. The four of them were always together, however his friends need to attend their family business matters and leave him alone attending the classes today.

"Let's go.." a couple who initially seated at the end of the 8-seats table got up from the table leaving the cafe as Ju Hwan approach to seat on the opposite end.

Ju Hwan sneered looking at how those people behave towards him as he took the seat and sipping through his newly brewed coffee.

"Ya Kang Sora! Join us!"

Ju Hwan looked at Kang Sora who just entered the cafe when a group of people calling for her and make a friendly conversation with her, showing how easy going and approachable she is. He started feeling envy with how she's being treated, it is totally different with how people are treating him.

Sora took a glance at Ju Hwan who is sitting alone at that large table. Without his friends around, somehow he looks rather lonely.

"He seems alone today.." a student whispered to Sora when they realize Sora is looking at him.

"Nobody wants to go near hin.  Thats the price to pay for being such a snobbish jerk.." the other student added some flame to the words.

Sora looked at them. "I'll join you guys later.." she said as she walk towards the counter to order her Chai Tea. 

She turn to look at Ju Hwan who just ignores his surrounding while all eyes are cynically looking at him with them whispering bad things about him. Some can even be heard clearly. "It must be hard for him.." Sora thought to herself.

"Your Chai.." the waiter gave him the cup with a smile on it. "Enjoy it.."

Sora smiled to him back as she walks to Ju Hwan's table and took an interval of one seat from him.

Ju Hwan took a glance at her while silently sipping his coffee.

Sora caught his eyes. "Where's your friends?"

"What about yours?"

Sora sneered as Ju Hwan is answering her questioning with another question instead. "Another class.."

Ju Hwan put his chin on his palm and look at Sora. "Why did you sit here? Are you trying to make fun of me?"

"There's no other empty seat around.."

Ju Hwan looked around and nodded. Agreeing to the fact. 

Sora took a sip to her chai tea before moving to sit right in front of him. 

"What are you doing?" He flinched with Sora's sudden move.

She bit her lips. She can't stand looking at people being bullied and she feels like Ju Hwan is being bullied psychologically right now. "You look rather pathetic being alone.."

Ju Hwan look at her. "Why do you have to care?"

"Not that I care.." I'm just stating the fact that you looks pathetic being so." she crossed her leg and lean her back. Wearing a wrap dress fall/winter collection by Diane Von Furstenberg makes her feels confidence with her figure.

Ju Hwan took a glance at her long legs. She got a reason to be confident with it. "Your dressing changes a lot lately.." He said. "And it doesn't seems like it from a common brand wears by common student.."

Sora widened her eyes looking at Ju Hwan before straightening her posture. "My mom's employer gave it to me.." she answered. She's been lying to people around her about her family status. She needs to be extra careful with people like Ju Hwan who seems to be able to differentiate well between normal and branded items. The items that her mom always splurge her with lately when she decided to follow.

Ju Hwan smiled looking at her expression. Even though they never declared to be in a good term, but lately it seems that he has lost the reason to keep fighting with her and her group.

"Sora.. we're going to the library first. Later you should join us ok?" A group of female student suddenly approaching Sora. 

Sora looked at them. "Okay.."

They took a glance at Ju Hwan and Sora who seems friendly with each other before walking out of the cafe. Its unlike how they used to be. "Are they making up now?" They whispered to each other.

"People likes you a lot isn't it?" Ju Hwan asked.

"I'm not a person who treated people in accordance to their level.. like certain group in this campus.." cynically she said.

Ju Hwan smirked. He knows she's referring it to him. "World is created with layers which has their own purpose that indicates how they are more important than the others.."

Sora lean her face closer to him. "Those layers existed with the purpose to complement each other. Not to overcome one another.." Sora got up from her seat and lift up her tea. "If not those layers will feels so lonely without any other purpose of existing. Just like how u are now.." 

Sora walk out from the cafe leaving Ju Hwan to ponders with her words. "Complement each other?" He thought to himself. A perspective that he never came across before.  A perspective that he never gets to explore when he was with his chaebol friends.


"Will these be enough?" Ju Hwan talks to himself looking at a stack of international businesses and marketing books for his research on the project. He opens up a book and read it on a glance.

Suddenly a thought of his project partner came to mind. Kang Sora, a person that used to provoke the best anger out of him but now slowly changing his perspective towards human relationship and friendship.

He walks to the spot where Sora normally hang out and as expected she was there. Alone. Sleeping.

He's thinking of disturbing her at first, but instead his hand slowly pulls out the chair looking at her baby like sleeping face. "Such a cute face.." Ju Hwan thought to himself as he looked at her with her new pumpkin spice colored wavy hair, where varying shades of chestnut are painted over few strands, giving it a multidimensional look reminiscent of shimmery fall leaves in the sunlight. That new hairstyle suits her somehow. It is showing off her white complexion and beauty to a new level.

Ju Hwan suddenly woke up from his own thoughts and realised that he is actually looking at a person that he used hates the most. Someone that he wasn't planning to continue being in one team at first. "You did that again.." he said to himself. This is the 2nd time he has the same thought about Sora. About how beautiful she is especially with her new image.

Slowly Sora lift up her face looking at the person in front of her. She widened her eyes and immediately wipe off her lips from any traces of saliva with the back of her hand.

Ju Hwan smiled looking at her action. "Seems like you really took care of your appearance nowadays.."

"What do you want?" Sora asked. That has always been her personal space. But lately lots of people keep coming there making her uncomfortable with it. Perhaps its time for her to look for a new personal space.

"Here.." he put a few book about international trading and free trade law on the table. "Think about a topic with regards to this.."

Sora took the book and flip through a few pages. She nodded agreeing with the usage of those books but she put it back on the table and look at Ju Hwan. "I seriously don't think this pairing thingy will work out.." She cannot be optimistic with it realising the nature of their relationship.

Ju Hwan sneered. "Its not like I'm looking forward to it.. Just get the work done.."

"We can just settle it individually.."

"Why would you do so when its supposed to be a team work?" He get up from his chair and lean his face closer to her that makes her to move back a few inches. "Do you afraid that you would fall for me?"

Sora smirked hearing to his overconfidence. She move nearer to his face. "Anie.. I'm afraid that YOU would fall for me." She winked as she got up from her chair and walk away.

Ju Hwan sneered. "Let's see about that Kang Sora.."

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