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Bridesmaid - Chapter 14

Gracefully Sora walk down to the living room in a soft yellow and pink Korean silk hanbok with a sweet light peach makeup on her.

"My granddaughter looks so beautiful.." grandma walks towards her granddaughter. Feeling proud. Though they reach this stage in a hard way, but now she can walk and face her late husband with a smile. "Bless this engagement oppa.." she whispered to his husband who she believes are watching them from above.

"You're beautiful.. " Ho Jun said while extending his arms. Giving her a strength to go through all this. He knows she's a strong girl with a strong determination. But she might need some support along the way.

Sora replied with a slight smile. Ho Jun has been standing by her decision even though he is against it at first. "Thank you oppa.." she said. Locking her arm with his. "Unnie, I'll borrow your husband for today nae?" She looked at Hye Ri.

Hye Ri smilingly nodded. She is well understood how close Ho Jun and Sora with each other. "Just return him back in one piece.."

Ho Jun looked at her beautiful wife and blow her a virtual kiss. He then looked at Sora. "Are you okay? Are you ready to meet him?" Ho Jun whispered.

Sora nodded. Her promise to grandma has been made. It’s a promise that she needs to honor.

"No turning back?" Ho Jun still asking. "What if the guy is bald?" Teasing her.

"Oppa..." she pinched him. "I've already felt bad enough.."

"Because of Yeon Seok?"

Sora silent. She's been ignoring her inner sadness by working hard day and night. She just want to forget that one person that she had hurt. That one person that she missed the most.

Ho Jun looked at her not answering to his question. Obviously she still feel hurt from their breakup. Same like Yeon Seok who foolishly pretending like the break up is nothing to him.

"Let's go.. It’s going to be late.." grandma said.

"Mom.. You look so happy today.." Tae Yoon come nearer to Il sun and offer her his arms. Seeing his mom's smiles is everything to him.

"Of course.. I’m happy when my husband in heaven is happy.." a big smile on her face.

Sora took a deep breath before stepping out of her limo that stopped in front of Empire Seoul Hotel. Seoul biggest hotel and also an event place where the heir from two South Korea business giant will get engaged. Today is going to be the first time she's going to meet her future husband.

"Let’s go.." Ho Jun extending his hand to lead Sora in getting out of the car.

Sora sighed hard before taking Ho Jun's hand. "Be cool Sora. Be responsible.." she said to herself. Clutching her hands in promise to herself to remain strong throughout. She had made this decision.

"You hand is ice cold.." Ho Jun said as he's cupping her hand on his arms. "You still have time to cancel this off.." he whispered. Trying to remind her that the choice is still hers.

Sora surprised looking at the grand ballroom that has been exclusively decorated in front of her. It is divided into 3 area, one is for Yoo Woo Jin family, one for Kang Il Sun family and another one are reserved for reporters and journalist that has been waiting since this morning. 

"Oppa.." she slow down as she looked at the grand ballroom from afar. "This is too big.. I'm scared.. It’s not like I'm getting married yet"

Ho Jun looked at the grand ballroom. That is their grandma style. She likes to celebrate things in a grand scale. There's nothing alien in that. "Why are you trembling too much?" Ho Jun looked at her. "Are you that nervous?"

"Will this going to be alright? What if we broke our engagement before we got married? What if I get divorced after a year of marriage?" She's worried. Damn worried. She never imagine that the engagement would get such publicity. 

Ho Jun looked at her and hold her shoulder facing him. "What does your heart tells you? Do you want to retreat?"

"Anie.. I've to stand by my choice.." She said. Grandma is her top priority.

"Then be strong.." Ho Jun caresses her cheek. "I'll always be by your side. Arasso?" Looking at her skin that is getting paler. Must be because of the nervousness. 

"Ae.."  Slowly she nodded.

"Let’s go before they find out that we are left behind.." Ho Jun said.

Sora sighed as they continue walking towards the event hall.

