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Bridesmaid - Chapter 13

"You're kidding right..? Are you in your right mind?" Ho Jun insist to defer her answer. No, he attested to it.

"I've thought about it.."

"What about Yeon Seok then?" He asked.

"Who is Yeon Seok?" Grandma who just arrive from the hospital, joining them at the living hall.

"Grandma!!" Both of them got up to get their grandma, still on a wheel chair.

"You should have rested at the hospital longer grandma.." Ho Jun said.

"She insist to come home.." Sora's step mom answered.

"It’s boring over there.." grandma grinned. "And I missed my home.." she looked at the house that she had left for a week. "Both of you too.." her grandchildren that always keep the house alive.

"What did you guys discussing about? Being so serious.." slowly she got up from the wheel chair being help by Kang Tae Yoon as she sit on the couch.

"Why not go to your room mom?" Tae Yoon asked.

"I want to catch up with my grandchildren first.. Ahhh.. This is so soft. The hospital bed is killing my back." Il Sun looked at Tae Yoon. "Find a more comfy furniture for the VVIP room.."


Il Sun looked at her grandchildren again. Wanting to hear the rest of their conversation. "Who is Yeon Seok that you mentioned earlier?" She looked at Ho Jun."

"Ho Jun oppa's partner at the company.." she replied on his behalf. "Grandma..." she looked deeply to Il Sun eyes. 

"What is it?" Il Sun smiled. Her granddaughter must have missed her so much to look at her like that now.

Ho Jun is trying to stop her. "Think carefully Kang Sora.." he said.

"Hmm.. what is it that you guys trying to say?" Il Sun is weird with their behaviour today. Eventhough Sora and Ho Jun quarrel a lot, this does not look like a normal quarrel to her.

 "Grandma.. Let's proceed with the agreement.."

"Kang Sora!" Ho Jun looked at her. He cannot agree with the decision that he knows Sora would regret later on.

Sora smiled to him. Understood his concern. "I've thought this over oppa."

"We have talked about this Sora.. I won't force you into this matter." Il Sun looked at her granddaughter face. She looks calm with her decision.

"I've known everything Grandma.. Our company situation is not that good either.. I know how much you treasure this company grandma.. I can't sacrifice late grandfather's love and hardwork for my own." She looked at Il Sun. She knows the agreement is not just for the benefit of one side. Empire is also having problems financially now but Kang Il Sun and Kang Tae Yoon is hiding it well from her. The agreement will boost the market share for both company. It will save both company from financial constraint.

"Is it really true?" Ho Jun surprised. Seems that he's really being ignorant with the situation of their family business.

"How did you know?" Kang Tae Yoon asked. Only a few people in the company knew about their company situation.

"Don't need to hide anything from me. I should know at least this much.." she looked at her dad. 

"Kang Sora.." Il Sun got surprised with how mature her granddaughter has become.

"I'm sorry grandma.. for being so mean before.." she kneeled besides Il Sun and lay her head on Il Sun's lap. Her tears are falling down.

Grandma caresses Sora's hair. "Thank you my love.." she embrace her. "Your grandfather will be so proud of you.." her tears started to falls too. Feeling guilty to have her granddaughter to sacrifice her own happiness at a very young age. 


"Help your way in.." Yeon Seok invites Hyun Jin to his house to grab a few beer.

"Its been a while since I came here.." he looked around. "Your house doesn't seems like a house of a bachelor anymore.." Hyun Jin teases. Everything seems lively in the house after his bestfriend is in a relationship with Kang Sora. A woman that once shakes his feeling too for a short while.

Yeon Seok proudly smiled.

"Did you cook something?" Hyun Jun asked.

"Anie.." He sniff around, smells like somebody is cooking inside the house.

"Kang Sora?" Yeon Seok said as he find Sora who is busy cleaning some dishes in the kitchen.

