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Bridesmaid - Chapter 17

Sora is trying to pull herself awake, but her body is telling her otherwise. Her brain is too heavy to stay awake. She lean her head against her back and trying to relax a bit. Taking a look at her surrounding, couldn't understand why she's here. Seems like her brain is driving her to do things that she doesn't want. 

She realizes that she is sleeping Yeon Seok's room. Yeon Seok's house. But he doesn't seems to be anywhere near there. Slowly she get up from the bed, taking a peek to the living room. "Perhaps he's not home.." The house seems quite. 

Sora looked at the wedding dress that she's still wearing from yesterday. She sighed. "I must have lost my mind.. seriously.." She can't explain why is she came to Yeon Seok house after all the tears that she shed. She can't remember any event that happened after she run away from Yeon Seok. Nothing.

Slowly she walk heading to the door.

"Where are you going?" Ask Yeon Seok seeing Sora who is walking silently like a thief.

She stopped. Seems that Yeon Seok was at home all this while. She bit her lips. "Sorry, I must came here unintentionally.." She turned to him.

Yeon Seok walked towards her. "Do you still missed this place?" Softly asking her.

"I was drunk.."

Yeon Seok smiled. He knew that when he found Sora on the floor last night. Her whole body are filled with the smell of alcohol. He looked at her still looking pretty in that wedding dress despite her messy hair. "At least get a bath before you go.."

Sora looked at Yeon Seok. Weird. There's no more arrogance nor annoyance in his tone. He seems nicer than yesterday. "What's wrong with you?"

Yeon Seok smiled. "Do I need a reason to treat my fiancee well?"

Sora sneered. "Fiancee my foot. Did your mom got mad at you? That's why you are behaving this way?" Something must have happen to change the way he treated her.

"Nobody can control how I should behave.."

Sora looked at him. "You must be kidding me.. You didn't like the marriage at the first place." Sora refuse to believe the reason for Yeon Seok to suddenly treating her nicely.

"I never say I didn't like our marriage.." Yeon Seok move closer to her and fix her hair.

Sora brush off his hand and sharply glares at him. "You must have forgotten Yoo Yeon Seok shhi.. You have the intention to divorce me.." She's trying to hold her anger, trying hard to hold back her tears. "What is it that I've done to deserve being treated like this?" Eventually her tears falls down again.

"Kang Sora.." Yeon Seok speechless His words must have broke her heart to pieces. He can't find a better word to conceal the mistake that he had done.

Sora wipe off her tears. "Let's just stop this.. I really don't care anymore.." she pulled up her dress and walk to the door.

"I'm sorry.." Yeon Seok trying to stop her.

Sora ignored him.

"I said I'm sorry.. for using such harsh word towards you. I'm sorry.." Yeon Seok stand in front of the door, blocking her from exiting the house. "I still love you Kang Sora..."

Sora sharply glares at him. "How can a person changed overnight?" She's amused with his acting capability.

"I know you're still mad, but please believe in me.." Yeon Seok hold her hands and looking straight to her eyes.

She's push him off from blocking but he's strong in maintaining his position. "I need to go!"

Yeon Seok hold her hands back. "Kang Sora.. Do you still love me?"

"I don't.." she was fast in replying it. Without any hesitation.

Yeon Seok looked at her. "You're just saying that out of anger isn't it?"

"I need to go back.. my family would be worried.." she's changing the topic.

"I'm also worried about you.. Do you know how worried I am when you abruptly run away like yesterday?" Yeon Seok sighed looking at Sora keep ignoring him. This must be how she's been feeling when he did that to her.

"Let me send you home. I need to meet your family too." He offers.

Sora closes her eyes as she started to feels annoyed with this situation. "You don't have to do that.." She said. 

"Give me at least another chance to apologize for what had happened yesterday.."

She sneered. Obviously Yeon Seok changed his behaviour because of his family. "You don't have to.. I won't blame you. Don't worry.." she said to him. 

"Lets go.." Yeon Seok put a blazer on her shoulder to cover her open shoulder and grabbed her hand heading to his car.

"Ya Yoo Yeon Seok!"


"Kang Sora.. where have you been?" Grandma walks to her granddaughter who just entered the house. She's been worried the whole night when nobody can actually get in contact with her.

Il Sun looked at the man who is following Sora from behind. "Yoo Yeon Seok shhi.. I apologize for my granddaughter's behavior.."

"No grandma.. I was wrong. We have some disagreement yesterday and I can't control my anger." Yeon Seok replied. 

"That come out of nowhere.." Sora whispered to herself as she sneered over Yeon Seok's behavior. She cross her hands amused looking at his amazing acting skills.