"Miss.. you need to stay in the waiting room first.." an event manager approaching her and Ho Jun right before they entered the hall.

"Me too?" Ho Jun asked.

"Only Ms. Kang Sora, sir.." the event manager replied. "The elder need you in another room.."  He added.

"Another room?" For whatever reason, he's not being briefed with today's flow.

"The room to meet between two families before the event. I will bring you there...”

Sora looked at Ho Jun and hold his hand. She can't be alone. She don't want to be alone.

Ho Jun taps her hand. "I'll be with you soon.." he smiled as he gave her hand to another female event manager. He looked at the name on her batch. "Miss Song.. Please take care of my sister.." he said.

"Yes sir.." obediently she brings Kang Sora to the waiting room. "You look beautiful miss.." she's trying to talk to Sora but she only got a smile as the reply. She seems too nervous to have a conversation right now.


Sora looked surrounding in the waiting room. Filled with fresh white lilies and red roses to lift up the mood of the event. If only it could lift up her mood too. She thought to herself.

A knock heard from the door. 

"Come in.." she said looking at the door. A glimpse of tall guy complete in a tuxedo entering the room.

"You look beautiful Kang Sora.."

"Yoo.. Yeon Seok shhi?" Surprised seeing the person that she missed the most. She blinks her eyes a few times in case she just seeing images of him.

"I guess you still remember me.." 

"What are you doing here?" She looked at his face. Well groomed and didn't show a trace of sadness at all. "He has moved on well.." she thought to herself.

Yeon Seok looked at her from top to toe, complete in a pretty hanbok for her engagement day. "So is this is why you broke up with me? You need a man with status so that it can match with yours?"

Sora stares at him. "Is this why you showed up here today?" She's started to get worried. "You can't do anything to stop this.."

Yeon Seok sneered. "Do you think I value you enough to come here and stop this?" He walked closer to her. "Don't be full of yourself Kang Sora.. You're not worth it"

"Yoo Yeon Seok shhi.." sadly she looked into his eyes. Sad when a person that previously loving her with all his heart and treat her with care is talking with words that are full of hatred now. "Please don't do that.. You are not this kind of person.."

"What kind of person I am then? The person that foolishly in love with you? When you obviously are after the status?" He laughed. "That person died the day you left him in that garden."

Sora sat on the chair, trying to get a grasp of herself. Her head spun like a roller coaster suddenly.

"It won't work Kang Sora.. Stop with your play.." Yeon Seok looked at her before walking out of the room. 

"Yoo Yeon Seok shhi.." Sora looked at the door. She is too weak to hold him from going. She's too weak to explain him everything. "He should not live with that misunderstanding.." she said to herself. Feeling guilty with the hatred that he has shown.

"Kang Sora shhi.. The event will starts in 15 minutes." the event manager came to her holding a simple yet beautiful bouquet of hand flower. A bouquet for Sora to walk on the aisle. She looked at her with a pale face. "Are you okay miss?" She asked.

Sora lift up her head and trying to smile. "I am.." she said. "Can I get a glass of warm water please?"

"Eo.." immediately she walked out of the room to get a warm water for her. Within less than a minute, she come back and hand her the water. "You must be very nervous miss.." she smiled at Sora.

Sora smiled back. "I guess so.." Taking a few sip of the water, she closes her eyes a bit.

"Do you need some Prozac miss?"

"You have it? I left mine at home.."

The young event manager smiled. "I always keep some for myself.. Handling events is not easy. Not everybody born to be confident on stage you know.." she took out a bottle of Prozac from her side pocket and give it to Sora.

"Thank you.."

"Isn't that too much miss?" She's surprised seeing Sora took out 5-6 pills out and eat it in one go.

Sora closes her eyes for a bit as the medicine is going straight down to her esophagus.

Sora smiled not answering. She's been eating Prozac like a vitamin nowadays. It helps her with the stress that she's having. She's used to it.

