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Bridesmaid - Chapter 9

"Come.. I'm having a dinner with Sora-shhi now.." Ho Jun is talking to somebody on the phone.

"Dugu?" Asked Sora as she took a bite of the sirloin steak served in front of her.

"Yeon Seok. Ya.. You didn't tell him anything isn't it?"

"Why should I?"

"Just asking.." Ho Jun took a bite of his food. "Anyway.. Let’s meet your future sister in law when we're back to Seoul. It's been a long time since we have a family gathering.."

"No thank you. I'm not looking forward to any family gathering.." She would skip any event where her dad is around. That's for sure.

"Why are you always being hard headed.." Ho Jun sighed. "I think you should get married soonest. It would have soften your ego a bit.."

Sora took a sharp glare at Ho Jun over his remarks.

"What do you think of Yoo Yeon Seok?" He asked.

Sora choked hearing that name.

"Why? He's the nicest friend that I have ever met. Isn’t he?" Ho Jun still trying to see Sora's reaction over Yeon Seok, his best friend.

"Are you trying to sell your friend now? You sounds like a salesman.." Sora teases.

"Ya!" Ho Jun looked at Sora, playfully teasing his words.

"I hope you guys wasn't talking about me.." Yeon Seok shows up with a casual look matched with a black leather jacket, taking a seat besides Sora.

"Where are you heading to?" Ho Jun discreetly glance at Sora to see her reaction towards Yeon Seok.

Sora took a quick glance at Yeon Seok and focus back at her sirloin. Her heart started to beat harder with Yeon Seok now just a few inches away besides her. Seems like what's happening in the corridor today is rising up her expectation towards Yeon Seok even more.

"Ryu is coming. We're going for some night ride.." Yeon Sook answered.

"Ryu is here too?" Ho Jun asked.

"Who's Ryu? The girl that once visited his house isn’t a name of Ryu." Sora remember correctly that beautiful woman's name that she met last time. She thought to herself. 

Yeon Seok nodded. "It's unplanned.." He smiled. "Both of you look quite close to each other.. Isn’t it?" He asked. His eyes is now fixed on her. The beauty that he enjoyed are now following him to Dubai. Well, not literally follow.

"I guess our chemistry just blend well.. Isn't it?" Ho Jun kicked Sora's feet.

Sora smiled while clenching her teeth. Avoiding direct contact with Yeon Seok's eyes.

"Did you enjoy your dinner Sora shhi?" He asked when realized that Sora didn't utter a word since he came. Seems that she doesn't feel comfortable with him around?

"Pretty much.." Sora awkwardly smiled at him. Not sure how to start the conversation after what's happening earlier today. "Are you joining us for dinner?" she asked it formally. Their relationship is becoming more awkward than maid and employer relationship before.

"Yes.. I'm pretty hungry. Missing my regular Korean dinner at home.." Yeon Seok smiled while taking another glance at Sora.

Sora secretly smiled to the remarks. She understands his subtle meaning somehow.

"You should have your taste more global Yeon Seok ah.." Ho Jun interrupted.

"I do.. But the taste back home just lingers at the back of my mind.." Yeon Seok looked at Sora. "What do you think Kang Sora shhi? Do you love Korean dishes?"

"Eo.. I do.." Slowly she nodded. She knows Yeon Seok purposely trying to tease her.

"Right.. The maid's cooking that you told me about. I guess it’s her looks that matter the most isn't it?" Ho Jun teases.

"Look?" Sora looked directly to Ho Jun's eyes. It seems that Yeon Seok is been telling stories about his maid to Ho Jun. She bit her lips.

Yeon Seok kicked Ho Jun feet. "It’s nothing really. Ho Jun shhi knows how to jokes.. heheheh.." scratching his head.

Ho Jun weird with Yeon Seok's reaction. Perhaps he just mentioned something that he shouldn’t. He thought to himself. Drinking his wine with a deep suspicion.

