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Bridesmaid - Chapter 12

"You're late today.." Ho Jun says to his cousin who just join them at breakfast table, half an hour late than the usual.

"I'm tired.." she replied. "Anneyong unnie.." she smiled to Han Hye Ri, Ho Jun's wife. They have been married for 6 months now.

"Grandma, the work has piling up insanely lately. Can't we slow down with the ventures a bit?"

"This is the time where people are selling off their assets below market price. It's a plus for company that has a strong financial like Empire.." Ho Jun trying to support his grandmother.

Sora glares at him. "If you are smart enough, why can't you come over and help Empire?"

"I've told you not to ever mention that.." Ho Jun glares at her back.

"Enough.. Don't start arguing in front of the food.." Grandma said. She seems reserved a bit today. "Hye Ri, ask the maid to bring Sora's food." Grandma instructed her new granddaughter in law. She needs to learn how to manage the house fast.

"I can take it myself grandma.." she smiled to Hye Ri and ask her to sit back to her chair while she's heading to the kitchen to look for the house maid.

She came out happily followed by their maid. Showing off the ring that stuck on her ring finger to Ho Jun that seat opposite to her.

Ho Jun smiled looking at Sora playfully tease him with the ring. She's supposed to tell grandma about it today. That's what she had planned.

Suddenly she stopped, seeing her stepmom and her father coming down to join them for breakfast. Her face changed. Since she's back to the house, grandma has instructed for her stepmom to have breakfast at a different time from her. But today seems like there is an exception. She ignore them and kept her silent.

"I asked your father and mother to join us today.." grandma explains when she realized with Sora's reaction.

"Step mom.." Sora corrected.

"Kang Sora.. Your manners.." Dad is trying to say something but being signaled by Grandma to stop.

Sora ignores the eye contact and starts chomping down her rice with some bone soup and side dishes that their maid prepared. Seems like everything on the table this morning is her favorite. She frowned. Weird.

"What's the occasion grandma?" Ho Jun ask. The environment seems different.

Sora looked at Grandma. She seems wanting to tell something. "Is something happened?"

"Let’s eat first.." grandma is taking a deep breath.

Sora put down her cutlery and look at Il Sun. "What is it grandma?" She then look at Ho Jun. Somehow her grandma behavior is not making her feel at ease.

"Kang Sora.. Stop behaving so rude." Her dad scolds.

Sora give him a sharp glance and get up from the table. Pushing her chair roughly.

"Shut it Kang Tae Yoon!" Grandma stares at him soon before she rush for Sora. "Let’s have a seat first Sora ya.." Il Sun grabs Sora's hand. Trying to persuade her to join the family breakfast that will soon become a family meeting.

"Grandma.. What is it that you’re trying to say?" Sora looked at her grandma.

"Let’s discuss this together.." Il Sun dragged Sora back to the dining table.

"Bundae grandma? You're behaving weird today.." Ho Jun asked.

Slowly grandma put down a document in front of Sora. "It’s an agreement.." she said.

"What is this?" Sora looked at Il Sun and Ho Jun before opening it up. A gold embossed document stating about an agreement between Kang Tae Ho, her late grandfather with a guy named Yoo Woo Jin. 

She open up the document piece by piece and read it word by word. "Grandfather do not have the right to do this.." her tears fall down.

"What is it?" Ho Jun grabs the document from Sora and read it for himself. "Kang Sora.." He is surprised. It’s an agreement of marriage between Yoo Woo Jin's first grandson and Kang Tae Ho first granddaughter. 

"I just got to know about this yesterday.. Our company was at risk at that time so grandfather is looking for Yoo Woo Jin's help."

"So he sells off Sora for that?" Ho Jun can't believe that such agreement still exist in this century. "Grandma.. We are in 2016. This is ridiculous.."

"Yoo Woo Jin came to meet me yesterday and mention about this. He won't show this without any meaning.. Their company must be having some problems right now that they are so desperate to use this agreement. "Il Sun sighed. Even she can't accept it when she first got to know about this, what more Sora. "I'm sorry Sora.. Grandma don't know what to do. The agreement where bond legally.."

"I have my own life grandma.. I will not simply let this stupid agreement controls my life.."

"Kang Sora.. Yoo Woo Jin will took 50% of our share if this is not materialized.." Tae Yoon reiterate what's stated in the agreement. "All of our effort will gone to waste.."