Song sighed. "We need to get ready outside miss.. They're going to start the event soon.."

Sora nodded and slowly got up from the chair. Her head is still dizzy, but it is bearable a bit now. She took the hand flower from her. "Ho Jun oppa.." she called for Ho Jun who is waiting for her at the front door before entering the room.

"Did you wait for long?" The discussion lasted quite long than he expected.

"Anie its okay.." she looked at him. Wanted to tell him what had happened in the waiting room earlier. "Oppa.." 

"My pretty granddaughter is already here.." Il Sun come to get Sora who's standing near Ho Jun. 

Sora looked at her grandma. A smile stuck on her face from morning. She never saw her grandma this happy before.

"Are you ready?" Il Sun asked as she hold Sora's hand that is still as cold as an ice.

"Ae.." she smiled back. This is supposed to be a happy day, at least to her grandma. Let it be that way. She thought to herself.

They walk towards the front stage as they are going through the flashes of camera from reporters and journalist that is waiting to took their photos. The awaited engagement of the year. The engagement of business giant heir. Sora closes her eyes after a few flashes hits her retinas. Its started to make her feels dizzier.

"Are you okay?" Ho Jun who is following them from behind realized Sora's uneasiness.

"I am.. Just the lights are a bit strong.." She smiled looking at him. Trying hard to maintain her gracefulness walking in front of everybody. Keeping her eyes on the floor at all time. One step that she messed up, it will haunt her for life. That's what Hye Ri had told her. An advise from an experienced runaway model.

Kang Il Sun stopped and looked at Sora. Cupping both of her hands and walked a little bit more towards the centre of the stage. "I'll introduce my beautiful granddaughter.. Kang Sora. Please welcome her into your family.." She said.

Sora looked at the tall grandfather in front of her. Smiling till his heart content. Yoo Woo Jin extended his hand to her. "Don't be too nervous agashi.. You hand is ice cold.." he whispered to Sora to make her feel a bit relax.

Sora replied it with a slight smile.

"And here I introduce my grandson to become the life partner for your beautiful granddaughter" he said as he turned and took his grandson hands with him.

Sora look at that tall person standing next too Yoo Woo Jin. She blink her eyes for a few time. "Am I seeing images again?" She thought to herself. She closes her eyes for a bit and took a deep breath.

"Yoo Yeon Seok?" Ho Jun who's standing behind them got startled seeing his business partner that is being introduced as WooJin's heir. Its a fact that he never knows before.

Sora look at the man standing in front of her again. "Yeon Seok shhi.. Its really you.." She whispered.

Yeon Seok ignored her and continue focusing on the ceremony. 

"With this engagement, we will announce the merging of Empire and WooJin too. Let this engagement become the significant of our business merging.." Yoo Woo Jin pick up a toast of champagne towards the audiance.

"Pray for our success and this couple happiness.." Il Sun added.

The audience claps following the announcement.

Sora looked on the floor as she closes her eyes. The glare from Yeon Seok eyes is bothering her. But her headache is what she's afraid the most. She can't pass out here now. Seems that Prozac is not helping her today. 

Yeom Seok stole a glance at Sora's face. He didn't realized that she was this pale when he entered the waiting room earlier. "Is she really sick?" That question came to his mind for a bit before he decides to ignore it the next second.


"How are you feeling miss? Is the Prozac working?" The young event manager attentively come and get Sora who is resting in the waiting room after the ceremony ended. She looked at Sora's handsome but cold fiancee who sits in one corner, and on another corner sits her warm and friendly married brother. She sighed. Good people always get married early.

"I'm okay.." She smiled to her. "Thank you Song.." she said.

Yeon Seok pretentiously not to listen to any of their conversation. He got up from his chair heading to the door. Being in the room makes him feels suffocated for whatever reason it is.

"Oppa.." Yi Soo who wasn't around during the ceremony earlier came in to meet Yeon Seok in their waiting room.

"Yi Soo.. why did you just come?"

