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Neighbourhood Flowers - Chapter 1

A girl is looking out from the window of the campus library. "What a hot autumn.." she said as she's looking at other students who are still leisurely wearing hot pants and short skirts, walking around the campus. Its already entering autumn season but yet the weather is still hot like it is in summer.

She looked at her legs as she's wearing her favorite black sweat-pant today. Sometimes it could be a baggy jeans or khakis pants. Coupled with a unisex collared t-shirt. Showing how she is lack in fashion sense compared to the other girls out there.

"So what?"  she lays her head on her right arms. Trying to sleep for a few minutes while waiting for the next class. It is not something that she should be bothered anyway. Those are the clothes that she's comfortable to be with.

"Kang Sora! They are fighting again!" Kim Bomi came rushing towards Sora and pulling her arms asking her to join in defending their friends that's been involved in a quarrel.

Sora looked at her friend sleepily. "Don't you guys have better things to do?" She's not interested in using her fist today. She just wanted to have a peaceful rest.

"They started it first.. And you know Hyorin is pretty short tempered.."

Sora closes her eyes. "Just finish what you guys has started.. Do not disturb me." She couldn't be bothered with those fight. She feels tired being involved with it.

"Sora yaaa..." trying hard to pull her from the seat but she wouldn't budge.

"There's a fight at the water park! I heard Min Hyorin is hurt!" A student shouted in the library.

Sora straightaway looked at Kim Bomi. "She's hurt??"


Immediately she get up. "You should have told me earlier!!" She rush to the water park.

"You should just come with me when I ask to.. Haishh.." Bomi nags as she follows her from behind.

As they arrived at the park crowded by students that are watching the fights, Sora and Bomi directly runs to their friends who has been tired from fighting. "Min Hyorin! Park Jinjoo! Are you guys okay?"

Sora looked at Hyorin's bleeding lips and Jinjoo's bruised face.

"The tomboy has come finally.." Lee Kwang Soo looked at all four of them. With Kang Sora and Kim Bomi's appearance, their target are now complete.

Jo In Sung sneered. "Do you think she can fight our guys?" The full force may now engaged. 

"Don't you guys have better things to do? Fighting girls out of all things?" Sora looked at them. Pissed off.

"Do you even consider yourself a girl.. Kang Sora?" Lim Ju Hwan appeared. He's the leader of them all. He's the one that declared war between the two groups.

"Ya Lim Ju Hwan! You better watch your words you son of a bitch!" Hyorin sharply stares at him.

"Oww.. I think her stares just killed... an ant.." They laughed.

Song Jong Ki looked at Kang Sora, Min Hyorin, Park Jinjoo and Kim Bomi. "It would be easier if you guys just retreat and stop meddling in our business.." He said to them. Trying to give them a better solution before things get messier.

"We will stop meddling in your business if you stop bullying people around. Why do you always bullying others when they never disturb you guys?" Jinjoo looked at them. Those guys really trying to get into their nerve this time.

"Are you crying missy?" Mock Kwang Soo.

Sora stood silently looking at them. It has been 3 years that this fight been ongoing. Started when they joined National Seoul University or better known as NSU together with these rich folks who likes to pick up a fight with the weak people surrounding them wanting to show their power and authority. It is also starting then Sora and her friends got up to fight them and defend those people.

"Let's go.. there's no use in fighting them.." Bomi said as she helped Jinjoo and Hyorin getting up.

"Did you think you can escape easily?" In Sung cynically asked. "Try to escape this!"Suddenly a bunch of men wearing black shirts are surrounding them.

Sora turns looking at those boys. "I never thought you are this coward. Hiring people to beat us? Seriously?" She sneered.

"Ya Kang Sora! Do you really resolute to die today?" Kwang Soo stares at her.

Kang Sora looked at him with a smirk. "If you really confident that you can do so.. by all mean Mr. giraffe."

Kwang Soo laughed. "You really have big guts.."

"Sora ya.. There are too much of them! Just admit defeat.." Hyorin trying to pull Sora out from getting beaten. Though Sora is holding double black belt in Taekwando, Judo and other martial arts, handling 20 guys strength at a time could bring harm to her too. This is not really a fight that she could handle.

"Of course.. Just be a coward and admit defeat.." Mockingly Ju Hwan said to Sora as he listens to their conversation.

Sora turned to Hyorin. "You and Jinjoo take a rest. Let me and Bomi settle this.." She's not a person who easily admit defeat. 

"Yaa.." Jinjoo looked at their friends. Worried. She didn't have a good feeling about this.

Bomi nodded. "Believe in us.." she smiled. Her skills in Taekwando and Judo might not be as perfect as Sora. But she's confident with it since Sora is the one who's teaching her.

"They must be watching too much dramas.." Kwang Soo sneered.

Sora carefully looked at a bunch of guys in front of her while keeping her feet firmly on the ground, being on guard before they started to attack.

"What are you waiting for.. Smash them all.." In Sung instructed.

"Smash them!" the guys shouted as they bashing towards Kang Sora and Kim Bomi but one by one those hired guys being knocked down. Some even passed out.

"Is this the best you guys can do?!" Sora's challenging them while trying hard to catch up her breadth.

