Sunday, November 6, 2016

Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 5

"Where's Sora? I can't find her in the library.." Bomi come to get her friends who are lazying around at the campus's summer garden. The leaves has started to turn yellow to welcome the autumn season despite the slight warm weather.

Hyorin shrugged her shoulder. "I haven't meet her yet today.. why don't you give her a call?"
"Ah right.." Bomi took out her phone.

"Ya! Kang Sora!" Jinjoo runs toward Sora who is wearing a cream shoulderless thigh length fit and flare dress with her hair let loose. "What in the heaven had happened to you..?" She looked at her up and down. Surprised with her new appearance.

"Yaaaaaa!" Both Hyorin and Bomi run towards her. Amazed with Sora's transformation.
Sora hit her friends shoulder. "Ya! I'm already embarrassed enough.. stop it!" she hid her face with her hand.

"What's the occasion? You look beautiful Sora ya.." Hyorin hold her waist. Her body is definitely perfect for dresses like this. "Are you in love?" She whispered.

"Ya! Its not that.." She looked her friends. "My mom insist.." she pouts.

They laughed. "I knew this would happen sooner or later.." Bomi looked at Sora's arm. The cast is now replaced with a bandage. She seems to recuperating well.  "Its time for you to show the world your beauty Kang Sora.." She's been hiding it for too long.

"What's the use to show it for.. This is not comfortable at all.." she kicks the grass with her 1 and 1/2 inch wedges.

Hyorin smiled. "Beauty doesn't need to stay hidden.." she holds Sora's hand. "I feels that things gonna change a lot from now on.."

"What do you mean?"

"Let's find a partner by winter.." Hyorin winked. "We can't let them have all the happiness themselves." She pointed her lips at Jinjoo and Bomi.

"Yaa.. you make us feels bad!" Jinjoo and Bomi said to them.

Hyorin and Sora laughed.

Sora took a glance at Hyorin. She knew Hyorin has been rejecting a lot of people because of her.
"Let's head to our class, shall we?" Min Hyorin grab Sora's arms.

"Wait.." Sora bit her lips. Its embarrassing for her to even walk, what's more to enter her class today. "I feel like skipping class today.."

"Ya.. didn't you say you love international business? That's why you selected it as your major this semester?" Bomi asked.

Sora knock her head. "Ah right.." she remembered those four boys in her class. "Its going to be bothersome again.."

"Why? Because of those four boys?" Hyorin looked at her. Though Sora is pretty much independent on her own but with her hand that is still recuperating, being involved in another fight will not be manageable for her.

Sora nodded.

"Did they deliberately join that class because Sora is there alone? Those jerks.." Jinjoo is clutching her fist.

"Ya, join my class today please.." begged Sora. Wearing dresses makes her feels weak.

"We can't. There's a scheduled quiz today.." Jinjoo replied. They can't take the course with Sora because of the schedule clash with their accounting class. Since they have selected to major in finance rather than business like Sora. "Call us if they really disturb you.."

Sora sighed. Hoping for today to be a peaceful day. "Arasso..Let's go, we'll be late.." she walk off in her heels as her friends begin to laugh at her.

"Yaa!!" She turned to them.

"Mian.. we're still getting use to it.." Bomi replied as she can't stop giggling.

"I'm going first.." Sora leave her friends that still continue with their laugh and giggles, heading to her class instead. The class that she regret taking this year.

"You're late.." the lecturer look at Sora who is standing at the door. Realised some different in her dressing today.

Ju Hwan gazed at a stunning girl with long black hair wearing minimal makeup on her face. Surprised with her new appearance.

"That's Kang Sora right?" Kwang Soo whispered to his friends. Admire her changes.
"I'm sorry prof.." Sora slightly bowed to her mistake.

"Em.. Take your seat and do your quiz.."

"Thank you.." Sora replied. Keeping her head low as she walk across the class heading to an empty seat. She's too shy to looked at people surrounding her.

In Sung eyes are trailing her. Couldn't believe that person is actually this beautiful.

Jong Ki looked at Sora as she took an empty seat behind him. "You look wonderful.." He whispered to her.

Sora took a glance. That person has been weird since that night.

Sora took a look at quiz paper with only 5 questions in it. "This should be easy.." she slightly smiled. Feeling a bit relax despite her lateness.

Ju Hwan turn to look at Sora again. For some reason, he can't help but to be mesmerised with her.
Sora look at Ju Hwan after she realized he's been staring at her. But Ju Hwan immediately turn his head back. "What is it? Everyone is behaving weirdly.." she thought to herself.

Ju Hwan look at the half done quiz questions. His heart started to beat frantically. "Ya Lim Ju Hwan, that's the tomboyish Kang Sora. Your enemy. Why are you behaving like this?" He thought to himself.

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