"I'm sorry.. I have an urgent conference call with London this morning.. Where's my future sister in law?" She asked.

"Are the elders finished with the discussion?" He asked. Not entertaining Yi Soo with the question.

"I think they still have some more paperwork to be done.." Yi Soo took a glance at the woman who's wearing a pretty silk hanbok sitting gracefully at the center of the room. "Hyungsu nim.. I am.." she looked at her surprised. "Kang Sora shhi?"

Sora got up from her seat. "Nice meeting you again Yi Soo shhi.."

Yi Soo looked at Yeon Seok. "I thought both of you broke up?" Yeon Seok has suffered a mental breakdown for a few weeks because of it. Even though he's trying to deny it.

"We are.."

"But.." Yi Soo don't understand what is happening.

"She is the granddaughter of Kang family. She's not engaged with Yoo Yeon Seok. But she got engaged with Yoo Woo Jin's grandson." Yeon Seok looked at her. He just got to know about this when they arrived at Empire Hotel for their engagement ceremony this morning. From Sora's expression earlier during the ceremony, it seems that she didn't know about him too.

Kang Sora silent listening to what he's saying. Her head is dizzy enough to make her stay away from any other mess. She's not interested with the quarrel. 

Yi Soo looked at both of them. Looks like they are fated with each other. She smiled. "Nice meeting you again Ho Jun shhi.." Yi Soo slightly bowed at him.

"You too Yi Soo shhi.." Ho Jun slightly bowed back.

"What makes them taking so much time discussing?" Yeon Seok feels restless. Even before and after the ceremony.

"Its the engagement of the heirs of 2 big company in South Korea. And merging of the company too. You need to expect at least this much.." Ho Jun look at his friend that seems to alienated him from earlier today.

"I guess somebody is earning some benefits out of this engagement.." he replied.

"Who would you think that be?" Ho Jun sneered. The way Yeon Seok egoistically talks started to get into his nerve.

"Oppa..." softly Sora hold his hand. Preventing him before the conversation gets more serious.

Yeon Seok looked at Sora who is silently watching the quarrel. Her behaviour is odd. She's not this passive before. What happened to strong and energetic Kang Sora that he previously adores?

"Yoo Yi Soo.. Tell me. Is there any problem with our company? No right?" He turn to Yi Soo.

Yi Soo silent. Its true that WooJin is having some financial issue due to unmoving capital in London after the recent economic situation. But she don't think that it would lead to this.

Sora sighed as she listens to them quarelling. She turned her face around and saw Song is still in the room. She must have heard all of their conversation before. "Song, can you get us some water please?" she said.

"Yes miss.." She bowed before walking out of the room. She knows its about time for her to get out of the room.

"Stop this fight guys.. do we have to do this here?" Weakly she said. She really did not have the energy to face all of this anymore.

Yeon Seok stares at Sora to the point that she feels uncomfortable with it. Suddenly he walk nearer to her. "Why did you accept this arranged marriage?" He asked. He's been wanting to ask when he came to find her in the waiting room. "Do you know who are you marrying?" Yeon Seok wanted to hear some good answer. An answer that could make him forgive her.

Sora shakes her head. "I don't.."

"So you broke up with me and marrying somebody that you don't even know who that was?"

Sora looked at him. She never interested with whom she'll marry after she broke up with Yeon Seok. She don't have the confidence to gain love like how they were before.

Yeon Seok laughed. "Does my love looks so cheap to you Kang Sora?" 

"Yeon Seok shhi.." Sora tried to got up to face him. But her head is too heavy to stay awake. Sora grasping the edge of the couch that she's sitting and closes her eyes. She need to gain her strength for this.

He hold her shoulder. "I'm asking you! Can you explain me all of this so that I can understand? Why are behaving this weak Kang Sora? This is not you!" Sora behaviour is making him feels agitated.

"Yoo Yeon Seok.. Do you think you're the only person suffering?" Ho Jun pulls his hand away from him.

