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Bridesmaid - Chapter 19 (Finale)

"Can you not go? Who went for a business trip 3 days before their wedding?" Yeon Seok looked at Sora. Their wedding is just around the corner but Sora is still with her commitment towards the company.

"I can't avoid it.. I'm sorry.. oppa.."

Yeon Seok looked at her. She knows how to use his weakness at times like this. "Where is Ho Jun though? He quit my company to help ease your burden.." he's pulling his lips. He's not satisfy with this. No.. that "oppa" spell won't work here. Right now. His heart shouldn't waver over it. He need to stay firm.

Sora hold his arms. "Ho Jun oppa will be away for Canada business.. Grandma is venturing like crazy now.. Nobody can stop her.." she complaints too sometimes but her grandma is just taking an opportunity where she herself could be doing as well. Especially with their company crisis has been lifted after the merging with WooJin, their market shares and outlook is on the hike lately.

She looked at Yeon Seok still trying to get his agreement. Her travel to London to acquire some shares from London Marriot Hotel is necessary to ensure the deal is happening. This is among the biggest investment that she's going to make if the agreement pull off.

"What can I do to make this up?" Sora look for a deal.

Yeon Seok silent. Sora is trying to handle this matter like how she's been dealing with a business.


Yeom Seok look at her, thinking for an answer.

"It's just 2 days trip oppa.. I'll be here on the day of our wedding.."

"Hmm.." Yeon Seok hugs his biceps.

Sora smiled. Its seems like he's going to let her go. His body language is saying so.

"How about take a 2 weeks leave right after our wedding.."

"2 weeks? Where are we going?"

"I just want to be with you at home for the whole 2 weeks.." he winked. Away from their hectic working schedule.

"Eyyy.. You bluff.. Is that all our honeymoon trip going to be?" She's been expecting something great from Yeon Seok.

Yeon Seok smirked. "So are you willing or not?"

"I need to ask grandma's opinion.."

"Grandma should give it at least.. Its not that long.." Yeon Seok grab her by her waist and pull her nearer to him. "Its for her future great-grandchildren.." Yeon Seok winked.

Sora laughed with Yeon Seok's advance thinking.

"Ehemm.." Ho Jun clearing his throat. "What are you doing in front of the house? Why don't you come in?" he looked at Yeon Seok's hand is still grasping Sora's waist tightly. They're being blunt with their feelings out in the open nowadays.

"Taking some fresh air.. hyeongnim~~.." Yeon Seok teases.

"Aigoo aigoo.." Ho Jun walk nearer to them. "We're from the same age you punk.." he hit Yeon Seok's head.

Sora chuckles looking at them.

"Did you just laugh at me?" Yeon Seok move his face closer to Sora's.

"Haipp.." Ho Jun parting them away. "Save that for your wedding night.."

Yeon Seok gave an unsatisfied look at Ho Jun. "You.. why did you overwork my fiancee still when you have quit from our company?"

Ho Jun raised his shoulder. "Your fiancee love her work more than you.."

Sora flinched. "Oppa!" She hit his shoulder.

"What did you guys doing here?" Kang Tae Yoon looked at Kang Sora, she seems happier in front of them rather than in front of him, her father. 

"You just came back from the office father?" Yeon Seok greeted as he slightly bowed to him. His soon to be father in law.

"Umm.." he smiled. "How was the preparation going?" He awkwardly ask. After the incident that happened a few weeks ago, it's a bit awkward for him to have a casual conversation with his future son-in-law eventhough he knew Yeon Seok is making an effort to ignore it.

"Everything is going well father.." Yeon Seok replied. He glanced at Sora who didn't even look at Kang Tae Yoon.

"Honey, you're back.." Han Ye Seul came to the gate to greet her husband as usual. "Oh? What is the occasion that all of you are here?" She got surprised seeing Sora, Yeon Seok and Ho Jun is outside.

"I'm going in first.." Ho Jun said as he walked into the house. The wind tend to get chilly nowadayd. Especially when facing the cold relationship between Sora and her father. He refuse to involved in it anymore. Sora just too stubborn.

"I'm going in too.." Kang Tae Yoon said as Han Ye Seul is following him.

Yeon Seok looked at Sora who has been silent since earlier. "What are you thinking?" He asked.

"Nothing.." Sora slightly smiled. "I need to pack for my travel.."

Yeon Seok sighed. He has no choice other that letting her go on her scheduled business trip. "What am I going to do this 2 days then? I'll miss you.."

