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Bridesmaid - Chapter 10

"Director Kang, there's a guest waiting to see you." A young lady around Sora's age - her secretary enters the room.

Sora looked at her standing by the entrance. Waiting for her to say something. She took a quick glance at her watch. "Was is scheduled?" She asked.

"No miss.." Her secretary replied.

Sora blankly stared at her secretary again. She just finished her meeting with Y&S earlier and she needs to rush for her flight. She sighed. No she's not happy with it. She's far from happy with her new life.

Reading Kang Sora facial expression, seems that her boss is bothered to receive an unwelcome guest. "Shall I send him back miss?" She asked.

"No. Let the guest in.. " Hardly she replied while putting her jacket on and grab a wool scarf to keep her neck warm. Ready to push off anytime soon. "Get the car ready too.." She instructed. 

"Yes miss.." Walking out of the room as she's inviting the guest.

A man entered while his eyes roaming throughout the big room. Suit the "Director" title that she's holding. He looked at Sora who's busy with her briefcase. Didn't even realize that he was there. "Is everything prepared?" He asked. Making his appearance known.

Sora turn to a familiar voice. "Yoo.. Yeon Seok shhi?" Surprised with his sudden visit to her room. She stopped with her documents and looking at Yeon Seok walking nearer to her desk.

"Its suprising to know that you're travelling abroad today.." a part of his voice sounds dissapointed. It is more dissapointing to know such important things from Ho Jun rather than Sora herself.

"It was a last minute assignment.." She replied. Frustrated as much as he does.

Yeon Seok looked at every detail of her face. Her eyes that are looking directly to his. Her lacious lips that is missing a smile to complement her beautiful face. Sora is being too serious in the meeting today. And even now... He missed the feeling when she casually smiles when they are together alone in his apartment. 

"Is your grandmother okay?" Softly he asked. "I've been waiting for your call last night."

"Eo.. Nothing to worry about.."she bit her lips. Yeon Seok question is reminding her about how Ho Jun and grandmother tricks her to attend the family gathering.  "I'll get my revenge Ho Jun oppa.." she thought to herself. Biting her lips.

Sora then take look at Yeon Seok who is still looking directly at her. "Anything that you want to see me about Yeon Seok shhi?" Sora asked as she look at her watch. 

Yeon Seok hold her wrist blocking her sight from the time. "You always leave in a rush.. I wish we have more time together.." Yeon Seok came nearer as he adjusted the scarf on her neck properly.

Sora stepping back one step, surprised with his movement. It was just last night he introduces Yi Soo to her. She looked deep into his eyes trying to understand his intention.. But Yeon Seok stares is getting deeper as he moved closer to her lips. Sora then move her eyes to the floor. Feeling embarrassed with Yeon Seok's stares. They are now just a few inches apart.

Yeon Seok keep staring at her finding for some hint. A hint that Sora is having the same feeling like him.

"Yeon Seok shhi.. Are you okay?" Sora asked as she started to feel uncomfortable with Yeon Seok movement.

"I'm going to miss you.." He replied as he move one step back. He needs his heart to be out in the open. He wanted his heart to be known and acknowledged by Sora. He's certain that Sora is having the same feeling as him. But there's some insecurity in her eyes. "What is it?" He thought to himself.

She frowned. Confused. "Is he confessing? Why did he confessed? What about Yi Soo?" her mind boggles.

"Sora shhi?" Yeon Seok called when looking at Sora just being silent with his confession. 

She looked at her watch. "Mianhae.. I'm getting late.." She rushes getting her handbag and tablet case. Avoiding the specific conversation.

Yeon Seok looked at Sora. The insecurity seems more prominent now. "Whats wrong Sora.. what's stopping you.." Yeon Seok thought to himself. He knows those eyes won't lies.

He hold her hands and stopped her. Pulling her closer and landed a kiss on her forehead. "Call me when you've arrived.." Softly he said. A smile stuck on his face.

"Eo.. Eoo" she's stunned with his action. She was surprised with what Yeon Seok has done.. It's no other than a confession.. right now.

