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Bridesmaid - Chapter 11

After a while, Sora stretched out her shoulders and looking at her watch. "It's already 9pm" She whispered. She's one hour late from her scheduled dinner with Yeon Seok. She realized it well. "Hwang Ho.." She called her assistant.

In a flash Hwang Ho come to her. "I've made the call and he said he'll wait.." Hwang Ho explains without being ask.

"It has been 1 hour though.." Sora contemplates to believe that Yeon Seok would still be at the restaurant. "Prepare the car. I'll be there soon.." She said as she get up to her personal dressing room. Look for the best dress that she kept in the office. A soft summer yellow dress with halter strap collar became her choice for tonight. 

"How do I look?" She asked Hwang Ho who's waiting besides her car.

"Stunning as always.." he smiled. His boss has some elegance and chic side of her.

Sora smiled back. Pleased to hear the compliment. 

"I just finished with my work.." she texted Yeon Seok as she entered the car. She waited for a while for a reply but Yeon Seok seems silent. Sora gave up waiting and flip to her work mails instead. Tons of new emails that she has not being able to read.

"We're here boss.." Hwang Ho alerted.

"That's fast.." she said as she's finishing her reply to the 15th mail on her inbox. "Well, perhaps not that fast.." she whispered. Work has become her priority nowadays. Wherever and whenever.

"Do you want me to wait miss?"

"No its okay.. I'll see you tomorrow.." Sora get off the car before entering fine dining restaurant to meet Yeon Seok.

"Any reservation miss?" the restaurant receptionist walk towards her.

Sora shakes her head. "I'm meeting someone" she replied. Her head are long stretched looking for Yeon Seok.

She saw a man wearing a simple black blazer with clean V-neck white t-shirt on the inside. She took a step inside and saw Yeon Seok attentively and happily having a conversation with a woman in front of him. A woman that she has met before. She stopped. Sora looked at how happy both of them look for a good one minute. And no, he's not even realized she was standing there.

"Miss.." The receptionist came to her.

"Sorry.. That someone is not here. I must have gotten the date wrong.." She plainly smiled to the girl and took her step out of the restaurant.

"She's not here yet?" Yi Soo asked Yeon Seok. It has been a while after she decided to accompany him after she finishes her dinner a while ago. It so happen that they met today.

Yeon Seok look at his watch. "Let me make a call.." He said while dialing her number.

"Sora.. where are you?" He asked.

"Here.." Sora appeared with her stunning yellow dress. Yes, she has made the decision to return and not to run away. Whatever the circumstances it could be.

Yeon Seok looked at her and smiled. "You look gorgeous.." he stands and pulling the chair for her.

Sora smiled back. "Thank you.." she look at Yi Soo. "Pleasure meeting you again Yi Soo shhi.." extending her hand for a shake.

"Pleasure.." Yi Soo smiled. Kang Sora definitely a woman that has multiple charms. She can be as innocence as how they met the first time or as matured as she is in front of her now. Responsibility does change a person.

Sora looked at Yeon Seok still with a smile stuck on his face. "I'm sorry that you have to wait for too long.."

"It’s okay.. I know you're busy. Luckily Yi Soo is accompanying me.."

Sora smiled looking at Yi Soo. Eventhough she is jealous with how they were earlier, she need to show that Yeon Seok is hers now. She can't let them see her inferiority complex.

"I need to make my move now.. Have a good time you two.." Yi Soo getting up from her chair.

"Thank you Yi Soo shhi.. Do you want my driver to send you home?" Offers Sora.

"Anieya.. It’s okay. My driver is outside.." Yi Soo smiled. She looked at Yeon Seok. "Come home sometimes. Grandpa misses you.." Yi Soo tells her rebellious older cousin. 

Yeon Seok smiled back not answering. "Take Care.." he said to her.

Sora looked at Yeon Seok. "Grandpa?" She asked as Yi Soo is now further away from them.

"Yes.." he looked at Sora's puzzled face. "Have I told you that I and Yi Soo were cousin?"

"No you haven’t.." quietly she feels relieved. Seems that all this while she had mistaken their relationship. All this while she got jealous for nothing. "Silly.." she smiled to herself.


"Anieya.. I'm hungry.." converting the attention. "Have you eaten?"

"Not yet.. How can I eat without you?" Yeon Seok hold her hands and move closer to her ears. "I don't think I'll be able to let you go tonight.."

"Oppa..." shyly Sora hits his shoulder.

Yeon Seok smiled. "Waiter!" He gave a sign to the waiter who is standing opposite them.

The waiter nodded before coming out with the menu that Yeon Seok has preordered. 

"This looks good!" Sora's stomach growling looking at wagyu beef steak with red wine sauce in front of her. Picking up her cutlery.

Yeon Seok smiled again. "Eat slowly.." he pinched her cheek. He loves seeing Sora with her unfiltered action. Its shows that they are being comfortable with each other that way.


