Friday, December 9, 2016

Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 13

"Your father is waiting for you in his reading room.." Shim Ji Hyeon, Ju Hwan's step mother who has been living with them since he was 5 years old is approaching him while he was spending some free time at the theatre room.

Ju Hwan looked at her uninterested before focusing back on the show he's watching.

"He's waiting for you.." Ji Hyeon repeats before she went off to her room.

Slowly Ju Hwan got up from the couch and walk heading to his father reading room. A big room that is filled with teak wood furniture and neatly arranged books and documents. "You called for me?"

"Mr. Kim came to see me today about your engagement.." Lim Jong Su looked at his first born and also his only son.

"Its been called off dad.. Jiwon herself call it off.."

"They wanted to redeem their mistakes this time.." 

Ju Hwan rolled his eyes. He knows it must be Kim Jiwon's doing.

"Mr. Kim influence is crucial for my nomination in the senate.." He sighed. He would call off their relationship earlier if not because of the benefits that they offers.

Ju Hwan sneered. "Thats actually what matters the most.. your political goal.." Ju Hwan turn away.

"Lim Ju Hwan.. I'm not finish yet!" His father raise up his voice.

Ju Hwan turn to look at his father again. "That psychotic woman just can't accept that I have a new girlfriend now.."

Jong Su got up and walk nearer towards his 21 years old son "You can love whoever you want. But you must marry Kim Jiwon."

Ju Hwan sneered. "Why do I need to live in vain just for your political gain? I'm not doing it.."

Jong Su walk nearer to his son. "Its not just for my political gain. You know they can give you something that you required to inherit my money.."

"Because I'm the so called illegitimate son of yours?" Ju Hwan sneered. He knows well his status being the the result of his dad one night mistake with a warehouse worker. A person that his family would never approves being a daughter in law. "I don't need such a lowly tricks to prove that I'm worth your inheritance dad.."

"You may say so.. but others will have different thinking if they know the secret. Kim Jiwon father can help you to bury the secret." Jong Su hold his son's shoulder. "Think it over Lim Ju Hwan.. You need to help me to help yourself.."


Kim Jiwon smiled looking at Ju Hwan coming towards her from afar.

"I was wondering why you haven't come to see me.." she said to him.

"Your tricks is so outdated Kim Jiwon.."

Jiwon smirked. "But you still came to see me.." Looking at her newly polished nails.

"Because I want to tell you that it won't happen.. whatever that you wished for.." he turn away from her. 

"You know your dad will lose his vote for the senate right?" Jiwon trying to get his attention again.

"I'm not interested in his personal gain.." he replied.

"You don't have any idea where you are getting at.. Do you think you will be happy with that lowly life?"

"I never say that I rejected you because of her.." Ju Hwan looked at her again. "We are over.."

She hold his arms. "I'm trying to save it now.. can you just forget what had happened?"

"Wakeup and accept it Kim Jiwon."

"No!" She push his arms off.  "Not until I say so!"

"You called off our engagement. So yes, you have said that we are over.."

"No! I haven't!!"

Ju Hwan sneered. "You just can't accept that I moved on quickly. You love seeing me in pain. Get some treatment Kim Jiwon. You are not normal.."

Jiwon grabs Ju Hwan's hand before he turned away again. "She will suffer badly if you continue being like this.."

Ju Hwan looked at his hand and brush her hands off. "Leave her alone. She has nothing to do with my decision.."

Jiwon sneered. "Do you think I would believe in that Lim Ju Hwan?" she thought to herself as she looked at Ju Hwan walking away from her. 


"What are you thinking so deeply?" Insung greeted Ju Hwan who seems to be in a deep thought.

Ju Hwan took a sip of his beer and look at Insung. "You came.." He called Insung to accompany him for some beer tonight. 

"What happened?" Insung took a seat while placing his right leg on top of the other.

"Nothing.. I just feels like having a drink.." he push a dozen of beer that he bought in front of Insung.

Insung took a can of beer for himself. "Drinking in the middle of the week.. this is so unlike you." There must be something bothering his mind.

Ju Hwan silent while taking out a cigarette and  offer it to Insung.

"I'm okay.." Insung replied declining the offer.

Ju Hwan light up his nicotine supply and look at Insung. "You never reject a cigarette before.."

"I'm quitting.."

"Quitting?" Ju Hwan weird. That is so out of the blue.

Insung smiled. "I've lost in a bet.. So I need to keep my promise."

"Your girlfriend?" Ju Hwan knows Insung is not a person who will easily admit defeat. He also not a person that can make those serious promises to anybody.

"Kind of.." he took another sip of beer. "Somebody that I currently have my eye on.."

Ju Hwan smirked. "That is unlike you.."

"Right?" Insung smiled. "We seems to be doing things that are out of our ordinary lately isn't it?"

Ju Hwan looked at his cigarettes that's left half as his mind got drifted away again. "What supposedly be our ordinary?" He thought to himself.


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