Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bridesmaid - Chapter 3

“You’re seems happy lately.. Anything good's happening?” Ho Jun asked after finishing the tender meeting. Yeon Seok’s smiles a lot lately.

“Anieyo..” He replied.

“Then what with this look?” Ho Jun look at him, suspicious.

“What about it?”

“You’re glowing.. I bet something is happening..” Ho Jun still insist to know.

“Perhaps its because I didn’t skip dinner lately..” He smiled.

“Oh.. You mean the dinner prepared by your maid you told me last time?” Yeon Seok has told him how his maid is a good cook and always leave a dinner before leaving the house. A cook that make him wanted to come home early every night.

“Eo..” He’s pulling his cute face.

Ho Jun looked at him, suspicious with his action. “Are you falling for your maid? Is she beautiful?”

“What a joke.. I don’t even know her name nor her face. How can I fall for her?”

“You never met her even after 2 months she’s working with you?” Weird with their arrangement.

“She always come after her classes so I never had a chance to meet her yet..” Still smiling.

“Classes? She’s still a student?” Ho Jun surprised.


“Hmm.. I never saw you like this before.. It’s weird.. Just don't get caught dating a minor..” Ho Jun laughed. He gives up trying to figure out his friends.

“You pervert. What’s weird about being happy?” Yeon Seok sneered.

“Oppa!” A woman came near them.

“Yoo Yi Soo! What are you doing here?” Yeon Seok surprised seeing that woman.

“I have a meeting near here. I heard your company won the tender for Dubai project?” Looking at the man besides Yeon Seok and giving him a smile.

“Eo.. News travel fast..” Yeon Seok grinned as he scratches his head.

"Who wouldn't know that.. You're beating your own grandfather's company." Pretentiously she glared at him. "Tell me.. You have an insider isn't it?" Yi Soo bumped her shoulder against his. 

"What insider you're talking about.. I guess they are looking for new faces in the industry. Woojin Construction need to slow down a little bit." Yeon Seok smugged. The project is his little baby. Being able to compete with his grandfather's company - Woojin Construction and won the contract is an achievement to prove that he can be successful on his own.

“Yeon Seok, who is this?” Ho Jun asked as his eyes fixed on her beautiful features.

“Ah I forgot.. This is my cousin.. Yoo Yi Soo. Yi Soo ya, this is oppa’s business partner.. Son Ho Jun” Yeon Seok introduces.

“Nice to meet you..” Ho Jun extended his hand. “I thought you’re Yeon Seok’s girlfriend that I've been wondering about..” He smiled.

“You have a girlfriend?!” Yi Soo surprised while looking at Yeon Seok.

“Anieya.. Ho Jun is HOPING for me to have a girlfriend..” Yeon Seok giggles. 

“Everybody is hoping for that oppa.. Grandpa is waiting for his grandchild..” Yi Soo hits his shoulder.

“Why don’t you give grandpa what he wants first?” Yeon Seok pinched Yi Soo’s cheek.

“Ya! It hurts!” Caressing her cheek.

Ho Jun laughed looking at their close relationship. “I guess good looks really runs in your family isn’t it?” He complemented. They reminds him of his younger cousin.

“Or course.. Yi Soo is the ugliest among our family..” Yeon Seok teases.

“Oppa!” Yi Soo retorted.

“Let’s have a drink shall we? My treat..” Yeon Seok grabbed both of their shoulder.

“I’m about to ask that.. Glad that you still didn't forget your manner” Yi Soo smiled.


“Yi Soo ya.. Wake up!” Yeon Seok already in his full suit for work. Looking at his cousin who are still sleeping on his bed.

“My head hurts..” She replied.

“Who asked you to drink too much last night?” Yeon Seok sneered. Yi Soo have been drinking over her limit. 

“I need to go to work now..” He looked at his wrist watch. He’s going to be late.

“I’ll leave later..” heavily she got up and taking a seat besides the bed.

“Grandpa wouldn’t mind?” He asked.

“Oppa.. Did you forget my position in the company?” She sneered while her eyes are still closed.