"Oppa.. why are you like this.." Yi Soo pulls Yeon Seok from Sora. His action is a bit harsh today.

Sora hold Ho Jun arms. Trying to calm him down. He's not supposed to mention anything about the reason for their breakup. She has to refrain him from saying anything about it.

Ho Jun nodded understanding Sora's body language. 

"Sir.. Madam.. the elders are asking for your presence. Now.." the senior event manager came near them.

"Are you okay?" Ho Jun whispered seeing Sora's shaking with cold sweat.

"I'm okay.." she whispered back. Sora trying to get up from her seat with all her strength, fighting her head thats getting heavier. "Not here Kang Sora.. Not now.." She thought to herself.

"Are you sure?" 

She tried to smile before her vision started to get blurry.

"Ya! Kang Sora!" Ho Jun tried to catch Sora's soulless body. 

"Kang Sora!" Yeon Seok running to her after seeing Sora passed out before his eyes. "What had happened?" He asked.

Ho Jun keep silent while trying to lift her up. His anger towards Yeon Seok behaviour a while ago isn't going away that fast.

"Let me take her.." Yeon Seok said as he lift her up to his car. "Do you really sick?" A question that he has been meaning to ask when he saw her pale face. But anger got him best and the question got buried deep inside. He started to feel sorry for getting mad at her. She's not pretending a while ago. She never was.


"How are you feeling?" Grandma looked at Sora worried. She never realized that the work at Empire is taking too much of her granddaughter life.

"Getting better grandma.." Sora smiled while she's looking at the sting that she felt from her right hand. 

"It's an IV drip.." Ho Jun said to her. "I've told you to take care of yourself.. how can you passed out due to malnutrition?"

"Don't scold her.. she's still a patient.." grandma said. Backing up Sora. Its her fault to begin with. She should have not let her be with too much responsibilities in Empire.

"She needs some scolding.." Ho Jun still worried. His heart sank seeing her fainted earlier. "Grandma is worry sick about you" he added. Hiding his worries using grandma's names.

"I'm sorry grandma.. oppa.. It won't happen again. I promise.." she said as she's getting up to sit. Feels like her body is aching all over.

"Just rest first.." Grandma trying to ask her to remain laying down.

"I'm sorry for ruining the ceremony grandma.." she hold her hand.

"We have finished anyway.. so don't worry.." Il Sun caresses her long hair and look at her face. It started to regain some warmth on it.

A senior female english doctor came in VVIP room slightly bowed to Il Sun. 

Sora look around to see if her fiancee is anywhere in the room. She sighed. "I guess I'm not worthy for his worries anymore.." she thought to herself.

"Ms. Kang Sora.. how are you feeling?" The doctor came nearer to her. Dr. Han is their family doctor that has been working in the hospital for more that 15years. She's a doctor that she had known since she was small.

"I'm okay now.. can I go back now?"

Dr. Han took her monitoring chart. "We need to run a few follow up test on you.."

"Didn't she just passed out due to malnutrition Dr.?" Ho Jun asked.

"She is.. but just to be sure that there is nothing else.."

Sora sighed. She doesn't like to stay in a hospital for long. It feels extremely suffocated here.

"Madam.. You need to go now. You have a dinner with WooJin chairman tonight.." Il Sun's general secretary came to remind her.

"The event is not finished yet?" Sora ask.

Il Sun looked at her. Feeling guilty to be having to leave her here now. "We need to officiate some merging matters.." Il Sun kisses Sora's forehead. "Rest well dear.. I'll come again tomorrow morning ok?"

Sore slowly nodded. "Ho Jun oppa.. you too?" She looked at Ho Jun getting up to follow grandma. "Who's going to accompany me at the hospital then?"

"Are you a child? I have a wife waiting for me at home.." Ho Jun teases.

"Oppa.." Her voice is still weak but it sounds better than how she was in the waiting room back then.

