Friday, November 4, 2016

Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 3

Sora took a seat on the floor cushion facing her dad who is focusing towards his book in their Japanese Tea Room while waiting for his evening tea. Even though they have moved back to Seoul long time ago, her father has been accustomed with Japanese culture all along. This is her father hideaway after his hectic schedule with the company matters whole day.

"Evening Otosan.." Sora greeted.

He looked at her daughter with her hair let loose without a cap, not like her normal days. "You're back.."  He then took a glance at Sora's arm. "However I look at it, I don't think you're that clumsy.." Kang Shin Il still could not accept that his daughter's hand got injured due to her clumsiness. Sora is a girl with high stability thanks to all the martial arts that she had learned.

"How could I lie to you Otosan.." Sora is lowering her glance avoiding her dad's eyes. She looked at her hand and the tattoo on her right wrist. It is something that she would like to ask her father further. But she still couldn't find the right moment for it. Yet.

"Its time for her to learn and walk gracefully like a japanese girl.." a fine japanese lady wearing a silk kimono coming out from the kitchen holding a set of jasmine tea with some snacks for her husband and her daughter. She remained loyal to her husband even after years of marriage and even willing to leave her family in Japan to follow Kang Shin-Il. Sora's father.

"Okasan, I don't favour those image.." Sora looked at Keiko Miyazaki who is also her mother. Her beautiful mother.

Keiko softly glares. "No matter what you're still a girl, Kang Sora.." She neatly arranged the tea set on the Japanese Tea table. "Next time you should learn preparing tea too.."

Sora pouts as she's looking at her father for some help. Rather that preparing tea, she loves learning martial arts and holding swords more.

Understanding Sora glance, Shin-Il smiled. "I'll stay out from this one.." He pick up his cup of tea and taking a sip from it. 

Keiko smiled. That undefeatable father-daughter love. Living with them all this while, she can say that Shin-Il loves their daughter more than he loves her. That's for sure. But today seems like Shin-Il is siding her. 

"This weekend we are going shopping together Kang Sora.. throw away those clothes that you're wearing.." Keiko said to her.


"No more excuses." Keiko is firm as she got up heading to the kitchen again. Ignoring what Sora wanted to say next.

"Otosan..." she's trying to gain some pity from her dad. "Please help me.." 

Shin-Il smiled. "Listen to your mother Kang Sora. She had some point too.." His beautiful daughter should learn to become graceful like a real woman despite her skills in martial arts. She need to be graceful like Keiko.

Sora sighed as she got up and walk away from the room. Sulking could be the most effective way she can think of right now, hoping that her parents would change their mind. Being a spoilt daughter would perhaps has it benefits too.


specialsky84 said...

Joohwan and sora???? Woww...i miss them a lot... thank u author nim... cannot wait to see they fall in love...hehehe...

.:: Lacrym0sa ::. said...

Hehe.. i'm missing them too ^^

Anonymous said...

Makeover??? Her parents seem really loving. Oohhhh the pairing im thinking excited to find out if its them ohhhh...curiosity kills the cat!