"Take care.." Yeon Seok caresses her cheek before leaving the room. Left Sora silently standing there, looking straight to him walking out of the room.

"Miss.. The car is waiting.." Her secretary entered.

"Ah? Yes.. I'm coming.." Sora's walking ahead. What happened a while ago feels like a dream to her. "Was that real?" feeling a sting after pinching her cheek. "Yes it is real.."

"We're going now miss?" Asked Hwang Ho. Weird looking at his boss talking to herself.

"Yes.." absentmindedly she replied. Her mind is occupied with Yeon Seok and his action. Nothing else matter.


Sora's eyes keep looking out the window. Sometimes she smiled, sometimes she frowned. Her mind is just complicated right now. Yoo Yeon Seok's behavior is messing with her head.

"Ahh.. whatever.. Let's just go with it.." She messages her forehead. Filling dizzy for thinking too much.

"Just go with what?" a man's voice asking from her side. Couldn't hold the curiosity from seeing Sora keep on talking to herself.

Sora looked at that man figure. "Ryu Hyun Jin shhi?" surprised seeing him on the plane. Besides her.

"You're fun to watch.. are you okay?" He's been watching her since they got into the plane. Sora was too immersed with her thinking for not to realized that Hyun Jin is boarding the same plane as her and even switch places just to sit besides her.

"I'm sorry.. There's just too much on my head right now.." she replied. Biting her lips over her behaviors. "I must have lost my mind.." She thought to herself.

"I can see that.." He smiled. "So I guess you're going to LA for work matters?" Hyun Jin asked. Continuing the conversation.

Sora nodded. "How did you know..?"

"Those documents.." pointing out the document on Sora's table but was never touched. 

"Ahh.." she smiled looking at it and taking out her briefcase to put the document back. She's definitely not being able to review those documents now. Perhaps later when her heart feels more at ease.

"What about you? You're going back to LA already?" Their brief meeting last night give her a little bit explanation of what he does for living and his relationship with Yeon Seok. 

"Nope.. I'm having my monthly checkup with my sports consultant.." Hyun Jin wanted to be on the field for next season if his recovery going well. He needs to ensure that its going well.

Sora nodded understanding. His face is full of hope when he talked about his career. 

"How long will you be in LA?" Changing the topic.

"A week.." Sora replied. That is what being scheduled. and she need to come back by Friday for another scheduled meeting. Again she sighed. Started to missed the beautiful carefree life as a student. "This is not what I'm aiming for my life.." She thought to herself. If its not for grandma, she wouldn't be here today. That's for sure.

"Great.. you would have enough time for me to travel you around then.." Hyun Jin offers. Its a great opportunity for him to know Sora better.

Sora smiled. "Really? You don't mind?" That thought has come to her before he said it.

"Of course.. It would be my please.."

"Nice!" She's excited. Being is student has its limits. Well, there's always a pro and cons of everything in life.

A stewardess come to them for first appetizer as she has chosen on the ground. She looked at them for a while before she started throwing her eyes out the window looking towards the clear blue sky again. Will her heart be as clear as those skies when she's back next week?


"Sora shhi.. Get in.." An Luxury Maroon GTR greeted her in front of Empire Hotel building.

Sora looked at a man getting out from the car fast getting the door from her side. "I hope you don't wait for long.." He said.

"No I'm not.. Don't worry.." She smiled as she's heading to the door. "You dont have to treat me that special.. i can open the door myself.."

"I'm welcoming my honorable guest.." Hyun Jin looked at the girl in soft pink blouse and seasoned colored jeans gently entering his car. Her appearance always looks simple yet showing her elegance body features.

"Where are we heading today?" It's her last day in LA before going back to Seoul tomorrow. After a few time going out together, spending evening time with Ryu Hyun Jin, Sora has become more casual with him now. He's a great friend to be with.

"We've been to Broadway and Hollywood. Do you have anything else in mind? Shopping?" Hyun Jin asked.

Sora thinking through his offer. She's not a type who loves to shop that much. "Nah.. I'll skip that.." She look at Hyun Jin. "May I visit Dodger's stadium..?" She smiled. It would be interesting to visit the home of LA Dodger's team.. Hyun Jin's team.