"Thank you for the meal.. That was really good.." Sora said as they walk through a park heading to where Yeon Seok parked his car. She looked around. "Why did you parked too far?"

"At least we can exercise our calories out.. Especially when we are eating this late.."

Sora laughed. "Arasso you health freak."

Yeon Seok stretches his hand and let his big hand to clasp her hand.

"Kang Sora.."

Yeon Seok hold her other hand and make her stands right in front of him.

"Hmm?" Sora looked at Yeon Seok.

"Happy anniversary.." he said.

Sora smiled listening to Yeon Seok soothing voice wishing for their very first anniversary.  "Happy anniversary.." she replied back.

Yeon Seok put his hand on his pocket looking for something before he suddenly kneeled down in front of her. "Kang Sora.."

"Yeon Seok shhi.. What are you doing?"

"Will you marry me my dear?" Yeon Seok stretches out his hand holding a blue velvet colored small box. He opened it up showing an 18carat diamond ring.

"Yoo Yeon Seok shhi!" She closes her mouth with her hands, surprised with the sudden proposal.

The park suddenly brighten up with multicolor lights and the water fountain accompanied with romantic songs and colorful neon. 

"Did you plan for all of this?" Stunning with her surrounding, Sora asked.

Yeon Seok smilingly nodded. "The restaurant is too expensive for one night rental. But this option is better isn't it?"

Sora giggled. "Gets up.. You’re going to hurt your knee.."

"Not before I hear your answer.." Yeon Seok looked at her. Though he is confident that Sora would accept his proposal, but there a tiny bit of worry in him.

Sora smiled to him "Give me a week to think.." Sora replied. She does love him, but marriage is not something that she's confident with. Ever since she was a kid.

"What's there to think?" Yeon Seok immediately getting up from his knee. His eyes is widened up surprise with the answer. "Did I not make you happy enough?" He asked again.

"Yeon Seok Shhi.."

"Sora.. I'm sorry. But I cannot think of the reason why are you rejecting my proposal.."

Sora smiled as she hold his hand. "Listen.."

Yeon Seok went silent and look straight to her eyes.

"I need time to discuss this with Ho Jun oppa.." only Ho Jun would make her agree in marriage.

"Ho Jun?? What does Ho Jun has something to do with this???" Yeon Seok still can't digest a thing.

"Syhhh.." she put her fingers on his lips. "There are secrets that I kept from both of you.."

"Secret? What kind of secret??" Suddenly he became restless. Overwhelm with Sora's reaction.

Sora slowly reach his lips and kiss him. "Don't you trust me?"

Slowly Yeon Seok nodded.

"Let's meet at the cafe below your office tomorrow shall we?"

"You're not rejecting my proposal right?"

"Anieya.." Sora grab his hands, ask him to continue walking to his car. "I'm just postponing my reply.."

"All my effort has gone to waste.." Yeon Seok pulled his lips. His so called romantic proposal doesn't seem to achieve its objective.

Sora giggled. "Don't say that.. I'm touched with your effort.."

"What's the use? I can't make you agree with my proposal anyway.." again he's pulling his lips. He must be very disappointed with Sora's answer.

Sora kept her silent while tightening her clasp as they continue walking towards the car.


"We are here.." Yeon Seok told Sora. Trying to act cold.

Sora sneered looking at Yeon Seok behavior. "Smile will you.." pinching his cheek.

Yeon Seok pull her hands off his cheek and lean closer towards her. "You're driving me nuts Kang Sora.." he caresses her cheek. 

Sora smiled. "You need to stay insane to hear my answer.." she plant a kiss on his cheek.

"You purposely driving me crazy right?" Yeon Seok touches her luscious lips. He moved closer and closer and kisses those lips of hers. Deeper and deeper. 

Yeon Seok looked deep in her eyes. "Do you want to follow me home tonight?"

Sora smiled.

Yeon Seok widened his eyes. "Is that a yes?"

Shyly Sora nodded. 

"Arasso!" Yeon Seok gave her a quick peck on her lips before driving her away to his home in a Black Range Rover Sports.


Ho Jun looked at his watch. Its already 8.15 but Sora isn't there yet. It’s weird that she didn't come home last night. She must have stayed at her friend's house. He thought.

"Oppa!" Sora surprises Ho Jun from behind.

"That got me startled!" Ho Jun turn to Sora as he saw Yeon Seok is standing beside her. 

"Oppa?" Yeon Seok asked.

"Yoo Yeon Seok? What are you doing here?" He looked at Sora. "What is this?"

Sora smiled. "Let’s take a seat first.." Taking a seat by herself as she called for the waiter. "Americano for me.." she looked at both guys in front of her. "Don't you want to order?"

"Later.." they both answered at the same time. They are more interested with the reason why they are meeting each other today.

Sora laughed. She hug her arms and lean her back to the chair. This is going to be fun. She thought to herself.

