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Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 4

"You know.. I heard Kang Sora is half japanese.." Kwang Soo said as he looked at Ju Hwan taking out his Cobra driver. 

Ju Hwan ignores Kwang Soo's remark and placing a golf tee on the grass field before swinging his driver for a test. He's not interested to talk about Kang Sora. He had enough humiliation because of that girl.

Jong Ki looked at Kwang Soo. "Why suddenly you talk about her?"

"Just feels like it.. I got a feeling that she's hiding her beauty under those tomboyish image she's portraying.."

In Sung knocked Kwang Soo's head. "Do you wish to die? She's our enemy." he's been knocking out of sense himself too. 

"You stupid.. that's hurt man.." Kwang Soo caresses his head. "You admit it yourself right? Minus her tomboyish image, she's actually more beautiful than Min Hyorin.." Kwang Soo winked to In Sung. In Sung was once having some interest towards Min Hyorin but was rejected immaturely. Those are also among the reason why they are being enemy now.

Ju Hwan hit his callaway golf ball and look at where its heading. "Japanese or Korean, it won't change anything between us and them.." he said in a passing remark.

He turned to his friends. "That girl always have big guts to meddle in our matters.." Sora and her friends always stood up for the people they are trying to pick. And she never even blink an eyes even when they are surrounding them. Staying firm as she always does.

"But she's not an easy opponent too.. Is she perhaps a member of gangster association?" Kwang Soo asked. Everybody knows Kang Sora fights well. And their skills are no match to her.

"Now that you mentioned it, remember when the people that I hired ran away in the middle of the fight?" In Sung trying to relates.

Jong Ki pick up his driver and taking his turn. "Don't go overboard.. that's absurd." Jong Ki would not believe in those fictions.

In Sung looked at Jong Ki. "Why not? That would explain her fight capability. No matter how I look at it, she's not ordinary."

Ju Hwan nodded agreeing to In Sung. "We're having that class again tomorrow right?" He asked.

"Eo.. wae?" In Sung asked.

"What are you up to again Lim Ju Hwan?" Jong Ki is a bit reluctant. In fact he's been reluctant to continue holding onto those grudge even before they started. 

Ju Hwan sneered as he's planning something fun. "Enough with her.. just hit your ball." He looked at Jong Ki.

Jong Ki sighed as he walk towards his golf cart and keep his driver back in his golf bag instead. "I have enough today.." He took off his gloves and hat. 

"You're leaving?" Kwang Soo asked.

"Eo.. Let's meet up later.." Jong Ki hop onto his cart and drive it off the field.

They looked at each other. "What's wrong with him suddenly?" In Sung asked.

Ju Hwan is watching him as he drove away. Jong Ki has always been a soft hearted guy. He has been disagreed with their action all this while but still tagging along to keep up with their friendship. "Let's continue playing.." he said to In Sung and Kwang Soo.


Jong Ki took a stroll after his run. His decision to skip clubbing tonight and replace it with running around his neighbourhood is rather fulfilling and giving him more satisfaction.

"Ya! Lets go for another round.. Do you really want to stay here?" A girl is pulling her tipsy friend up from the seat.

"Let me sleep here Hyorin ah.." she cupped her cheek and resting on her chin. Sleepily looking at Min Hyorin who is sitting in front of her.

"Kang Sora?" Jong Ki squint his eyes to have a better look at that girl who is wearing a cap with her long hair let loose pairing with a baggy jeans and collared tshirt. Seems like Sora started to shows her hair more rather than hiding it like she used to be.

"Haish.. Arasso. Just find your own way home then." Min Hyorin left her friend at the 24hours convenience store as she walked towards the main street to catch for a taxi.

"See youuuuuu..." Sora waved towards her as she goes back to sleep.

Jong Ki slowly walk towards that girl. "Sleeping?" he asked.

Sora raise her head looking at the person in front of her. Surprised.

"Are you drunk?" He asked again.

Sora try to look around before straightening her seat. "No.." she's short.

Jong Ki puzzled. He definitely see her being tipsy earlier. "Is it just an acting? Just now?"

Sora clearing her throats. Didn't know since when he has been watching her. She's been pretending to be drunk so that she can get away from another round of drinking party. Liquor is just not her thing even though she can tolerate it well.

Jong Ki smiled. "You surely full of surprises Kang Sora.." He claim a seat in front of her.

Sora stares at him. "What are you doing here? Are you trying to pick up a fight again? At time like this?" After what happened last week, she decided to be careful with all of them. Including Song Jong Ki.

Jong Ki shakes his head. "I'm not.. I live in this neighbourhood.."

Sora silent. Seems that this person is living in the same neighbourhood as her unknowingly. She bit her lips.

"Why did you pretend to be tipsy with Min Hyorin earlier?" Jong Ki can't help but to be puzzled about it.

"None of your business.." coldly Sora replied.

"Do you live here?" Again he asked.

"Song Jong Ki shhi.." Sora stares at him. "Don't do that.. its weird.."

"What? The questions? Is it wrong if I wanted to know more about my friend?"

"Friend?!" Sora smirked. The terms friend never existed between her and those guys. Never once she thought of being friend with them.

Jong Ki smiled. "Enemy is also a type of friendship too.."

Sora got up from her seat and walk away. She's not interested to hear any bull shit that Jong Ki is trying to say.

"Let be friends Kang Sora.." Jong Ki asked as he's trying to keep with Sora's long stride.

Sora stopped and look at him. "Is this some kind of a trap?" She asked.

"Anie.. I genuinely wanted to be friend with you.."

"My foot.."

"I really mean it.."

Sora took some time to think before continue walking again. "Do you think your members will agree?"

Jong Ki follows her again, step by step. "They have no control over my personal life.."

Sora sneered. "Well.. my members would not agree for me to be friend with you. And their preference matters to me.."

"I know.." Jong Ki smiled. "But I'll change it one day.."

Sora turn to a private alley heading to the backdoor of her house.

Jong Ki stopped her after he started to recognize that alley. "You live here?" He asked.

Sora silent not answering.

"Since I was kid, I heard that this is the back alley to a Yakuza mansion.." the house located slightly on top of the hill. The biggest house compared to the others in the neighbourhood.

She has heard those rumours too. Perhaps because her dad and his fellow friends always practicing their martial arts at the lawn. Thats where she gets to practice her skills too.

"Do you really live here?" Somehow he starts to relate to what Kwang Soo had said earlier this morning. Is she really a daughter to some kind of a gang? He thought to himself.

"My mom work here.." she lied. Its the same lie she told to everybody else. She never want people to know her as someone with status. She just want people to treat her like a normal person and live as a normal student.

Jongki nodded. No reason for him not to believe it especially seeing how Sora is bringing herself in NSU. "Take care then.. my friend."

Sora turn to him again as she heard the term 'friend' came from his mouth for multiple times now. "You really don't have to do this. You won't get anything by being friend with me.."

"You are an interesting person Kang Sora. I'm honest.." he winked.

Sora sighed. "Whatever.." Sora continue walking towards the house that they have been living since she was 5. The house that she rightfully called as a home.

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