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Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 11

"Its started to get really chilly today.." Jinjoo take off her jacket as she entered the room and hang it on the coat hanger. "You guys have started studying?" She looks at her friends who's focusing  for their test this afternoon.

Sora took a slight glance at JinJoo and focusing back to her book. "Umm.." she's short. She turn to Bomi and Hyorin as they are comparing notes for the test.

Jinjoo took a seat in their secret room. Another hideout that they frequently visit especially during cold days like this. She looked at Bomi. "Ya.. you and Jongsuk broke up again? I seriously never sees a couple who's fighting like cats and dogs every time they met."

Bomi ignores the question.

Sora took a glance at Bomi and then she looks at JinJoo. "Don't you want to get ready for the test too?" Bomi and Jong Suk's relationship has always been fickle with lots of ups and down. She knew they will make-up soon. There's nothing to be worries about. Its just how they were.

Jinjoo sighed. "I surrendered.."

"You pabo!" Hyorin knocks her head. "Surrendered before fighting are for losers."

"I'm a loser~~" she sang the song from BigBang.

Sora smiled with JinJoo's spontaneous jokes. She's good at that. "Study this at least.." she hand her the comprehensive notes that she has been making.

"Yeokshi! As expected from uri Sora.." she kisses her cheek and look at the notes. "Ah right.. I actually wanted to tell this.."

"Ya Park Jin Joo!" Sora, Bomi and Hyorin started to pissed off with her. They are supposed to focus in their study for the english literiture test but JinJoo keeps disturbing them.

Jinjoo laughed with their expression. "Mian.. but I really need to tell this.." she seriously looked at her friends.

"What is it Park Jinjoo?" Sora asked eventually. She understands that one particular friend will not stop until she gets to say what she wanted to say.

JinJoo looked at Sora for a few moment. "You know.. there're rumours about you dating Lim Ju Hwan.."

Sora sighed hearing that rumours again. Thats not the first time she heard about it. The rumours has been circulating around for some times.

"Isn't that started since a month ago? Who cares about those false rumours.." Hyorin stated.

"This time its different. They says that Lim Ju Hwan is admitting to it."

Sora looked at JinJoo, surprised. Its impossible for Ju Hwan is admiting to such lies.

"Is it true?" Hyorin looked at Sora who seems confused.

"How can that be true? What about Jong Ki then?" Bomi asked. She knows Sora and Jong Ki started to get friendlier with each other lately.

"Song Jong Ki?" Hyorin asked. "Then why did Lim Ju Hwan is admitting to that rumours?"

Sora frowned. She couldn't understand where does this rumours came from. Its the same rumours that make her being ambushed by Kim Jiwon earlier of the month.

"Kang Sora.. why are you being silent?" Jinjoo asked.

She sighed hard. "I don't see why I need to explain this.. I'm not in relationship with anybody.. thats it." she replied before focusing on her book again. A bad mood started to creep in as her started feeling dizzy over the unwelcome problems that came especially at a wrong time like this.

Bomi smack Jinjoo's shoulder looking at the sudden change in Sora's mood. "You should stop before her mood get worst." She whispered.

"Ae.." Jinjoo whispered back as she glance at Sora. She can't be bothered when she's not in a good mood. Never.


Sora sighed hardly as she handed over her test paper to her lecturer. Didn't feel like she's doing great this time around.

"Why?" Hyorin looking at Sora who is sitting at the table besides her. She can clearly hear her sighing.

Sora shakes her head. "Nothing.." She resulate to focus more on improving her english literiture so that her mark wouldn't go worst in the next test.

"Sora mianhae.. I promise not to bring those topic again." JinJoo approaches Kang Sora looking at her still not in a good mood since earlier. Its all her fault to start with. "Let's go to the club tonight.. My treat.."

"You.. we still have classes tomorrow!" Bo Mi knocks JinJoo's head.

Jinjoo caresses her head. Grinned.

"You guys can go ahead.." Sora replied. She does not have the interest to join them tonight.

"Anieya.. we're not going.." Hyorin replied. "Cheer up will you? Do you want to eat some beer and chicken that you love so much?" She needs to think of ways to return back Sora's normal mood. 

"Kang Sora!" Kim Jiwon entered their class followed by 3 tough man behind her.

"What is this again.." Sora sighed. Her mood is bad enough to face all of this. Kim Jiwon came at a bad time.

Jiwon rushed towards her and slap her in the face. "I've warn you before.." She said.

"Sora ya!" Her friends came closer before they're being pulled out by Jiwon's bodyguards.

"Enough with this bullshit!" Sora looked at Jiwon and grabbed the collar to her leather jacket. "Do you really think that I would just take it this time??"

