Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bridesmaid - Chapter 7

"Director Kang.. Our hotel construction in Dubai is having some problem. The workers stopped their work worried for the safety.." Rushingly Hwang Ho entered the office of Strategic Acquisition & Development Director for Empire Hotel.

"I know.." She looked at him as she's terminating her call. Its the same news she received over the phone. "Get me the Project Relations Head.." She instructed as her phone rings again. Another call came in.

"Sora ya.. Where are you?" Il Sun asked.

"At the office. Grandma.. You already heard the news?" Sora can sense the nervousness in her voice.

"Yes.. How's things?"

"Mrs Chairman.. You asked me to hold this position 2 weeks ago. Are you doubting your decision now?" She sneered. Her grandma pledged to stay at home having her rest from office work, but it seems that she still can't help to worry over her family business.

"Ya! Because its still new for you therefore I'm worried.." 

"Leave it to me. Things will fall into places.." Corporate world is not an alien thing for her. She's been working at the strategic department for 2 years before she ran away from the house. "Grandma, I need to go now. Don't worry and have a good time at home.." Sora looked at Hwang Ho, her personal assistant entered the room again with the company's Project Relations Head.

"Arasso Arasso.." Il Sun surrendered. "Make sure you come home for dinner tonight.." Sora confidence is the reason why she choose her as the ultimate successor afterall. She knew Sora can manage things well.

"I'll try Grandma.." She replied before terminating the call.

"How's things there?" Sora turned to the middle aged Project Relations Head who just came inside her room.

"We are containing the information at our level best.." He replied.

"Park Ji Sun Shhi.. Your level best is not good enough. Things could traveled over the internet within few seconds and our stock market will drop instantly." Sora's leaning on her table. Crossing her arms and looking directly to both guys in front of her. "How's the situation there? Y&S construction representative.. Have they responded anything with regards to the soil issue?" She asked.

"They are still investigating it to come out with a proper mitigation plan.." Ji Sun explains.

"Ask them to come back on it by today. I want a solution no matter what it cost."

"Yes Director-nim.."

"Tell them that we can't afford to delay this project. Our investor's are already waiting..." She return to her seat and open her document. "Hwang Ho, make sure to tell Y&S that we won't think twice to exercise the contract clauses if this cause the delay in the project progress.."

"Ea?" Ji Sun surprised with her extreme countermeasure.

"Any part that you don't understand?"

"No Miss.." both of them replied.

"You are dismissed then. Oh.. Ji Sun shhi, make sure to report to me immediately if there's any news.. I don't want to receive reports from others like earlier."

"Dae.." He replied as he bowed to the young lady who carried her grandma's aura with her. Intelligent and firm. No wonder Kang Il Sun wanted her granddaughter to come back to the company so much. She is her successor in the making. Ji Sun thought to himself.

"Director Kang.. Sajangnim wanted to see you." Hwang Ho delivering the message after Park Ji Sun out of the office.

"Why?" Sora asked. One thing that she feels burdened with working in this company is that she will be facing her dad daily. 

"I didn't have the details Director-nim.." 

She sighed. "It's okay.. I'll go meet him later. Can you please get me Son Ho Jun from Y&S Construction?" She need to talk in detail about the incident with Ho Jun since his company is handling the construction. This definitely need interventions at all levels.

"Son Ho Jun shhi is with Sajangnim now.." told Hwang Ho.

"Huh?" She looked at him. "Haish..what is he doing there!" She got up from her seat heading to her dad's office. Unwillingly.

"Come in Sora ya.." Kang Tae Yoon looked at his daughter.

"Sajangnim.." Sora slightly bowed to her dad.

"Ya! Wagurae.." Ho Jun whispered to Sora looking at how she purposely alienated herself with her dad.

"It's okay Ho Jun.." Tae Yoon pats Ho Jun's hands. "Have a sit Sora" He looked at her daughter who purposely avoiding his eyes. "I'm calling both of you with regards to the Dubai branch issue.."

"I have instructed Park Ji Sun shhi to communicate with Y&S construction to settle it soonest." Sora said.