"Oh.. Yeon Seok shhi! Mianhae.. I didn't realize that you're back.." she washes her hand and walk towards him. "Oh Hyun Jin shhi! Its been a while since we meet.." she took a glance at the beers on his hand.

"You've been too busy becoming Yeon Seok's girlfriend until you forgot about this friend isn't it?"

"Eyyy.. Stop teasing. When did you come back?" Sora looked at Yeon Seok who still looking at her. Did he realise anything? She thought to herself.

Hyun Jin smiled. "2 weeks ago.."

"See that! You didn't tell me a word on it.."

Yeon Seok looked at Sora. Her eyes looks puffy again, like last week when she came to his house. But her complexion seems a little bit pale. "Did she cried again?" he thought to himself.

"Why didn't you tell me you're coming? I've been trying to contact you for the whole week but you were busy.." The person that he missed for the whole week. He knows Sora is having some problem with her family and thus he is giving Sora some space to tackle it.

"It was supposed to be a surprise.." Sora grinned.

Yeon Seok looked at a few kimchi container that is stacked on his dining table. "Why did you prepare so much?" He looked at her. The last time Sora have done this is when she wanted to quit her job as maid. He didn't have a good feeling about this.

"I have some time off today.." Sora looked at Hyun Jin. Tonight doesn't seem to be a strategic night for her to discuss their matter. "I'm sorry.. I didn't know you have plan tonight. I should have called first.." she smiled as she went to the sofa looking for her handbag.

"Wait.." Hyun Jin grabbed her arms. "I'm leaving.."

"But you just got here. It’s okay.. I can meet him later." Sora looked at Yeon Seok. "It’s not urgent.." She smiled again. She smiles for just too much. It seems weird.

"It’s okay.. I just remembered that I have something to be done tonight." He looked at Yeon Seok. "Let’s have our drink some other time." He winked. Sora need him more now. He can see that.

"Eo.. See you later.." Yeon Seok taps his shoulder. "I'm not going to see you out.." he said.

"Arasso.." Hyun Jun walked out of the apartment, leaving the two couple alone.

Yeon Seok looked at Sora. Wearing a simple jeans and t-shirt with an apron on her. Just like how she is when she was once his maid. "Where are you the whole week? It’s so hard for me to get hold of you.."

Sora looks at him. "I missed you too.." she smiled as she extended her arms to hug him by his waist. "I've been busy settling things out.."

Yeon Seok hugs her tighter. Kissing her forehead. Smelling the perfume that he missed every day. "Next time send me at least a text message, will you? I've been worried.."

Sora looked at him. "You cry baby.." she pinched her cheek. "I guess you've had your dinner with Hyun Jin?" She put down her handbag again and walk to the kitchen.

"Eo.. I have. Have you?" He follows her heading to the kitchen.

"Not feeling hungry.." she replied as she keep all the dishes that she had washed.

"You house is in a mess when I wasn't around." She looked at Yeon Seok.

Yeon Seok scratch his head. "I'm a bit busy too this week.." he grinned. He's been spoilt by Sora. Everything in his house are taken care by her.

Yeon Seok walked nearer to Sora who is busy keeping the bachan that she cooked earlier.

"This should last at least a week.." she said.

"Why did you prepare all of this? Are you going somewhere?" Yeon Seok didn't like this feeling that he's having. Sora's behavior seems odd.

"I just feels like cooking a lot today.." She put all the container inside Yeon Seok's empty fridge. She forgot to make groceries shopping. "Make sure you finish all of this okay.."

Yeon Seok grabbed Sora's hand. "Kang Sora, what are you doing? Its odd.."

"Don't skip meals just because you're busy.." she touches his face. She wanted to kiss him badly, but she hold back.

"Kang Sora.. Please stop behaving like this. It worries me" Yeon Seok looked deeply inside those eyes. Every time she said something, there's a trace of sadness in her words. 

Sora smiled to him. "You're too sensitive. Let's go for a drive?"

