Friday, December 9, 2016

Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 12

"No game for tonight Jin woon?" Sora looked the guy that normally coordinates the game for them.

He's knocking the table with a ballpen while looking at a tall girl he knows as Koura, taking a seat in front him. "Emm.. The police is everywhere tonight. Its impossible to do it.."  There goes his side income for tonight.

That explains his uninterested behaviour and worried look. "Let's go for some drink then?" She moves her face closer to his.

"Eyyy.. don't do that flirting act again! It really doesn't suits you." Ever since she changed her appearance, she's trying hard to change her gestures to become more like a woman too but it just doesn't suits her.

Sora laughed. "At least you're smiling.." she winked.

"This brat.. I'm just worried that we might stop our activity for a while.." He hit her head with the ballpen that he carries earlier.

"Appo.." she caresses her head. "Why don't you just keep being a good doctor then. After all this is just a hobby.."

"Its my side income.. housemanship gives you peanut.."

She understand the worries from Jiwon especially when he had a sick sister that he needs to take care off. "We'll find a new alternative by next time since we have known this.." she taps his hand to give him some encouragement.

"Mind to do it in a circuit?" A man is approaching them.

Sora looked at him surprised as she straighten her posture and pull her hand back.

"Annyeong Koura Shhi.." In Sung greeted. He had been looking at her since earlier talking and giggling with Jin woon. They seems closed.

"Annyeong.." Sora slightly smiled.

Jin woon looked at the new guy who started to join them last two weeks. "What do you mean with a circuit? A real circuit for professional?"

"Yup.. I can get it done with one call.."

"Daebak!" He claps his hand feeling disbelief with the offer. "Koura.. what do you think?" Jin woon asked.

Sora looked at In Sung as he light up his cigarette. Not sure what is he aiming for to continue being involve with them. "Some of us already went back though.. perhaps some other time?"

"At least you and I are here.. Koura shhi.." In Sung smiled. 

Jin woon nodded agreeing to his words. At least he can gain a few bucks out of it.

Sora squint her eyes trying to predict where is this going. "Is this about me winning against you last time?" She looked at Insung.

"Part of it.." he exhale the smoke in the air.

Jin woon slightly pull her shirts. "Ya.. just do it.."

Sora looked at Jin woon and then Insung who is still with his cigarettes. "What's for the betting?"

"Dinner with me.." he replied without further thinking. He has been aiming for it.

Sora looked at him surprised. That request is not something ordinary. "Is that even acceptable?" She looks at Jin woon.

"If you accept it then it does.."

Sora sneered feeling funny over the request. "Arasso.. Let's do that." She looked at Jo In Sung. "And if I win, you'll stop smoking.." she took the cigarettes from his lips. "I really hate guys who smoke.." she winked.

Insung slightly smiled looking at her trying to be flirty yet awkward. She does resembles Kang Sora a lot. Even her behaviour and her tomboy-ish act. Its impossible that they are not the same people unless Kang Sora has a twin. 

"So?" Jin Woon asked looking at Insung.

"I'll accept that.." while putting a box of cigarettes on the table.

"Alright! Let's do it then.. Lead the way Jo In Sung." Jin Woon said as he starts calling for people who are still there before hopping onto Sora's car, following Insung towards the arranged circuit.

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