"I'm heading for some adrenaline rush. Do you want to join?" Yeon Seok asked both Ho Jun and Sora. It is Sora that he hope to join the most.

"Adrenaline rush?" Sora asked.

"At 300km/h.." Yeon Seok answered.

Sora nodded understanding. Caressing the tip of her glass. Thinking of the paperwork that she needs to go through before tomorrow's morning flight.

"You're joining?" Ho Jun asked. Sora seems to be in a deep thought.

"I'll skip the fun.." sipping the wine that's left. "I have those paperwork to review before I leave tomorrow."

"You're leaving in the morning?" Ho Jun asked. Surprised. He can't even get over his jetlag, but Sora is for her another flight tomorrow. That though girl.

Sweetly Sora smiled to both gentleman and getting up from her seat. Picking up her black Chanel clutch bag. 

"Let me accompany you.." Yeon Seok offers.

"No it's okay.. I'll be fine." Stopping Yeon Seok to further make her feels awkward. "Have fun guys.." She smiled at them. Especially Ho Jun. She knows by looking at his eyes, he is worried. "This is the price that I have to pay for being in this position oppa.." she thought to herself.

Slowly she walked to her room. Enjoying the night in Dubai alone.


Sora looked at the clean living room in front of her. "There's nothing more to do.." She sighed.

"I told you to stop doing it.." Yeon Seok came with two glass of cold drink. Their relationship has becoming more and more closer after their meeting in Dubai a month ago. "You're tired enough with your office work.."

Sora take a seat. "Looks like I don't have any reason to come anymore.."

Yeon Seok surprised with the remarks. "What do you mean? You still need to cook.."

Sora sneered. His ego is too high to admit that he misses her. "Arasso Sajangnim.." She gets up heading to the fridge. Looking through the ingredients for their dinner tonight.

Yeon Seok came near her and hold her hands that makes her surprised. "Let's eat out tonight.." He said.

"Oh.. You should have told me earlier. Then I'll meet you tomorrow.." Sora try to pull her hands. She can feel her cheek blushes.

"Accompany me.. I don't like eating alone.." His deep voice sounds sexy.

Sora looked at him. This is the first time Yeon Seok ever asked her out. "Have you gotten your strength now?" she thought to herself.

"Emm?" Waiting for Sora's answer.

"Sure.." Eventually she put a smile to Yeon Seok's face.

"Let's go. I've found this nice place that you're going to love.." He pulled her hands towards him.

"Wait.. My clutch.." Stopping the excited man and grab her clutch. 

She looked at Yeon Seok dragging her by hands 2 blocks away from his house. Didn't let go even a bit. "What is this?" She smiled while caressing her cheek. The feeling is too beautiful to describe.

"I heard Venison steak here is the best in town.." He looked at Sora who's been caressing her beet red face. "Are you sick?" He asked.

"Anieya.. It must be the weather. It's too hot.." waving her hands to feel a bit of wind hitting her face. "Get a grip of yourself Kang Sora.. Don't be too obvious.." She thought to herself.

"It’s already entering Autumn soon, but why is it so hot?" Yeon Seok look to the sky. And then smiled to her. 

"How many person sir?" A waiter came to them.

"4 person.." Yeon Seok answered.

"4?" Sora looked at him. Weird.

"My friend will be joining us later.." He smiled. Today is the day that he's planning to make it official. His feeling towards Sora. In front of his best friends.

"Ohh.." Her smile started to fade away. She thought it’s a special dinner for just both of them. Seems like it’s a false hope.

"Why? You don't like meeting my friends?"

"Anieya.. It's okay.." Sora bitterly smiled. "Who am I to say what I like or not.." She thought to herself again. A silent sigh went out as she pulled her hands off his.

"We have a table for you and your company sir.." the waiter came back again holding four menus. Leading us to the reserved table. 

Sora looked at the restaurant surrounding. It should feel romantic for couples, but it just give her a feels of annoyance now. "Perhaps I keep my expectation too high.. What was I thinking.." Another dialog with her inner self as Yeon Seok pulled out a chair for her.

