Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bridesmaid - Chapter 6

"Has the contract been finalized?" Yeon Seok peeking from the door seeing Ho Jun's busy with the architectural designs for their projects on his table.

"What contract?" He asked.

"The one that you're holding right now.." referring to the Dubai contract that they won. A contract that hyped them to venture overseas. A contract that promised them better name among the industry players.

Ho Jun put down the document on his hand. Looking directly to Yeon Seok. “Are you sick? Is there something wrong with you?” feeling the temperature of his head.

"Wae?" Yeon Seok puzzled looking at Ho Jun's reaction.

"We just sign it off last friday. Don't you remember?" Weird with Yeon Seok's reaction. He's been caring for the project like his little baby. How can he forget those important things.

"Ahh.. So it was for that last week. Mian.. It slipped my mind.." he scrathed his head. "Thats great then.."

"Gwenchana? Do you need some time off?" Ho Jun worries. He knew Yeon Seok is a person who always focus with his work especially for this one. He must have gone over his limit overworking his body lately.

“Anieya.. I'm okay..” Yeon Seok replied. Taking his step to his room but stopped by Ho Jun.

“Yoo Yeon Seok.. Wagurae? This is not like you. Is there’s anything bothering you?” Ho Jun look at his business partner and also his best friend.

Yeon Seok stares at him for a while, thinking deeply before opening up his heart. “Ho Jun ah.. Is it possible to fall for somebody you never met?”

“Of course it’s possible.. If not there won’t be cyber love.." You’re falling for somebody? Nugu? Your online friend?” question by question throws. Its not easy to hear Yeon Seok talks about his heart. Its surprised him hearing Yeon Seok asking this sort of questions.

“Mister, calm down.. I’m just asking..” He plainly smiled. It’s almost a month after Sora’s taking her leave, but he still can't think of a logical reason why he needs to feel empty in her absence. He can’t tell the reason why he feels so attached to her presence in his house. Even though there’s a replacement maid that Sora has arranged to look after the house while she’s on leave, it’s just not the same as her. Simply said, he misses her.

“Hmm..” Ho Jun been wondering what's the deals behind Yeon Seok’s expression before. “So it’s love sickness..?” Ho Jun said to him.

“What did you say?” Yeon Seok looked at him. Checking if he hears it right.

“Your expression. It’s love sickness. I’m sure of it..” He sneered. “Who is it Yeon Seok ah.. Who’s the lucky girl?”

“Don't use your psychological judgement with me..” Yeon Seok sneered to his friends. He didn't know the truth behind his heart himself, he's not confident to talk openly to Ho Jun about it yet. Ho Jun must laughed him off for falling to someone he never met. Sighing hard. “Ho Jun ah.. I’m taking early off today. Will it be okay for you?”

“Its ok.. Just have a good rest..” He pats Yeon Seok’s shoulder. Seems like there's a lot that Yeon Seok need to think about. He's never been in this state before. For whatever reason it is, Ho Jun is happy that Yeon Seok mind are occupied with something else other than work. Its a good sign that he's still a normal human being afterall.

Yeon Seok leave the office heading to his house. Looking at the car clock, it is still early to expect that his maid already finishes her job.

“Ahjumma.. You may leave the house early today.” A call made to his substitute maid. Wanting to have some rest at home without being disturbed.

“Sajangnim, I’m not working today. Sora-shhi is back..”

“Nugu?” Surprised hearing the name mentioned. “Sora-shhi?”

“Eo.. She must be at the house now. Do you want me to call her?” The lady asked.

“Anieya.. I’ll do it.. I have her number" Yeon Seok excitedly answered her, feeling flustered with the news. After a month, she's back as promised.

Slowly Yeon Seok entered his house while trying to keep his heart calm at the same time. “Anybody’s home?” He greeted as a great homecook smell greet him back.

“Sajang...nim?” Sora take a look at the living room. A tall and handsome man with manly build is walking heading to the kitchen.

“Kang Sora shhi?” He stopped looking at the gorgeous young lady in a red apron in front of him. Holding a ladle in her right hand. “Yi Soo is right..” That’s the first thing that he can thought of. The words from his cousin is making some sense now. She's beyond beautiful to his eyes.

“Sorry Sajangnim.. I didn’t know you went home early today..” She immediately bowed to her employer. Its the first time they met each other.

“Anieya.. Sorry that I came unannounced..” Yeon Seok walk to the kitchen. “Carry on with what you’re doing. Don’t be disturbed with my presence..” can't help but to smile looking at Sora.

“Ah.. Dae..” She turned to the stove and blankly looking at the boiling soup. "What is it?" She scratches her head. Trying to remember the last thing she's doing. Her mind was disturbed with Yeon Seok's presence.

“What are you cooking today?” Yeon Seok lean closer looking at her cooking.

"Ae.. Aeh?" She turned to him. Surprised seeing his face just a few inches away from her. Holding the ladle on her hand tighter.

