Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 10

Ju Hwan flip page by page to the book he's currently reading. A great book titled "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee.

"Isn't it odd for a people like you to suddenly read this kind of book that talks about equality.." Kwang Soo came near Ju Hwan as he flips to another page.

"This book is showing an amazing perspective.." he smiled while continue reading through it. Leaning his back against the sofa located in their personal resting room, reading this wonderful piece while collecting his own thoughts over it.

Kwang Soo looked at him weird. Ju Hwan seems to have different perspective on their levels and ranks lately. He's been talking to others more frequently rather than just people from his 'league'.
Kwang Soo came nearer to where Ju Hwan is sitting. "There's rumours flying around the campus lately.. Did you know about it?"

Ju Hwan lift his head looking at Kwang Soo. "What rumour?"

"About you and Kang Sora.." Kwang Soo monitors any difference in his facial expression when he mention that name.

Ju Hwan look back at the book that he's holding.

"Have you heard it or not?" Kwang Soo asked again.

"I have.."

Kwang Soo walked to sit beside him. "So.. It’s true?" He looked at Ju Hwan. "Is that why we're not fighting them anymore lately?"

Ju Hwan frowned looking at Kwang Soo. "Do you really believe in that??"

"Anie.. I doubt it since you hate her so much.." Kwang Soo crossed his arms and lean his back. "But she looks extraordinarily pretty these days. So there might be a possibility too.."

Ju Hwan put down his book and got up from his seat. "I'm going to the library.." he said.

"Library again? You visits library quite often nowadays.."

"Imma.. I need to do research for my project.."

Kwang Soo sneered. "I know Kang Sora likes to spend time at the library.."

Ju Hwan ignores the remarks as he walk off the room heading to the library.


"Don't play innocence you bitch!" Kim Jiwon is flipping the books and papers in front of Kang Sora.

Sora lean her back while calmly watching at Jiwon frantically showing her anger. She sneered.

"Did you just sneered at me?" Jiwon moves nearer to Sora.

"Ya. People are watching.." Yoo Inna is trying to pull Jiwon from continuing with the fight. She knows Kang Sora is a person who does not waver with threats. She's a person that are well loved and admired for her self-defence skills.

"Let me go.." Jiwon brushed Inna off. She turned to look at the face of the person that is rumoured to be in relationship with Lim Ju Hwan. "Listen carefully Kang Sora, this is my warning. Lim Ju Hwan is my boyfriend so don't you dare be near him!"

Sora get up from her chair and moves her face nearer to Jiwon. "If you're so insecure, why don't you tie him like a dog?"

Jiwon sneered. "All this while I've only heard about your arrogance." She grab the collar to Sora's jacket. "You will meet your match one day.. Kang Sora."

Sora pull her hands off her collar. "Don't be so pathetic over a man Kim Jiwon." She walk off from the conversation. It’s no use for her to stay there longer anyway. It’s no use for her to be involved in a fight over a man who is nobody for her.

"Ya Kang Sora!" Jiwon throws the hard covered book that was located on the table earlier.

Jongki pulled Sora from being hit by the book. Tightly grab her in his arms.

"Jong Ki Shhi.." Inna surprised seeing Jong Ki appeared out of nowhere.

"You're playing dangerously Kim Jiwon.." Jong Ki looked at Kim Jiwon. Ju Hwan ex-girlfriend.

Jiwon hissed. It would have been wonderful if the book perfectly hits Kang Sora earlier. "You're just lucky today bitch.." She said before walked away from them.

Yoo Inna took a glance at Jong Ki before following Kim Jiwon. Her best friend.

"Are you okay?" Asked Jong Ki towards Sora.

Sora nodded as she let herself go from Jongki arms. Feeling embarrassed with the situation. It’s the first time she was ever saved by a man.

"That's great then.." he said as he grab her hand.

"What are you doing?" Immediately Sora pulled her hand off his. Shocked with Jong Ki's bold action.

Jongki smiled to her. "Don't you need to pay for what I've done earlier? Its hurt.."

"Seriously?" Sora looked at his back and caresses it.

Jongki hold her hands. "Just have lunch with me. I didn’t get to eat since this morning.."

Sora pulls her hand again and hold it near to her chest. "Where's your friend?"

"In front of me.." He pointing his lips at Sora.

Sora slightly smiled with his jokes.

"Did you just smile???"

Sora cleared her throats as she pull her straight face again. "No I'm not.."

"Eyy... Don't pretend to be so cool." He brushes her shoulder with his. "Let’s go for some lunch.. I am seriously hungry right now.." He's pulling his cute face in front of her.

Sora frown her eyebrows. "What is wrong with this person.." She thought to herself as she sighed deeply. "Arasso.." she replied.

"Woohoo!" Jongki jumps as Sora agrees with his invitation. His patience pays at last!

"Ya! We're in library.." Sora punch his shoulder.

Jongki caresses his shoulder while smiling. "I'm sorry chingu!"

She smiled while shaking her head looking at that childish behavior that she never saw before.

"Let's go.. Before my hunger's killing me.." He pull her hand again.

Sora looked at Jong Ki as she was dragged away from the library. "Did I just agree to become his friend?" She thought to herself. Being a friend with one of The Chaebols was never something that she could think of. But somehow Jong Ki has open her heart to accept him.

Ju Hwan looked at Sora and Jong Ki as they walk out of the library. He has been watching from the moment Kim Jiwon came to Kang Sora and started attacking her. Seems like things has started to change surrounding them. Surrounding him. Including his feelings towards one particular person. Ju Hwan sighed as he walked away from the library.


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Lmfao awww is she softening up to her new found friend?? Lol...seems like an awesome friendly lunch and friendship is going on mext lol ohhh someone watch ok ng from tbe side... what are the chances for him and sora? Hehehe love this story xoxxoxo

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Glad that you like it chingu. 😙

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Omg anytime writernim ...its soo awesome.