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Immortal - Episode 13 (Final)

"Kang Sora shhi?" Mok Jiwon is opening the door to her house. Surprised seeing the person in front her now. "What are you doing here?"

Sora sneered. "Don’t tell me you didn’t expect me to come here." She said as she stepped in her house.

Sora looked around the house. Seems that she’s living there alone. 

"What a thick skinned woman you are.." mocked Jiwon as she closes the door behind her. Joining Sora who's already in her living room.

"I think we need to be clear. I'm just here to protect what's mine.." Sora calm.

"He supposed to be mine. You're just using his weakness over your friendship Sora shhi." Jiwon smirked.

"That friendship is stronger than your fake feelings Jiwon sshi.." Sora looked at her. "I know that the pregnancy news is fake. What you want is something else right?"

"What do you mean?" Suspiciously looking at Sora. Did Sora know something? She asked to herself.

Sora smiled. "I heard your conversation at the parking lot that moment you visited our house.."

Jiwon looked at Sora with her eyes wide opened. 

"Surprised? You know I won't let it slide easily. Stop this and just leave us quietly. I'll forget everything." Sora wanted to give Jiwon a chance to keep her pride.

"I.. don't understand what you're talking about.." she stuttered.

Sora come closer to her "Don't make this harder Jiwon shhi.."  

The deep glance from Sora's hazelnut eyes is giving her a goose bumps. "What are you?" She thought to herself..

Sora back off and took Jiwon's family picture from the TV cabinet. "Your dad.. Did he knows about your pregnancy?" She said as she's looking at Mok Jiwan's picture. She knows Mok Jiwon is his daughter and she also knows how scary he is in terms of his temper.

"Ya.. Why are you dragging my dad into this?" Jiwon grabbed the picture off Sora's hand.

"So he must not know it yet right? Should we take a good ultrasound's picture and send this good news to your dad?" She smirked. Threatening.

"You!" She raise her hand to slap Sora's face but she's fast in blocking her hands. She looked directly to Jiwon's eyes.

"I said this for the last time. Stop it before things got messier.." She said in a soft but firm tone.


"When are you going back today?" Sora is putting her arms around her tall boyfriend. 

"Sora ya, what are you doing? You’re getting bolder these days.." Yeon Seok smiled to her action.

"Why? You don’t like it?"

Yeon Seok shakes his head. Its not that he didn't like it. "We are in the office.. People will talk about us.." 

She slowly letting go her arms while pulling her face. Realized the change in her expression Yeon Seok immediately grabbed her hands.

"Dwaesseo.. I'll see you later then.." Sora said as she turned away but Yeon Seok grabbed her waist.

"My vampire girlfriend.. Where are you going?" He said as he tighten his hug.

"People will look at us.." she teases him back with his words.

Yeon Seok smiled and move in to kiss her lips.

"Let them see us.." he looked at her eyes. "I'm not letting my vampire go anymore.." Yeon Seok says as he moved in for his second kiss.. Passionately.

Sora push her body away from him. They'll get really sticky if they continue with it.

Yeon Seok smiled looking at her biting her lips after the kiss. Shyly looked at the floor. "How's your meeting with Jiwon?"

She looked up to him. "Do you have to worry about those thing?"

"Anie.. I'm just asking. I know you will handle it well... Right?" He trusted her more than anyone else.

"Of course.." She smiled. Thanks to the 'dad' card. Jiwon seems retreating from her plan now.

"As expected from my girl.." Yeon Seok is caressing her cheek. "Are you coming to our home tonight?"

Sora is shaking her head.

"Why?" He frowned.

Sora moved closer to his ears. "I'll be waiting for you at my house.." teasingly she smiled. 

Yeon Seok smiled as he kisses her cheek. "I'll be there.." He whispered back.


"I always get nervous when both of you wanted to meet me like this.." Park Hoon looked at the lovely couple in front of him, holding their hands as they faced him. They are open with their relationship now.

Yeon Seok looked at Sora first before opening up with what they are going to say. "We are getting married.."

"JinJja??" His eyes is wide opened. Excited with the news. It is about time for them to really put a nice wrap on their relationship after been wondering their feelings towards each other for so long.

"I need to tie him up tightly before he wanders around again.." Sora giggles.

"Ya.. Stop talking like I'm such a playboy.." Yeon Seok tickles her waist.

"Arasso arasso.." She's trying to stop his hands.

"Ya.. Be considerate of me. Do you know how lonely I felt looking at both of you right now.." Park Hoon pouts. He's happy for them. He's happy that they manage to sort their feelings for each other now. But sometimes they are flaunting their relationship for just too much.

"Aigoo.. You should start looking for one Park Hoon.." Sora hits his arms.

"How can I since you're taken.. I'm still recovering from my heartbroken you know.." playfully pulling his face.

"Ya! There's a lot more other woman outside there. You can just call them at the tip of your fingers." Yeon Seok is being protective again.

Sora laughed looking at them. "Now now.. Both of you should stop this." She turned to Park Hoon. "You'll meet the one for you soon. Just start open your eyes for possibilities.." Sora advises.

"An advise from a person who's been holding her feelings to one person for a hundred years.." Park Hoon giggles.

"Ya!" Sora hit his arms.

Yeon Seok laughed to Park Hoon remarks. That is somehow true.

"You laughed?" She stared at Yeon Seok. Pouting her lips.

"Arasso.. mianhae chagiya~~" Yeon Seok said as he pull her waist nearer to him.

"So.. When will be the date?" Park Hoon asked.

Sora looked at Yeon Seok to the question. "Actually.. We are going to have it out of Korea.." Yeon Seok said.

"What do you mean?" Park Hoon confused.

