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Immortal - Episode 12

“Did you sleep well last night?” Yeon Seok came to greet Sora before starting his morning operation.

“Eo.. you?” Sora's tucking her long wavy hair behind her ears. Shy with how Yeon Seok staring at her face, She looked away. It’s the beginning of their new relationship that makes her heart flutters more than how they used to be before.

“I can’t..” He stared at her face. Realized that she started to put a basic makeup on her face. She's beautiful even without it.

“Ahh waee?” she frowned. Realized Yeon Seok’s face is getting closer to her.

“I missed you.. Why can’t you come back to our house?” He cupped her hands. “That house is empty without you..”

“Isn’t it fun this way? We can go out dating like normal couples..” She giggles. Somehow not being in the same house build up a tense for them to meeting up more frequently. She need to see how much Yeon Seok willing to work for their new relationship.

“It’s not fun for me though..” He pouts. “I want you to be by my side all the time like before..” he's used to having her around. Its awkward to spend his nights alone in the house. It felt so empty without her.

Sora smiled. “Eyy..Aren’t you being overprotective?”

“Of course I am.. Who knows you might date and play around with Park Hoon when I’m not around..” pulling his ducky face.

Sora got smitten with Yeon Seok's behaviour that she newly discovered. “So you’re jealous..”

“Anie. I’m just… worried..” he said.

“Ehem..” Park Hoon came greeting the couple. He knows from their looks, something good is happening. “Did I hear my name mentioned?”

“Park Hoon.. What are you doing here?” Yeon Seok moved his hand to purposely holding Sora’s in front Park Hoon.

“Yoo Yeon Seok! What are you doing?” Sora whispered surprised with his move.

“What? Is it wrong? At least I should let him know that you're now mine” Yeon Seok winked. He wanted to mark his territory.

Park Hoon sneered looking at Yeon Seok. “I came to ask Sora for breakfast. May I borrow your girlfriend Yeon Seok shhi?"

Yeon Seok smugged. Park Hoon is recognizing their new relationship fast enough.

“Sure..” Sora is hitting Yeon Seok's arm to let her hand go.

“Ya Kang Sora! Have breakfast with me instead..” He instructed. Not willing to let her go with Park Hoon.

“Don't be so childish.. Let’s have breakfast together..” Sora giggles while pulling his arms together with her. Can’t stand seeing Yeon Seok's pouting like a child.

“Shiroo!” He pouts. Snatching his arms from her.

"Ya.. what's wrong with you? This is so unlike you.." Park Hoon laughed. Amused seeing the change of behavior of that guy overnight. The doctor that always been cool and handsome in front of his subordinates.

“Just have a nice breakfast both of you!” He awkwardly turned his body and walk in an opposite way.

“Arasso~~.. Don't regret it!” Sora hold Park Hoon’s arm and walk to the cafeteria with him. Purposely making Yeon Seok burning with more jealousy.

“Haish! You player..” Yeon Seok’s taking a glance at Sora. Stomping out of the room.


Yeon Seok throw himself at the sofa. Mentally and physically tired after his long hours operation. He looked at his phone. Seems like Sora is playing hard to get again. He smiled thinking about their childish bickering and landed his head on the couch. Taking a bit rest.

Suddenly his doorbell rang. Immediately he jumped to get the door expecting for Sora to show up.

“What are you doing here?” He's surprised seeing Jiwon in front of his house. Didn't expect that woman to show up.

“Looking for my boyfriend..” She came into the house without being invited. Look around the house. It is as empty as she last visited. “You’re hard to contact nowadays..” She said. Since the day Kang Sora moved out from the house until today, Yeon Seok didn’t contact her at all. He didn't even bothered to coax her after their last fight.

"I've been busy.." nonchalantly he answered while taking his original seat on the couch.

"Are you purposely avoiding me?" Jiwon asked.

Yeon Seok looked at her. Trying to craft the sentence in his head. He need to do it now.

“What is it?” She asked. Yeon Seok is looking at her weirdly.

“Let’s break-up..” Without hesitation, he just blurt it out.

Jiwon sneered. “I knew it..” looking straight to his eyes. “It’s because of Kang Sora right?”

“I’m sorry Jiwon.. I’ve thought about it. But I just can’t live without her. It makes me realized that I love her too much to let her go..”

“Anieya.. you're just too attached to her. You never love her..” moving closer to Yeon Seok, holding his hands. Trying to convince Yeon Seok.

"This.. can't be true right?" she asked him again seeing him silent. Not even responding to her words. 

"Mianhae Jiwon ah.." guiltily he apologize.

A strong slap landed on his cheek. "You'll regret it!" She took her handbag and storm out of the house with tears in her eyes.