Suddenly a man silently walking through the front door. "Yoo Yeon Seok shhi.." she whispered to herself.

Yeon Seok slightly bow to Il Sun.

"Your fiancee will be accompanying you here.." Il Sun pull his arms and bring him nearer to Sora's bed.

"Thank you for doing this Yeon Seok shhi.. Even though you just got engaged today. I'm truly sorry to burden you.."

Yeon Seok slightly smiled at Il Sun. "No worries.. Its my responsibility now grandma.."

Sora surprised hearing the answer. Does he really mean that?

"Come Ho Jun.. It's getting late.." Grandma approaches to drag Ho Jun along. She wanted to give this time for her granddaughter to started getting along with her future husband.

"Eo.." Ho Jun look at Sora. "Call me if you need anything okay?" He said.

Ho Jun look at Yeon Seok and lean closer towards him. "You better not hurt her again.." He whispered to his ears.

Yeon Seok looked at him straight to his eyes. That protective older cousin of Sora. Its him who's hurt with all of this. Its him that supposed to be protected.

She look at both her grandma and Ho Jun getting out of the room followed by Dr Han. And started to disappears from her eyes. She then look at Yeon Seok. Silently standing near to her bed.

"Do you honestly mean what you said to Grandma earlier?"

Yeon Seok sneered. "I never know that you're so easy to please.."

Sora sharply glares at him. "Do you have to say those words in a such hurtful way?" She turned her back from Yeon Seok. "You can go back too.. I don't need company.." Sora said. She would rather be alone.

After a few second she heard the door being opened and closed again.

She's taking a look at the closed door and Yeon Seok is no longer there. "He really left.." she whispered. A warm tears flowing down her eyes. Obviously deep in her heart, she expected for him to stay. Against to what she had been saying out loud.

"Its okay Sora.. you're strong. This is nothing.." She keep chanting to herself before she's fallen asleep.


"What time is it now?" Sora asked a nurse that came to check on her. She was in a deep sleep before the nurse came.

"10am miss.." she said as she pull out the IV drip needles off from her hand. "You're getting better compared to last night.." she said as she measures her body temperature.

"Last night?"

"You passed out once again and your fever is getting high.. luckily your fiancee is here.." The nurse smiled.

Sora looked at her, wondering who is the person that she is referring to.

"You had such an awesome fiancee.. he even stays with you till this morning.." the nurse seems to admire him. 

"Who are you referring to miss?" She asked. 

"Yoo Yeon Seok shhi.. He told us he's your fiancee. Isn't that right?"

Sora looked at them surprised. "He introduced himself as my fiancee?" She thought to herself.  Having him to stay with her the whole night is shocking enough but to introduce himself as her fiancee is beyond imaginary. After all the verbal fights they had yesterday.

Sora smiles. "Can I go back today?" She asked.

"I'll check with the doctor first.." she said to Sora before going out of the room.

Sora looked at her hand that swollen due to the IV drip. Its still feels hurt a little. Trying to move her fingers a bit and making a fist to let her blood flows.

"How are you today miss?" Dr. Han came in with a nice smile stuck on her motherly face. Taking a look at her swollen hand. "We can't do the detail checkup since you were on a high fever yesterday.."

"I have gotten better today though doctor.." she replied. "I really hope that I can go back today.."

The doctor looked at her vital chart and then look at her. "The swollen will be gone after a day.. But you must promised me to take care of yourself. Your body has limits too.. Do not overwork.." she said to Sora. The same thing that Sora heard from Grandma and Ho Jun too.

Slowly Sora nodded. She must have overdone it. The past few weeks was the time when she was working like there's no tomorrow. Filling her schedule with meetings and travelling. Trying to avoid herself to keep thinking of Yoo Yeon Seok or any sad moment.

"Are you going back alone or your guardians will be fetching you over?" The doctor ask.

"Her handsome fiancee is outside doctor.." the nurse excitedly answered the question.

