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Bridesmaid - Chapter 4

Yeon Seok stepped into the house after his tiring day. Remembering Yi Soo's call this morning. "Kang Sora.." He thought to himself. Somehow he remembered that name easily. It captures his heart just like how her food does.

His phone is ringing.

"Eo Hyun Jin.. You're still in town?" Answering the call from Ryu Hyun Jin.

"My flight to LA tomorrow morning.. Have you had your dinner?" 

"Dinner?" He asked as he walk to his kitchen. "I haven't.." 

"When are you going to treat me to a dinner? You've promised to contact me again.." Hyun Jin asked.

"Mianhae. I've been busy lately.." He looked at the dinner served on the table. "Hyun Jin ah.. Do you like beef stew?"

"Of course I do.. Ya Yoo Yeon Seok! I'm still a korean.."

Yeon Seok laughed listening to his remarks. "Come to my house. I'll have something special for you.."

"Something special?" Wondering what does Yeon Seok means. "Are you playing a trick?"

"Anieya.. Just come.. I'll share the location of my house okay?"

"Arasso.." Hyun Jin replied. Weird with Yeon Seok’s invitation.


"Was it hard to come here?" Asked Yeon Seok as he invites Hyun Jin to enter the house.

"Anie.. I've been here once. Didn't know your house is here." He looks around the big house. "You live alone?" The house is well kept considering a man live alone.

"Of course. Who else do you I'm living with.." He answered as he went to the kitchen to heat up the food. "You've been in this neighbourhood before? What for?"

"Sending somebody.." he smiled. He approaches the kitchen too.

"Eyyy.. Your girlfriend lives here?" Tease Yeon Seok.

"I wish.." Hyun Jin giggled. "Did you cook all this?" Impressed with the beef stew and all the side dishes served on the table.

"Anie.. My maid prepared it for me."

"You have a maid? No wonder your house is well kept.."

"Eyy.. Do you think I can't keep my house well without a maid?" Yeon Seok put a bowl of rice in front of Hyun Jin and another bowl for him.

"I've known you well enough Yoo Yeon Seok.." he laughed.

"Shut up and just eat.." Yeon Seok put a piece of meat in Hyun Jin's mouth.

"It’s delicious!" Looked at his bowl and sip the broth. Its definitely fit his tastebud.

"Of course. That's why I said its special.." Yeon Seok smugged. He knew it. Her food never fail making him impress every day. The food and the notes that he's been looking forward to everyday. "Her notes.." suddenly he realized something.

"Note? What note?" Asked Hyun Jin.

Yeon Seok taking a glance at the refrigerator and the table where she normally left her note. Nothing was there.

"You were looking for something?"

"Anieya.. It’s nothing.." he replied. Thinking why suddenly there's no note left today. She never missed once before. Slowly he chomp down his food. Feeling incomplete without the note.

"This ahjumma really knows how to cook.." Hyun Jin said as he eats. "I thought you're being cheapskate earlier. Never know that you're going to treat me a heaven." A homemade cook that really make him realized how good Korean food is.

"She's a college student.. Not an ahjumma" Yeon Seok answered as he put more meat on Hyun Jin's bowl. Happy looking at his friend enjoying the food.

"Eyyy.. how can a college student cook this good.."

"I'm not lying. She's really a college student.."

Suddenly Hyun Jin remembered Kang Sora "She's doing this on part time basis?"


"It could be the same person.." Hyun Jin thought to himself. Strongly feels that the beautiful young lady he met before worked with Yeon Seok. "Is she beautiful?" He asked.

Yeon Seok lifted his shoulder. "I never met her.." he answered. Eventhough Yi Soo said she's beautiful, but he never saw her with his own eyes.

"Its nice if she's beautiful and can cook this great. I'm sure if I were you, she will capture my heart inside and out.." Hyun Jin with his imagination.

"Who wouldn't.." Yeon Seok smiled. Its a dream of every man to have a beautiful woman besides them with good wife quality.

"Anyway.. when will you come back to Seoul again?" Yeon Seok changed the topic.

"Next month.."

"That's fast.. Is it a short season?"

"Anie.. I'm scheduled for my shoulder surgery." He calmly replied.

Yeon Seok's mouth stop chomping. "It's still in pain?" Looking directly to his eyes.

Hyun Jin nodded. "I can count with my fingers the number of throws that I've done without being in pain.."

"It's that bad?"

"It's a painful reality that I have to live with.." he sighed. Surgery is an option that he never want to think of. But his injury is becoming severe lately so his coach and his manager advises him to properly treat it this time.