Il Sun top Yeon Seok's hand. "Its normal for young people like you to quarrel once in a while.." She looked at Sora. "Stop running away from problem Kang Sora.. You're going to be somebody's wife soon.." advised Il Sun. She knows how Sora always reacted when she faces a dead end. When something is not in accordance to her liking. She knew she spoils her granddaughter for too much.

"Sora.." Ho Jun come to Sora before she was able to talk back to her grandmother. "Are you okay?" He can smell strong alcohol from her.

Sora nodded as she sharply stares at Yeon Seok walking side by side with grandma heading to the living room as well. Somehow she feels disgusted seeing him now. 

"Yoo Yeon Seok shhi, I truly apologize for not being able to teach my daughter properly.." Kang Tae Yoon apologized to his future son in law.

Sora looked at her dad. "So now I've become the black sheep of the family isn't it?"

"Sora.." Hye Ri tried to stop her from arguing. She knows things going to get awry once Sora set to it. "Let's get yourself cleaned up.." she pulled Sora to her room.

After a while, Sora and Hye Ri came down bringing over the wedding dress that she's wearing yesterday.

"You may return the dress to the shop later.." Sora put the paper bag in front of Yeon Seok. Not even taking a glance at him.

"You can go back there together.. I heard you haven't finish selecting your dress?" Grandma ask. Looking at her granddaughter, seems like their quarrel still doesn't end. Perhaps by spending more time together would help improve their relationship.

Han Ye Seul looked at her mother in law. "Yeon Seok shhi didn't like the dress that she's wearing earlier. Its too exposed.."

Sora sharply stares at her stepmom. She smirk. "You.."

Yeon Seok hold her hands, trying to stop her from starts arguing with her stepmom. "I'm also planning to go there with just her today.. We have a lot to be discussed about.."

Sora looked at him. Trying to understand his body language. "Do we?" She pulled her hand from his.

Yeon Seok trying to give him some eye signs.

"Ahh.. that don't have to wait..we can just tell grandma now.." Sora replied.

Yeon Seok lean nearer to Sora. "What are you trying to say?" He whispered to her.

"What is it that you want to tell me?" Il Sun looked at them. Smiled. Considering they just got to know each other a month ago, it seems like both of them started to get close to each other after the bickering. That's always how a relationship starts to get interesting. She thought to herself.

"Grandma.. We.."

Yeon Seok grabbed her hand again.. "We want to bring forward our wedding"

"Ya!" Sora trying to pull her hand.

Yeon Seok tighten his grasp. "I've thought about this last night. I want to speed it up.. Things is getting busier in the company and my family might not be able to join the wedding if the preparation is taking too much time."

Grandma smiled as she nodded agreeing. Empire has started to become busy too lately. Thanks to her granddaughter wedding announcement, their market share seems to improved a lot lately.

Sora got dumbfounded for a few second. What did Yeon Seok just done. She can't take it back seeing Il Sun excitingly agreed to it.

"Mother isn't well either to wait for the wedding.. This would be perfect.." Ye Seul trying to support the idea.

Sora annoyingly looked at her stepmom. "Are you kidding me? Grandma is still healthy. How dare you wish for her to get sick??? "

"Kang Sora!" Kang Tae Yoon slaps her face.

"Father!" Yeon Seok looked at his father in law and thenhe looked at Sora. "Are you okay?" He caresses her cheek that's started to turn red.

Sora stares at Tae Yoon. "Your doing great Mr. Kang Tae Yoon.. The real you has come out!" She storm out of the house.

"What are you doing Kang Tae Yoon?!" Il Sun hit her son's shoulder. She looked at Ye Seul. "Refrain from saying anything in front of Sora anymore.." she said to her daughter in law. It's not that she wasn't to drive her away from Sora. But she needs to make sure her granddaughter feeling is being taken care off especially when she had sacrificed a lot for her and their family.

"I'm sorry omonim.." Ye Seul apologized for being insensitive with Sora's feeling. Seems like she still need to learn a lot to tackle Sora.

Il Sun sighed. She needs to take some counter measure in handling Sora. "Hye Ri, you'll be in charge of Sora's wedding from now on.."

"Ehhh?" Hye Ri looked at Il Sun surprised. She turned to Ho Jun who has been sitting next to her. Nodding his head giving her strength that she can manage it well.

"Omonim!" Tae Yoon looked at his mom. Frustrated with Il Sun's decision. It would make it harder for them to win over Sora if she's tackling it this way.

Il Sun look at her son. "What else I can do to help your relationship with her get better Kang Tae Yoon? Everyday it seems that you drove her further away instead.."

Kang Tae Yoon silent. What Il Sun said is somehow true. Perhaps their relationship will forever be in despair. Tae Yoon sighed.

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