"Agree. But w
e need to discuss about the cost and time again. This issue is impacting both sides.."Ho Jun looked at Sora.

Sora looked at him back. "Oppa. You know how important this project to the investor and even to grandma? Find the best consultant you can. Solve the soil issue and make sure the construction starts soonest. We need it on time as agreed."

"It will increase our cost. Our company could not break even if its too much. And timing will be another issue.."

"The contractual cost already 150% of the actual construction cost. We both knew that. If need be, we will revised the cost again. But we cannot negotiate on time. If your company happen to deliver later than agreed, we might need to exercise some of the contract clauses."

"What do you mean??"

"To put it simply.. penalties.."

"Ya! Do you need to do that?" Ho Jun started to hyped. Though the woman in front of him is his cousin, he still need to protect his company. The company that him and Yeon Seok build on their own.

Sora smiled. She knew Ho Jun will be pissed off listening to those. "The interest of our investor to this project is not a joke oppa. Every eyes are on us now. We can't afford to defer the launching date.. We can't afford to tell them the issue of its construction too. We need to deliver no matter what it takes."

"Hmmm.." Ho Jun's turn to cross his arms, looking directly to Sora's face trying to look for a way out from this potential mess. "We need to study how big is the soil problem first before we commit.."

"Can we have it by end of today? I know your progress is ahead of schedule now. At least it could buy you some time to resolve this issue. Isn't it?

Ho Jun stared at Sora. Thinking through about what she said. Somehow with their 15% ahead of schedule construction, delay in addressing this soil issues should be manageable. "Let me go back and discuss with my partner first.. Let's meet again next monday? We need some time to digest and study this. And its already friday anyway." Ho Jun trying to buy some time for his team to study deeper on it. He definitely needs Yeon Seok's expertise for this.

"Okay.. I'll treat you and your partner a dinner if this is a go.. No, you need to make it a go." She smiled at him. Cooling down the tense a bit.

"You tough girl.." Ho Jun sighed.. It was tough to deal with his hard headed cousin. He could have expected it.

Sora giggled. "You know I won't go easy with anybody.."

"As expected from my daughter.." Tae Yoon smiled looking at both of them resolving the issues together. It doesn't seem like he existed in their heated discussion just now.

Sora realized the presence of her dad again and her smiles immediately disappears. "If there's nothing more, I need to excuse myself first Sajangnim.." She got up from her seat and slightly bowed to him.

"Ya Kang Sora!" Ho Jun called for Sora who is walking straight to the door without looking back. "Uncle.. You're just being okay with that?" He turned to his uncle.

"She's a fire Ho Jun.. I can't win her by spitting fire back." Tae Yoon smiled at his well-behaviored nephew. If only Sora could have at least a little bit of Ho Jun's trait. "I know she's still mad at me for replacing her mom's spot with somebody else.."

"She'll be okay sooner or later.. Don't worry uncle.." Ho Jun said. Trying to ease Tae Yoon heart with words.

Tae Yoon nodded, agreed. He will be waiting for that day to come.


"Miss.. Its already 4pm.." Hwang Ho came inside her room reminding the time. She need to get off work at 4pm everyday for her daily personal schedule.

"Ah right.." she almost forgot about it. There's too much things happening today that require her attention. A few more documents on her table are still not reviewed. She sighed. "Get my car to the lobby front. I'll be there in 10.." she instructed as she entered her personal bathroom to change clothes.

"Thank you.." Sora is heading to the driver side as the car stopped in front of her. Smiling to Hwang Ho who has been good in assisting her shifting schedules this past few weeks.

"What about tonight miss?" He asked before Sora entered the car.

"Ahh.. dinner.." Sora is biting her lips while looking at her watch. She had promised to have dinner with grandma. "Come to Gangnam station and wait me there around 7 o'clock?" She needs to show that Hwang Ho is sending her home everyday so that her grandma won't get suspicious.

"Okay miss.." Hwang Ho looked at Sora getting in the car with her jeans and blouse. She always leave work around 4-5pm wearing her casual-student fashion and drive off to god knows where. He wonders what does his young lady do every day spending time like that.