"You'll regained in no time. Don't worry about it.." he's patting his buddy shoulder.

Hyun Jin sneered. "You know thats not true.. It will affect my throws and performance somehow. I'm sure of it.."

"There are some successful cases too. Don't be too negative.."

"No I'm not. I know my chances well. At least I'm able to enjoy playing with my favorite team for a few years. That's good enough for me.." he winked as he spoon the remaining rice in his bowl.

Yeon Seok nodded agreeing with Hyun Jin. "Don't lose hope. Miracle does happens.." he smiled to ease Hyun Jin's feeling.

Even though Hyun Jin is the type who smiles a lot, he knows this friend has his worries too.


Its an evening of his working Friday. Everything is silent like always. He doesn't have a girlfriend nor wife that he can spend his time with. So rather than getting exciting about things to do on a friday night, Yeon Seok is comfortable spending his time with his work.

His phone started to ring. Looking at the name appeared on his phone screen.


"Oppa.. Have you met Sora shhi?" A lady voice on the other line.

"Sora shhi?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Your maid! You must have not met her yet right?"

"Ahh.. I've been busy with my work lately.." Replied Yeon Seok.

"Stop with your excuses. I've told you to meet her at least once didn't I?" Yi Soo sounds frustrated.

"Eo..." he's short.

"Make your effort then. You'll regret it if you don't meet her.." Yi Soo is confidence that Kang Sora is Yoo Yeon Seok's ideal type. If possible, she wanted to set up a meeting between both of them.

"You make it sounded like it’s a life and death matter." Yeon Seok laughed.

"Believe me.. It is..”

"Stop making it sound weird.. I'll meet her when the time comes.."

"Haish.. You're always slow in making your move. That's why you can't get the one you wanted. Just like.."

"Arasso.. I know what you're trying to say." He cut her from saying hurtful things that he didn't want to hear. "Don't worry about me.. I know how to take care of it myself.." He added.

"Ahh.. Whatever. Just live as you feel fits you well.." Yi Soo retaliates as she's terminating the call.

"This brat.." Yeon Seok smiled at Yi Soo’s behavior. She can be annoyingly assertive sometimes.

His mind went home. It’s been a week since the last note he received from his maid. He's been missing her cheerful notes lately. Wondering why she didn't posted any notes and not even replying to his now.

"Eu Jin, do I have any more schedule this evening?" A call made to his secretary.

"Evening?" Long pauses as she check his schedule. "No sir.. Just that Daewoo representative wanted to invite you for a dinner and you haven't replied to the invitation."

"Oh the dinner.. Can you call them to ask for another date? I'm calling the day off.." he took his jacket from the jacket holder.

"You're going off sir?" Eu Jin looked at Yeon Seok who's coming out from his room after a few second he terminating the call. He never leave his office this early before.

"Yes. I have some personal matters to attend to. If there's any urgent call just forward it to my mobile okay?" He smiled.

"Arasso.. Have a good day ahead Sajangnim.." Eu Jin bowed to her superior. An early off for her too today. Secretly she smiled.


"Its 3.15pm. She should be at home by now.." Yeon Seok thought to himself after he parks his car. The call from Yi Soo surprisingly giving him the urge to meet Kang Sora today. After so long restraining it.

Slowly he enters the house anf looked around. It seems silent with no presence of other person than him. "She's still hasn't arrive?" Weird that she's still not there at this time.

Suddenly he realized a note left on his dining table.

Mr. Sajangnim,

I'm sorry but I need to take a leave today. My body wasn't feeling well.

Your Maid.

He sat on the dining chair "Out of all days.." he sighed reading the note. Not the kind of note that he’s looking for after so long.

He took out his phone and make a call to Eu Jin to ask for her number.


"Hello?" Weakly Sora answered the call.

"Kang Sora shhi.. Are you not feeling well?"

"Dugu.. seyo?" She's weird hearing the unknown voice.

"I'm Yoo Yeon Seok.. Your employer.." he introduces.

"Sajangnim..” She pause – coughing. “Mianhae. I'm not feeling well today.." she said while stroking her chest.

"Where are you now? Have you been to the doctor?" Yeon Seok worried.

"Eo.." she's short. Awkward with the attention given. 

"Don't worry about work.. There's nothing much at home"

"Ae.." another short reply. She really can believe the attention given by her employer who never met her before.

"Make sure you have a good rest. Let me know if you need anything okay?" Softly he said those words. 

"Thank you Sajangnim.." she said before terminating the call. "Eu Jin.." she remembered her roommate. She must be the one who's giving the number to Yoo Yeon Seok.

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