"Behave yourself.." the doctor smiled at Sora. "I heard that he's a nice gentleman.. be happy young lady.." the doctor cup her hand before walking out from the room.

"Thank you.." Sora replied. She smiled thinking that Yeon Seok is there waiting for her. Perhaps he's heart is still open towards her despite all those harsh words.

As Sora prepares herself to be discharged, Yeon Seok came in to look at her in case Sora needed any help.

Sora looked at him. "I heard you stayed here the whole last night?" Sora trying to maintain her expression.

Yeon Seok look at her face. Still pale but it is gaining some pink, better than yesterday. When she passed out again late last night, he thought it is lucky that he decided to stay rather than leaving her as she requested.

"Is this all?" Yeon Seok took the handbag from her hand.

Sora looked at him. Seems like he's still not over with the argument that they had. Sora sighed as she follows Yeon Seok, walking far in front of her.

"Wait here.. I'll get the car over.." he said before leaving Sora at the lobby.

Sora looked at him walking towards the lift to the car park. "How can I fix our relationship again Yoo Yeon Seok?" She thought to herself. Their relationship will forever in trouble if both of them have this ego that they can't let go. She knew it well.


Sora sipped some honey lemon tea prepared for her while looking at the weekly report prepared for her. She's getting some work done from home today while having her rest. Her grandma would be furious if she goes to work.

Sora looked at her phone thinking to contact Hwang Ho for some work matters but she was reminded with Grandma warning for her not to work yet until next week.

"This is boring.." Sora said as she put down the report on her hand. As much as she was disturbed by working with Empire before, that work seems to be a part of her life now.

"Still itching over work matters?" Il Sun came to find her granddaughter that is chilling out at their garden. Its only been a few days since she's out from the hospital but she's already looking over work matters despite her restriction. Really a person that are after so much.

"Grandma.." she look at her grandma. "Are you going somewhere?" She asked.

"I'm meeting Woo Jin for a while.. We need to settle something with regards to your wedding.." Il Sun said. "Do you want to come with me? Yoo Woo Jin is eager to see his future granddaughter on law.." She smiled.

"Perhaps not today.." she looked at Il Sun. Fidgeting. "Grandma.. Did Yeon Seok shhi said anything about our wedding?"

"Like what?" Il Sun weird. Ho Jun had asked her the same thing before.

"Emm..." thinking over the right question to ask her grandma. "Like he's not agreeing to it or something.."

Il Sun smiled. "Are you worried?"

"Anie..." she bit her lips.

She caresses Sora long hazel brown hair. "I've asked him personally at the hospital incase he had any concern with the wedding."


"He's not against it.." Il Sun looked at Sora. "I know both you and Yeon Seok knows each other before."

"You knew?" Sora surprised.

"You've worked together for our Dubai project before isn't it?" Il Sun asked.

Sora nodded. That must be an information from Ho Jun. But perhaps grandma knows until to that point.

"What ever that happened in the past, let it go. Both of you are getting married soon.."

Sora silent. Again she was puzzled with Yeon Seok behaviour. He was acting so mad towards her but he's not against anything the elderly planned for them. "Is he trying to play hard to get?" She thought to herself.

"I'll get going now.. call me if there's anything. Arasso?" Il Sun reminded.

"Grandma.. Can I go out?" Sora asking for permission. Even though she could just go out without it, Il Sun has been worried about her enough.

"Where are you going? You're not that well yet.." She didn't want the same thing to happen again. She wanted Sora to recover fully before she's back with her routine.

"I promised that its not for work.." Sora sweetly smiled at her grandma while pulling her hand, asking for her agreement.

"Arasso.. but make sure to take the driver with you.." she said.


"Arasso! Just do what you wanted to do. Call me if anything.." Il Sun let Sora go unwillingly. Though she is still worried over Sora, she can no longer controls her like a kid anymore.

"Thank you grandma!" Sora hugs her tightly. "Saranghae.." she kissed Il Sun cheek.


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