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Bridesmaid - Chapter 8

"How was the proposal coming up?" Yeon Seok took a visit to operation team after arriving in Dubai a while ago. He looked at Ho Jun still focusing on reading some reports while the others getting up realized that he came. 

"It's okay.. Continue with your job.." He said to them, busy touching up the proposal for presentation to Empire representative this afternoon. "What's wrong Ho Jun? Are you stressed?" He went closer to Ho Jun and give him a little bit of massage on his shoulder.

"Nothing. Just reading through the proposal prepared by these guys." He gave the paper to Yeon Seok. "Nothing to worry I guess." He sighed.

Yeon Seok take a look and flipping through. "Won't this impact our material cost too?" He looked at Ho Jun.

"It will to certain extent.. What do you think?" Ho Jun is crossing his arms. Waiting for Yeon Seok's agreement. He can only feel comfortable with the proposal if Yeon Seok agrees to it. Yeon Seok instinct can never go wrong.

"If this is the figure that we are looking at..." He look further. "I think we can make it.. By taking into account at around 10% variance, we can still eyeing for a profit of more than 25%."

"Are you sure? Are we okay with just 25%?"

"Yup.. Look at this projection." He shows the projection and studies done by their good people. "We won't be having much profit like the other projects. But this will be a good stepping stone for our international foot print. Let's look on the long term impact shall we?"

Ho Jun nodded. Agreeing to the words. "At least I can feel a bit relieved now that you say that.." he smiled to Yeon Seok. A person that always knows how to look into a situation positively. "Have you take your lunch?" He asked.

"No I have not.. Let’s go for some quick lunch before the Empire people come? I'm hungry.." Holding his empty stomach.

Ho Jun smiled. "You cry baby. You can't survive alone aren't you?"

Yeon Seok smiled back. "Let's have some lunch. Guys, join us." Yeon Seok grabbed his partner's shoulder overlooking at their other workers.

"It's okay sir. We need to finalize this paper. The representative is coming soon.." The staff smiled to the invitation.

"You guys better finish it by then.." Ho Jun teases. His team has work days and night to work on this matter within a week time given.

Yeok Seok sneered. He knows Y&S operation team has been stretched due to the incident that happened last week. Ho Jun's team has been so committed to make sure the solution is out today as per his promise with Empire. They deserve a pat in the back.

"Let's go.. They know better what they need to do. Stop bothering them.." Yeon Seok dragged Ho Jun's arms, taking him off work for a few while.

"Dubai is too hot.. I really didn't want to go outside.." He looked at the July sun from inside of Burj hotel that they were staying. The weather is too hot and dry that makes them to avoid any outside activities.

"Who says about going out?" Yeon Seok smiled. "Come.. I found a good place for lunch"


"You looked happier lately.." Cutting some medium rare beef steak for a taste.

"Is that a sin? I've always been a cheerful person didn't I?" Yeon Seok smiled chomping down his Kabsa Rice. An Arabic dish he's tasting. 

"Ya right.. I clearly remembers your face 2 months ago.." He stopped and looked at Yeon Seok. "Did you sort out with that girl?"

Yeon Seok cynically glares at him. "Eyy.. What girl that you’re talking about? I'm just feeling great lately. That's all.."

"I'm not buying.."

Yeon Seok laughed. "You're being overly sensitive. There's nothing.."

"Don't bluff.. I can see the difference definitely." Ho Jun still can remember how Yeon Seok been out of his conscious mind before.

"Red wine?" Yeon Seok asked.

"Ya!" Ho Jun flinched. "Don't try to change the topic.."

Yeon Seok sneered while giving a sign to the waiter. "There's really nothing.. I'm still trying to know her better.."

"Red wine sir.." The waiter poured 2 glasses of cold red wine to finish off their lunch.

"Thanks.." Yeon Seok grabbed his drink.

"See.. I know I won't be wrong with my judgment. Is she beautiful? Have I met her before?"

Yeon Seok sheepishly smiled. To his eyes, she is the most beautiful woman he has ever met. A person that makes his heart flustered from the moment they see each other's eyes for the first time.

"See that.. That smile is really telling me that something is happening.." Ho Jun teases.

"It’s still early to say anything.." Yeon Seok is trying to be fair with his heart too. He can't be hoping for something that is still undetermined.

Ho Jun nodded understanding. "Arasso.. I'll be waiting for the moment you introduce me to her.." He taps his best friend's arms. It’s about time for Yeon Seok to start focusing in his personal life rather than just work. He's of the age to marry someone.

Yeon Seok smiled. It’s too early to talk about Sora. He know it. "Let’s go.. The representative should be here soon.."

