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Bridesmaid - Chapter 2

"Good morning Sajangnim.." Eu Jin greeted her boss as he arrives at the office. Early as always.

"Morning.." he replied as he walk passed her. "Oh!" He turn around. "That maid will start her work today right?"

"Yes sir.." Eu Jin nodded.

"That’s great. Thanks for your help!" Yeon Seok gave her a wink before he walk to his room.

"What is that? Did he flirt with me?" Eu Jin thought to herself. Surprised. That image of her sajangnim will stuck in her head for a while.

"You're looking for a maid?" Ho Jun, his business partner who has been listening from the side following Yeon Seok into his room.

"Eo.. My house has been too messy lately. I don't have time to look at it.." Yeon Seok replied as he take off his coat and hang it on the coat-hanger.

"You need a wife more than a maid Yeon Seok ah.."

Yeon Seok sneered. "Don't talk like you're married.." Nonchalantly he replied as he opened the document on his desk. Detailed proposal for today's meeting.

"It’s not that far from my wedding day.. At least I'm not afraid of commitments like you do.." Ho Jun smiled. He is going to end his bachelor days by the end of the year, while Yeon Seok has been too busy with his work for him to focus on his personal life.

Yeon Seok keeping his silence while his eyes still looking through the documents in front of him.

"Ya.. Don’t you hear what I said?"

"Is there anything else to say? What you said about me is all true.." He got up looking for another file in his cabinet.

Ho Jun took the file from his hand. "Learn to enjoy your personal life better. You're an exciting person to start with.."

"Arasso.." Yeon Seok snatch the document back from Ho Jun. "Now let’s focus on our meeting this morning first shall we? It’s our first venture overseas.."

"Haish.. It’s better to talk to a stone rather than talking to you.." Ho Jun storm out of the room, returning to his room.

Yeon Seok smiled looking at his friend. Ho Jun has been worried about him too much.


Carefully Sora entered the password to the house. "It works.." she whispered as the door successfully opened after her first try.

She walk through the door of the big penthouse. "What a big house for a person who lives alone.." she said to herself amazed with it before surprised looking at the messiness of the house.

"Omona.. No wonder he's looking for a maid.." she looked at the documents and his shirts are scattered all over the place.

"Can I really leave before 6pm?" Her watch shown that it's already 3pm. If she knows that the house is this messy, she would leave the lecture and come earlier. Taking a deep breath before heading to the sink full of unwashed dished.

After a while, she looked around the house. "The dishes are done. The laundries are done. The bedroom is done.." she talks to herself as she look at her wrist watch again. "Another half an hour to 6pm.." she said while walking to the refrigerator.

"Let’s make you some dinner, sajangnim.." She said as she took out some vegetables, meat and tofu. "Enough ingredient for Deonjang Jiggae.." she thought to herself.

Mr. Sajangnim,

I have clean all your clothes, dishes and changed your bed sheet. I'll come back tomorrow. Have a good day ^^

Your Maid

Yeon Seok read a note left by his new maid. Looking around his cleaned house, not a single dust found on it. "She's thorough.." he thought to himself.

He looked at the kitchen and realized another note on his refrigerator.

Mr. Sajangnim,

I've prepared a dinner for you. It’s not much but I hope you like it. The rice is in the rice cooker.

Your Maid

Yeon Seok looked at the table and open up the cover. A bowl of Deonjang Jiggae, white radish kimchi and an empty rice bowl complete with cutlery are set up. He smiled looking at it. "She even does thing that she didn't required to.."

He took a spoon and taking a sip of the soup. "She's a good cook.." he said as his hand immediately scoop out a bowl of rice for his dinner. It’s been a while since he ate home cook meal.


"Morning Sajangnim.." Eu Jin greeted her superior like she always do.

"Morning Eu Jin shhi.. The maid that you recommended, where did you know her?"

"Why sir? Is there anything wrong?"

"Anie.. She’s been doing a very good job.." Yeon Seok smiled. Still remember the impressive taste from her Deonjang Jiggae. Wondering if preparing dinner will become a norm.

"That’s a good thing to hear.." Eu Jin feels relieved hearing the complement. As expected, she knows Sora won't let her down.

"Nothing to worry.. I'm happy that she's managing my house now.." Yeon Seok smiled as he is heading to his room.


Ms. Maid,

Thank you for your good food. You've done a good job managing my house. Here's some money for you to buy things for my refrigerator. Thanks.

Mr. Sajangnim

"Ms. Maid?" Sora smiled looking at the notes left. "That's a cute name.."

Suddenly she felt curious of how her employer looks like. She looked around his house, not a single picture found except for sceneries photo from a few cities around the world. "He must loves taking pictures.." she said to herself looking at a few type of cameras stored in a glass cabinet in the living room.

"Let’s get to work.." She scroll up her sleeves and stretching a little bit of her body before heading to his room. Nothing much for her to work on today except for a few clothes and rearranging the sofa.

After half an hour, she sighed. Looking at the well arrange house. "Did I work too fast?" She thought to herself. No wonder Eu Jin said that this is an easy money for her.

"Oh.. I should go to market.." Finally remembered her employer's notes earlier. She take a look inside the envelope left. "500,000 won for groceries?" Surprised with the amount. It’s a huge amount for her to go for shopping alone.

She look for a paper and make a list of ingredients for her to buy. Especially something special for his dinner tonight. She smiled.

"Miss, where are you going?" Hyun Jin asked looking at a lady walking down Itaewon street while holding lots of plastic bags with her.