Carefully Yeon Seok entered his house afraid that he would disturb Sora doing her chores. Despite feeling sorry to burdened Sora to work for him while at the same time ensuring her commitments to her family business, seeing Sora everyday is a bliss to him. Day after day he is getting to know her better.

"Sora-shi?" He automatically whispered looking at a woman soundlessly sleeping on the couch. "She must be tired.." he thought to himself. 

"How can I look for another maid within short time period if you notified last minute? Work with me while I'm looking for your replacement.." Yeon Seok smiled remembering his argument with Sora for her to continue working with him. His strategic moves to plot it with cleaner ahjumma gives him a stronger reason.

"I'm sorry beautiful.." Staring at her with his hand softly caressing her hair. His heart started to beat harder. "Take it easy Yoo Yeon Seok.." he caresses his chest and immediately went to the kitchen. He could get caught staring at Sora if he stays there longer.

Sora woke up to the smell of food. Surprised. "Did I cook anything?" She thought to herself as she immediately walks to the kitchen. "Yoo Yeon Seok shhi?" A man with broad shoulder facing the kitchen stove.

"Are you having a good nap?" He turned to her.

"Eo.." shyly brushes her messy hair. "Sorry, I must have fallen asleep earlier.." Biting her lips as she looked at Yeon Seok putting his cook into plates.

"Its okay.. you must be tired with your works.. I'm sorry to burden you like this.." Yeon Seok bring over a plate of grilled beef and another plate of kimchi fried rice to the dining table.

"I never know you can cook.." she smiled to the smell of the food.

"Just the simple ones.." he took out empty plates and cutleries to the table. "Lets eat.." he invites.


"Come.. eat with me. I cant finish these alone." Yeon Seok pull out a chair, inviting for her to seat.

She looked at her wrist watch. Its already 6:30pm. Her assistant will be waiting at the subway station anytime soon. "I need to get off by 7pm.."

"There's still a lot of time before that.." urging her to sit as he's still holding to the chair.

"Okay.." half heartedly taking the seat. She looked at Yeon Sok attentively filling the empty plates with food. "That's enough.." she stopped him from filling it further. She need to save some space for her grandma's food too.

"You seems tired lately.." Yeon Seok looked at Sora's pale face. If only he knows how to cook traditional healthy food like she does. 

"I'm okay.." Sora smiled as she took a bite of the food served. There's little to no awkwardness between them now after spending times after works. If only she didn't know that Yeon Seok already had a girlfriend earlier, her heart would have grown fonder towards him. She thought to herself while taking a bite of his cook.

"How's the searching for a new maid?" Sora asked.

Yeon Seok raised his eyebrows. "There's no news on it yet.." he scratches his head. In actual fact he didn't even look for one. "I guess its hard to find people to work this line of job now.." making up things.

"Do you want me to look around too?"

"Sure.. Let me know if you found a good one.."

"Dae.." Sora nodded as she is finishing off her plate. "I'm full. Thanks for the meal.." She said while immediately taking her plates to the sink.

"You're going off now?" Yeon Seok asked looking at Sora is rushing.

"I really need to go now. Just leave those dishes in the sink. I'll come and clean it tomorrow.." she asked him. 

"It's okay, you don't need to come during weekend. Do you want me to send you to your house?" Yeon Seok standing up following her to the living room.

"Anie.. Its easier for me to use the public transport.." She smiled. "Oh yes, I must have forgotten. I need to take short leave for 3 days next week. I hope its okay for you.."


"Monday until Wednesday.. I have things to settle." Sora fidgeting.

"Oh. No worries. I won't be around too. Lets just call it a break next week. There's nothing much to clean in my house now anyway.. Thanks to you.."

Sora smiled while nodding. Happy with Yeon Seok's compliment. "See you later then.."

"Sure.. See you later.." Yeon Seok smiled as he looked at Sora leaving the house.

He sighed as he looked at her walking to the elevator. "Wish u could have stayed longer.." he mumbles alone.


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