"That’s not my business.." Sora got up from her chair and took the key to her white Audi R8 and drive it away from the house without even looking back.

"Honey.. What have you done... should I gave this up?" grandma looked up as if she is talking to somebody. She sighed deeply.

Looking at grandma that seems to start losing her mind. Ho Jun sighed. It must be hard for her too. Especially the company is something that she hold dearly for so long.

"Mom.. Let’s have some rest.. We will contact Sora later.." Tae Yoon is coming nearer to get his mom to her room. Sora need time to think, the same goes for his mom.


"Evening.." Sora looked at Yeon Seok who just opened the door to his house. He completely dressed up to go out. "Are you going somewhere?"

"I promised to meet Hyun Jin tonight.." he looked at Sora with her puffy eyes. "Did you cried?" He asked.

Sora shakes her head denying it. "Can I crash over here for the weekend?" She walked in heading to the couch.

"Is anything wrong?" Yeon Seok follows her to the living room. Sora doesn't seems happy as always.

"There's nothing to worry about. I just got into a fight with my grandma.." Sora got up heading to the kitchen. "Have you eaten?"

"Not yet.."

"Dinner time is already over.." Sora nags. Looking for things to cook from the fridge. She's hungry too. The last meal that she ate today is the breakfast this morning. The breakfast that she didn't get to properly finish it.

Yeon Seok make a call to Hyun Jin to cancel their plan. Seems like his fiancée need him more tonight.

"Are you okay?" Yeon Seok took a rubber band and tie Sora's hair as she's washing some vegetables that she took out from the fridge.

Sora smiled with Yeon Seok's gesture. "I’m just missing you.."

Yeon Seok came near her and hug her waist from the back. "Stop playing president and maid.. Let’s start playing groom and bride.." he whisper.

"What are you doing?" Sora turned to him.

Yeon Seok smiled cheekily. "You just turned me on. What to do?"

"I thought you're going out?"

"I can meet him some other time. But this can't wait.." he leaned closer.

"Yeon Seok shhi.." shyly Sora's trying to push Yeon Seok away but he's tightening his hug more.

Yeon Seok slowly caresses her beautiful makeup less face. "I want to see more of your smiles Sora.. Its hurt seeing you cried"

Sora closes her eyes and push Yeon Seok harder this time. "There are some circumstances that are hard to explain.."

Yeon Seok reach her again and pull her to his embrace. "I'm sorry if I touch some sensitive issue.. I hope one day I'll be the person that you will turn to and tell all your stories."

Sora looked at him. He must have felt useless for not being able to understand her problem. "One day.." Sora hugs him tightly. This is not a person that she wants to let go. Never.

Yeon Seok hugs her back and caresses her hair. "You know what?" He let go of the hug.


"I think I left something on the bed.."

"What is it? Do you want me to take it for you?"


Sora walked to his room. "There's nothing on the bed." She turned but got surprised that Yeon Seok actually following her a few steps behind.

Yeon Seok grinned as he lift Sora up on his arms and put her on his bed. "I left you.." he smiled.

"This is unfair.."

"What's there to be fair with?" Yeon Seok look at her and stay a few inches on top of her. Caresses her cheek and long neck. "You're so beautiful Kang Sora.."

"Yeon Seok Shhi.. What are you doing?" She feels aroused as Yeon Seok unbuttoning her shirt.

Yeon Seok lean closer and started to kiss her, deeper, deeper and deeper. "You felt so sweet Kang Sora.." He looked at her fingers, wearing the ring he gave. He hold her hand above her head and intertwine his fingers with hers.

Yeon Seok moves his lips to her neck and starts sucking it as Sora's body started to move following his. 

Sora closes her eyes as his hand started to touch her breasts. They ride along with the song of moans and groans.


Sora opened her eyes smelling a bouquet of roses in front of her. "What is this?" She asked. 

"Good morning sunshine.." Yeon Seok put the bouquet on her laps and kissed Sora's forehead.

"Good morning.." she smiled.

"Having a good rest?" He moves to the bedside and hug her. "Hope you are feeling better today.."

"Thank you oppa.." Sora hugs his waist and lean her head on his broad shoulder.

