Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 16

Kang Shin Il entered the house seeing Kang Sora absent-mindedly sitting facing their japanese garden. "You're home early my daughter." Its unlikely for her to be at home this early on normal days.

"Otosan!" Sora runs to hug Shin Il as Keiko came not long after.

Keiko looked at her daughter. "What's wrong?" Weird seeing her action.

"Okasan!" She hugs her next.

Shin Il looked at Keiko, puzzled with Sora's behaviour. Her voice are shaky not like how she's always been confidence in her speech and action.

Sora grabbed her parents' hands and pull them to the gazebo in their Japanese garden. It took her 2 hours to get this calm and face her parents for some truth. "I need to ask something.." she looked at both of them, sitting facing her.

Kang Shin Il and Keiko wait attentively as Sora is still arranging her questions and thoughts.

"This tattoo.. where does it came from?" Sora asked.

Shin Il widened his eyes, surprised. "Why... did you ask?" He looked at Keiko.

"Otosan.. Okasan.." she bit her lips. "I saw flashes of image of one lady.. and sound of a gunshot.. my brain was relating it with this tattoo. I'm not sure why.."

Keiko surprised. This time her eyes widened. The secret that they're trying to conceal seems to reopen again with Sora's memory that is coming back. "Oppa.." Keiko looked at her husband.

Shin Il closed his eyes for a few second and sighed. Its about time for Sora to knew the truth. She's already 21 this year and she should know how to handle the feelings well. "That lady is your mother Kang Sora.." Calmly he said it out.

Sora looked at Keiko that attentively staring at her face. "But my mother is here.. That's definitely not Okasan. They are.. different." she can still remember the glimpse of that tall elegance woman well even though she does looks a bit like Keiko.

Keiko grabs Sora's hand as she hears that. Her tears started flowing down. "You are my daughter Kang Sora.. You are.."

Shin Il sighed as he looked at both important woman in his life. He wished he can continue to conceal this secret with him. He really wish that.

"Otosan.." Sora feels that there's a lot of secret to this tattoo now seeing how her dad is behaving now.

"Listen well Kang Sora.." Shin Il took a deep breadth before going further. "That lady is my first wife. She's your mother and also Keiko's sister.."

Sora frowned trying to understand what Shin Il is saying.

"Your mother are a reputable Yakuza princess at that time and I'm her right hand man.."

"Yakuza?" Sora surprised. All this while she just heard rumours that they are from Yakuza family, it seems that the rumours are true.

"Yes.." Shin Il looked at Keiko that started to weep with tears. "At that time, I was in love with Keiko, your mother's younger sister.."

Shin Il holds Keiko's hand. "Your grandfather marry me off with your mother even knowing that I'm in love with Keiko.. but that didn't stop our relationship to flourish.. We just love each other too much."

"One day you arrived to the world.. and your grandfather are hoping that with your presence, your mom and I would reconcile while lovingly raising you. But your mother is too busy with her commitment and Keiko has been taking care of you since the day one you were born.." Shin Il smiled. "I'm falling more in love with her.."

Sora attentively listen to every bit of the story from her dad.

"When you were 5 years old.. I decided to divorce your mother and run away with Keiko to Seoul. My hometown. But your mother were so furious and she threaten to kill you." 

Shin Il pulled Sora's right wrist and caresses the tattoo on it. "Behind this tattoo is actually a gunshot scars."

Sora surprised. "My own mother shot me?" Trying to relates her scares towards the gunshot sound.

Keiko hold Sora's hand. "She didn't mean too.. She was too furious at that time. Its all because of me.."

Shin Il solemnly looked at Keiko. Its obvious why he loves Keiko so much. The look from his face shows it all.

"Your mother regretted it Kang Sora." Shin Il hold both Sora's and Keiko's hands. "Your mother let me go and gave you that tattoo to conceal your scars. It is actually the same as hers. Its the tattoo that belongs to the princess of Yakuza world. She gave it to also protect you." Thats the best that Sora's mother could provide to payback her quilty feeling.

Sora stares at the the tattoo of ying and yang with sleeping twin dragon on the inside. "That's the story behind this tattoo.." she thought to herself trying to relate to multiple occasion where people got scared seeing that tattoo.

Sora looked at Keiko who is still crying. "Okasan.." she wipe off the tears from Keiko's cheek.. "I am still your daughter no matter what.."

Keiko hugs Sora tightly. "My daughter..." Even though she's not a daughter that come from her womb, but they shares the same blood and love. She's been raising Sora like any other daughter deserve.


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Authornim.. May i ask why u did not uploaded this story for about 2 weeks now.. I miss ur writing and kang sora.. So can you Plis upload? If u arenot busy plis

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Omg that tattoo and meaning got me curious with what powers and value it has on soras life. Love the story behind it.
Gosh this story really has my attention from beginning of the chapter till the end of chapters. Love it.
Cant wait to read more chapter updates. Thank you xox

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So sorry dear. I just being transferred for my new portfolio and now getting into my job thus limited time on my hobby yet. Will come back soon with the continuation soon!