Yeon Seok leaning his head to the couch’s head rest. Feeling sorry for what he had done to Mok Jiwon. But at the same time he need to stand firm for his love to Sora.

He sighed hard. What a messed up ending for him today. Closing his eyes.

“Does it hurt?” Suddenly a pair of soft hands is hugging his shoulder from behind. He turned around to look at it.

“Sora ya.. You were here all along?” He looked at her. Didn’t know whether to feel excited or relieved seeing her now.

Sora nodded. Looking at his cheek and caressing it. She heard everything. Seems like Yeon Seok is having a hard time tonight.

Yeon Seok pull her to sit on his lap. “When did you come?” He asked. Staring at his beautiful girlfriend.

“I’ve been waiting for a while. You’re late today..” She smiled. Caressing his hair. Looking at his facial expression. He seems tired.

“Mianhae I’m a bit busy today.. You should have let me know you're coming. Are you staying?” He looked at her, full of expectations.

“I just came to meet you.. I feel bad with what I’ve done this morning.. Did the joke went too far?”

Yeon Seok sighed. He was hoping that Sora would stay to make him better. He need it.

"Wagurae?" Seeing Yeon Seok's sigh makes her heart feels heavy. “Should I stay?” Sora asked as she put her arms around Yeon Seok's neck. His full of expectation eyes suddenly fades away.

“Gwenchana..” Yeon Seok gave up. He didn’t want to push Sora too much. She needs her space too.

Sora stole kiss on his lips “I’ll stay..” She smiled.

Surprised with the kiss, Yeon Seok stared deeply in her eyes and slowly moved to hold her nape. His eyes are concentrated on her luscious lips. Moving his face closer to her. Placing a passionate kiss.

"Saranghae.." he whispered.


"Have you take a look at the case I've put on your table?" Park Hoon greet Yeon Seok as he's walking back to the office.

"I just glance it through.." Continue with his walk.

"How was it? Can I proceed with the proposal?" Keeping up with Yeon Seok’s pace. Its easy for him since they are off the same height.

"The cost is too high. Is the patient family going to be okay with that? Considerate with their affordability too.."

"Lets have the hospital to bare at least half of the cost then.." Throwing his idea.

Yeon Seok stopped. He looked at Park Hoon. "It's not that easy.." Park Hoon obviously still naive in hospital management. He knows from business aspect it won't do anything good to the hospital either.

Park Hoon sighed. Its easier to treat people in Pyongyang rather in Seoul. That's for sure.

"Oppa.." suddenly a woman with a sad face came to greet them.

"Jiwon?" Yeon Seok surprised seeing her.

"Can we talk?" She asked.

He looked at Park Hoon and then face Jiwon again. "Lets go to my room.." he said. Leading her to his room.

Park Hoon looked at them. That woman's face looks troubled.

"Yeon Seok ah.." Cheerfully Sora greeted when she saw Yeon Seok entering the room. Wanted to meet her boyfriend since she's having a little bit of break now. Their 2 months in new relationship is giving them the most beautiful time in their life.

"Sora ya.. You're here.." surprised seeing Sora in his room.

"Mok Jiwon?" She said as she saw the woman trailing behind Yeon Seok.

Jiwon sneered looking at Sora there. She expected it anyway.

Sora looked at Yeon Seok. Wondering what makes him to bring that woman here now.

Yeon Seok can feel the insecurity from Sora eyes. He moved closer to Sora and hold her hands. "Tell me what do you want to say?" He said to Jiwon.

"Can't we have some time alone?" Jiwon asked.

Sora looked at Yeon Seok. Trying to understand what's happening. 

"Tell us now. Sora have the right to hear everything you need to say.." Yeon Seok looked at Sora back. Giving her a sign to believe in him.

Jiwon smirked. "Ahh.. This is too sweet. I can’t see it.." she's being cynical. She look into her handbag and grab something from it.

"I'm pregnant.. your child.." she said while showing the ultrasound picture to him.

Sora grabbed the picture and look through it. And then she looked at Yeon Seok.

"That.. That's impossible.." Yeon Seok panicked looking at that picture. 

"Did you forget about what happened between us?" Jiwon came near him and pull his hand to her stomach. This baby is yours oppa.

Sora is clenching her teeth and walk straight to the door.

"Sora!" Yeon Seok grabbed her hands.

"Let's talk later.." Trying to remain her calmness. She needs to remain calm.

"Sora ya.." Yeon Seok looked at her. He needed her support now. He need her to be here.

"Later.." Sora is firm. She need time to digest this. Brushing off his hand off her wrist. She walk out the door and bumped into Park Hoon who has been watching from outside the room.

"Mianhae.." Park Hoon apologized as he got caught eavesdropping.

Sharply Sora stared at him before walking away from there.

