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Bridesmaid - Chapter 5

"It’s been a long time since you're back home. Grandma misses you.." Ho Jun moved closer to his cousin who seated in front of him.

"I'll come back when I feels so.." Sipping her cappuccino. Doing her best in ignoring the topics as she always do.

"Sora ya.. Don't you think you're holding your anger for too long? Its already 3 years now." He looks at her. 

"I still can't accept my dad's decision to marry that woman." She sighed. She misses her home too, but her ego is greater.

"You hard headed.. It’s not like you're gaining anything by behaving like this. You're already 26 years old Sora ya.. Don’t behave like you're still a student.."

Sora sneered. "Oppa.. I am a student.."

"Ya imma.. You already had a degree. Why suddenly you're pursuing arts?" He knows Sora is currently pursuing her second degree. A degree of her own passion. A degree to show her rebellion.

"I'm not keen to run grandma's business.." she lay her back to the chair. Crossing her arms. The hotel business is not really her thing. Especially when her dad and her step mom is working there too.

"Grandma would be hurt if she hear you're saying this. You know she's been wanting for you to take over her business.."

"Oppa.. You're also her grandchildren. Why can't you take over that business? You are more than qualified for that position.."

"I'm not from Kang family.." he smiled. "I already opened my construction business anyway. Grandma funded it well.."

"Grandma helped you?"

"Of course.. Do you think grandma is that cruel? The hotel business is Kang's family business. She can't do anything about it. But she helped me a lot setting up Y&S Construction.." Ho Jun smiled. He accepted for being in Son family from his dad side. Their grandmother never treat them differently anyway.

Sora sighed. "What a good life... You can do what you loved to do.. so why can't I? I have a dream to pursue as well.."

"What? Being an artist?" Ho Jun obliquely glance at her. "Sora ya.. I know you originally a good daughter and a good grandchildren too. Come back to your senses. Grandma need you now.. More than ever.." he sounds begging.

Sora looked at Ho Jun weird. "Is she sick?"

"Come home.. Stop being rebellious. You passed the age.." Ho Jun said as he get up from his seat.


"See you at home soon Sora ya.." he pats her head. Purposely leaving the conversation hanging. He knows Sora will be full of curiousity. She's a person who can't contain her curiosity level well.

"Haishh.." she pouts looking at Ho Jun walking out from the cafe. The thoughts about her grandma burdening her.


“A month leave?” Yeon Seok looked at the note left by Sora. She rarely left any message lately except for important things. He’s getting used to it. But a month leave? How will he survive without her food? The taste of her cook that he got attached to. He stares at the note again.

Mr. Sajangnim,

I’m taking a month leave for my exam. Apologize for the last minute request. I’ll arrange my replacement during this one month break.

I’m always thankful that you paid my salary on time every month. It really helps me with my study.. ^^

Thank you Sajangnim.

Your Maid

“Why does it feels like a quit note?” Yeon Seok thought. “Anieya.. I’m just being sensitive..” monologue with his inner self.

He looked at his phone as his hand is itchy to dial Sora’s number, but his mind contemplates. “She’s just a maid.. Why do you need to feel so attached to her?” His logical mind is stopping him from doing so. He sighed.


“Grandma.. Look who’s home..” Ho Jun came into their grandmother reading room, getting excited with the person besides him.

Kang Il Sun look up. Surprised seeing the person in front of her.. “You little brat! Did you lost your way home?” She scolded as she walks towards Sora.

Sora smiled with her grandma unique way of greeting her. As always. “I miss you too grandma..” She hugs her grandmother after 3 years leaving home. “You look healthy..” She looked at her up and down. Her skin in healthy pink. She flinched to Ho Jun.

“How are you doing? You looks skinny..” Il Sun caresses her granddaughter's cheek. Taking her eyes away from Ho Jun.

“I’m doing fine grandma.. I’m keeping my figure to become glamourous..” She hugging her waist. Showing off her perfect glamorous body.

Il Sun shakes her head looking at Sora. She knows Sora must be having hard time living away from the family these few years.

“Oppa.. You said grandma’s sick?” She stared at Ho Jun again who has been smiling looking at their interaction.

“When did I say that?” 

“You did!”

"Are you turning senile? I never said grandma is sick.." Ho Jun giggles.

“Ya..” Il Sun knocks Sora’s head. “Are you coming home only when your grandma is sick?”

“Appo..” Sora caresses her head. “This is all oppa’s fault..” She sharply stares at Ho Jun. Still not satisfied with it.

“Don’t blame me with what you’ve done..” He stick his tongue out. Enjoying the scene.

“Haish…” She pouts.

Il Sun caresses Sora’s long hair. “Don’t leave the house anymore.. I missed you so much..” looked at Sora's eyes with full of hope.

Sora silent. Never thought of staying long at the first place. A month is the most that she will spend in this house.

“Sora ya.. Just stay. For grandma sake..” Ho Jun trying to persuade Sora too.

Sora looked at him. No, she didn’t have an answer to that. Her mind is still thinking it through.

“My daughter.. You’re home..” Kang Tae Yoon, Sora’s father excited seeing his little princess coming back to the house. Walking down the living room stairs fastly to get her.

Sora looked at his father and then his new wife, Chae Mi Gyoung whose trailing him closely behind.

“Grandma.. I’m going to my room first..”