Sora looked at him. "You're doing it again.." She knew Yeon Seok is purposely making it hard for her to go.

Yeon Seok sighed. "Arasso.. I'll send you to the airport tomorrow ok?" 

Sora happily nodded. Yeon Seok is giving his permission at last. "Thank you!" She give him a peck on his cheek.

"About your offer earlier.. its still valid right?" he looked at her.

Sora smiled. "You have a good memory.. what do I need to do to make this up?"

"Just one thing.." he said.

"What is it? I'll do anything.." happily paying attention to his words.

Yeon Seok looked at her. The topic will not be her favourite of course. "Reconcile with your dad and stepmom.." he said.

Sora looked at him. Surprised with the request. Its the toughest request she had thus far. A request that she might not be able to fulfill.

"Can you at least try? You can't be mad at your dad forever.." Yeon Seok ask again.

Sora sighed. No she didn't have a definite answer to that. Her hatred is too big for her to do it. So does her stubborn head.

Yeon Seok grab Sora's waist to lean closer to him. He knows the subject is not something to Sora favour. "Nevermind.. I know it might take some time." He hug her. Perhaps its not the time to brought it up yet. "I love you for who you are.. So I'm sure your dad will too.."

Sora keep her silence. Her memory of her mom and her dad keep flashing into her mind. They were so happy before. But everything vanished after her mom passed away due to cancer and Tae Yoon got married a month after her mom death like it was never impacted him.

Yeon Seok looked at Sora who still keeping her silence. "Say something Kang Sora.. you make me feel bad for bringing that up.."

Sora looked at him and eventually smiled. "I'm okay.. Its getting late. You should go home now.."

He caresses her lips. "I'm dying to kiss you now.. but I'll save it for our wedding.."

Sora smiled. "You and your sweet words.."

Yeon Seok kissed her forehead before letting her go. "Have a good rest okay.. I'll come pick you up tomorrow morning.."

"Arasso.." She waves to Yeon Seok as he drives away in his Black Range Rover sport.


"Is everything prepared?" Hye Ri come to get Sora in the dressing room. She seems out of breadth. Perhaps handling this wedding is too much for her.

"Unnie.. sit down.." Sora pull her to take a seat. "The wedding will happen perfectly even without you running around." Sora is calming her sister in law. She knew their wedding planner and event manager from knows what they are doing. Its already been their daily routine in managing events as big as this one.

"I think I just got a panic attack.." Hye Ri grinned. Being given such task makes her wanted to do her best especially when the task was assigned by their grandmother herself.

Sora smiled. "Take it easy unnie.." she caresses Hyeri's hand.

"Arasso.." she got up heading to the door.

"I've told you to stop running around.." Sora sighed.

"I need to check on something before I forgot.." Hyeri grinned. "Ah right.. the wedding will starts in 30minutes. Ho Jun oppa will be here soon.." Ho Jun was assigned the task to walk Kang Sora on the aisle.

"Unnie.." she called before Hye Ri walk out. 


"About that.." She's fidgeting. "Can I have my dad to walk with me?"

Hye Ri looked at Sora surprised. "Of course you can! I'll go look for your dad now.."

"Thank you unnie.." She strongly exhale out of relief. She's determined to start her new life with a new chapter of relationship with people surrounding her. She will.


Tae Yoon looked at Sora holding his arms firmly. "Are you nervous?" He's been thankful that Sora is giving him the honor to walk her for the wedding.

"Eo.." slowly she nodded. Though she has been through everything with Yeon Seok, walking on the aisle and to officially become his wife is still giving her a butterfly in the stomach.

"You'll be a good wife.. don't worry.."Tae Yoon cupped her hand. "Thank you for giving me this opportunity to walk you on the aisle Sora.."

Sora looked at her dad. "I'm sorry dad.. for being such a stubborn daughter.." her eyes started to fills with tears.

"Syhh.." He smiled. "I'm sorry for not being able to understand my daughter better.."

"We're going to start in one minute sir.." The event manager handover a full bouquet of silky white calla lilies that goes really well with Sora's ivory wedding dress. 

"You look beautiful my daughter.. you look just like your mom.." his eyes got teary. On a day like this, he misses his deceased wife. The woman that he will always keep in his heart.

"Dad..." Sora tears falling down. Its the first time she saw her dad's real feelings towards her mom. He must have kept it in his heart all this while. All of his sadness.