Ho Jun nodded looking at his watch. Walking side by side to their meeting room.

"Sir, they are here.." Ho Jun's assistance approaching them.

"That's early.." Ho Jun looked at Yeon Seok and let him walk into the room first.

"Thank you for coming this far.." Yeon Seok went straight to a guy who is sitting opposite the entrance. "Hwang Ho shhi isn’t it?" Extending his hand to his guest.
"No worries.. Our director is on the way. She will be arriving soon."

"She?" Yeon Seok looked at Ho Jun. Never knows that Empire has a female director in-charge of this project. 

Ho Jun looked at Hwang Ho trying to figure out if Sora will be around as Hwang Ho replied with a smile.

"Shit.. She's going to be tough.." Ho Jun whispered.


"It's nothing.." Ho Jun trying to divert his attention to the document in front of him.

"I'm sorry.. I hope I'm not too late.." A woman with long honey hair wearing a Chanel formal white suit entering the meeting room.

Yeon Seok and Sora surprised seeing each other at this place other that Yeon Seok’s house.

"Mr Yoo, please meet this is our newly appointed Strategic Acquisition and Development Director, Ms Kang Sora shhi.." Hwang Ho stand besides both of them.

"Kang Sora?" He whispered. Surprised seeing his maid is currently in front of him as his client instead.

"Ms Kang, this is Mr Yoo, CEO of Y&S Construction. Our main contractor for Dubai project.." Hwang Ho introduces.

Kang Sora nodded trying to keep her look. "Nice to meet you Mr Yoo.." extending her hands.

"Nice meeting you too... Ms Kang.." Slowly reaches her soft hand. "This is Mr Son Ho Jun. My share partner.."


"Hi Ms Kang.. Nice meeting you.." Ho Jun cutting Sora's words fast. "I hope you had a great journey here.." He secretly winked.

Kang Sora looked at him. Trying to figure out the meaning behind Ho Jun's wink. "Ae.." She stuttered. 

"Let’s have a seat and start our meeting shall we?" Son Ho Jun pull out a chair for Sora.

"Thank you.." She said while sharply taking a glance at him.

"Pretend like you don't know me.." Ho Jun whispered while pushing the chair closer to the desk.

She looked at Ho Jun and Yeon Seok again. Both faces that she's familiar with but she need to pretend not to know any of them. Silently she sighed.

"Director-nim.. You should make an opening remarks.." Hwang Ho whispered.

"Ah right.." Sora forgotten. "Apology and thank you for Y&S to be able to attend to this meeting. As discussed with Ho Jun op.. I mean Mr Son earlier, we will need to make sure that we can launch our new Dubai branch by the set date. Since the issues happened to the construction site last week, we hope Y&S would be able to present us some way forward to manage this situation and still achieve our target date.."

"Yup.. The message was well noted and our team has studied at all angle for today's meeting. I think, before discussing further, shall we listen to my team proposal's first?" Yeon Seok couldn't stop his eyes from looking at Sora’s glamourous and beautiful features. She’s carrying a different aura today.

"Sure.." Realizing that Yeon Seok has been watching her from before, Sora trying to look away and ignore it.

"You're being too obvious.." Ho Jun whispered as his team started to take control presenting their proposal.

"What?" Yeon Seok puzzled.

"Is she that beautiful? Close your mouth. Your intention shows.." Ho Jun smiled.

"Shut up and focus.." Yeon Seok smiled to Ho Jun's word and steal another look at Sora who's also looking at him. He smiled.

Sora is trying to focus her eyes back to the presentation. Seeing Yeon Seok for work is a disaster. But seeing Yeon Seok with Ho Jun is worst. Looking at their interaction, seems like they are really close to each other. "I'll be dead if Ho Jun oppa knows.." she's biting her lips. Her secret when she's living away from the family should not be made known to any of her family members. Her grandmother would be furious if she got to know it.

"How was it Ms Kang? Are you okay with our proposal?" Ho Jun asked.

Sora looked at him surprised. Taking a look at the 'Thank You' slide in front of her. Seems like the presentation is finished while her mind has been wandering everywhere. 

She looked at both Yeon Seok and Ho Jun, two guys that make her attention goes away. "Send this presentation to me and I'll let you know my answer tomorrow.." Sora said as she gets up from the chair.

"Kang Sora.." Ho Jun looked at Yeon Seok realized where he's standing. "Shhi.." he added. "Can we have a private discussion for a while?" Ho Jun asked when he thought that Sora is trying to make it tough.

"Sure.." Sora said as she follows him to a private waiting room.

"What are you doing? Is our proposal that hard to be agreed upon? We even took the agony to have a smaller margin with that.." Ho Jun looked at her.