“Eo..” Il Sun replied as he looked at Sora picking up her luggage heading to her room, coldly ignoring her dad and her step mom.

“Let me help you with that..” Ho Jun follows Sora to her room.

“Why do you have to appear in front of her now?” Il Sun hits her son arm. “You should have let her settle down for a day or two..” She sighed. Only after 3 years Ho Jun manage to bring Sora home. She didn’t want Sora to disappear from the house again.

“I’m sorry mother..” Tae Yoon apologizes while taking a glance at Mi Gyoung’s sad face, he feels sorry for it. 

"Mianhae.." Mi Gyoung whispered.

Tae Yoon painfully smiled. He knows his wife has been feeling the pressure from being blamed all this while. He also knows her daughter is hard headed just like his mother. They need to slowly let Sora adapt to their relationship just like how his mother accepting it.

“At least greet your dad Sora ya..” putting down the luggage near her bed. Ho Jun didn’t like the attitude that Sora shows just now. As an oppa, he can't let the behavior of his dongseang like that.

Sora silent as she took out her pyjamas.

“He misses you a lot. Its been a while since you last meet him too..”

Sora smirked. “Are you sure about that?”

“He’s still your dad no matter what..” She’s still not paying attention to their conversation.

“Oppa..” She looked at him. Stern.


“I need to take a shower. Are you going to stay in my room forever?” She changes the topic. Can’t stand hearing Ho Jun lecturing about her dad issue. Its not a topic that she want to hear at the first place being here.

“Ah mian..” He walks to the door. “Sora ya.. thanks for coming back today.. Make sure to be good to your dad too..” Ho Jun wink as he left the room. Couldn't leave the matter hanging.

“Never..” She whispered as she took her towel, heading to the bathroom.


“Are you able to sleep well?” Greet Ho Jun full in his office suit as he met Sora on the hallway heading for their breakfast.

Sora smiled. She never had problems to sleep anywhere. She’s used to sleep in the worst place before she met Eu Jin. Expensive bed is not what she’s after anymore.

“Both of you are early.." Il Sun smiled looking at her grandchildren face. Thankful that last night is not a dream. "Come.. Have a sit near Grandma..” Il Sun taps the chair besides her. Wanted Sora to stay close.

Sora take a seat and taking a glance at the feast on the table. “Are we having a party?” She asked.

“This is all your favorite food.. Enjoy it well Sora ya..” Il Sun caresses her arms. Worried looking at Sora’s body. She never saw her this skinny before.

"Eoo.." Sora smiled with the attention given. An attention that she misses a lot during her days being away from home.

“Grandma.. I’m getting jealous. Should I leave the house too?” Ho Jun pouts.

“Aigoo aigoo aigoo..” She hits his shoulder. “Did you see how skinny your dongseang is? You said she’s been doing well..”

“She does.. Didn’t she said she’s been keeping her figure?” He looked at her.. “Ya Kang Sora, are you hitting on somebody? Is that why you're keeping a glamorous figure?”

“Uri Sora have a boyfriend now?” Il Sun’s eyes shining.

“Anieyo Grandma.. Oppa just making that up.” She smiled to the tease.

Il Sun sighed over the bogus excitement. “Your oppa is getting married soon.. You should start looking for your special someone quickly..”

“How does that relates..?” Sora stopped chomping her foods and annoyingly looked at Ho Jun. “Oppa.. Why are you getting married so early? You’re burdening me..”

“I’m already 32 my dear. Do you want me to get married at 40?” he softly flicks her head.

“Of course.. Who’s going to take care of me when you’re married? Haishh..” She take a big bite of rice and forcing it down on her throat. “Grandma.. Postpone his marriage for another year..” talking with her mouth full with food.

“Both of you settle it among yourself. Leave grandma out of it..” She laughed.

Ho Jun sneered at Sora’s childish request. “Anyway, where are you going today? Aren’t you going to the office?” Looking at her jeans and blouse suggest that she wasn’t going to the office.

“Office?” Sora frowned. Didn't understand why suddenly the conversation about office came out.

Il Sun kicks Ho Jun’s leg. “Ouch..”  Softly he whines.

“Wagurae?” Sora looked at him.

“I mistakenly kicks the table feet..” He grinned as he steal a glance at Il Sun’s warning eyes.

“You should be careful with your long legs oppa..” Sora said as she finishes her meal. “Grandma, I’m going now. I’ll meet you after class..”

“Arasso Sora ya.. Take the driver with you. It’s easier for you to move around..”

“Anieya.. Its more convinient to take the bus..” She smiled. Its the mode of transport that she is used to nowadays. A mode of transport that reliable in assisting her daily schedules.

“See you later..” She said as she kissed her grandma’s forehead, leaving the house. Heading to Ehwa University. A university where she left with just a few weeks before the semester ended and she finishes her second degree.

“Grandma.. You didn’t tell her about your plan yet?” Ho Jun looked at his grandma after ensuring Sora has leave the house.

“She just came home yesterday. I didn’t want to scares her and make her run away again." Il Sun looks worried.  "Let her live her way for a while. She should slowly adapt to this..” She knows Sora is hard headed like her. It would be hard to get her do things against her will.

“Mianhae..” Ho Jun apologizes for not being sensitive to the situation.

Il Sun grabbed Ho Jun’s hands. “Just keep her happy here. Grandma just want her to stay here for now. That’s all that I wished for..” Sora listens to him well. He is her only hope.

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