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Bridesmaid - Chapter 15

Yeon Seok surprised seeing the meals served on his dining table along with a note left besides it.


Though its been a while since I last cook for you, but I hope you still love how it taste.
Eat well Mr. President.

Your Fiancee


He sat down with the note on his hand. It’s been a while since he get home with a meal served on the table. It’s the reason why he first fall for her. "Kang Sora.." He whispered.

"You're touched isn't it?" A voice heard from behind.

Yeon Seok surprised looking at Sora who is still there. Wearing a one piece of white lace shirtdress make her face look a little bit pale. Sora look at his hand. Still holding the note that she left. She smiled.

"Why did you enter other's house without permission?" Yeon Seok throws the note in his hand.

"Waeee.." Sora come over and took the crumbled paper. She looked at him.  "Your password is still the same.." cheekily she smiled. "Deep inside you're still waiting for me right?"

"Wh.. why do have to come here?" Yeon Seok stammered.

"Visiting my fiancee.. Am I not allowed to do that?" She came nearer to him.

Yeon Seok avoids her and move further apart. 

Sora smiled. "I guess I still make your heart pounding hard?" She move another step closer.

"Kang Sora.. stop this.." He look straight to her eyes. Its not like he still have feelings towards her. "No I'm not!" Yeon Seok thought to himself.

"Can you give our relationship a 2nd chance?" smilingly she look into his eyes. Letting go of her ego for their relationship sake. She need to take this initiative first.

"It's too late.."

Sora grab his hand. "We can always start over.."

Yeon Seok looked at her. Sneered. "Don't be so cheap Kang Sora.. This is not yourself.."

"I'm willing to change so I can save our relationship again.."

"Our.." Yeon Seok cynically smile. "We've broke up Sora.. I've forgotten my feeling towards you."

She looked at him in detail. "You didn't say no to the arranged marriage though..."

Yeon Seok looked at her for a while. "Thats what our grandparents wished for.." Yeon Seok turn to the fridge and take a can of beer. He's taking a glance at the kimchi container that he still kept. Untouched. "I didn't plan to go against my grandpa wish.."

Sora took the beer away from him and pull him to the table. "Eat the food first..before it turns cold.. You can drink to your heart content after that." she said to him. Forcing him to take a seat.

"I said stop this!" Yeon Seok brushed off her hands.

"Stubborn.." Sora said before she started to feel dizzy. She grabbed the edge of the table to balance her body from falling.

"Kang Sora.." immediately he grabbed her hand when he realised her shaking.

"I'm okay.." Sora took the seat instead. Seems that she's still not recover fully from her tiredness.

"Why did you come here when you're still sick.." he come closer.

Sora smiled at Yeon Seok. "Will I get this attention when I get better?" She teases.

Yeon Seok silent, not answering to the question. Its undeniably not easy to just forget how they cared for each other before. But his ego is bigger. He won't go easy on her for sure.

Sora sighed. "I guess I need to go.." she pick up her handbag and the car key to her Evoque.

"I'll send you home.." Yeon Seok took the car key from her. 

"Its okay.." Sora try to get the car key from him again, but he block it.

"Why? So that you could faint and I be blame for it?"

"Do you have to say as if I'm a mere burden to you now?" Sora looked at him. He's been speaking with hatred and painful words lately. The guy that treat her gently before has changed.

Yeon Seok silent and walk off with her car key.

Sora looked at Yeon Seok walking to the door. “Perhaps he has nothing left other than pity towards me.." Sora whispered to herself. The cold treatment from Yeon Seok is hurting her. A part of her ego wanted to run away from this. Another part is trying to persuade her to put more effort in winning Yeon Seok again.

She kept silent along the way to her home while he did the same too. Neither of them wanted to let go of their ego. Neither of them wanted to break the silence.

"An old lady!" Sora surprised when she saw an old woman suddenly crossing the road before their eyes. Ignoring the traffic.

Yeon Seok immediately hit the brake pedal and lower down his gear to make sure the car stopped in time. Thats among the tips from his defensive driving class 10years ago.

"Are you okay?" He asked as he unbuckled his seatbelt after he realised that Sora's head knocked the window. Taking a quick glance at Sora's head that is slightly bleeding.

"I am.." she replied as she unbuckle her seat belt and rushed towards the old lady. "Granny.. are you okay?" She looked at the old lady body left and right, wanted to make sure no harm happened.

"I'm sorry.. I didn't look before crossing.." the granny surprised looking at Sora's head bleeding a bit. Feeling sorry with what had happened, the granny apologised instead.

"Are you okay granny?" Yeon Seok asked.

The old lady is calming her heart. "Gwenchana.." she's at fault in this situation.

"Granny.. Where do you live?" Sora asked. "Let me send you home.." she offers.

"Its okay young lady.. My house is not that far"


"Thank you young lady.. Young man.." she walked off with worry that the couple would sue her for negligence.

"I guess she's okay.." Yeon Seok said as he looked at her. "What about your head?" 

"Its just a scratch.." Sora looked at the granny walking away from them, before her vision started to get blurry.

"Kang Sora!!"


Ho Jun rushed to the hospital when he got a call from Yeon Seok telling that Sora fainted again. This time around he kept it secret from Kang Il Sun as he's afraid that she could get surprised unnecessarily.

"What happened again?" Ho Jun arrive at the VVIP Suite ward where Sora is resting. Yeon Seok is sitting at the sofa while watching over Sora.

"The doctor is still running a detail test.." Yeon Seok replied in a formal tone. He still can't act natural with his partner and also his best friend after what has happened last week. Their relationship seems awkward now.

