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Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 7

"Okasan!!" Sound of Sora's voice achoed throughout the house.

"I'm in the studio." Keiko replied weird with Sora frantic behavior late in the evening.

"All my shirts is gone.. Ahjumma can't find it either.." Sora entered her mom's studio while catching up her breadth. Running from her room in the antics to her mom's painting studio at the basement of their three floored bungalow makes her short for breadth.

Keiko smiled. "I've donate it away.."

"Okasan!!" Sora widened her eyes.

Keiko put her paint brush and move nearer to Sora. "Do you have to yell Missy?" She softly hits Sora's head. She wanted to train her to become graceful, not this noisy.

"I want my shirts back.." Sora pouts.

"I have bought all kind of blouses and dresses for you.. Why are you still looking for your shirt?"

"Its Saturday night mom.." she said it in english. 

"So you're going out again?" Keiko squint her eyes looking at Sora. "What is it tonight? Clubbing? Or is it the race night?" Shin-Il and Keiko has agreed to give Sora her freedom on Saturday night. The night where she would meeting up with friends and enjoy her life as teenagers.

"Race night.." She bit her lips. Sora knew Keiko has always been worried for her to join those activities during weekend. Though she had agreed with it, but she never fails to remind how dangerous for Sora to be involve with it.

"Otosan said okay already.." Sora came nearer to her mother. Trying to get her approval now after all the fuss about her shirts.

Keiko sighed. "Always with your Otosan's approval.. He has spoils you for too much.." Keiko pick up her paint brush and focus on her painting again.

"Okasan please..." Holding Keiko's arms.

"On one condition.."

Sora attentively looked at her mom.

"From now on, you will never dressed up like a boy again.. and you'll join my activity from time to time."


"That's my condition. I'm letting you with your interest towards martial arts and cars. Can't you at least fulfill my little request?" She's been wanting to dress her daughter up with dresses, jewelries and beautiful clothes. Just like any other woman would do to their daughter. Keiko caresses Sora's long hair. "I want to show the world my daughter's beauty too.."

"Arasso.. I'll do that.." Sora surrenders.

Keiko smiled. "That includes tonight.."

"Araaa.." Sora stomps back to her room. Seems like she doesn't have much choices if she wanted to continue her freedom. She looked at the new sets of clothes in her wardrobe. "What are all this???" She scratches her head hard. It feels like she's looking at a wardrobe that doesn't belongs to her.


"These kids are so immature.. Do they even realized what are they betting against?" As he's trying to have a bit of fun, Jo In Sung joins a race with the downtown race club instead of the high end car club that he normally visits.

Kwang Soo sneered. "Let them have a feel of racing with your car at least. They might just became a standby viewers if they come to our place you know.." Smugly they are looking down into those people who are drivings their modified cars. Racing against Jo In Sung's yellow Ferrari 458 Italia.

Both of them laughed. Seems the race today is just becoming their laughing stock instead.

Suddenly a white 2017 GT-R Nismo overtaking them fast without mercy leaving them 200 meters at the back within a blink of an eyes.

"Ya! Did you see that??!" Kwang Soo's surprised. 

Pressing his gas pedal hard. "I am.." They are only 5km away from the end point of the race. He needs to catch up fast but the 600 Horsepower beast is leaving his car further.

"You'll be embarrassed if you lost to that Japanese car!" For them, driving a continental car is always the best in showing the performance and their pockets.

"Shut up! Let me focus.." In Sung is trying hard to catch up but the GT-R driver skill is really not a joke. Looking at how it smoothly driven and taking corners, it feels like he's competing with a professional.

"You're great Koura!!!" Viewers started to gather surrounding the champion car while caressing the new car that she's driving, replacing Subaru WRX that she normally used. "Your new car is really a beauty!"

"A lady driver??" Kwang Soo looked at a woman with long black hair, tied pony tail style while wearing a beige color NY cap. "Did you just got beaten by a lady Jo In Sung?" He said to his friend who still looking towards the car feeling dumbfounded. His pride must be hurt.

"Its because of your noisy mouth that I can't focus.." In Sung get out of his car and walk towards the winning car.

"That was great.. your driving skill.." In Sung said to the lady wearing a tight white jeans and checkered brown blouse with skin colored peek-toed heels. Looks good on her tall curved body. A body that would kill being a circuit girl rather than a racer.

Sora surprised looking at that tall man and immediately lowered down her face to have her face stay hidden behind her cap. "Thank you.." she replied.

"Kang Sora?" In Sung thought to himself. Her face looks like Kang Sora from a glance.

"I'm Jo In Sung.. new to this area.." In Sung extended his hand while trying to steal another glance of her face.

"Koura.." Sora replied with the name she used on the street while ignoring his hand. She turned to look at the race coordinator. "I'm not participating in the next one.."

"But Koura.. people are betting on you.."

"I'll pay them back.." She replied as she entered her car and starts her engine.

"Koura shhi.." In Sung tried hard to get another look at that woman face again but she's fast in avoiding him and speed off from the location.

"Jo In Sung, what are you doing?" Kwang Soo came to them as he looked at the GT-R drives away.

"Who is that?" In Sung asked the race coordinator. He wanted to know more about that lady.

 "Koura Miyazaki. She's been a regular here.. One of our top racer.."

"Koura..?" In Sung frowned. Somehow he wanted to believe that the person is Kang Sora.

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Sorry for keeping you guys waiting. Been travelling for works for 2 weeks thus i'm not being able to update this much through my mobile. Nevertheless, will try to upload a few chapter this weekend. Til then, enjoy dearies. x0x0!

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