"Thank you.." She nonchalantly said.

Yeon Seok looked at Sora. Her mood changes suddenly that makes him wonder what's wrong. "You don't like this restaurant?" He asked.

Sora looked at him. His eyes is looking at her deeply. "Stop making him feel guilty Kang Sora. He didn't do anything wrong. You wronged yourself.." Another inner debate.

"Sora shhi?"

"Anie.. I love it." She looked at the wall with a Milkmaid painting. "I wonder where they got The Milkmaid painting by Johann Vermeer there." Changing the topic.

Yeon Seok looked around the restaurant that has a few masterpieces on its wall. "So these makes your head occupied?" He smiled.

"Huh?" Sora looked at him.

"You must love arts isn't it?"

"More or less.." Sora smiled. "I wonder if those are real.."

"It's a copy miss.." A tall with big built man came to their table.

"Ya! Hyun Jin!" Warmly welcoming his friend who will be joining them for the dinner. "Sora shhi, this is my best friend. Ryu Hyun Jin.. Hyun Jin, this is.."

"Hi Kang Sora shhi.." Hyun Jin extended his hands towards her.

"You've met before?" Yeon Seok asked.

"Anie.." Sora looked at Hyun Jin. Can't recall the face..

"I'm disappointed.. I should just leave you alone last time in Itaewon.."

"Oh... You're that person!" She accepted his hands. "Thank you for giving me a lift last time.." Now she remembers the person who's helping her with groceries and other things for Yeon Seok’s house.

"Itaewon?" Yeon Seok puzzled. How a person who rarely be in Seoul can met Sora before.

"There's nothing much Yeon Seok Shhi.. But it is really a surprise to see you here. What a small world.." She smiled. 

Yeon Seok looked at her with jealousy. He's especially jealous when Sora became bubbly with Hyun Jin now.

"Mianhae.. I'm late oppa!" A girl in a stunning grey dress softly hugging Yeon Seok.

"It's okay.. Hyun Jin just arrived too.." Yeon Seok smiled. "Sora Shhi.. You've met her before right?"

"Eo.. Nice to meet you again Yoo Yi Soo Shhi.." Sora extended her hands to her. The person that she thought as Yeon Seok's girlfriend.

"You too Kang Sora shhi.. You look different now.." Yi Soo looked at her top bottom. Her clothes, her jewelleries and even her accessories are from reputable high class brands.

Sora bitterly smiled at her. Feels intimidated for being judged with her dressing and styles. She looked at Yeon Seok and then Yi Soo who is sitting beside him. "What is the purpose for showing your intimate relationship here?" Sora whispered to herself. Seeing Yi Soo with Yeon Seok just makes her feels inferior and insecure.

"Sorry to surprised you like this.. It so happen that they are in town now.." Yeon Seok trying to make up some excuse so that Sora won't feel burdened with the sudden invitation.

"Gwenchana.. We're here to eat anyway. The more the merrier.." Subtly Sora is being cynical. "Let's order.." She added. Clenching her teeth as she look through the menu. Somehow she feels like her ego is being tested tonight.

"What are you eating oppa?" Yi Soo asked Yeon Seok.

"A Venison Steak.. Medium rare" He ordered.

"I have one like him..." Yi Soo ordered too. Didn’t want to think much on what to order.

"I want mine well done.." Hyun Jin added.

"Sora shhi.. What do you have in mind?" Yeon Seok asked looking at Sora who is still on her menu.

"Me too. Well done.." She looked at Yeon Seok. "Mind if I order a red wine to accompany our dinner?" She ask.

"Sure.. A red wine would be good.." He answered.

Sora nodded. "Do you have 1947 Cheval Blanc?" asking the waiter.

Yi Soo looked at her. Impressed with her taste. A maid that have a taste of USD500,000 wine. She must have underestimate her.

"Yes we do.."

"Bring me some for taste.." She answered.