Yeon Seok looked at Sora's face, closed enough for him to hear her nervous breathing. He slowly take a step back. Her flawless features and nice scent is making his heart thumping hard.

“I hope you like Seolleongtang” Said Sora not to make the situation awkward. Stirring the soup and taking a bit of taste. "Ahh.. Salt.." She now remembers the thing she was doing before. Looking for some salt.

Yeon Seok smiled looking at her clumsy movements while handing over the salt to her.

"Thank you Sajangnim.." She slightly bowed. Still couldn't get used to have Yeon Seok looking at her - cooking. It's making her nervous.

“Just call me Yeon Seok..”

“Huh? Ah.. Dae…” Awkward with the request to suddenly drop their title for each other. “Have a sit first.. It will be ready soon..” Chasing him off to the table. She need to focus to make sure it tasted right.

“Arasso..” Yeon Seok walks to the table with a smile in his face. He still can’t take his eyes off her. He’s bewitched with her beauty.

“It’s done.. I hope this will be up to your taste..” After a few minutes Sora carrying a big bowl of Seolleongtang and some 'banchan' to the dining table. Seeing so, Yeon Seok immediately standing up preparing bowl of rice for both of them.

“I’m not eating sajang..” she stopped as Yeon Seok stares at her. “I mean Yeon Seok shhi..” She change her sentences.

“You must accompany me. Its boring to eat a good food alone..” He insist.

"Ae.." unwillingly she's fulfilling the request.  She looked at Yeon Seok enjoying his meal while slowly taking her bite. "The beautiful woman from before must be this handsome man's girlfriend. What a great match.." Sora thought to herself. Couldn't help but to thinl the girl who stays for overnight last time is Yeon Seok's girlfriend. They seems to have some special connection.

Yeon Seok's taking another bite before taking a glance at Sora and caught her staring at him. "Did I make you uncomfortable?" He asked.

"Anie.." She moves her eyes away. Surprised after being caught looking at him.

Yeon Seok smiled.  “You're a good cook Kang Sora shhi.. My appetite are always in a feast by your cooking..” He changes the topic.

Sora shyly smiled to the complement. “It’s an honor Sajangnim..”

"Its Yeon Seok.. or do you want to call me oppa?" Teases Yeon Seok.

Sora's eyes widened. Surprised."Its just... weird to change it immediately.." scrathes her head.

"I'm just joking.." He giggled looking at Sora's reaction. She's an honest girl. "So you finished your exam?"

"Eo.." shortly she replied.

"What's your plan after this? Are you looking for a job?" Yeon Seok asked. Thinking of giving her an opportunity to work at his company. "What major did you take?" He added.


"Oh.." Yeon Seok thinking through. Not a degree that relates to his company. He will surely think of something. He need to help the girl to get some work in the outside world.

"Yeon Seok shhi, today is actually my last day.." Sora carefully saying it to him. This message supposed to be sent through a post-it-notes - a medium that they frequently use before. Didn't know that she will be meeting him today and saying this face to face. Its making her more nervous.

Yeon Seok choked his food listening to Sora's words. "Last day?" Coughing.

"Gwenchana?" Sora hand him a glass of warm water.

Yeon Seok gulp down the water and calm himself. "What did you mean with last day?" He stares at her face.

"I need to focus with my commitment to my family.."

"Ah.. Really?" He looks at her. Trying to find a reason to keep her longer. "What about this job? It's going to be hard for me to find for your replacement though.."

"Ahjumma will be here.. I'll talk to her on this." Sora replied.

Yeon Seok sighed. He just had the chance to meet this beautiful girl today. But now he received the news that it is her last day working with him. He look down to his rice bowl.

"Yeon Seok shhi?" Sora called his name after Yeon Seok being silent for a while.

"Yes?" He looked up to her.

"Will it be okay if I stay a little longer tonight? I'm planning to prepare you those kimchi before I leave.." Sora pointed a box of salted cabbage and another box of white radish sitting side by side.

Yeon Seok eyes widened looking at those boxes. "Isn't that too many?"

"Its my parting gift. I hope you'll like it.." Sweetly she smiled. From her past cooking, Yeon Seok seems enjoying her handmade kimchi. At least, she wanted to prepare him the foods that he likes so that he can enjoy it everyday even when she's not around.

"You don't need to actually.." Yeon Seok replied as he looked at her. "I'll help you.." he added.


"That's too many for you to handle alone. I don't want to  be accused as a slave driver.."

Sora laughed to Yeon Seok's joke. "Arasso. If that could make your heart feels lighter, why not.." she smiled. Agreeing for Yeon Seok to help. Since its their first and last time meeting each other, lets not leave with regret. Sora thought to herself.

Yeon Seok stares at her. Her smiles. Her laughed. Her action. Every single things she does captivates her. "How can our meeting be this short Kang Sora.. It should not end here.." his brain is thinking for a reason so that Sora could stay longer. Longer enough so that he can be given a good chance to win her heart.


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