Ho Jun looked at Yeon Seok. "Both of you is getting back together?" He asked. Seeing Yeon Seok with Sora now suggest that.

Yeon Seok silent not answering to the question. He looked at Sora, still not awake.

A senior doctor and two fellow doctor follows to enter the VIP suite ward.  "Evening gentleman.." she greeted. She hold an envelope with the result of Sora's detail health test.

"Evening Dr. Han.." they greeted her.

"Any outcome from the test Doctor?" Ho Jun asked.

She looked at Sora. "Has she been in a great depression lately?"

"Yes.." Ho Jun replied.

Yeon Seok looked at Ho Jun as he heard his reply. "Why would she be depressed?" He thought to himself.

The doctors looked at each other and nodding. "That confirms our suspicion.." she looked at Yeon Seok. "When you brings her to the hospital earlier, her heartbeat is in chaos.. Is there anything that happened earlier that can make her anxious, surprised or stressed?"

"We were involved in an accident.." Yeon Seok replied. 

"Accident??" Ho Jun suprised.

"It’s just a minor one.."

Ho Jun looked at the bandage on her head. Didn't think that it could cause her to faint. Its too minor to cause any concussion.

Again the doctors looked at each other and nodding. 

"Is it something serious doctor?" Ho Jun asked.

"It could be serious if it’s not treated properly.." Dr. Han replied. "We think she has a Chronic Depression Disorder. Her body chooses to shut down when she faces any situation that stressed her up beyond her limit."

The fellow doctor taking out a referral letter from the envelope. "We need to let her see a psychiatrist to know details on her situation."

Ho Jun took it and then look at Sora. His pitiful cousin that has been in a great pressure lately. From the company workloads and even her personal feelings. He should have let her live freely outside grandmother's home if he knows this will happened.

"What is her situation now doctor?" Yeon Seok asked.

"She can go back when she's awake.. We will prescribe some Prozac. But she need to make sure to attend the scheduled session with psychiatrist. We need to manage her stress and depression level before things get worst.."

Yeon Seok looked at her. He had heard that medicine name on their engagement day. She must have been taking those pills for a while now without anybody knowledge.

"If there's no more question.. we will make a move first.." the doctor said. Tapping Ho Jun shoulder.

"Thank you Dr. Han.." Ho Jun slightly bows at her.

Both of the gentleman look at Sora in silence. Lots of things is playing in their head now.

"She rarely eats nor sleep after she broke up with you.. All that she does is working." Ho Jun is breaking the silence and turn to face Yeon Seok. "I know the break up has impacted badly on your emotion. But can't you give in a little? She's been suffering a lot too." Ho Jun says. He knows part of Sora stress came from their breakup. 

Yeon Seok looked at Sora. When she appeared at his house today, it has shown that she is trying to make their relationship better again. Obviously Sora burying her ego for him. Something that is hard to see from her. A woman that is known with her hard headed behaviour and ego.

"Yoo Yeon Seok.." Ho Jun said when Yeon Seok is keeping his silent still.

He looked at Sora. "Why did you broke up with me when in the end you suffers like this?" He thought to himself. All this while he thought that she's been happy with her decision to break up. It is easier for him to hate her rather than feeling guilty with her suffering after a problem she created herself.

"How did I get here?" Sora got up from her bed and look at her surroundings. The VVIP room that they always visited when any of the family members is sick. The same room that she's in last week.

"You fainted again.." Ho Jun replied. "How are you feeling?"

"I felt as if I've been sleeping for one whole day.." she smiled.

"Are you okay?" Ho Jun ask again. Not satisfied with her first answer.

"I feel better now.. Can I go home?"

"Yes.." Ho Jun replied.

"You have been taking Prozac for a while right?" Yeon Seok suddenly ask.

"What do you mean?" Ho Jun looked at him.

"The medicine that the doctor prescribe just now. Prozac. I've heard you're taking it during our engagement day.. Isn’t that right?"

Slowly Sora nodded.

"You've been taking it for a while?" Ho Jun asked.


"That means you already know about your sickness?" Ho Jun asked again.

"Eo.." Sora's biting her lips. "Its been a few weeks since I started taking it. I guess I can't manage my stress level well.." she grinned.

"Do you think its funny? You have a mental illness and yet you never treat it. Taking an anti-depression alone is not the solution.." Yeon Seok looked at her. As much as he thought he is badly affected with the breakup, seems that Sora is worse.

Sora smiled. "I guess I've gotten your attention with this illness. Isn't it?"

"Kang Sora.. It’s not funny.." Ho Jun seriously looking at her.

"Ssishhh.. It’s not like I'm dying though.." Sora get down from her bed and look for the dress that she's wearing earlier. "I need to change.." she said as she entered the bathroom. Its not fun hearing two guys nagging about her illnesses as if she's going to die soon.

After a while Sora get out of the room completely dressed to register out from the hospital. "Where's my key?" She looked at Yeon Seok.

"I'll send you home.." he replied.

"I guess you still cares for me.." Sora look at Yeon Seok.

Yeon Seok ignores the remark as he walked out of the room.

Sora looked at Ho Jun. Grinned. "It will take time oppa.." she winked.

Ho Jun smiled as he is following them out. Even though he's still furious with Yeon Seok, at least Sora is smiling now. That is good enough for him.


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Waiting for the next chapter.

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I have follow all your stories but just realized today that u r Malaysian. Are u malay? I cannot wait to read the next chapter. Keep on writing...I will always be your fanfic reader (as long as Sora be the character in your story, hehehehe) Fighting!!!!

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@anonymous - will update soon. ;)

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ohhhh.. orait! nnt i tukar. thanks a lot for noticing ^^