"Ya Kang Sora!" Park Hoon went to chase her.

"Is that the woman that you choose to bring you happiness oppa? Didn't she walk out of problem too easily?" Mok Jiwon sneered looking at the drama before her eyes. She need Yeon Seok to realizes that he has made a bad decision.

"You're lying right? That can’t be my baby.." Yeon Seok looked at Jiwon.

"Do you think I can just play around with things like this. This is yours.." She approach him nearer. "Come back to me.. for the sake of our baby.." she grab his hand.

He snatched his hand back. "This is confusing.." Yeon Seok's head couldn't compute a thing. He sat down on his chair.

"You wouldn't want me to raise our kid on my own right?" Jiwon said as she caresses Yeon Seok's hair.

He brushed off her hand. "Please leave. I need my time alone.." annoyed with her appearance.

"You can chase me out.. but you cannot deny this fact.." Jiwon says as she walk out from the room.

Yeon Seok held his head. Feeling dizzy over the things that just happened. "What the hell have I done.." He remembered Sora.

"Kang Sora! Stop right there.." Park Hoon followed her to her room. He grabbed her wrist. "Stop running away.." he said.

"Give me some time alone.." She didn’t even looked at Park Hoon.

"Why are you running away.. Don't you believe in Yeon Seok?" He asked.

Sora stopped. She looked at Park Hoon "I believe in him.. More than anything else.. I believe in him. I know Jiwon lied.."

"What do you mean?"

"Our heart is frozen Hoon ah.. and so does our organs.. I know it's impossible for her to get pregnant with Yeon Seok child even if they had that kind of night.." logicly speaking, its impossible to expect that he didn't have those kind of nights after his years of dating life.

Park Hoon thinking through Sora's words and her behaviour. Confused. "Then why are you behaving like this? Are you being jealous?"

She's shaking her head. Taking a seat on the chair besides her. "Cause it made me realize that I can’t give him kids. I'm the one who made him to forgo that happiness.." blaming herself.

"Kang sora.." Park Hoon sat besides her. Never think that she that kind of thoughts despite her strong appearance on the outside.

"I never asked for it.." Yeon Seok came nearer to her. Overheard their conversation.

"Yoo Yeon Seok.." Park Hoon feels relieved looking at Yeon Seok. Its time for the couple to settle the problem on their own. "I'll leave first.." he added.

Yeon Seok nodded as he smiled to him.

Sora looked elsewhere. Couldn't stand the pain in looking at his face. 

"Sora ya.. I've accepted that fact long time ago." Yeon Seok cupped her hand as he sits beside her.

"I've stolen your happiness Yeon Seok ah.." She can't help to contain her tears. "You would have been happier living as human if not because of me.."

"My happiness is when I'm with you.. I've decided to chase for my happiness. That's why I want to follow you. Wherever. Forever.." He caresses her cheek and moved in to kiss her. 

Slowly Sora open her eyes. Looking at Yeon Seok smiling. "I loved you and will forever will.." He promised.

"Mianhae Yeon Seok ah.." She hugged him. Her insecurity and her guilty feelings are among those things that she need to overcome.

"Aigoo.. Uri Kang Sora. Stop thinking too much. What had happened has passed. We need to think our life way forward. Who's going to take care of my heart if you keep acting like this?" He pinched her cheek. 

"Appo.." caressing her cheek.

"You need get hurt once in a while so that you realized how suffered my heart all this while.."

"Do you think you suffered alone? I've suffered more.." she pouts.

"That's because you always want to play it cool and hide your feelings.." He hold her waist and looked directly to her eyes.  "But deep inside you've always been insecure."

"Who wouldn't.. when you hobby is to change a woman every couple of years.." sora giving him a sharp glance.

"Eyyy.. don't make it sounds like I'm a playboy.."

"Yes you are.." Sora giggles.

"No i'm not.." He said. "You better said I'm not or else my tickle machine will do its job.." he said as he wiggle his pointing fingers.

"Ya Yoo Yeon Seok.. Don't you dare!" Giving him a warning.

He stared at her face for a while before his smile slowly fade away. "We need to be prepared with this one. Jiwon seems to be taking this to the extreme. And I can't just say to her that is not my child because I'm a vampire.." Yeon Seok said. He's been thinking about it too.

"And we can't simply asked for a dna test. We can't have your blood being sent anywhere. There could be risk.." Sora added. Its enough with what happened to her. They wouldn't risk anybody else.

"I know.." 

They went silent for a while, thinking through their options. Suddenly Sora smiled to her thoughts.

Let me handle this.." she said as she hold his cheek.

"What do you mean?" Suspiciously looking at her smile.

"Only woman knows their kind best.." she said as she's patting his cheek. She had a plan in her mind.

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