"Why are you trying to hide that you are related to Empire?" Sora asked Ho Jun back.

"Answer to me first.."

"Nope.. You first.."

"Ya!" Ho Jun widened his eyes.

Sora ignored him. Hugging her arms.

"Arasso.. I didn't want people to misunderstand that our company got the project due to my connection with Empire."

"Why can't you just ignore those remarks? It won't kill your company anyway.. You know this project are given through the right channel and bidding process."

"People can always talk. And this is our stepping stone for overseas projects anyway. We can't be seen as a company that venture abroad due to 'networking'. Yeon Seok is hoping hard for this project to fly. At least let it fly first." Ho Jun looked at Sora nodding to his words. 

"So explain now.. Why did you reject our proposal?" Ho Jun asked again.

"Isn't this like trying to get an insider information?" Sora teases.

"Ya imma!"

Sora giggled. "I just don't focus enough with the presentation. Let me sleep it off tonight and let you know my feedback tomorrow morning?"

"You didn't focus?" Ho Jun put his hand on her forehead. "Are you sick?"

"Oppa! I'm okay.." Brushing off his hand from her head.

"You're a person with highest attention to everything. Weird to hear that word from your mouth.."

Sora sneered. Ho Jun just knows how to repay her back in whatever he can do. "I'm still having my jetlag. I need my rest too.." Sora is making up excuses. She knows the real reason is not that.

"Tomorrow morning you must give us feedback. At least for us to move forward soonest.." Ho Jun smiled.

"Arasso arasso.. I will.."

"That's my little cousin!" He pinched her cheek.

"Ho Jun.." Yeon Seok entered the room looking at Ho Jun seems like caressing Sora's cheek.

"Mianhae.. We have finished discussing." Ho Jun walk nearer to him. "She needs a bit of rest and therefore she will come back with the decision tomorrow morning.."

"Oh.. Ok.." Yeon Seok looked at Sora. "Shall we meet here again tomorrow morning then?" He asked her.

"Sure. Let's meet by 10am tomorrow.." She walks to the door.

"Let me walk you to your room?" Yeon Seok asked.

Sora surprised and look at Yeon Seok and then Ho Jun. Ho Jun smiled giving his blessing. "Sure.." She replied.

"Have a good rest Kang Sora shhi" Ho Jun slightly bowed to her.

"Thanks. See you again Son Ho Jun shhi.." She bowed back. It’s though for her to pretend like she didn't know both of them especially when in an unexpected instances like today.

She walk to the lift following a step behind Yeon Seok.

"Which level?" Yeon Seok asked.

"79.." shortly she replied as the lift door closes.

A silent moment as the lift started to climb up from 3rd floor to 79th.

"So this is your family commitment that you were saying earlier?" Yeon Seok cautiously ask the question.

"Eo.." Sora tucking her hair to the back of her ears while throwing her eyes to the floor indicators. "I'm sorry.."

"You don't have anything to be sorry for.." He looked at her. "It is my bad for making the future successor of Empire Hotel to work as a maid.."

Sora looked at him. "You never make me. It's my own choice.. I hope the fact about me becoming your maid can just remain between us?" Sora asked.

Yeon Seok looked at her. Understand where that come from. "No worries. It will remain just between both of us. Knowing this fact, I'm not comfortable in keeping you to become my maid still.."

"Why? You've found new maid already?"

"Anie...." Yeon Seok out of words.

Sora sighed. The time when she worked with him, serving him foods and seeing him eat the food prepared is the happiest time of her daily life.

Both went silent for a while as the lift door to level 79th floor opened. 

"I know you conspired with ahjumma to keep me working with you. Why stopped there?" Sora asked him as she walk out of the lift.

Yeon Seok surprised. "You.. You know?" He stammered.

Sora nodded.

"Why didn't you tell me that you know?" He scratches his head.

Sora smiled.

“You’re making me feel guilty.. I’m really sorry Sora.”

"Anie.. I choose to stay knowing the fact because I love the job.." and the person I worked for too. She thought to herself.

"I love to still keep you besides me too.." Yeon Seok replied. "But I don't feel comfortable having an Empire Hotel's Director working with me as a maid. It just seems.. Wrong.."

Sora's eyes widening. Did she just hear some kind of a confession just now? She touches her blushed cheek.

"Are you okay?" Yeon Seok looked at her.

"Just a bit dizzy.. Need my rest first.." Sora said softly.

"Alright. Let’s discuss this later. Make sure to take a good rest.." Yeon Seok caressing her hair and softly tap her head.

Sora nodded and walk to her room with a wide smile stuck on her face. "What is this?" She whispered to herself.

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