"Are you sure? There's nothing now though.. Its off season.." Hyun Jin asked.

"Eo.. I just want to have a feeling.. being in the middle of the field.." She smiled. It would be more thrilled if it's filled with spectator of course. Perhaps some other time.

Hyun Jin looked at his back seat and taking out a blue hat with big LA words on it. "Here.." He gave it to her.

"Yours?" Sora asked. Excited looking at a hat with Hyun Jin's autograph on it too.

Hyun Jin nodded. 

Sora tidy up her long hair and tie it into a pony tail as she's wearing the hat. "How is it?" She asked.

"How can girls always looks so sexy in that hat?" Hyun Jin teases. 

"Girls?" Sora teases. "I guess you always kept an extra in your back seat don't you?" She laughed.

"You get things fast.." Hyun Jin laugh as he drove off to the stadium as promised. He never felt this comfortable with a girl before. Its the same feeling like he felt with his close friend and his team members. She make him feels like home. Like they've Known each other for ages.

"Stay here for a while.. I need to see for security clearance before we can go in.." Hyun parks his GTR near to VIP entrance.

"Ea.." Sora nodded understanding. Looking at Hyun Jin heading to an english bodyguard and talking a few words with him. Sora's peeking into the stadium, it's really empty during off season. Not even a single people there except a few bodyguards and cleaner wondering around and chatting.

Suddenly her phone rang.

"Yeon Seok shhi?" She picks up the phone. She looks at her watch, it must be around lunch time there.

"I've been wondering if you started to forget me.." Yeon Seok replied. Sora never called him after she departs to LA. At first he wanted to just wait until Sora decided to call him, but his heart is yearning to hear her voice for just too much. 

"I'm testing whether you will call me instead.." Sora teases.

"Pardon?" Yeon Seok surprises hearing Sora's joke.

"Nothing..Anyway, how are you?" Sora asked. She knows she's been missing him too. Been thinking to keep their relationship as casual as it can and get rid of all those uncertain feelings.

"Been missing you all along.." Yeon Seok replied.

Sora giggles. "Don't lose your coolness.. It is better like that.."

Yeon Seok smiled hearing to her remarks. Seems that being away like this has make Sora to open up her heart for him too. She seems more casual and comfortable speaking with him now.

"Is everything okay there? When are you coming back?" Yeon Seok ask.

"By asking.. does it mean that you're going to pick me up?"

"Will keep my schedule open for you.."

Again Sora laughed. Its weird listening to Yeon Seok talking with all those sweet words. "Yeon Seok shhi.. Stop it. It's not like you.."

"What? Is it a crime?"

"It's awkward.." She replied. Still giggling over his behaviour.

"Sora shhi.. Come.. The gate is open.." Hyun Jin came to the car, opening the door for her.

"Sorry.. I'll come in a while.." Sora answered asking for the door to be closed again before she went back to the phone.

Hyun Jin nodded as he closed the door and waited outside. She must have something important that she need to talk it off. He thought to himself.

"Ryu Hyun Jin?" Yeon Seok thought to himself.. Surprised hearing a familiar voice from the other side.

"Yeon Seok shhi.. I need to go. Let's talk again later.." 

"You flight sche.." Yeon Seok can't finish his sentence before Sora hang up on him. He looked at the phone and thinking over the voice that he heard earlier.

Yeon Seok started to feel unease. "No.. perhaps they just meet each other since Hyun Jin is there too.." Thinking that Hyun Jin is scheduled to go back to LA too a few days back.

"But how did they get in contact with each other?" Another question popped in. "Stop it Yoo Yeon Seok.. You're trying to get her confidence now.. You're not supposed to jealous over this tiny little thing." Talking to his inner feeling.


Yeon Seok looked at the information board.. "I came at the right time.." he smiled while looking at his watch. Its 30minutes passed 7. The flight has landed as per scheduled.


"I think you have started to develop a mental problem Yeon Seok ah.." Ho Jun came into the room looking at his best friend walking back and forth across his room while talking to himself.

