Friday, November 4, 2016

Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 2

"When we traded between 1st world country with 3rd world country, what kind of risk assessment we need to look at?" The lecturer for International Business is questioning. Trying to measure her student's attention.

"Are they joining our class?" Two woman in front of Sora started to excitedly whispered to each other looking at four handsome men standing by the lecture hall door.

Sora looked at the door where the attention of the whole class shifted. "Shit.." she hid her face. This is not going to be cool. Why the heck they are trying to do by coming to this class? She thought to herself.

"Silent people!" The petite lecturer shouts throwing her big voice. She looked at the door. "Gentlemen, you don't need a red carpet don't you?" Cynically she's welcoming the flower boys that is well known for their ill-behaviour and also a great bullies. She has been informed earlier that those boys will be joining her class starting today.

They smugly entered the lecture hall while ignoring the remarks. "Our lecturer knows how to joke.." Kwang Soo laugh it off as he look around the room.

"There.." In Sung pointed to the row where Sora is sitting as she's trying to hide her face from being seen.
Slowly they move towards the row from left and right. With just one scary look, the managed to chase away the people who originally sits there.

"Anneyong.." Ju Hwan whispered to Sora's ears. "Stop your acting.. I know you're wide awake."

Sora bit her lips. She knows why they are here for. "Damn it.." she silently curses. They seems to know that Sora is taking the class alone this semester.

"Kang Sora!" The lecturer calls for her name.

Sora immediately look up to the her. "Ae?"

"Don't sleep when I'm teaching.." she replied as she took a glance at those guys who has been sitting besides her. Hoping that they would stay away from making any problem during her class. The paperwork and the report that she would need to prepare is just not fun if its happen.

Sora slowly nodded as she steal a glance to her left and right. "Shit, I'm surrounded.." she thought to herself again. She's going to get beaten badly today especially with her right hand still cemented due to the injury that she received after the fight last week.

In Sung sneered. "Did she scared at us? You're nothing when you're alone isn't it Kang Sora?" their decision to change class and join International Business seems wise. They got the chance to face Sora, the most respected one in her group; alone. Given this chance, it is a good start for them to stir Sora relationship with her team.

"Focus with the lecture first guys. We will settle our matters after the class.." Jong Ki secretly taking a glance at Sora whose eyes are fixated to the white board. She doesn't seems to be disturbed with their presence at all. "That woman is really something.." he thought.

"Alright guys.. that's the end for today. Make sure to study more on international trading law. I will prepare a quiz on it next week."

"Noooo..." the whole class start to grump over the announced quiz. Its normal to see them with those expression every time. The lecturer smiled as she got out from the class.

Sora single handedly keeping all her belongings into the sling bag and immediately got up from the chair.

"Where do you think you're going mister?" A 6' 3" tall man is blocking Sora. "Ops I'm sorry.. Miss.. I thought you're a man.." Kwang Soo laughed.

Sora is giving Kwang Soo a smirk look. She's immune with that kind of jokes.

"Let's us discuss properly.." Jong Ki replied, asking for her to sit down first. They need to resolve this matter. Be it Kang Sora and her friends or them.

Sora looked at Jong Ki and bend down her knees to took back the chair she seated earlier, but it was kicked off in a blink of an eye leaving Sora to falls on the floor instead.

Song Jong Ki looked at his friend, Jo In Sung. He was surprised. He didn't plan for that to become a trap.

Sora clenched her teeth and took a deep breath. She needs to avoid from having another fight with her arm still recuperating. Slowly she got up from the floor and stares at Jo In Sung.

"What?" Smilingly he shrugged his shoulder. "You should be careful. You might broke your waist next.."

"Are you okay?" Jong Ki concerned.

Sora turned to Jong Ki and gave him a sharp glare. Among all of them, she thought Jong Ki is the most accountable one. The one that can be trusted. But it seems like she choose to believe a wrong person. Today her impression towards him changed. They are just the same after all.

"I never thought you're this weak.." Ju Hwan move his face closer to hers. "Can't you even anticipate those kind of trap?"

Sora kept her silence. She just gave up saying anything. She's not interested in saying anything to these guys.

Ju Hwan looked at her. Sneered. "Is this a psychological war?" He looked at her ignoring them. "Why didn't you say anything?"

Sora sneered as her moves irritates him. She's loving the look on his face now.
Ju Hwan looked at the cap on Sora's head. The only accessories that she always wear. "Will you stay silent if I do this?" He asked while trying to reach for the cap, but Sora is fast in avoiding his hand and brush it away.

"Stop it or you'll get hurt.." There's no way she could escape this inescapable situation except for fighting them. She sighed. She's going to be handicapped today and might end up hurting more.

Ju Hwan sneered. "Don't be over confidence Kang Sora.. don't you think you are outnumbered here? And with that cemented hand too?" he said as he flick off the cap from Sora's head letting her waist length hair to falls. 

Sora immediately grabs Ju Hwan's arm with her left hand and flip his 6' 1" tall body on the floor. 

She bend her knees to take the cap that drops on the floor as her hair softly flowing with her gesture. "You.. will regret this Lim Ju Hwan.." sharply she stares at him.

He looked at Sora, dumbstruck. Seeing her without a cap with that long black straight hair somehow showing her beautiful features.

"Ooooohhhhh.. this tomboy is still a girl after all!" Kwang Soo laughed at her with her long hair. It doesn't suit her tomboyish image that she had shown daily.

"Stunning.." In Sung whispered as he was astonished with Sora's beauty as she flipped her long hair to the back and look at them with hateful look. Despite her fashion sense, she's attractive on her own way.

Sora tried to walk away from them but Jong Ki stopped her again. "Stop this fight before things get awry Kang Sora.." he said with a serious face. Its not a warning, its more of a friendly reminder.

Sora gave him a sharp glare. "Do you think we started this?" She pushed him away. No, she cannot stay there longer and continue fighting. It will only do her harm especially when her physical is in current state.

Jong Ki sighed as he looked at Ju Hwan. "Are you okay?" He extended his hand to help Ju Hwan's getting up.

Ju Hwan took the hand and got up looking at Sora walking away from them. For that one split second, he was surprised with her hidden beauty. "You must be crazy Lim Ju Hwan.." he thought to himself.

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