"To subway station.." Sora said as she's struggling to handle the stuff on her both hands.

"Let me help you.." the big built man grabbing the plastic bags from Sora's hands.

"Gwenchana.. I can manage it." Sora said.

"No worries.. This is nothing.." sweetly he smiled at the lady. "Where is you heading?" He asked.


"Huh?! So you just came to Itaewon for groceries? Isn't it too far?"

"It’s cheaper here.." Sora grinned. "And it’s not that far since I took the subway"

"Let me send you to Apgujeong. It’s not easy to bring all these stuffs via subway.." He took a look at the plastic bags again. Amazing how can a lady like her handling the loads as heavy as this.

"It’s okay sir.. I can manage it well.." Feeling uncomfortable to burden other people.

"I'm heading there anyway.." Hyun Jin said as he bring her stuff to his car.

"Sir.." Sora looked at the expensive sport car, Porche Panamera in front of her. Didn't think her outfit fit his car well. Looking at her casual t-shirt and shorts under army green trench coat. Its far from suitable.

"Gwencana.. You look fine.." sweetly Hyun Jin smiled to the beautiful lady in front of him again. From her behaviour he can read that she’s a well-mannered and considerate to other people. An attitude that is hard to find nowadays. He thought to himself.

"Kamsahamnida.." Sora said as she awkwardly entered the car.

"Anyway.. I'm Ryu Hyun Jin.." extended his hand to her.

"Ae.. I'm Kang Sora.." She replied.

"So Kang sora shhi.. You're a student?" Hyun Jin taking a glance at her. There's a student ID visibly shown from her sling bag.

Sora looked at where Hyun Jin is looking and smiled. "Eo.." shyly she answered. She has been walking while showing her student ID around Itaewon. What an embarrassment. She thought to herself.

"A student living in Apgujeong. You parents must be somebody important.." Hyun Jin trying to know her better as he drove his car heading to its destination.

"Anieya.. Its my employer's house. I'm working there.."

"You're doing a part time?" Referring to her earlier stuff in the trunk. No wonder she looks more matured for a student, perhaps she's been living a hard life. Hyun Jin thought to himself.

"Eo.." she bit her lips. "To pay for my final semester fee.."

"Wae?" Hyun Jin realizes difference in Sora's expression.

"Anieyo.." she replied.

"Gwencana.. There's nothing to shy about doing a part time jo . I've done that too before.." Hyun Jin smiled to her. For him, those success that he achieve after such hardness is sweeter.

Slowly Sora nodded, agreeing.

"So this is your employer's house?" He looked at the luxury condominium building in front of him.

"Eo.." Sora answered as she unfastened the seatbelt and getting out of the car. "Gomawo Ryu Hyun Jin shhi.." Slightly she bowed to him.

"This is nothing.." Hyun Jin gave all the stuff back to her. "Are you okay to bring these up alone?"

"I'm okay.. It’s not that far now. Really thank you for the ride.." again she bowed down to him.

"Anieyo.. Don't be burdened. Have a nice day ahead Kang Sora shii.."

"Ae.." she said as she's waving to Hyun Jin, driving away from her.

"Ahh.. I forgot. I should have asked for her number." he hit his forehead. "Good job Hyun Jin.. That's why you always left behind" He sighed after he realized that he has missed his opportunity.


Mr Sajangnim,

I’ve filled up your refrigerator as required. I left the balance money back in the envelope. Also, your dinner is on the table. Hope you enjoy it ^^

Your Maid

Yeon Seok smiled again looking at the note left. Taking a look at the feast on his table, he’s amazed. “She’s really amazing..” He said as he take the seat for his dinner.

Taking a bite of the sweet ans spicy fried chicken in front of him. "Is there anything that she can't cook?" Blowned away with the taste of her cooking again. Can't believe that these foods are prepared by a student.

He look at his phone.

“Eu Jin Shhi..” a call made to his secretary.

“Ye.. yea Sajangnim?" She stuttered. Surprised for receiving Yeon Seok call again.

“Emm..” Thinking through before saying it out.

“Sajangnim?” She call out in case the line got cut off.

“Anieyo.. Nothing.. Sorry to disturb you..” Yeon Seok replied as he immediately terminating the call.

“What is wrong with him?” Eu Jin scratch her head. Weird with her sajangnim behaviour. He's been calling her at night a lot lately. And today another call without saying anything much.

“Wagurae?” Sora asked looking at her housemate.

Eu Jin lift her shoulder. “Not sure.. My Sajangnim called and then he just hang up without saying much..” She looked at Sora who's preparing for her night shift. “Is everything good at his house?”

“It is.. I guess..” Sora thinking it through. “Why? Did he complained about me?”

“No he’s not. He said you're doing good before..” Eu Jin replied as she’s still thinking through the reason why her boss is calling her. "Ahh.. whatever. Its confusing.." surrender from thinking too much.

Eu Jin looked at Sora. "You're going off?"

"Uhmm.." nonchalantly she replied while putting on her shoes.

"What time you're coming back tonight?"

"1 to 2am. Like I always do.." she looked at Eu Jin. "Wae?"

"Anie.. Just take care of yourself. Its not that safe for a woman walking alone at night.." she always worried. But there's nothing much she can do for her.

"Arasso omma.." Sora's cynical. "I'll be going. Take care.." she said to Eu Jin as she's leaving the house. It is nice if she can spend night time with Eu Jin more. Perhaps one day when she's done with her study. She smiled to that thought.

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