"We are resigning and will be travelling around the world soon.." Sora added.

"Is this for real?" His eyes is wide opened. Didn't expect this one coming.

"Since we've always move around because of our 'issue'.. So we've decided to starts travelling around the world now.." Yeon Seok smiled. It’s an idea muted by him and Sora is agreeing to it without any further thoughts. It’s about time for them to start doing what they love best.

"Ahh.. I'm jealous. It's nice to just leave things behind and go for what you love to do isn't it?" He's crossing his arms.. "So where did you plan to have your wedding then?"

"Barcelona!" both of them answered at the same time. It’s a place that they both agreed for their wedding.

Park Hoon laughed. Amazed at how synchronize this two lovebirds is.

"I'll send you pictures.." Sora said to him. She knows she'll be missing this friend.

"We'll come back here from time to time.. Or perhaps you can come over to us.." Yeon Seok added.

"Yes! With your girlfriend to be.." Sora excited.

"If I have one.." he pouts. "This is sad.. But please have a good time both of you. I'm going to miss you both here. Our great doctors.." he looked at them.

"We will.." Sora hold Park Hoon's right hand and Yeon Seok follows to hold his left hands. "This friendship will always be here.." they smiled.


"Where are you now?" Yeon Seok asked trying to recognize the background from Park Hoon's video call.

"Ya.. It's not that long since you left. You've already forgotten things?" He laughed.

"Your phone is shaky. Just stay still.."  He instructed.

"I'm in your previous room.." Park Hoon smug.

"You've been promoted?! Yahhh... That's a nice thing to hear!" 

"Thanks to you. Because you left us, so they offered it to me." 

"That shows you will always become the second choice after me.." Yeon Seok laughed.

"How can you say that to your friend.." Sora appears back hugging Yeon Seok's shoulder and look at the camera. "Ya Park Hoon. Congratulation!" .

"Do you have to show to me how happy you are again?" Its hurting his eyes seeing they lovey dovey act. He laughed. "Wait.. is that a wedding ring?" He asked after looking at a shiny diamond ring on Sora's ring-finger.

"Yes.. We just got married yesterday.." Yeon Seok answered. "We are now husband and wife.."

"Congratulations both of you! Ya Kang Sora!" He's pointing his hand at her "Send me your wedding picture soon. Didn't you promised to send me pictures regularly?"

"Mian.. We've been busy.." Sora giggles. "Anyway.. We have a nice surprise for you.." she added.

"What surprise?" Park Hoon wonders.

"You'll know when you meet her.." She winked.

"Her? What do you mean?"

Both Sora and Yeon Seok laughed looking at Park Hoon's wondering expression.

"I'll send our wedding picture soon. Have a good day ahead Park Hoon!" She said before terminating their video call.

"Ya Kang Sora!" Park Hoon sighed looking at the phone screen. Those friend really like to tease him.

An email from Sora came in. Park Hoon looked at the gallery of pictures sent to him. Pictures of their great vacation and lovely wedding. Simple yet astonishingly beautiful.

"What a great life.." he smiled as he's talking to himself. Envy with their decision to leave the city life and travel around the world. Enjoying the moment with each other. "Have fun with our gift.. Bring her over when you're visiting us soon" a message left by Sora. He frowned. Still wondering what does she meant with those message. Who is "Her"?

"I heard our new chairman is a beautiful bachelorette.." a nurse staff passed by Park Hoon's office as he was planning to go out for his duty call. Moving closer to his room door, couldn't help but to eavesdropped to their corridor talk.

"Eyy.. How can a young lady overtake our prestige hospital? I bet she must be a workaholic old virgin." Her friends denying the rumours.

"Yes yes.. That sounds like it. With autocrat behaviours too.." Another nurse chipped in.

Park Hoon smirked hearing how woman always get excited over these kind of rumours. "What are you girls talking about?" He went out of the room, checking the details from their conversation.

"Dr. Park.. We’re sorry.." the three of them bowing for apology as they glance to each other. Should have checked their surrounding first.

"No.. Just tell me what's happening? We'll be getting a new chairman?" As a doctor, he never get involved with hospital management issue. But since now he's the Head of Thoracic Surgeon after Yeon Seok left, he needs to keep himself updated even a little bit.

"So you've heard.." a beautiful woman in black suite elegantly walking towards them. "Dr. Park Hoon.." she looked straight to his eyes. Smiling.

He frowned looking at that woman. Why did Kang Sora standing in front of him now? Didn't they just had a conversation via video calls earlier? He confused.

The woman suddenly give him a hard slap in the cheek.

"Dr Park!" The nurses surprised seeing what had happened.

"Q.. Qu.. Quack??" He stuttered. Still wasn’t sure if this a dream or not.

She smirked. "So you did remember.. How can you live this healthily after you left us like that?"

"Quack! This is really you!" He immediately went near her and hug her.

"Ya Park Hoon! What are you doing?!" Pushing his body off her. Looking surround them. The staff nurse started to whisper to each other and taking their move.

Park Hoon grabbed her hand and pull her in his arms again. Embracing her.

"Ya!!!" Soo Hyun trying to push him again but he's hugging her stronger.

"Just stay like this for a while.." he tightens his hug. "I've been missing you too much.. Oh Soo Hyun.."

Soo Hyun smiled listening to his words. Hugging him back. "I missed you too.."


Note: Thank you to all readers who’s been reading and supporting this fanfic. I’m having fun writing this one. It’s a stress reliever for me ^^. I’ll try to come back with a new fanfiction with Sora as the heroine of course. But I haven’t decided who will be the hero yet :P
Since it is still in planning stage so I’m not sure when it will get published. I hope to return to writing soon.

Again to all readers. Kamsahamnida! ^_^


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