Thursday, November 10, 2016

Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 6

Sora opened the newly arrive hard-covered copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling. Excited with the new release, she didn't wait long to purchase it online.

After a few pages, she took a glance at her academic books. Felt guilty for leaving her Mastering Strategic Management book by Dave Ketchen untouched.  "Why can't this book be as fun as reading Harry Potter?" She sighed. She need to start her assignment soon, but something else is more tempting right now.

"Why are you sighing so hardly?" Jong Ki claiming a seat in front of Sora. Looking at the books in front of her. "Can't choose which one to prioritise?"

Sora flinch, surprised with his sudden appearance. She thought those guys are sparing her from any problem today. Sora looks around for his other members.

"I'm on my own.." Jong Ki said as he realised Sora's body language.

"If you're trying to pick up a fight, let's do it outside.." coolly she said it to him.

Jong Ki smiled. "Why are you always this bold?"

Sora took a glance at him. "What is it now?" He can't be here just to friendly talk about their afternoon. They are not in that kind of relationship.

"Why did you change your dressing suddenly?" Jong Ki asked. He's been interested to know the reason for her sudden change. The change that makes everybody been wondering their eyes.

Sora glares at him. "Why do you need to know?"

"I've told you that night.. I want to become your friend.."

Sora sneered. "You must be kidding me.."

"I'm dead serious.." he lean towards her.

"Sorry.. But I'm not interested to become your friend.." Sora took her books and hold it on her arms.

"At least give me one chance will you?" He said as he took the book from Sora. "I'll carry this for you.." he added. With Sora's recuperating arm, she shouldn't lift heavy things yet.

Sora looked at him. This is getting weird.

"Sora ya!" Bomi came to find Sora after her class. She looked at the man besides her. Surprised seeing Song Jong Ki is walking with her side by side. "Are you okay?"

Sora smilingly nodded. "See.. this is why we can't be friend.." Sora looked at Jong Ki. Never in her life would have thought about being a friend with Jong Ki or any of his friends.

"Friend?" Bomi weird with their conversation. "Ya.. What's wrong?" She whispered to Sora.

Jong Ki smirked looking at Bomi behaviour. "I'm trying to become her friend.." Jong Ki whispered back to Bomi. He heard what she's been whispering to Sora.

Bomi surprised with Jong Ki acting friendly. She raised her eyebrows to Sora.

Sora shrugged her shoulder. She looked at Jong Ki and took back her books. "Thank you but no thank you.."

Sora turn to Bomi and pull her away from there.

Jong Ki smiled. He expected that kind of behaviour so its easier for him to accept.

"Where's Jinjoo and Hyorin?" Sora asked after they got out from the library.

"They have an assignment they need to finish first.." Bomi pause as she stops Sora from walking. "This is suspicious.. what had happened just now?" She stares at her.

Sora smirked. She knew Bomi would feel weird. She herself feels the same when Jongki approached her that night. "Nothing happened. He told you earlier right.." She pulls Bomi to start walking again.

"Its odd.. for them wanting to become friend with any of us."

"Rightfully its just Song Jong Ki who said that. Not all of them.."

"But still..." Bomi looked at Sora up and down again. "Is it because of your new image?"

Sora smiled. "I don't think so.. He's been saying it before he sees this new image.."

"Wait.." Bomi stop her again and look directly to her eyes. "You mean this is not the first time??"

Sora looked at Bomi weird with the excitement that she shown. "Eo.."

"Is he hitting on you?"

"Eyyy.. Don't be absurd.. Do you know how many pretty girls are aiming to become his girlfriend?" shaking her head. She knew Jong Ki is popular with his looks and gentleman attitude despite being one od The Chaebols. Furthermore she's just one ordinary girl that recently changes her style in dressing. Thats all.

Bomi giggles. "I'm sure it is.. Just wait and see.. Who would be able to resist this beauty" she playfully touches her face that's flawless even without makeup. She knew Sora changes in style will opens more eyes to realised the beauty of this tall model like figure girl that has been hiding behind her tomboyish dressing all this while.

"Shut up.. this is nothing to be proud of.." Sora sharply glares at Bomi. Being in dresses, skirts and high heels are something that she could not adapt.

"Arasso.. mianhae.. I won't touch that topic again.." Bomi smiled.

"Good girl.."

"Until it is proven that what i'm saying is right.." Bomi continue giggling.

"Ya! Do you wish to die??" Sora grabbed Bomi shoulders.

Bomi laughed.


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