"Are you still ok Sora ya?" Bomi asked while breathing like a panting dog.

"I am.. you?"

"Much more energy left.." she replied with a wink.

Sora smiled as she took a glance at the four cowards who keep watching them from the side.

"Kang Sora!" Hyorin shouted as a guy is coming towards her with a wood on his hand, aiming to hit her head.

Crack! The wood split into two as Sora immediately block it with both of her hands. Firmly.

That guy stopped and starred at the tattoo on her right wrist. Stunned. "Gongju! We're truly sorry!" He immediately pulls his other friends to run away from her.

Sora looked at them escaping strangely. "What is it?" She thought to herself. "Why did those guys running away abruptly like that?" It is as if they are seeing a ghost or a monster upon themselves.

Sora tried to put down her arms but it feels a bit numb after taking that strike.

"Gwenchana?" Jinjoo runs towards her. Sora took quite a blow just now. It is impossible for her to be okay with it.

"Eo.. I don't think its broke.." she grinned to avoid her friends worry about her.

"Ya! Losers! Are you satisfied now??!!!" Min Hyorin looked at Lim Ju Hwan, Song Jong Ki, Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo. A group that people called as The Chaebols. A group that they considered as rich bullies that loves to control things with money. Just like what they did just now.

"Let's go..." Ju Hwan sighed as they walked away from those girls. "No, this is definitely a humiliation. I won't let those girls get away with it.." He thought to himself while holding tight his fist.

"Ya Jo In Sung! Where did you get those losers? Embarrassingly defeated by those girls like that?" Kwang Soo looked at In Sung. He is hoping for some victory today actually.

In Sung crossed his arms. Thinking. "It seems like those guys are running away after seeing something.. isn't it?" Their reaction is a bit overwhelming earlier. Seems like they have seen something shocking.

Jong Ki turned to look at those girls helping each other up especially at Kang Sora who got smashed with a wood earlier. "Its not necessary to get to this extend to prove we're powerful than them though.." coldly he's passing his personal opinion.

"Anie.. I'm seriously thinking of killing them. Especially Min Hyorin.. That bitch really knows how to get people flared up with anger.." In Sung replied.

"Eyy.. you can't be.." Kwang Soo surprised hearing to In Sung replied. "Right?" He looked at Ju Hwan. Asking what their leader thought about it.

Ju Hwan looked at Kwang Soo back. "I want them to suffer badly.." he replied seriously. The defeat just now is like a slap in his face. Even with hired guys, they still can't win over those girls. They need to come out with a better strategy next time.

Jong Ki looked at Ju Hwan as he replied to Kwang Soo's worries. Seems that this fight has already been out of context. His friends are getting impulsive with the idea to win over their classic enemy.

"Gwenchana?" Park Hae Jin approaches his girlfriend, Park Jinjoo and looked at her other friends too. He could have joined and protected them earlier, but he knows he would be scolded off if he enters the fight earlier. These girls are well known with their independence and bold character.

"Sora is getting hit badly.." Jinjoo look at Sora. "Ya, lets go to the hospital shall we?" she asked.

Sora caresses her arms while looking at the tattoo in her wrist. "Is it because of this?" She thought to herself. It is a tattoo that she got since she was a little kid. A present from her dad's friend when they live in Japan last time.

"Ya!" Hyorin flicked Sora's head. "What are you thinking? Are you okay?" She's been worried about her.

"Appo.." she grimace as she tried to lift her right arm.

"Let's go to the hospital.." Hae Jin ask again as he looked at those girls with their injuries. Especially Kang Sora with her being hit hard earlier. "I'll send you guys.."

Bomi smiled looking at Hae Jin. "How lucky of you to meet such a perfect boyfriend Park Jinjoo.."

Hyorin flicked back Bomi's head. "You had Lee Jong Suk for yourself too. Isn't that enough?" Bomi's boyfriend is really a pleasure to one's eyes. Having the height, look and body of a model with beautiful features like a celebrity. Same like Park Hae Jin.

"That good for nothing boyfriend.." Bomi is clenching her teeth.

Sora smiled looking at them. Among four of them, only her and Min Hyorin are still single. Though she knows Min Hyorin chooses to stay single because of her.

"I'm asking this once again.." Hae Jin sighed. "Shall we go to the hospital now?" Hae Jin asked Kang Sora. He knows her opinion matters the most among her friends. The others will follow if she decided to do it. Even though they never declared her as a leader of the group but they respected her like one.

Sora smiled looking at Hae Jin as he need to handle four different types of behavior every time. "Arasso.. lets go.." She holds onto Park Jinjoo.

"Your feet hurts too?" Jinjoo looked at her.

Sora smiled. "Just a little.."

"This stupid girl.. Stop pretending so tough next time!"

Hyorin and Bomi laughed looking at their best-friends. Through thin or thick, they promised to stay with each other.

Lacrym0sa's Note:
It was really a challenge to write a fanfic with so much character in it. I must have been too greedy. LOL.
Nevertheless this fanfic is going to be a new experience for me. Will try my best to portray each character well. Til then, hope you enjoy it. ^^

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