"Ya Kang Sora! Spill the beans...” Ho Jun couldn't keep waiting.

Sora looked at Yeon Seok. "Yoo Yeon Seok Shhi, I didn't properly introduce you yet. This is Son Ho Jun, my older cousin."

"Cousin?" Yeon Seok looked at Ho Jun. He has been wondering how Ho Jun always knows Sora's details and schedule. He never thought that they are family.

"Ho Jun oppa, meet my fiancée.." Sora smiled.

"Fiancée??!!" Ho Jun got up from his seat. Surprised with the news. He never sense that there's something going on between both of them except from Yeon Seok's weird behavior. They surely hid it well. 

Yeon Seok looked at Sora surprised. "Did you just say fiancée?" He asked. Afraid that he might hear it wrongly.

"Eo.." she replied as she show him her ring finger. Wearing the ring that he presented to her last night.

"You're accepting it??" Yeon Seok grab Sora's shoulder and hug her. "Thank you Kang Sora!"

"Ya ya.. Cut the romance please? We are in public.." Ho Jun split both of them apart. They are in the building where their office are at. Their staff could walk around here anytime especially at this hour. 

Yeon Seok looked at Ho Jun. "She is accepting my proposal Son Ho Jun! Sora is accepting my proposal!!" He hugged Ho Jun.

"I know... I heard that.." he pushes him off and looked at Sora. "Ya Kang Sora, how could you keep this from me.. Have you told grandma about this?"

"Oppa.. Don’t get mad." She hold his arms. "I'll tell grandma soon.. Do you approve our relationship?"

Ho Jun looked at both of them. Though he is surprised, but he knows that he can trust Sora with Yeon Seok. His best friend. Ho Jun nodded.

Sora smiled happily. "Thank you oppa!" She hug him.

"Wait.. You didn’t come home last night. Where did you sleep?" Suddenly that question triggered to his mind. Suspicious looking at her wearing a night gown early in the morning.

"It's almost 9.. You’re going to be late" Yeon Seok changing the topic.

"Eo.. I need to go now. See you at home oppa!" Sora rushes off from the cafe. Ignoring Ho Jun's question.

"Ya Yoo Yeon Seok!" He grabbed his collar before he escape.

"I need to accompany Sora.." He’s trying to escape.

"She can go back alone.. You and I need to talk.." He dragged Yeon Seok away.

"See you soon Yoo Yeon Seok shhi!" Sora looked at both of them walking towards their office. Smiled to their behavior. Not like how a company management should behave. 

Sora walked away to the street waiting for a taxi. Staring at the ring that she is wearing.  A cushion-cut Tiffany diamond surrounded by bead-set diamonds that evokes the glamour of the Edwardian period. She's proud to become the chosen one to wear it.


"Promise me that you would never hurt her.. Ever!"

Yeon Seok scratches his ears. "It’s the 3rd time you're saying this. Don't you believe in me?"

"I don't.."

"Ya.. Don't be too harsh. I'm still your friend."

"She's our happiness.. You can't mess it up."

Yeon Seok came near Ho Jun and hold his hand.

"What are you doing??" Ho Jun weird when his hand is being hold by a man.

"I'm making a promise.." he smiled. "As long as she still loves me, I will take care of her heart with all of mine."

Ho Jun grinned. "If she come home crying because of you.. You should be able to anticipate what's coming to you..."

"Arasso Hyungsu-nim.." Yeon Seok gave him a 90° bow.

Ho Jun slaps his back hard. "You call me that again, I'm going to kick your ass.."

"Ya! Appo.." trying to caresses his back but he couldn't reach.

Ho Jun smiled, satisfied. "That's for hiding it from me all this while.."

"It’s Sora's request.." Yeon Seok smiled. He look at his watch, it is almost 10am. "I need to get to work. Let’s talk again shall we?" tapping Ho Jun's shoulder.

"Remember what I just told you? I’m not kidding at all.."

"Araaa.. Stop nagging. This is so not you.."

Ho Jun walked with Yeon Seok to the door of his room. "I'll talk to grandma to set a family meeting soon.."

"Thank you Hyung.. I mean Ho Jun ah. We will forever indebted with you."

"Of course.. Just pay me back by taking care of Sora like a princess. She has always been treated as one in our house."

"Arassoyo... You're such a protective brother.." Yeon Seok smiled. Now he understand why Sora can't give her answer last night. She's being protected and guarded well by Ho Jun.

Ho Jun smirked. "See you.." he closes his door. 

Ho Jun return to his desk thinking of Sora. His younger cousin is now started to talk about marriage. He never thought that Sora would open to the idea of marriage this fast. But on a positive note, he can now let go of his responsibility to Yeon Seok and start to focus on building his own family. He take a look at his wedding picture on his desk. “Perhaps we should start planning for a kid darling?” He’s talking to the picture.

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