Tae Yoon cupped his daughter cheek and wipe off her tears. "Your mom will be proud watching from heaven.." He caresses her shoulder to calm her down. To calm him down as well. "Now smile.. this is supposed to be your happiest day.."

Sora nodded as she took a deep breadth. Trying to remain as calm as possible. She hugged her dad. "Thank you for everything dad.."

He smiled and kissed Sora's forehead before walk her on the aisle, to hand her over to Yeon Seok. His trustful son-in-law.

Yeon Seok looked at his bride walking beautifully besides her father. He smiled. Unexpectedly Sora is considering what he is saying. She definitely changes a lot lately. She's no more the egois and hard headed Sora that everybody knows. "She is my Sora now.." he thought to himself.

"Take care of our precious jewel with graceful and passion.." Kang Tae Yoon give Sora's hand to the groom.

"I will take care of her as I take care of my life father.." Yeon Seok replied.

Tae Yoon nodded as he look on the floor. Hiding his tears as he gave Sora to Yeon Seok.

Yeon Seok looked at his beautiful bride who was once his maid. "I'm proud of you Kang Sora.." He whispered to her. Finally Sora and her dad is making peace.

Sora smiled. Its all thanks to Yeon Seok who woke her up. "Thank you" She said to him back.


Sora is sipping her morning tea over the view of Loch Duich from a cottage in Scotland Highland. The environment is so peaceful in the early of the Autumn that the morning crisp started to get to her bones.

"You wake-up early.. my wife" Yeon Seok come with a warm and cozy long robe for her. "Its cold now, why did you go out only with your sleepwear?" Looking at her in a soft pink silk sleepwear by Victoria Secret. A real pleasure for his eyes, but not something to wear out in the open during autumn day like this.

"I know you'll be coming with this.." she wears the long robe that Yeon Seok gave and hug her waist. 

Yeon Seok smiles as he hug her from the back. "At last we manage to have our super delayed honeymoon.." Enjoying their honeymoon holiday after delaying it for a year now. Thanks to both of their schedule.

Sora smiled hearing to his comment. "Its your fault to begin with.." she jokes. "Why did you join WooJin when you are supposed to leave it to Yi Soo.." referring to Yeon Seok's decision to join WooJin right after their wedding and help his grandfather to manage their family business.

"As much as you love your family.. I also love them too.." he kissed his bride face. Thanking her for understanding his decision. As how he decides to understand hers too.

Sora turn to him. "Where should we go today?"

"Hmm.." Yeon Seok looked at her. "I want to spend time in the hotel though.."


Yeon Seok stares at her face. "Say that again.." he loves hearing that word from Sora. It gave him a sense of belonging.

"Yeon Seok shhi?"

Yeon Seok sneered. Sora like to tease him a lot. "You better say that again.." taking out his tickle weapon.

"Yaaaaa..." Sora runs away as Yeon Seok chase her and lift her up in the air.

Sora stares at him. "You always use your strength.. its unfair."

"Too bad then.." he smiled and spin her around.

"Ackkk!!" Sora grabbed Yeon Seok's shoulder. "Oppaaaaa... put me down!"

Yeon Seok's shakes his head as a sign of saying no and continue to spin her around.

"Oppa please.. Our baby can't take it.."

Yeon Seok stopped and looked at her eyes. "What did you just say?"

Sora slightly kiss his lips. "Aegi.."  she caresses his face. "Uri aegi.." she is 5 weeks pregnant now. Purposely hiding it to surprise Yeon Seok today. Their honeymoon gift.

Slowly Yeon Seok put his wife down and deeply stares into her eyes. "Kang Sora.." he was touched with the news. Its was the best news he ever heard. He hold her nape and kissed her passionately.

"I love you Kang Sora.." Yeon Seok keep her in his warm embrace. His beautiful wife and soon to be mother to his children.

Sora hugs him back. "I love you Yoo Yeon Seok.."


Lacrym0sa's Note: Thank you to all who's been following this story. Though it takes time for me to finish it due to my busy schedule, but you guys stay with me. Thank you! I'm moving to a new position next year and it will be harder for me to focus on writing. But i will try my best to do so since this is my outlet and my hobby to keep me off my working stress. Hehe..

Nevertheless, I have a few idea in mind for the next fanfic but I havent decide on anything yet. Hope it wont take me a year to decide. Lol.

Anyway, which pairing should I write next dearest? Have any idea? Hugs and kisses from me always.


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