"Oppa?" Yeon Seok smiled. "You really knows how to make my heart flutters." Cheekily he smiled and pulls the blanket from Sora's body. 

"Not again..." Sora pulled the blanket back to cover her naked body. 

"Why nottt..." Yeon Seok tickles.

"Stop it.." Sora laughed. Can't bare the tickles. "I'm hungry..." holding her stomach.

"You're trying to run away aren't you?"

"Really.. I'm hungry.." pulling a cute face.

Yeon Seok smiled with her aegyo. "Call me oppa again, then only I’ll make you a breakfast.."

"I'm hungry oppa.. Prepare me a breakfast juseyo~~~"

Yeon Seok laughed with Sora's cute act. Satisfied. "Arassoyo my darling.." he gave her a peek before heading to the kitchen.

After a while Sora come out from the room wearing Yeon Seok's oversized white shirt. "Do you mind if I borrow this for a while?" She said to Yeon Seok.

Yeon Seok turn to her, looking at her great figure from head to toe. Her glamourous S-shape body accompanied with her long legs. She looks sexy wearing those simple shirt. Trying to wheedle his heart to be at ease.

"What are you doing?" Sora came nearer and hug her from behind.

"You're purposely turning me on again right?" He put down the turner that he used for the toast and turn to her. His heart starts beating like crazy again. Flattered when the feeling of her body touches his.

Sora laughed. "Anieya.. I'm just checking what you're doing." She looked at him nervously. "The toast might get burned.. I'm hungry.." she immediately look for a plate and hand it over to Yeon Seok.

Yeon Seok smirk and took the plate. "A simple toast with fried egg would do?" He asked.


"Alright.. It’s done.." Yeon Seok gave the plate to Sora.

Sora took the plate. Weird. "Aren't you going to setup the table?" She said.

Sneakily he smiled. "Of course I will.." Yeon Seok said as he lift Sora's up on his arms.

"Oppa.. Where are you heading? The dining table is there!" Yeon Seok is carrying her to the master bedroom.

"I'm going to have a breakfast on my bed today.." he grinned.

Yeon Seok slowly lay her down on the bed. "Oppaaaa..." Sora looked at Yeon Seok as his eyes started to get serious. "I guess I can't escape this one.." she whispered.

Yeon Seok looked at her flirtious lips and giving her a long and passionate kiss. Up and down.

Suddenly his mobile's ringing. Slowly Yeon Seok let go of his lips from hers. "Wait.." he said as he caresses her cheek. Afraid that it is something urgent from construction site.

Sora eyes is following Yeon Seok.

"Ho Jun ah.. Wagurae?" He said.

Sora's surprised hearing that name.. "I'm not here!" Signaling to Yeon Seok.

"Sora? Anie.. I haven't met her since yesterday. What's wrong?" He looked at her. Wondering what is happening that made her hiding from her family.

"Arasso.. I'll let her know if she contacted me.." Yeon Seok replied before hanging up the call.

He looked at Sora. "Ho Jun says that Grandmother is at Venus.."

Sora looked at him surprised. Venus is a secret word they used if Kang Il Sun got admitted on a critical stage. It’s a secret code to make sure that the news about the company chairman, which is also their grandmother is protected from board members and other investors. It is also to prevent from the market to get hyped easily.

"What's wrong?" Yeon Seok surprised.

She immediately buttoned her shirt and fix her hair.

"Kang Sora.. Is there something wrong?" Yeon Seok asked again but Sora is keeping her silent.

"I'm sorry Yeon Seok shhi.. I need to go now. I'll return the shirt later ok?" She got up from the bed.

"Is there something wrong with your grandmother?" He looks at Sora and follow her as she's heading to the living room. 

"Kang Sora, talk to me" Yeon Seok stops her before she reached her car key.

Sora pull her hand and walked to the front door.

"Kang Sora stop.." Yeon Seok grabs her arms. "Is this related to why you came last night with a puffy eyes? Can you please explain a bit so that I can understand?" He's getting frustrated. As much as he wanted to understand her and play as a supporting boyfriend, he needs to know at least a few things so that he can understands what is happening.

"Sorry Yeon Seok shhi.. Let me sort this out first.." she looked at Yeon Seok, feeling guilty. She knows that Il Sun is in this state because of her. But she can never let go of the man in front of her right now. No she can't.