"Sure miss.. Anything more miss? sir?" The waiter ask before she goes to the kitchen for order.

"Nothing more. Thanks.." Yeon Seok replied. Looking at Sora, she doesn't seems like herself. "Are you okay?" He whispered to her.."

"Why?" Sora whispered to him back.

"Anieya.." Yeon Seok looked at her. Something definitely odd with the environment. It’s different from when there's only both of them before.

"So, have you finished your study Kang Sora shhi?" Hyun Jin asked.


"Last time that we met, you were wearing a student tag remember.."

"Ah right.. I'm with my family's business now.." Sora answered. "I never get to know you in detail before.." Facing her body facing him. 

"He's the famous Korean Pitcher with LA Dodgers Sora shhi.." Yeon Seok interferes. Feels disturbed when Sora is facing off him.

"Ohhhhhh... You're that person!"

Hyun Jin laughed over her reaction. 

"You better give me an autograph after this.." She winked.

"Sure.. That would be my honor Kang Sora shhi.."

"Miss.. This is the wine that you ordered.." A male waiter pouring a small amount of wine for Sora to taste.

"Thanks.." She took a smell from her glass. "This is fine.. Open it.." She instructed.

"Seems like you're a professional with wine.." Hyun Jin praised.

"It’s hobby from my late mom that I able to learn.." She answered as the memory of her mom came to her. 

"You're okay?" Yeon Seok asked again. He's being sensitive with Sora's changes in mood tonight. She's not being herself that he knows all this while.

"Stop asking that question.. I'm okay.." She smiled to him. "I need to go to the washroom.."

"Your maid really has a great taste.." Yi Soo whispers to Yeon Seok as Sora walk away from them.

"She's the grandchild of Empire Group.."

"What? Are you for real? The hotel that you're building in Dubai?"

"Yes.. It's hers.."

"That's ridiculous.. Why on earth she wanted to become your maid when she's that rich?" Yi Soo couldn't believe what she heard.

"What's wrong?" Hyun Jin asked the reason for their commotion.

"So..." Yi Soo couldn't talk much as her mouth being shut by Yeon Seok. "She doesn't want other people to know this.." He whispered to her.

"It's nothing.." Yeon Seok grinned. "How's your golf skill lately? Let’s have a game tomorrow?" Yeon Seok changing the topic.

"You know I don't have time to practice golf there.. Let's go for a pitch instead?"

"Ya.. Your shoulder.. Is it okay now?" He just went for a surgery last month.

"It should be okay now.. I need some practice too.." He massages his shoulder. No more sharp pain that he always felt before.

"Yeon Seok shhi.." Sora came in a rush. "I need to go.. My grandmother admitted to hospital.."

"Is she okay?"

"I hope she is.. I'm truly sorry to leave abruptly like this. I'll make up for it some other time.." she bowed to Yi Soo and Hyun Jin.

"It's okay Kang Sora shhi.. Take care.." Yi Soo looked at her with concerned. 

"Let me sent you home.." Yeon Seok offers as he walks her to the front door.

"No its okay.." She looked at him. "I'm truly sorry for tonight.."

"No.. Don't feel burdened by it.." He hold her shoulder. 

An exclusive black Mercedes S350 stopped in front of them. "Kang Sora shhi.." Her personal assistance came out to open the door for her.

"Call me when you're free later.." Yeon Seok requested. "Make sure to take care of yourself.." Worries are all over his face.

"Ae.." Sora gets into the car, looking at Yeon Seok from the tinted window. "Why does he need to be so caring when Yi Soo is there besides him?" She whispered to herself. Yeon Seok's confusing behaviour is not helping her with the situation. "I should be worried for grandma.. Not him.. Stupid Kang Sora.." She hits her head.

"Anything Miss?" Her assistance looked at her.

"Nothing.. Drive fast.." She instructed. Taking a glance at the driver's side mirror. Yeon Seok is still looking at the car, waiting for her to disappear from his sight. "Stop making things complicated Kang Sora.." She sighed to herself.


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