Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bridesmaid - Chapter 18

"Kang Sora.." Yeon Seok grabbed her hand and stopped her from running away.

"Leave me alone.." she said it in a shaky tone, refuse to look at him. Its too embarrassing to face him now.

Yeon Seok turn to her and hold her face up seeing her eyes that is wet with tears. "Does it hurt a lot?" he wipe off her tears and caresses her cheek. Its turning red.

"I said leave me alone.." Sora brush off his hand.

He pulled her nearer. "Please.. don't push me away anymore.." holding her hand tightly. "Share your feeling at least with me, Kang Sora.."

Sora started to cry like a baby as she hears Yeon Seok's soothing voice. Its not the cheek, but it was her heart that hurt more. Her broken heart.

Yeon Seok attentively pull her to his embrace. "Cry all you want.. uri aegi.." he caresses her long hair. "Cry all you want my love.."

"How was it now?" Yeon Seok checked on Sora's cheek after putting some ice to reduce the swelling. After letting out her sadness for more than half an hour, Sora is calmer now. Much calmer.

Sora slowly nodded. "Its okay.." she replied. Though the sting from her father slap still lingers, but her heart doesn't feels as heavy as it is before.

"That's great then.." he caresses her cheek.

She weirdly looked at Yeon Seok. His behaviour towards her truly changed overnight. "Did anything happen?" She thought to herself. Trying to remember what happened last night. She closes her eyes and lay her head on the head rest of Yeon Seok car.

Yeon Seok pull her nearer to him so that she can rest her head on his shoulder instead.

Sora trying to pull her head but Yeon Seok insist. "Just rest on my shoulder Kang Sora.."

Sora silent as she just comply to him. Not in the mood to argue anymore.

"You haven't took your medicine today right?" Yeon Seok asked. Sora need to take her medicine daily to control her stress condition. Especially after what had just happened earlier. She needs to remain calm and manage her stress well.

Sora shakes her head. "Nope.." its not just her. Even Yeon Seok didn't have time to grab a meal at her house earlier after all those scene that happened.

"Lets join me for brunch then?" Yeon Seok starts his car and drive it to a coffee and cake shop in Yeouido.

Sora look out from the front car windshield as they stop. They are now in front of the restaurant that they are supposed to visit for cake tasting. "Why are we here?"

"We have a few task to settle today.." Yeon Seok look at her. "Lets have our brunch and take our time for the cake tasting.. If the time allows, later we will finish our dress fitting too.." he looked at her bride. "I wish to see you in that dress you've choosen yesterday.."

"That one?" Sora pointed out the one in the paper bag.

"The ivory one.. this one is too sexy for you to wear on our wedding day. Perhaps we can save it for our wedding night?" Yeon Seok winked.

"Yeon Seok shhi.." Sora looked at him. Weird with his behaviour. "What you're saying earlier... Do you really mean it?" She asked.

"Which one?"

"About bringing the marriage forward.."

Yeon Seok smiled. "Yes I do.. with all my heart.."

"Its not because you wanted to divorce me soonest?" Sora seems more calmer talking about it rather than yesterday.

Yeon Seok guiltyly looked at her. He sighed. "Don't ever bring that up again Kang Sora. I honestly never meant that." It hurts to hear her saying it now. It must be more hurt for her to hear him saying with all those faul words that he throws.

Sora took a deep breath to think it over. Seeing how he defended her in front of her father before makes her wanted to believe in his words now. "Don't you resented me after our breakup?" She asked.

"I hated you.. But that was before I know everything.."


"About the agreement and its content.. Ho Jun had told me everything." he hold her hand. "Kang Sora, I'm sorry for being too mean before.. I'm truly sorry for hurting your feelings.."

Her tears falls down again. God knows how much they suffers to reach to this point. 

"Syhhh..." Yeon Seok wipe off her tears and pull her to his warm embrace. "You're getting too sensitive lately.."

"All thanks to you.."

Yeon Seok smiled out of relieve. "Let's not keep secrets from each other anymore.. even after we got married.."

Sora let herself go from Yeon Seok's embrace and teasingly look at him. "Who says I agree to marry you?"

Yeon Seok smirked. "I knew you would say that.." he lifted her right hand showing the ringfinger that's wearing their real engagement ring.

Sora got surprised. "When did you put it there??"

"Just now.. You can't take it off without my permission anymore okay?" He warns.

"You must be kidding me.. I never agrees to this.." she tried to pull it off but somehow the ring stuck on her fingers. "Eh??"

"See. You can't pull it off anymore.." Yeon Seok naughtily giggled.  "You've gained some weight don't you?"

"Yeon Seok shhi!" She's still trying to pull it off. "You changed the size right?"

Yeon Seok smiled as he get off the car and walk to passenger's side. "Let's go.." he grasp her hand, walking into the store together. Lot of tasks awaiting them starting today. 

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