Yeon Seok silent. Her behavior is too weird. Too weird.

"Shall we?" Sora asked again.

"Where... do you want to go?"

"The place you proposed to me.."

Yeon Seok flinch. "Why.. do you want to go there?"

"Lets go..." ignoring the question, Sora pick up her handbag and pull Yeon Seok to the car.

Yeon Seok keep thinking off Sora's weird behaviour. He can't accept whatever possibilities now.

"This place is a bit gloomy comparing to when we were here before isn't it?" Sora asked. Its not as cheerful as when Yeon Seok said his proposal before.

"Perhaps because the glimmering colourful lights is no longer there.." Yeon Seok said. He stole a glance at Sora under the dimmed moonlights, her face doesn't jive with her happy voice. Seems that Sora is trying to hide her actual feeling. "Why do you want to come here Sora?"

Sora grasping his hand and hold it tightly. "I.. really wish we could get married soon.."

Yeon Seok smiled. "Is that what makes you jittery? I've promised that I will marry you. I will bring you to see my family soon." He took a relieved breath. "I don't want to rush things out while I know you're having problem with your family now.."

Sora bit her lips. Keeping her silent for a while. "Yeon Seok shhi.." finding her inner strength to say it. "Let’s breakup.."

"Kang Sora.. What are you saying??" Yeon Seok looked at her eyes. That come out of nowhere. He just about to feel relieved. Seems like the storm warning is real. "Are you being serious?"

Sora turn to him and look deeply to his eyes. "I'll return this back to you.." Slowly Sora pull out the ring from her ring finger and put it on Yeon Seok's palm. "Thank you for this beautiful ring.. It should now find the rightful owner. Thank you for everything Yoo Yeon Seok shhi.." she turn her face to the side, trying to hide her eyes that started to get teary.

"What is this?" He refuse to understand the meaning behind all this. Though he has been sensing that there's something going to happen tonight. He refuse to understand even a little bit.

Sora looked at him sad. She never want to say this. She never want to say goodbye. She was planning to just leave him a notes. She can't say it to him face to face. She's too coward for that.

"Did I not make you happy enough Kang Sora? Please tell me what did I do wrongly?" He look at her teary eyes.

"Being with you was the sweetest things that had ever happen to me.. I will never forget your love and the happines you've given to me Yeon Seok shhi.."

"Kang Sora.. Don’t do this.." He caresses her cheek. "You still love me as much as I love you.. But why.. are you doing this?"

Sora closes her eyes as Yeon Seok hand is touching her neck. It’s ecstatic. She looked at him. Sad. "I'm sorry.." she pulls his hand off her neck and run to the living room to get her handbag.

"Kang Sora.. please give me some explanation." He hold her hands.

"No explanation would satisfy this situation Yeon Seok shhi.. it will only hurt you more.." she cupped his hand. "Yeon Seok Shhi, you are a person that I wish to meet again in the next life. You are a perfect man. But you deserve somebody better.."

"Kang Sora please.." he pulled her to his embrace and hug her tightly. He can't understand why she is asking for a breakup when they are so happy together now.

"How can I let you go.. I can never let you go.." he whispered.

Sora closes her eyes. It is hard for her to let him go too. "Please.. Don't make things hard for me.." her tears falls off.

Yeon Seok slowly let go of her after hearing her voice, half begging. "Is this really it?" He looked at her, crying.

"Forgive me Yoo Yeon Seok shhi" Sora leave a slight kiss on his lips as she pull herself out of his embrace. Running away from him as fast as he can. She knew that she wouldn't be able to stay on her words if she stays there longer. Her heart is too easy to change.

Yeon Seok looked at her shadow that started to dissappear. He still couldn't digest what had happened just now.

"Kang Sora.." he looked at the ring that she left on his palm. No, this is not a dream. He kneeled down on the same spot he proposed to her before. He hold his chest that starts hurting like crazy. "Why......!"

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