Jiwon sneered. "You really don't scared of anything. Isn't it?" She stared at Sora eyes. "I've told you to stay away from Lim Ju Hwan.." She looked at Sora's friends who is now being her hostage.


"How can she stay away from me when I like her so much?" Ju Hwan intercepted the argument and extended his hand to hug Kang Sora's shoulder and pull her further from Kim Jiwon.

Sora looked at that tall man. Surprised. "What are you doing?" She tried to brush off his arms off her shoulders but Ju Hwan is using his man strength to remain his arms on her shoulder.

Ju Hwan moved his face nearer to Sora's ears "Play along with me.." he whispered.

Sora frowned weird with his request. Why does she need to play along with him on this? She's questioning the request by herself.

"We are not over until I say so.." 

Ju Hwan sneered. "I'm done with you though.." He took a glance at Sora. "Besides, I have this beautiful woman that I'm in love with. Why should I be bothered with you anymore?"

Kim Jiwon is clenching her teeth. "You said you're not in a relationship with him?" She turn to Sora.

Sora look back at Ju Hwan eyes who's still looking at her. "I.. have never said that.."

Bomi surprised hearing to Sora's answer. All this while she's been denying the rumours about them. But why suddenly now she's not?

Ju Hwan smiled hearing to her ambigous answer. She's not denying nor admitting to Jiwon's words, that means Sora decided to play along with him. It is now his turn to make sure Jiwon will distance herself from Kang Sora. "Do not disturb us again.. I don't want Sora to get worried over your immatured feelings towards me.."

Jiwon smirked. "Do you expect me to believe in that? We are part of different world Lim Ju Hwan. Do you think your parents would agree for you to be with this 3rd class human?"

"What do you mean with 3rd class human??" Sora brushed Ju Hwan'a hand from her shoulder and stand nearer to Jiwon. She's always get furious by those type of chaebols who always differentiate people between their level and family status. Those social status driven jerks.

"You're thinking too far Kim Jiwon.." Ju Hwan grab Sora's hand and pull her near to him again. "I will make my parents agree with my choice when the time's come.."

Sora stares at his hand that is cupping hers. Effortlessly acting in front of his crazy exgirlfriend. It must be normal for him to touch any woman's hand like this.

Jiwon hissed as she turned her back and walk a few steps away before she stopped and turned to the proclaimed new lover of Lim Ju Hwan. "I will remember this Kang Sora.." she warns her. Her hatred and thought of revenge is becoming stronger than ever.

Sora looked at Jiwon walked away from them. Slowly dissappear from their eyes.

"Whatever your reason is, I don't think this is necessary.." Sora let her hand go from Ju hwan's and look straight to his eyes. Looking for some explanation to his action.

"She attacked you because of me.. so I does have some responsibility to protect you.."

Sora frowned. A person that always talking about crushing her is now mentioning about protecting her. The world must have gotten really weird lately. "I can take care of it myself.." she replied.

Ju Hwan looked at her back. "You still didn't know how scary Kim Jiwon is.."

"I think you're underestimating me Lim Ju Hwan Shhi.." Sora looked at her friends walking towards them as the bodyguards walk away following their master.

"Are you okay?" Hyorin caresses Sora's cheek thats turning red. Concerned. And then she took a glance at Ju Hwan who surprisingly standing by Sora side today.

Sora nodded with a slight smile. "I'm okay.."

"Ya Kang Sora.. are you for real?" JinJoo interject looking at Ju Hwan who is still standing besides Sora. Seems that Sora is hiding her relationship well until today if its really true.

"Of course.." Ju Hwan grabbed Sora's shoulder again.

Sora stares at him. "You don't need to act in front of my friends.." as she took down Ju Hwan's hand from her shoulder.

"Act?" They frowned.

Ju Hwan smirked. "See you later my love." 

Sora stares at Ju Hwan as he mockingly showing a salute gesture towards her and walk off from the lecture room. "After making such stir.." she mumbles.

"Both of you.. since when did it get this close?" Hyorin ask. Explains the undeniably calm environment they are in lately. Explains the reason why those chaebols never disturb them anymore.

"We are not.."

"Eyy.. How do you explain this then?" JinJoo grabs Bomi's shoulder to imitate how Ju Hwan is reacting towards Sora earlier.

"Ya.. don't start that again.." Bomi whispers to Jinjoo again. Worried that Sora's mood will turn worst.

"I... don't know.." Sora surrendered. She really didn't have any explanation to what Ju Hwan has done earlier and why did she play along with it. She still puzzles.

Bomi looked at Sora. She knows that expression well. "Let's put some ice on your cheek nevertheless.." It won't get anywhere even if they ask any further. Sora would have answer it earlier if she wants. There must be a reason for her to behave that way.


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