“You smug.. Don’t go to work too late..” Yeon Seok said as he flick her forehead. “I’m going now..”

“Eo..” lazily she nodded. “Let’s sleep for a few more minutes..” She said to herself as she landed her head on the bed again.


“Will it be okay to come to his home in the morning?” Sora thought as she walk to the elevator of her employer's apartment. She had an assignment to settle in the evening, so she didn’t have other choice but to finish up her chores in earlier than her normal schedule. “Gwenchana..” She said as she opened up the door to the house.

She walked into the house and saw the untouched dinner. “He never left his dinner before.. He must be busy.” She thought to herself while cleaning up the table and throwing out the food waste.

“Who are you?” Yi Soo came to the kitchen after hearing noise from the dish cleaning.

“Oh?” Sora surprised looking at the woman in a piece of towel in front of her. “I’m sorry.. I’m the maid for this house..” She clean through her hands before bowing to the beautiful lady in front of her.

“I never heard oppa had a maid before..” Yi Soo looked at the pretty woman. She looks too good to become a maid.

“I just worked here 2 months ago..” Awkwardly she smiled while looking at the lady in front of her up and down. She must be confident with her figures. She thought to herself.

“Oh, I’m sorry.. Let me dress properly first..” She said after realizes she’s facing a stranger with just a towel on her body.

“Ae..” Sora replied as her eyes follows the woman to Sajangnim’s room. “She must be his girlfriend..” Her mind suggest so looking at how comfortable the woman is in her employer house.

She looked at a pillow and a blanket on the sofa. Wondering if her employer sleep at the living room last night. Somehow that sight give her a little bit of relieves.

“You’re a good cook..” Yi Soo complemented as she sip the hangover sprout soup prepared by Sora.

“Thank you miss..” She replied while continuing to do her dishes.

“What’s your name?”

“Kang Sora..” She answered as she looked at her.

“That’s a beautiful name.. Suits you..” She smiled. “I have a good meal Kang Sora shhi.. Thank you..”

“You’re most welcome miss..” Sora washing her hands and went nearer to the lady. “Sorry that I came in the house earlier than my earlier schedule. I must have disturbed your privacy”

“Call me Yi Soo.. Yoo Yi Soo..” She extended her hands.

“Ah.. Dae.. Yi Soo Shhi” slightly bowing to her as he catches her hand.

“Don’t worry about earlier. Oppa should have let me know about you.” She’s smiling looking at Sora.

“Hope we shall meet again later.. Nice knowing you..” She said before heading to the door.

“Have a nice day..” Sora bowed to her as Yi Soo got out of the house.

Taking a pause before continuing her duty. So she already have a girlfriend. Sora thought to herself. During 2 months she’s working there, she never thought that her employer has a girlfriend before. He always come home and eat the dinner prepared by her, except for last night. Silently she sighed, feeling a little pain in her heart.

“Have you arrived at the office?” Yeon Seok answered Yi Soo’s call that came in.

“Anie.. I’m still on my way."

"Ya.. What time did you leave my house? Its already late morning.." he looked at his watch.

"Just now.." she giggles. "By the way oppa.. You never told me you kept a beautiful young lady in your house.” She sneered.

“Beautiful young lady?” Yeon Seok puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“You have a maid right?”

“Yes.. She’s been working with me for two months now..” Still wondering where the conversation is going.

“Have you meet her?”


“Ahh.. No wonder..”

“Why? You’ve met her? She normally works in the afternoon though..”

Yi Soo giggled. “Do you know how beautiful Kang Sora shhi is?” She said.

“Kang Sora shhi?” Suddenly he felt his heart beating faster than normal hearing the name. He’s been wondering how she looks like, but he’s too shy to ask Eu Jin about it.

“Oppa! You don’t even know her name?” surprised.

“Eo…” He replied.

“How can you hire somebody without even knowing the person first? Do you know it could be dangerous?” Yi Soo’s weird.

“I hired her from my trusted connection..” Yeon Seok smiled. “So she’s beautiful?”

“You won’t believe how beautiful she is..” Yi Soo excited. “You should meet her at least once.. You will regret it if you don't”

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