Saturday, November 26, 2016

Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 8

"This is the pairing list that I have prepared for your first assignment.." the lecturer lifted a piece of paper for a while and put it back on the table. "Check your partner before leaving the class.." she's wrapping it up.

As soon as the lecturer walked out of the room, the students immediately surrounding the lecturer's table like hayenas but Sora remained on her seat and slowly keeping her books in the bag while waiting for the crowd to subside.

"Last saturday night.. it was you right?" Jo In Sung is approaching her. Looking at her attire today with her pony tail styled hair, it seems like his guess is right.

Sora looked at him pretending not to understand what he mean.

In Sung squint his eyes and lower his face to stay at the same level as her. "You know how to act well.. Koura-shhi.." he winked.

Ju Hwan looked at In Sung having a friendly conversation with Sora. First it was Jong Ki, even though he's hiding it. And now In Sung. Seems like their group stands started to waver with Sora's new appearance.

"Kang Sora and Lim Ju Hwan right?" A couple of student whispered to each other.

Kwang Soo stopped them to hear further. "What did you say?"

The students looked at him, panicked when one of The Chaebols is talking to them.

"What is it?" Kwang Soo asked again.

"Lim.. Lim Ju Hwan and Kang Sora are being partnered for the assignment.." they stammered.

Jong Ki immediately look at Ju Hwan. Surprised.

"Its in the listing.. you can see it for yourself." immediately they walked away, afraid that something unnecessarily might happened.

Couldn't believe with what they heard, Kwang Soo, Ju Hwan and Jong Ki went to the table looking for their names.

"Ya Ju Hwan.. they are saying the truth.." Jong Ki looked at Ju Hwan who is blankly staring at that piece of paper. He saw it well.

Kwang Soo taps Ju Hwan's shoulder. "What are you going to do?"

Ju Hwan looked at Kang Sora followed by the others.

"What is this feeling?" Feeling like she was being observed, Sora turned looking at Ju Hwan, Jong Ki and Kwang Soo. Didn't feel good with the way they are staring at her. "Are we going to fight again?" She thought to herself.

In Sung looked at his friends too. "What's wrong?" He puzzled for himself.


"Seems like your fate are twisted among them.." JinJoo taps Sora's shoulder. She seems down after knowing that she will be partnered with Lim Ju Hwan for their assignment. The assignment that's going to take 20% of their course marks.

Bomi smiled. "I've told you Sora ya.. First Song Jong Ki.. and now Lim Ju Hwan too.." she had a feeling that the changes in Sora's life will change theirs too.

She sighed as she lay her head on the grass looking up to the sky. "There's Jo In Sung too.." she thought to herself. Things does got really twisted lately and she don't know how to escape from it.

"Song Jong Ki?" Both Hyorin and Jinjoo looked at Bomi. "Is there something that we don't know?" Synchronizingly they asked the same question.

Sora look at them. "Its nothing.. Bomi ya.. stop exaggerate things. Its complicated enough now.." She's more worried about her assignment that's being put on the line for a joke now.

Bomi giggles. "Jong Ki is hitting on our Sora.."

"Ya!" Sora hits Bomi shoulders hard. "I've told you to stop exaggerate things."

"Appo!!" Bomi caresses the sharp pain felt on her shoulders. "I'm saying the truth. Why did he want to be friend with you when they are supposed to be our enemy?"

"I've told you to stop that.." Sora playfully strangled Bomi's neck. "Do you really want to die?"

Bomi laughed. "I'll prove to you that I'm right one day.."

Hyorin smiled looking at them fooling around. After a while her expression started to change as she got carried away with her thinking. 

"Song Jong Ki.." she whispered to herself. That is her first love. Her one sided love. "Did he really falls for Sora?" She looked at her friend who confidently flaunting her new appearance now. She knew that it is not impossible. Sora has always been pretty, and now with her new lovable image, who would be able to resist?

"You girls seems to have fun.." Park Hae Jin joins the girls at the park.

"Oppa!" Jinjoo immediately runs towards her boyfriend. "Your class is finished?" She asked. Being a senior in engineering faculty and difference in their schedules makes it hard for her to meet Park Hae Jin as frequent as the other couples.

"Eo.." Hae Jin smiled while caressing the hair to his happy go lucky girlfriend. Someone that always enlighten his mood when he got burnout with his study.

"Anneyong!" Lee Jong Suk is joining them too as he heads towards his girlfriend, Kim Bomi. 

Bomi sighed as she saw Jong Suk is joining them today. Feeling burdened.

"You rarely text me.." Jong Suk looked at Kim Bomi as he caresses her cheek.

Bomi moves her face slightly. Feeling nauseated with Jong Suk behavior lately.

"Wae?" Jong Suk whispered. 

Bomi silently stares into Jong Suk eyes.

"Whats wrong.." he move closer.

"Do you have time to join us today? Don't you have any blind date to attend?" she whispered back.

Jong Suk smiled. "You're being jealous again.. You know how my mother is.." Trying to hug Bomi's waist but she rejected it.

"Its been a while since you guys joining us.." Sora looked at them. Having Park Hae Jin and Lee Jong Suk as an extended group is somehow making them happier and feeling better especially at times like today.

Jong Suk smiled looking at Sora who he can comfortably define as a younger sister. A person he had known since they were junior high. The person who introduces Bomi to him.

"This final semester thingy is really killing people.. Shall we go for some Tteokbokki?" Hae Jin asked. He's been craving to eat something hot and spicy food today.

"That sounds great!" Jinjoo supported.

"I'll join too!" Sora raises her hand. She needs to sweat off her problem so that she could forget and move forward with it.

"Me three!" Hyorin added before she looks at Bomi who poutingly stands besides Jong Suk. 

"Are you fighting again?" Jinjoo asked as she looked at Jong Suk and Bomi.

Jong Suk shrugged his shoulder. "This person is having a PMS perhaps?"

"Ya!" Bomi hits his shoulder. 

Jong Suk laughed. "You guys go ahead.. I need to coax my sulking girlfriend.."

"Aigoo.. did you miss him that much?" Sora smiled looking at Bomi and Jongsuk. They are really a couple who cannot live without a fight. They just love it that way.

"Lets go guys.. we might disturb this lovey dovey couple in action.." Hyorin grabs Sora's arms as they walk hand in hand towards Hae Jin's car. The car they always use in campus.

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