He looked at Ho Jun. "Ya! Tell me.."

"What? What???" Surprise when Yeon Seok suddenly walking fast towards him.

"You know when Kang Sora shhi will be coming back right?" He asked.

"How would I know that? Do you think I live with her?" Ho Jun laughed over the secret that he kept.

"You knew it.. I can see it from your face.. Tell me..." Yeon Seok half begging.

"What is it?" Ho Jun looked at Yeon Seok. "You started to like her is it?"


"If you deny it then I won't let you know the answer.."

Yeon Seok looked at him. He didn't want to let his feelings known by other than Sora as yet. The feeling is exclusive.

"Nevermind.. I'll look for it myself.." Yeon Seok went back to his laptop and continue with his work that he left before making a call to Sora earlier.

Ho Jun giggles looking at Yeon Seok. "Its Friday morning.. check for first inbound flight from LA. She had another meeting in the afternoon."

Yeon Seok stares at him. All he ask is the flight information but Ho Jun replied with more than that. "How did you know all those? You seems to know everything about her.."

Ho Jun bite off his lips. His big mouth that cant hold secret sometimes. "I'm getting off early today.. see you tomorrow"

"Ya.. its only afternoon. You're behavinsometim suddenly." Yeon Seok stares at him sharper. "I'm going to investigate on you" he told Ho Jun.

"Ya imma.. what do you think i am?"

"I dont know.. you always avoid this topic when I ask.." he giggles.

"Whatever.. I'm seriously getting off early today.." he rushes outside. He would slipped out more if he stays in there.


"Good morning!" Yeon Seok suprises Sora who's walking straight to the airport exit. Didnt realize there's a man that was waiting there all this while.

"Yeon Seok shhi!" Weird that he manage to know about her schedule.

"I had an informer.." he smiled as he extended his hands to carry her luggage. "You're travelling quite light for a week visit, isnt it?"

"Eo.. i dont like travelling with bundles of wardrobe." She follows him to his car. "Sorry for making you to come this early.."

"No you didnt.. I want to do this.." he smiled. "I missed you.."

Sora hides her smiles away from being seen by Yeon Seok. She didnt want him to see how flustered her heart is hearing those words.

Yeon Seok smiled looking at her. "Shall we go for a breakfast before heading to the office?"

Sora looked at her watch. "That would be great.." holding her stomach "I'm hungry over korean breakfast.." she grinned. Rice with kimchi stew came to her mind. 

"Shouldn't you watch your weight a bit?" Yeon Seok teases.

"Why? Am I getting fatter?" Looked at her dress that she thought still fits her body finely.

Yeon Seok cant hold his laugh. She is a normal woman who worries over her size and weight afterall. "You look just fine my dear.." Yeon Seok caresses her hair. Its those image that he is missing more. The spontaneous and unfiltered Sora. Her real self unlike the one he's seeing at the office when she's holding her director title and maintaining her image in front of her subordinates.

Sora sharply stares at him over his jokes. 

"Mianhae sweety.."

"Yeon Seok shhi.."

"Call me oppa" Yeon Seok instructed.

"Aee???" Surprised. She just about to make some remarks on him keep talking with sweet words. Whats waiting for her is worst.


"Not there yet.." Sora smiled. 

"When we will get there then?" Yeon seok approach her closer.

Sora push him further apart. "When you stop behaving like a 5 years old child and no more using all those sweet words. Its scaring me.. just act like normal"

Yeon Seok laughed. "Arasso.. lets behaving like normal then.." he stopped and leaning his heads towards Sora face again. "How's normal by the way?"

"Yeon Seok Shhi!" She pinched his arms.

"Arasso.. arasso.." Yeon Seok giggles. He watch every detail of her face. Her smile. The person that he will hold her heart dearly from now on.

Note: I'm truly sorry for late finishing this. It has been on draft mode for more than 5 months and i cant finished it. Literally live on a plane lately with my superbusy schedule. Apology. I'm writing this chap from my phone so forgive me if there's any misalignment or such. Hope u enjoy it. :)


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