Sunday, October 23, 2016

Neighbourhood Flowers

Hi fellow readers! I was supposed to be on a short hiatus but I could not stop my new idea from flowing. Therefore i'm coming out with this new one called "Neighbourhood Sisters". Yes, that neighbourhood sounds familiar right? I'm hoping for Sora to accept NLJDH offers and to have a better character in Season 2. But nevertheless, this story is not about lawyers.

Here's the picture teaser for my next fanfic. Who's excited? :D

Will come back with the character sketch and first chapter pretty soon.

Till then, let your imagination on the roll dearies!

Hugs and kisses.


specialsky84 said...

Wow!!!! I didn't expect ur new story to be this fast... i cannot hide my feeling when looking at im joohwan picture....i miss joonhee couple so much....^^ but i dunno who is ur otp in ur new story....i will accept it...dun worry....cannot wait the new story....^o^

Anonymous said...

Omg yay new story. Looking forward to this. I may leave random comments so heads up about my annoying ways lol