"You like to keep me in the dark and solve your problems by yourselves.." Yeon Seok sighed.

Sora lean towards Yeon Seok and kissed him for a good one minute. "I will tell you when the time is right.. Just trust me.." she said as she kissed his cheek saying goodbye for now.

Yeon Seok looked at Sora walking out the door. It’s really hard for him to understand her sometimes. He sighed hardly.


Sora come running to Empire Hospital VVIP room. The room that is reserved only for Kang family.

"How's grandma?" Sora asked as she reached the front door to the room. Ho Jun and Hye Ri is waiting outside.

Ho Jun looked at Sora who is wearing an oversized guy’s shirt that covers only until her upper thigh. He took off his jacket and put it around her waist. "You're at Yeon Seok's?"

"Eo.." she tuck her hair behind her ears. Looking at the room door. "How's grandma?" She asked again.

"She's awake.." he replied. "Let’s go in, grandma is waiting for you."

Slowly Sora enters the room together with Ho Jun and Hye Ri. Her dad and her stepmom are accompanying grandma by her side.

"Grandma.." Sora stand nearer and cupping her hands.

"Sora ya.. I'm sorry.." grandma voice stuck.

"Don't talk too much mom.." Tae Yoon reminds.

Grandma nodded. Knowing that she is still recuperating from her mild heart attack. She looked at Sora. "The matter that we discussed yesterday.."

"Grandma.. I don't think it’s a good time to discuss about it.." Ho Jun trying to avoid that subject from being discussed again. Grandma has been stressful because of that.

"No.. I need to say this.." Grandma is being stubborn like she always do. A behavior that she and Sora shares.

"Grandma.." Sora took a seat near the bed and lean nearer to Il Sun.

"You don't have to do it.. I can't bare losing you again.." Il Sun's hold her hands. "I would rather lose Empire than losing you.." she smiled. She has made that decision while she's resting last night. Family is something that is dear to her.

"Grandma.." Sora's tears falls off. She hugged grandma to her content. Empire is a life that her grandfather and grandmother have built together. An evidence of their love and passion. And now she's sacrificing it for her love to Sora.

"Forgive me Sora.. Don't leave grandma again.." she caresses Sora's long hair.

"I won't grandma.. I won't" she said. She can't afford to lose Il Sun yet. She has been her strong supporter and her best friend.

Ho Jun come nearer to Sora and hold her shoulder. "Grandma need to rest.."

She looked at grandma while sobbing. "I'll take care of grandma for today.."

"It’s okay Sora ya.. You can go home and rest. I will take care of her.." her dad said.

"Let’s go home first.." Ho Jun said.

Sora looked at grandma who is also looking at her. "Get some rest at home.." grandma said.

Sora nodded. "I'll come again tonight.."

Il Sun smiled. "See you.." she cupped Sora's hand.

Sora looked at the ring on her ring finger. The ring that she's trying to fight for. The love that she don't want to lose. It must be the same for Grandma. It must be painful for her to let go of their love. She thought to herself.

"Are you coming home?" Ho Jun asked as they are in the elevator.

Slowly she nodded. There's too much in her head now. "Is she being too selfish?" Again that thought came flashing in her mind. She look at the ring again and thought of Yoo Yeon Seok came to her. She touched her head.

"Gwenchana?" Hye Ri realized that Sora's face suddenly turn pale.

"I'm okay unnie.." she smiled. She does feel a bit dizzy, but it is still manageable to her.

"What are you going to do?" Ho Jun looked at her. "Are you going to tell grandma about Yoo Yeon Seok?" It seems that Sora and Yeon Seok is getting more serious now. He also knows that Sora is strongly against the arranged marriage because of Yeon Seok too.

Sora silent. There's still no answer to those question. She need to really think about it before making a decision. Either way, she knows somebody will get hurt. Either Yeon Seok or her grandmother. Now it’s the matter of who is more important to her heart.

Sora drives her car along Empire assets in Seoul. The Hotel, buildings, hospital and even broadcasting station. Within 50 years, Empire has become top 5 most profited company in Seoul. All thanks to the hard work from her late grandfather and grandmother. Those duo are the inspiration of the industry. They are a great business partner and also a great lover.

She stopped somewhere in the middle of the town. "I have no right to destroy it.." she said. Looking at her ring on her finger. Her tears are falling.

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